Wednesday 25 December 2013

My 10 likes and dislikes of 2013

It's almost end of the year.

I'm going to take it easy over the next few days and post only light stuff.

For today I would like to recap 10 things I like and don't like about this year.

Let's start from the bad stuff of the year first;

10. The status quo of the Umno election in October proved that there are plenty of stupid Umno people.

9. The change of MCA leadership last week indicated that the Chinese party is smarter than the Malay's Umno party. Memang betul lah Melayu tak berapa pandai.

8. The Chinese tsunami of GE13 in May signaled the worsening racial polarization of the Malaysian society.

7. The loss of moderate Malay Umno leaders who contested in mix constituencies due to the Chinese tsunami resulted in the party being dominated by opportunist hardliners who are ever willing to flash the race card to be popular.

6. DAP, backed by overwhelming Chinese support in GE13 is now the biggest Pakatan coalition member, reducing the majority Malay/Bumiputera-based PKR and Pas as its minions.

5. The blatant lies of Pakatan in the aftermath of GE13 such as the 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters and blackout at poll counting centers were swallowed whole by their supporters, indicating how stupid a lot of Malaysians could be.

4. As the year progressed, I found it harder to find positive stuff to write about Malaysian politics.

3. My home state Johor is being ripped apart by a monster and its gang after GE13. All signs indicated that it will fall to Pakatan in GE14.

2. I'm getting very fat this year. I'm 49 kg now as compared to 45 the same time last year.

1. As the year is ending,  I found out that I'm in love with a Chinese DAP supporter, who got double chin. Urgh....

Okay, on to the good stuff of the year.

Actually I find it hard to think of anything really positive on the political or personal fronts this year. This is not a good year as far as I'm concerned.

But still, here goes;

10. BN still won GE13 despite the Chinese tsunami.

9. MCA people showed willingness to change during their party elections last week, which could be the turning point for BN.

8. Pas elected a lot of idiots as their leaders during the muktamar last month which I believe may turn off more sane Malays from supporting Pakatan.

7. Lim Guan Eng getting more arrogant this year. As a chief minister he even deemed it fit to call people names at every turns which displeased him.

I believe that decent people, including among the Chinese are not fond of a spoilt brat who throw tantrums all the time like that.

6. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad seem to be going great this year despite his advanced age. The presence of the former PM was perhaps the brightest positive spark on the otherwise gloomy political front this year.

5. Doctors confirmed early this month that I'm not suffering from cancer. But they warned me to quit a lot of stuff and live a more healthy lifestyle. That I think I can do.

4. I found out a few months ago that my mother and father still love each other. I always thought my mother didn't love my father anymore because of the rather hostile way she had always treated him. But I was wrong. My father said it was just her being the Chinese lady that she is.

3. This year was tough at my work place, but I persevered. I think I'm quite good with what I'm doing.

2. What I did at work this year may afford me to switch to a better job. Looking for one.

1. As the year is ending,  I found out that I'm in love with a Chinese DAP supporter, who got double chin. Urgh....what to do, it's fated, I guess.

Well, thats all for now.

Merry Christmas and cheers.


  1. Annie sepatutnya Sujud Syukur sebagai tanda mensyukuri nikmat Allah swt kerana tidak menghidapi kanser. Jadikan matlamat hidup sempena tahun baru untuk lebih mengerjakan ibadah kepada Allah swt. As for your love Iife I really hoped you would find a good Muslim guy who can lead you to a path of heaven. Whatever, terpulang kepada takdir Ilahi.

    1. Matlamat hidup Annie adalah keji-mengeji masyarakat cina and rakyat yang tidak menyokong UMNO.

    2. Muslim guy? ha ha. Really. Kahwin satu buka cawangan tiga and simpanan lima. Nak ke Annie?. At least dapatlah DNA intellegence Cina.

    3. Dont insult a Muslim men. How many % Muslim men married more than one wife eventhough our religion allowed it?. So the non Muslim cant married more than one wife. But I am sure many have 'gundik' to keep them amused!. Which one is more honourable, married them legally or kept them as a playthings. You take what you want but you dont paid for it!

    4. Anons 13:15 dan 13:51, kalau Awak Awak tak faham apa Annie maksukan, Awak kena ikut pertua ini. Jam tepat 13:00,  Awak kena pegang dan rasa buah Awak dengan tangan kiri dan tangan kanan Awak pula, gorengkan pisang dikuali dengan minyak babi yang disediakan.

      Lepas digoreng,  Awak Awak dikehendaki hisap dan kolom sikit demi sedikit, 'Goreng Pisang Awak Rasa Telor Babi' itu......pasti Awak Awak akan mula faham apa yang Annie maksudkan. 

      Enjoy your Goreng Pisang Awak Rasa Telor to the seconds toward New Year countdown, swallow them before you cheer Happy New Year. Then you would probably find out the double chin DAP's guy whom Annie in love with.

    5. Ai ..ya ...itu DAP pasti China punya ,lanti lapat sekali-sekali maa..luluk lumah jaga anak sahaj loo.

      Mau enjoy lia cali itu China Dool maa , Cina memang itu macam maa ,bini mau kasi anak saja loo .

    6. lufang, tolong balik ke lobang !!

    7. Hai...Yah..Anon 20;19

      Lu macam tau Wa celita atak betut , itu Bulayu kalau atak wang lia bolih empat saja maa, pasat betut-betut mau kawin lulu ,lagi mau kasi tangong loo , Cina hali-hali bolih tukar leh ,wang sikit pakai saja tatak pelu manyak.

      Nyonya eh ...! ,nyonya tatak hat punya , kasi wang cukup-cukup leah , lumah atak balik tatak hat punya ,anak atak jaga ai..yoo.. sutak manyak penat loo .

      Sikalang wa ... belek lobang lulu loo....

    8. and 20.19 pls laa lu balik tongsan lu tadak wang mau naik tongkang saya belanja maahh

      jgn buat kecoh like a dog la weii sepet this is malay country la sudah tumpang duduk negri melayu u better shut up

  2. Dalam memilih pasangan hidup, Annie jangan lupa buat solat istikharah. Tapi rasa-rasanya, sebelum buat solat istikharah pun kita dah boleh tahu yang "falling in love with a DAP supporter" is really, really a wrong move. May you, Annie, end up with a good Muslim man. Aamiin....

    1. Anon 12:24, Annie likes uncut rather than cut. Cut looks something like out of a horror movie. Don't you get it, bigot.

    2. Anon 14:24 is not only a bigot, he/she is also a racist with neo Islamic facist ideology. Ku klax klan will be proud of you.

    3. Anon 20:19 and Anon 22:40.

      You both Cinabeng kafir kuat makan babi ke? No wonder cannot appreciate a good do'a/nasihat from one Muslim to another. Hati dah gelap gelita, tak dapat beza antara buruk dan baik, easily led by syaitan iblis.Correction - you yourselves are syaitan jenis manusia.

  3. Annie, I'm truly in love with you....

    1. too bad, Annie only loves her cinabeng with double chin.

  4. if it's fated, it's fated have no regrets madam.

  5. WHo cares Annie like it potong or tak potong.

  6. Looking forward to a new year when Malaysia will have a male prime minister with balls.

    1. For more than a decade Malaysia ws led by incompetent CEO heavily relying on half past six and scheming advisors. Ably supported by isteri lupa daratan. Time for change!

  7. 6 ppl i hate for the year 2013 n forever i guess

    1.Lim pig sial a malay murderer during may 13

    2.lim guan pig the tokong dictator

    3.tony pua chua kang a chinese clown

    4.teresa cock a sepet chinese wannabe queen

    5.hanna yeoh the richest mp sepet who preach iti ini but only boastful of nothing

    6.anthony wong a moron lazy chinese a kurang ajar pendatang

    as time goes now i realised 20 millions malay can suppress the 5 million pendatang sepet thru economic jihad which is BCL

    BCL..Buy chinese last
    naturally they ll die economically if we united n we save money no need to prepare tongkang to send them back to china they ll leave tanah melayu wen they cant makan n steal malays wealth anymore

    1. Can someone please call tanjung rambutan to get anon 18:10 back to his cell ?

    2. Sori, telefon dah kena potong sbb tak bayar bill. Hospital tak mampu, tariff dah naik. Hehe

    3. can anyone help 20.17
      this cinabeng just arrived in msia he was a fugitive in beijing trying to bring menace in our negri melayu

      i support bro atas



    4. saya ada tongkang so any pendatang sepet pls register ur name befor end year so we can tongkang u back to china for free

    5. D.og

  8. Thank God it's not cancer. You have to take care of your health. Cannot be naughty girl anymore. I wish u all the best.

  9. Best of you Annie in what ever choice you made , keep on the good work, enlighten the Malay on how the Chinese mind works.
    The Malay were make to believe that we are all , abang / alik which are far from reality .

  10. 49 kg is fat? you send a wrong message to women out there Annie.

  11. MALAY STUDENT LEADING ANTI-PRICE HIKE PROTEST ARRESTED THEN RELEASED (For a 24 year youth, he's really taking on serious stuff. But isn't he an ingrate? Has he forgotten who paid for his education? The struggle of his race? And how his actions will be exploited by the opposition, and therefore the Sepets).

    Twenty hours after being picked up by the police, university student Mohd Azan Safar, who is a leader in Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam Malaysia (Gamis) and the NGO, Turun in protest at the price hikes, was finally released from the Dang Wangi police station.

    Azan, in a text message to Malaysiakini, said he was released at 7pm.

    Earlier today, it was reported that Azan (left) was picked up just before midnight yesterday, under the Peaceful Assembly Act, as he was having his supper in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

    When contacted by Malaysiakini, Azan, 24, said he was taken to the Dang Wangi police station last night for the authorities to obtain a remand order.

    “I hope there is solidarity in support of this cause. The struggle (to protest against the price hikes) will not end here,” he said in a text message.

    It is learnt that a remand order is being obtained against him today to assist in police investigations into the move to hold a massive New Year's Eve protest against the expected hikes in the costs of consumer goods and services, including the electricity tariff.

    However, during the remand proceedings, the KL magistrate rejected the police application to remand Azan for seven days.

  12. Annie,
    Marry me, be my 2nd wife.
    Stay home , wear a purdah , jaga solat, jaga aurat,jaga maruah.
    You can blog from home , that way you can continue to contribute to the ummah wihout having to sacrifice yourself.
    I know the likes of OTB and SIS or maybe you yourself will say this is crazy.
    Maybe I AM crazy but, still, hayat, jodoh and rezeki is in the hands of who knows..:)

  13. I married an ABU...... so i guess love knows no boundaries......

  14. Annie,

    ".... 2. I'm getting very fat this year. I'm 49 kg now as compared to 45 the same time last year...."

    Oh, stop it, you silly girl or I'll find you and spank you :)

    Look if you are 0.5m tall, 49kgs might be a tad large.

    If you are 2.0m tall, well, you could have a bit of a problem being skinny.

    So, my first question is, how tall are you?

    You would, probably, be better off worrying about your fitness level rather than your weight.

    My cousin who at about 1.5m tall, weighed some 100kgs. He was totally unfit and suffered from diabetes as well.

    He started jogging slowly and within a few years, he is now a fit guy weighing about 80kgs. His diabetes is also under control and he is loving life.

    He felt so good last year that he dared to challenge me to a sparring session even though he was much much older than me. Needless to say, I whipped his ass for his insolence :)

    I think he is trying to get fitter now because I saw about RM50,000 of new exercise equipment in his house recently!! Maybe I should start worrying :)