Tuesday 26 November 2013

Will Johor government protect Ramsar sites?

In my last posting PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor, I had pointed out that there is a plan by powerful people in Johor to "develop" a huge chunk of area designated as protected Ramsar sites.

This plan is not a very well kept secret. Almost everyone in Kota Iskandar knows about it. Yes, even MB DS Khaled Nordin knows about it.

How I wish a Johor-based journalist could ask Khaled whether his administration is  committed to preserve the Ramsar sites and that he will never allow anyone to destroy the place in the name of development.

I would suggest for that brave journalist, whomever he/she is, to ask those questions to Khaled in front of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Irda) chief executive DATUK Ismail Ibrahim. 

How I wish I could be there when they try to answer those questions. Well, I actually just want to see their face turned purple. That would have been fun.

If Khaled says his administration will defend the Ramsar sites and not allow ANYONE to destroy them, I will put it on record as bahan bukti (evidence). If later on Khaled's administration allows those sites to be destroyed, I will throw back his words at him. 

Well, anyway, for those who are chronically lazy to even google, Ramsar sites in Johor consist of three areas : 

1. Pulau Kukup (647 ha)
Uninhabited mangrove island located 1 km from the southwestern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, one of the few intact sites of this type left in southeast Asia. The wetland supports such species as the Flying Fox Pteropus vampyrus, Smooth Otter Lutra perspicillata, Bearded Pig Sus barbatus, Long-tailed Macaque Macaca fascicularis, all listed as threatened, vulnerable or near-threatened.

2. Sungai Pulai (9,126 ha)
The largest riverine mangrove system in Johor State, located at the estuary of the Sungai Pulai river. With its associated seagrass beds, intertidal mudflats and inland freshwater riverine forest the site represents one of the best examples of a lowland tropical river basin, supporting a rich biodiversity dependent on mangrove. It is home for the rare and endemic small tree Avicennia lanata, animals such as near-threatened and vulnerable Long-tailed Macaque, Smooth Otter and rare Flat-headed Cat and threatened birds species as Mangrove Pitta and Mangrove Blue Flycatcher.

3. Tanjong Piai (526 ha)
The site consists of coastal mangroves and intertidal mudflats located at the southernmost tip of continental Asia, especially important for protection from sea-water intrusion and coastal erosion. Tanjung Piai supports many threatened and vulnerable wetland-dependent species such as Pig-tailed Macaque and Long-tailed Macaque, birds like Mangrove Pitta, Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, Mangrove Whistler. Globally vulnerable Lesser Adjutant may be observed in the vicinity of the site. The Scaly Anteater, Common Porcupine, Smooth Otter and Bearded Pig are classified as vulnerable or near threatened.

For more details on how important it is to preserve the Ramsar sites and prevent some greedy people from destroying them in the name of development, please read at Ramsar sites in Johor

To appreciate the beauty of those mangrove swamps, here are some pictures of the place I picked up from google images,

The last picture is my favorite. It's the pathway along the beautiful mangrove of Pulau Kukup. I once walked along there with someone I love. It's a long time ago but seems just as if yesterday.

It's so heart breaking....that is if the place is to be destroyed.


  1. Khalid is not strong enough to resist the destruction of the sites. I doubt any of the present crop of state leader is prepared to fight off the human predators.

    sri hartamas

    1. anon 10:25, Khaled is one of the interest party that are going to benefit from the project, kalau 'not strong to resist' itu kan perkara biasa.
      Masa Ghani pon sama, Ghani pon 'not strong' jugak, dah lah berapa ribu ekar tanah telah di rembat oleh Lim dan kucu-kucunya.

  2. CEO IRDA jilat bontot MB Johor. Apa MB kata, semua ok. Hopeless bugger!

    Bandar Baru Uda

  3. Jangan harap pertolongan DSN. Dia juga banyak membuat perkara yang mengarut hasil nasihat Con Sultan! Bayaran Con Sultan pula bukan sikit sikit, dengar kata lebih 7 billion untuk 5 tahun.
    Saya sekarang hanya lebih banyak berdoa pertolongan Ehsan Allah swt untuk keselamatan dan kesejahteraan Malaysia. Hendak menyokong PR, mereka lebih mengarut lagi!
    Pimimpin pemimpin kita kini adalah, 'kumpulan yang terbaik dari kumpulan kumpulan yang terburuk!

  4. Anne,
    Who cares about little flying foxes or long tail macaques.
    Its the law of the jungle.
    When big,strong taillest apes wants the land, they will get the land.

  5. To the Lady of the Valley .... and for all who will love

  6. Malaysians care about development, not nature. Anyone want to disagree - just go to your nearest beach, park or nature reserve and see the garbage piled up. Nice nature is for rich people. When we are rich we can go see pristine nature overseas if we want.

    1. Malaysia is moving into developed-nation phase ie. today we're a nation of educated people who must think outside the box of "economic models" for the sake of our long-term survival; we need to change our life perspectives and adopt new habits of conservation, shouldn't we? Rich or poor, all creatures share one and the same planet Earth.


  7. Well, a Sarawakian would ask where you ppl went when Bakum was planned an executed...why not join the Penans for the latest protest....

  8. "If Khaled says his administration will defend the Ramsar sites and not allow ANYONE to destroy them, I will put it on record as bahan bukti (evidence). If later on Khaled's administration allows those sites to be destroyed, I will throw back his words at him."

    from Amirul Mukmin:

    The qualities of a believer is such: "He is far removed from any indecency. His speech is gentle. You find nothing bad in him. He is always a source of good. During calamities, he is patient. In times of ease, he is thankful. He does not oppress those he dislikes, nor does he sin for the sake of those he loves."

  9. All the governments, federal and states, use a lot of rhetorics to gain votes. Environment is a potent weapon to use. But, when the the time come to choose between rewarding their loyalist or pleasing some other institutions, care of the environment always come last.

    Enjoy what nature give us now, while it last.

  10. I'm with you Annie.
    I love nature and wild life too. Wetlands are very important for mankind and animals.
    Thanks Annie.

  11. Aduh...MB Khaled guna kroni la pulak. Dulu MB Ghani dituduh suka gadai harta pada og cina. Sampai ada protes dalaman. Ingat lagi isu KFC holding?. Bila nak bersatu ni? Takkan nak panggil balik TS Muhyiddin. Pertukaran pegawai adalah prosedur biasa utk kepimpinan baru. Nothings wrong Anne. Berkenaan projek, cuba ke saluran jabatan pelancongan atau jabatan alam sekitar. Apapun kena lihat status dulu sebelum bantah. Kalau tak pernah digazetkan memang susah. Tapi kalau sudah anda ada advantage.

    1. Anon 27/11 07.50

      Gazette? Semua dalam kuasa orang besar-besar, termasuk Sultan. Yang penting desakan dengan publisiti yang meluas.

      Annie when you stated that you had walked along the wooden platform in the mangrove swamp at Tg Piai, I realise that you are a very romantic person. Ada similarity lah

  12. this is the job for the Opposition! until they take over johor and decide to go ahead with the same thing later. politicians make me want to throw up la.

  13. The developer (from Kuala Lumpur!) managed to acquire from STATE 330 acres near RAMSAR site.

    Now they're in the midst of acquiring 2000 acres the actual RAMSAR Sungai Pulai Site....

  14. Plus 5000 acres RAMSAR up to 1 pulau near PTP... also being sold... to China Developer

  15. What were just thought to be mere speculations in the past may finally turn out to be true after all... It's going to be another disaster in the making. Farewell RAMSAR!
    Again as humans we have failed to live up to our responsibility as God's vicegerent on earth.