Sunday 10 November 2013

Sunday morning thoughts (Updated)


It's raining heavily here. Had to cancel my plan to go to the Pasar Tani and the beach.

Have to wait for the rain to ease off before driving back to KL.

These days, my eyes can't see very well if I'm driving in the rain. I also have to be extra cautious when driving at night. I need new glasses. Need to find time to do that.

Whatever it is, I hope to reach KL about 7pm later in the evening. Lots of things to do.

Just hate the lonely long drive though. Been driving alone for more than half a decade now, but still not used to it.

I just hope that it's all worth it...and appreciated.

Well, even if it's not worth it, I still have to do it. It's my life. Fated I guess.


Woke up quite early. Wish I could sleep a few hours more but instead forced myself to get up and do the necessary.

Switched on my phone and was immediately bombarded by work-related messages. Switched it off again as I don't want to spoil my day thinking about work back in KL.Nothing much I can do about them from here anyway. They simply have to wait until I got back to work.

Later, I'm going to the local Pasar Tani to buy some stuff and maybe spend some more time at the beach.

Chest pain still there but the most painful part in the dead center had eased off.

Actually, I wish I can stay here at this peaceful place forever. I really hate KL.I'm in KL simply because I need to be successful as that was what was required of me. That's life for me. Strive or die. No joke, okay.

I'm not really complaining though. I accept everything that happened beyond my control as fated.

I know that I can't have the cake and eat it. Everything comes in a package, complete with the goods and the bads.

The same with this country. You can't expect everything to be perfect. Yes, we can strive to make it better, but not to the point of destroying what we already have.  We need to count our blessings more, rather than harping on things that we thought should be ours.

True, I do hate the DAP, but I can't hate all those who support the party. My mother is one of them, and so do many of my family members of her side. They belong here and I have to accept them the way they were. So, I'm not with those who want them to migrate or balik Tongsan.

It should be the same on the other side. When they said they hate Umno and called the Umno people racists, they are actually accusing  all of its over 3.5 million members of being racists. Bear in mind that the Umno members are all Malays.What do you think would happened when these 3.5 million Malays were pushed up the wall and forced to collectively lash back to point their fingers at those who hate them and call their accusers racists in return?

What will happen then?

Well, I think we all know what will happen, and in fact it had happened in the past. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Still, if it happened, I think we know who are the ones who started the fire.

Do spend some time to watch these videos at Helen's

What the evangelistas really think of Malays and Muslims


  1. What we need only enforcement of Fed constitution , and enforcement of law , if karate chop necessary so be it , decisive is the name of the game

  2. Well, how should "traditional" Malay Muslims understand "evangelistas" or liberal Christianity?:

    - Liberal Protestantism: God is no longer the Father, but an occasional and indulgent Grandfather.
    - The liberal theory of religion is homeopathic. (The more you water it down, the stronger it will become.) (Sheikh Tim Winters)

    And how do classical Malay ulama understand the literalist wahhabis?
    - Literalism is the laziness that masquerades as courage.
    - Everything is political, but politics is not everything.
    - Do not doubt another’s salvation until you are certain of your own.
    (Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad)

  3. I hate DAP and PKR because both parties practiced Nepotism and Cronyism to the hilt in it's top hierarchy.

    I hate DAP because of racist Lim Kit Siang and son, both a threat to Malaysian unity. The father was famously known to have been associated with that bloody riot of May 13,1969.

    I hate PKR because the party was set-up just to free a criminal (abuse of power as DPM) and a sodomite.
    I love my country. Therefore, I do not want the father of money-politics, corrupted ex-UMNO politician and a sex maniac to be my country's PM.

    Lucky that they are crumbling down in Sabah. Lets hope the self-proclaim-Ketua Umum or its supporters call for PKR's long overdue Party Election. It sure would hasten their demise.

    To me, PAS seems a better option than UMNO, unless of-course, they quits PR. However, lets wait for PAS' Muktamar to see whether they still love Karpal Singh after what he had just said.

    1. We hate mamak RD because he loves to lie, lidah bercabang dua and a blardy racist and also lebih melayu dari melayu !!

    2. "I hate DAP because of racist Lim Kit Siang and son, both a threat to Malaysian unity. The father was famously known to have been associated with that bloody riot of May 13,1969.

      If your accusation is true, why didn't the law of the country take care of these two?

      It is not the two are evil true and true. It is just that UMNO leadership had gone way off its cause that the rakyat are so fed that that they look for ABU, anything but UMNO as a way out, just like how the Indians went to movies to escape the hard life there.

    3. RD,

      At the risk of being branded a "DAP cybertrooper", I wish to remind you that like Lim Kit Siang, Tengku Abdul Rahman was also associated with the May 13 Incident. :)

      And so was Tun Abdul Razak and so was Mahatir Mohamad, etc etc.

      As you can see, words can be cleverly twisted around by anybody to mean different things to different people.

      From what I have seen so far, many Malaysians are continually using the May 13 Incident to divide us racially.

      Perhaps the Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) initiative for May 13 is a better option. They declared May 13, Hari Bangsa Malaysia.

      For some reason, the SAMM site is not working for me and the following link is the only one I can offer you :(

      Just imagine, a chance for Malaysians to take back May 13 from those who have been abusing it to divide us by race.


  4. Now, not only that I hate DAP but I also hate Lim Guan Eng and his father as the persons.

    The Largest Deception of two father and son's leadership.     

    There are lies, damn lies and then dirty lies.

    These are dirty lies that could wind up not only costing us for suspicious of each other but could cost our peace and harmony too.

    In fact, what we hear here could be the multiple dirtiest lies to come out of the Tokongs' since Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim told us he didn't have backside relations with Saiful and the sexual relations with that China doll.

    These lies, however, are ways more devious. And multiples times more dangerous to us all.

  5. Sudahlah Annie, people already know very well you hates the DAPig, the Chinese pigs, the Evangelist, the Indian, the non Muslim and the PR supporters, no need to keep on repeating announcing your hates to your readers, people already knows ok.
    People also knows you loves and idolized Mukhriz, the rest in UMNO are all goons.

    UMNO Goons

  6. Cheer up sis, ........

  7. We hate RD not because he is a mamak, but because he lies in everything he wrote.
    We hate RD not because he is an UMNO stooges, but because he likes to makes derogatory and racial remark against PR supporters.
    Again, we hate RD not because he is a mamak, but because he is a hardcore racist !

    Mamak Ani

    1. You make a racist comment then accuse someone else of being racist?
      PR supporters cannot use the race card anymore most of the derogatory and racist remarks come from your end buddy

    2. Another thing, not only their BM is terrible, they can't even write in proper English. Just look at the tenses in Anon 16:44 comment.

  8. If anything happens..then its not too hard to find the source of incitement. This blog...that one run by the seriously demented helen...just ensure all your postings are archived somewhere safely.

  9. Annie,

    "... I do hate the DAP, but I can't hate all those who support the party....."

    "...When they said they hate Umno and called the Umno people racists, they are actually accusing all of its over 3.5 million members of being racists..."

    I know it is unfair to pick two statements and make the comparison but you need to understand that there are many people on "the other side" who think like you.

    They hate UMNO/BN just as much as you hate DAP and like you, they don't hate all the people who support UMNO/BN.

    It is a common defect in humans to unintentionally make generalisations. Even I am guilty of it.

    Unfortunately, there are many who do it intentionally and deliberately to further their own selfish aims. Many pro-UMNO/BN and pro-Opposition bloggers fall into this category.

    As you have said many times, you know who you are and you know what you believe in, so I am sure you will know which category you fall into.

    Before I go, here is one intentional and deliberate statement from me, your politics suck :)


  10. If UMNO were to return to its core values of helping the rakyat, the Lims will be just a footnote in history.

    1. I don't condone the actions of DAP and its PR allies. I think their actions are despicable and it no way an alternative to the present central government. But just like how some crooks were allowed to roam free in the underworld in order to maintain some order there, UMNO and its BN friends need some rogue characters in the opposition to make them look good and to covers misdeeds of its members.

      For us mere rakyats, don't get fooled by this covers. Let us see each actions on its merits and make our own judgement, albeit not easy, given the amount of truth available to us.