Wednesday 6 November 2013

Intermission : When I'm gone


  1. Quite a performance for a 7 year old. Great sense of rhythm!

  2. What a cute and smart child! Can't make it out lah: Is she singing in Malay or English? And whose lovely girl is this Annie?

  3. Are you alright, Annie?

    Since Annie is not writing about Politics today, I'll do the same.

    Do you, PR supporters, know how the word 'Estate' comes into being?
    Now, I'm not offending those who lived or had once lived in estate, okay.

    During the time when the British first set out to colonize the aborigines in the 'new world', the supreme authority in their homeland was the Queen of England. They even captured natives in Africa as slaves and took them aboard to far away foreign land. When they acquired land, forcefully of course, they would named it 'Queen Elizabeth's State', so no natives dare complained. Even by the command, "On Her Majesty's decree", would send shivers down the natives's spine.
    Soon these Q-E State became their settlements that later turned into fortresses. When they opened up plantation, they named it Elizabeth State, too.
    As time passed-by, it was called, E's-state.
    Finally, due to ease of writing, it became 'Estate', till today.

  4. Good for everyone!

  5. Annie,

    Enjoy your vacation and take care! Come back soon as we miss you!