Monday 11 November 2013

Cousin KH and a bit on English proficiency

Reached KL about 7pm as planned.

It appeared that the rain over KL had just stopped. The weather was however still gloomy. KL skyline looked like Gotham City as I drove on the DUKE highway. The setting looked almost perfect for a vampire movie.

The dark and sombre atmosphere brought my thoughts back to an earlier news today of the estimated 10,000 people who died when super typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. My prayers for their families and loved ones. I also thanked Allah that our country being mostly spared from such calamity.

Was winding down at home just now when my Singaporean cousin KH called asking me whether I'm okay. She had been trying to contact me the past few days but can't get through. I explained that I had mostly switched off my phone because I forgot to bring my charger when I went outstation the other day.

She scolded me for being so forgetful but as usual can't stay angry with me for too long. We are best friends since we were kids. She is also like my elder sister. My father once told me that before I was born, my mother always regarded KH as her own daughter. In fact, till now, I believe my mother still regards KH as her own daughter. Admittedly, I'm a bit jealous of her, but not because my mother loves her very much. It's because she is the most beautiful one in the family. And she is very smart and successful. KH runs her own business. She looks very much like this Korean actress,

Really, I'm not kidding you, she looks like that.

Actually, KH looks exactly like my mother when she was young. My mother is indeed very pretty.

I'm on the other hand look very Cina Bukit compared to KH and my mother. My eyes were conspicuously very sepet and my skin not so fair.

Well, still, I love my mother and KH very very much.

KH told me that she is coming to visit me and my mother next month. Her parents are coming along. My mother will be delighted. She would get very excited whenever her sister and KH visit us.

And also as usual, KH got something she was not very happy about to tell me.

This time, it's about this story which is actually a few days old,

Malaysia has highest level of English proficiency in Asia

and the offending part of the story was this paragraph,

The nation also climbed two notches higher to 11th place from 13th position last year in the EF English Proficiency Index which saw over 60 countries being surveyed.
The results revealed that Malaysia, which was placed in the ‘High Proficiency’ category, had overtaken Singapore who fell behind to 12th position in the world ranking. Malaysia scored 58.99 points in the survey while neighbouring Singapore received a 58.92 score.

"It's not fair, there is no way your English is better than mine," KH said with much irritation in her voice.

I just laughed and said. "Eh, of course your English better than mine one, you study in Cambridge ma, but the rest of the Singaporeans how?

KH made some angry noises over the phone before she warned me, "We'll talk about this again when I get to KL."

Well, KH, who cares about such stupid survey lah. If you are good, then you are good lar. If not, still can talk using your mother tongue what.

Or maybe can try the not so classy Bahasa what all those pejuang Bangsa Malaysia of DAP are doing nowadays. Right Guan Eng?

Er, YB Hannah Yeoh, you and your hubby teach your Bangsa Malaysia kids Bahasa Malaysia as first language or not?


  1. Wow, cousin KH is a feast for the eyes...hahahaha. Anyway, mata sepet or not, you must be beautiful in your own right. Well I can safely guess that from the thoughts you pen here.

    Though not a regular commentator, I make it a point to drop by regularly to enjoy your musings about the Malaysian so-po scene. I rather envy your simple style and the way you easily rile up the Chingk pigs...hahahahaah

    Though there are occasionally good Chinese around like your mum,the overwhelming majority are simply Chingk pigs invested with a bully mentality. In actual fact, the Chingk are inferiority complexed pigs whose only way out of that innate sense of inferiority is to act the bully. It is a curse that haunts this abominable ethnic since time immemorial, borne from years of subjugation at the hands of the Mongols, the Manchus and the Japanese not to mention the Europeans. In fact even today, the Chingk pigs chaff at the Japanese because they were once colonised by the Japanese but could not do the same on the Japanese.....haahahahaa. That is particularly hurtful to Chingk ethnic pride because they always considered the Japs as inferior barbarians!!!

    That they are asserting their ethnic superiority complex in this blog and elsewhere in Malaysia is not the least surprising. They are nothing more than schoolyard arsefucking bullies who are so inferiority-complexed that even their sexual prowess has been compromised. You see they cant even replenish their numbers here giving a host of asinine excuses to cover for their short cocked, filthy arseloving ways. They blame everything under the sun but put them in the US or Europe without the same "impediments" they act the same, congregating in ghettoes, eating strange filthy stuff with sticks, and mouthing chingchong nonsense wherever they congregate.

    So write on girl! Ignore these bastard pigs be they from the DAP or otherwise. They cant help themselves for they are like that, culturally programmed by the 5000 years of inferiority to act the only they can, by being bullies. In fact, replicating in public the very childish behaviour complete with tantrums which they mastered at home. The new Age Chingk pig is cut from the same cloth as the old, only worse. Where the old knew where the line was, the New Age pig aka the Dapster pig is merely manifesting his no-bounds mentality learnt from his parents. Kiasuism is the pig's god, everything else be damned.

    There is no such thing as being concerned about corruption, equality blah blah blah. The pig is a hypocrite for he privately practices what he publicly repudiates. The private sector is replete with pigs bleeding companies dry slowly, cheating their HQs (if they are MNCs), siphoning off cash and stuff under various guises, chumming with favorite suppliers, service providers etc. The private sector is also rife with tales of other races being bypassed for promotion at the expense of the less worthy Chingkpig. Skin rules as much as skill is ignored. Know-who reigns as much as know-how is sidelined. So dont be taken by the pig's holier than thou attitude. He wants power at all costs to bully others into serfdom, to lord over everyone with his ill-gotten wealth, to rule the realm with his racist garbage.

    'In control' is the only position the Chingk pig will feel safe in given his inferiority complex, given his fear of shadows, given his small cock. Give him that control and Malaysia is fucked. Right now, the Malays are at a crossroad, they can continue to support a party that has betrayed their trust and whose every action strengthens the Chingk pig or they can hop over to pseudo-Malay Chingk cocksucklers and arselickers. Or they can establish a new party, devoid of all the useless pseudo-Malay flotsam, to reassert Malay suzerainty over the Malay homeland. That choice is very much in Malay hands, for now but not for long.

    Warrior 231

    1. This is so so spot on.

    2. How are your comments relevant with regard to what Annie blogged about?

      It's a survey about English proficiency. Such surveys are a dime a dozen. I'd put more trust in the PISA rankings, as there is at least a methodology behind them, and because Malaysia has signed up to be ranked.

      So, what are the most current PISA ratings for Malaysia and Singapore?

      Perhaps Annie could enlighten us here.

      As for the rest of your post, it's the usual mishmash of racist ranks and wishful thoughts.

      China, and greater China, aren't going anywhere. In fact, they are going to be kicking butt and taking names in the region. And there's not an awful lot you can do about it, apart from calling for Uncle Sam to pull your balls out of the fire.

      So save the deep political thinking and strategising to the mavens at Wisma Putra.

      Because, if they can't, we are deep doo-doo. Where racist epithets aren't going to cut it.

      Doubtful? Just ask the Xi-Li double act!

    3. 1. China, and greater China, aren't going anywhere. In fact, they are going to be kicking butt and taking names in the region.

      Response; Yep, bull's eye right. Just confirms and affirms my bully analogy. But you got one big thing wrong there. You see Uncle Sam has conned the Chingk pig to own a huge sliver of Uncle Sam's debt. All Uncle has to do is to squeeze the pigs' balls by baulking to repay his debts and pig will be left in stupefied silence. And if pig dares to do some sabre rattling, Uncle Sam will deep fry Mr Chingk Pig back into the stone age with some massive nuke rain beyond Mr Shin Chih Huang of Great Wall fame or Confucius the Confused of Anal Acts fame. So Chingk pig better dont play2 or else the swine will forever be left arsefucking one another in limbo.

      2. deep political........Wisma Putra blahblahblah

      response: Sg Limau just confirmed which racist pig gave PAS the victory it poorly deserved. The electoral maths do not lie. It is a just a replay of GE13 at a microcosmic level. And I predicted GE 13 to a 't'. But its of no use advising BN fuckheads of their errors. Their heads are too deep into the pig's arse to care or see. The only sane alternative for the Malays now is a new party, period but that is for them to decide.

      3.Just ask the Xi-Li double act!

      response; Yeah, the very same double act that got cock frozen when a certain Abe began responding to their bullying. So much for false bravado, Mr Pahlawan1957 aka Jasper aka Skilgannon the pig. Your pig stink is obvious.

      Warrior 231

    4. See how the 231 guy twists and turns.

      Sad, isn't it?

      Like I posted, China and Greater China ain't going humbly into the sunset.

      And if the US has China by the balls, what more can Uncle Sam do to Malaysia over the TPPA?

      231 talks big, but when push comes to shove, he pipes down, like his masters tell him to.

    5. Yes,,,,piping down is natural for you aint it Chingk piece of shit when your master shoves his cock in and you push your fithy gob over his smegma-ed dick, push comes to shove exactly, right?.

      And being the hypocritical smarmy piece of shit you are, it wouldnt do if you dont switch allegiance to Uncle Sam in a jiffy. In fact, your first two paragraphs contradict one another like some demented outpourings of a pig wanker. But then again your inferiority complexed bully race is contradiction walking alright; outwardly clean and glam but underneath reeking with an unwashed arsepit. What a filthy race of pigs!

      And sorry, i don't have masters like you do to tell me what to do. Only braindead braggarts, shithead cocksucklers, and fuckhead arselickers like you need your master to tell you to pipe down the intensity of your dickmilking antics when his john is lodged down yer throat, got that filthy Chingk pig born of a lousy cunt slut.

      Warrior 231

    6. See how easy it is to wind 231 up. Just mention a few words and he goes into a frenzy.

      Which is all it amounts to.

      Because the targets of his ire, spleen and venom are sailing serenely forward, be it Xi-Li or Uncle Sam.

      If it's any consolation, Malaysia's future and destiny is inextricably bound up in the "great game" being played out in the Asia-Pacific region.

      And home-grown delusions of grandeur and prowess aren't going to make an iota of difference.

      Now run along and want away.....hahaha.

    7. Dei poorah pundek chouchibai Skillgannon aka Jasper now masquerading shamelessly under Malay nick. No more modal kah. Even the writing style is so wooden that its a dead giveaway from miles away. Poor shameless pig reduced to wallowing its inconsequential self here.

      Have heard tonnes about Mao n Zhao, Deng and Zhao, deng and Hu , Li and jiao and fuck and cock etc. where are all these fuckheads and arselickers, dead and gone or close to death after shaking the world to smithereens.....that is hahahahaha. For all your empty boasts none of these bastards ever left even a piggy odour on the world stage. They were nothing more than paper tigers, pondan pigs with short stumpy useless cocks like yours. Lotta noise and nothing more.

      Now go and lick Xie and Li ' s arsepit clean and pray what is yer sudden love for the pigs avowed enemy, Uncle Sam. You are craving for a free arsefuck?

      Now run along after staining your mouth with Xie Li shit and go fuck your slut mother for birthing a useless piece of Chingk pig shit minus its brains like you. I am pretty sure her filthy cunt will enjoy your filial penis, short cocked tho it may be.

      And after that beg your dad for some push and shove....hahahaha pukimak of a Cina Babi.

      Warrior 231

    8. 231 is just full of angst. His poor language skills (full of filth and rubbish) do not help him either.

  2. Very2 funny lah you Annie. I am under deep Monday Blues and on reading this piece, I am all over it. Thank you for sharing. Now I can enjoy my coffee from Kluang !

  3. Wow...i luv that comment by warrior 231...they are right to the dot...those pigs are great hypocrites ...practicing what they claimed they are against...sheer arseholes they are...

  4. kah..kah..kah.. last last DAP pulak yg muncul , woi Annnie, you really can't get over with DAP.


    1. Anon 12:25

      Dah ada pulak Clone "LOL" versi Redbean kat sini...

      How original of you right?

    2. LOL is an UMNO supporter who regularly posts comments in Helen Ang's blog. The above 'LOL' is definitely a DAP Red Beanie!

  5. Pinoy pride themselves as the most proficient English in this side of the world. What's their ranking?

    1. Here is the full list. The Philippines is not in the list apparently.

    2. Like Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, and Canada.. we are not in the list anymore... It might have meant a default status, since we're naturally English Speakers anyway.

  6. Why Chinese people speaking English funny?

    Why not we go for Bahasa Kebangsaan mainstream schools with additional subjects in Chinese, Tamil and English ? And special mainstream schools catering to specific cultural groupings? ---- Unity in Diversity at last, and of course, competing each other in providing quality educational environment.


    1. Yes fuckhead Lim, why must it be always about race and anti dapsterism when your tunnel vision morphs in cost from 4 billion to 6 billion at the bat of an eyelid and at the flip of an Excel?

    2. Yes fuckhead Lim, why must it be anti dapsterism when you can bequeath a government built PISA to a private company named SP SETIA just because you want a grandiose convention center to SPICE up your arsefucked life when no one bothers about conventions in Penang?

    3. Yes fuckhead chibai Lim, why must it be anti Cina Bukit if people start querying your 100% surcharge raise on water when you have literally run the Penang Water Authority ( PBA) to the ground. Just comparing the Financial Statement for 2007 ( pre Dap) for profit before and after tax, dividends etc to the FS for 2012 will show up your angkat bakul sendiri competency, cinakui!? Links provided here: page 32 page 18

    Now fess up shithead or shut the fuck up hypocrite for you are no better than a wild boar calling a pig ugly.

    It is Polly pigs like you, the felda fuckhead, his big boss, Anwhore, Kit Sial, Hadi etc who have driven politics into the shit pit with your childish, asinine antics and moronic stupidity. The sooner you fuckhead lot clear out and let genuine leaders like Mukhriz rise to the fore the better. Till then quit buggering the rakyat and taking everyone for a ride with your shit , kaniamah lanchiau!

    Warrior 231

    1. Nampaknya Warrior 231 dah mabuk toddy..fuckhead here and there.
      Woi mamak Warrior, sini bukan fuck blog kalau nak fuck blog pergi ke blog Rocky !

      Warrior 123

    2. Anonymous11 November 2013 21:14,

      This is Annie's blog and Annie is not an opposition supporter. Why don't you fuckhead DAP pig go somewhere else to post your full of shit comments?

    3. Shaddap and get lost, Chingk arselicking, cocksuckling, throatjohnned son of a whorepiss. I will say what needs to be said and no one is gonna faze me what more a tincan keyboard pundek like you, DAP Pig.

      Now scram and go and milk Guan Eng's chancred smegma-ed lanchiau, uneducated johnjuicing moron of a filthy dickhead. You want more obscenity i can give you more, stupid Chingkcock fellatist!

      Warrior 231

  8. Annie, I enjoyed reading your blog. It lights up my day. Keep writing and I wish you well. Rgds/zam

  9. The Singapore scores were brought down by the foreign talents from China and Malaysia. Haha.

    1. How does this Malay supertalent score with you DAPsters? Are you trying to fool us to believe that Malaysia handed to your toa-pek-kong communist terrorist Chin Peng the anti-religion fascist, could ever produce such beautiful talents? Seee Choow (won't happen until the dead go to rot!)

      The translation: Shila: Mom and Dad I was born because of you Your sacrifice has no limit For me, even as wide as the ocean, it won't match your sacrifice I really want to make both of you happy I will remember your hopes & wise words to me. Always Chorus: ---------- Shila: What is Budi (Propriety in word and deed)?
      Dad: How to be grateful?
      S:What is kindness?
      D: How to return kindness.
      S: Budi and jasa (service to fellowmen)
      D: Serve your nation and its people..ooh ......

    2. @ Move IT

      You must be joking right?

      Cina Cina Malaysia ni semua "speaking LONDON" berabuk tau...tu sebab cakap Melayu pun pelat atau tak tahu langsung walaupun dah berpuluh tahun duduk di Negara ni...