Monday 4 November 2013

Going back to the grind

Going to pack up later in the day for the trip back to KL.

It's been mostly a restful past one week.

Too bad that Lim Kit Siang spoiled it for me a few days ago when he attacked Dr Mahathir for no reason at all.

I felt compelled to post something about it here When an old man can't let go of his hatred

Then Kit Siang's son Guan Eng pulled his usual trick of Sowing hatred - Guan Eng style

I admit, I was quite stupid to layan all those DAP cybertroopers yesterday.

Just so geram la.

I should just ignore them and carry on with my holiday.

I wished I had sticked to writing nice things during my holiday. That was what I was doing before the Lim anak beranak started to poke their head in Sungai Limau to stir up their chauvinistic shit there.

Well, all done and said and nothing much I can do about it.

Whatever it is, I did manage to have a restful few days.

My coughing had gone, but I can still feel the chest pain from time to time.

My next medical check up will be before end of this month. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Later on my way, I planned to stop by somewhere near Ipoh to buy some Tambun pomelo. They are my favorite.

There is a stall at the highway's R&R near Ipoh selling the fruit from which I like to buy them. The aunty who manned the stall would advice me which pomelo are sweet and which are sour. The sour ones are normally the nice looking ones. For all the Malay extremists who are reading my blog, let me tell you that the aunty is Chinese and she doesn't seem to be the cheating type. So, chill, okay.

Well, as usual, one song for the road, and cheers everyone.

BTW, in case you don't know, the singer is a devout Muslim.


  1. Don't buy pomelo in Perak. Buah itu ditanam oleh orang cina. Depa guna najis khinzir sebagai baja.

    1. It should be, "Buah tu ditanam orang cina", not "Buah itu ditanam oleo orang cina". Try not to use formal Malay words when you try to masquerade as a Malay extremist. Improve your command of the national language and mix around a bit more with Malays to get that one right. Thank you.

    2. Up to you Annie. I'm just passing the info for your consideration. I'm not a malay extremist, just someone who had lived in Ipoh for several years.

    3. Well, if that's the case I hope the Health and Agriculture departments can check on it and stop the practice as it could cause all sorts of plagues in the area.

    4. Annie : Try not to use formal Malay words when you try to masquerade as a Malay extremist.
      Kalau seseorang pakai Bahasa Malaysia di tuduh sebagai masquerade as a Malay extremist, so apa bahasa pula perlu di pakai utk dielakkan di label sebagai seorang Malay extremist oleh Annie ?

    5. Haha, betullah Annie...dia org ni kononnya nak masquarade jadi Melayu extrimist tapi tak reti nak guna the proper Malay slang and then tak faham pulak tu bila Annie perli. "Bahasa Menunjukkan Bangsa" weiiiii

  2. I'm not surprised if there are racist Malaysian with despicable, treacherous and evil character, masquerading as someone in the cyberspace, trying to sow hatred between the other races to the advantage of his own.

    Before GE13, I once came across someone who called himself Vinnan. He often spewed insults and dissatisfaction towards the Malays. In retaliation, many Malays replied with abusive languages towards the Indian communities instead.
    By the tone of Vinnan's writing, I had a hunch that he was not an Indian. Upon checking with Outsyed, he confirmed that this Vinnan is actually, Chinese.

    Therefore, I hope everybody could exercise restraint and be more thoughtful in retaliating to provocation.

    On the ‘tahi babi’ as manure for fruit trees;
    I don’t think it’s against Islam, as long as it does not create health issues as Annie suggested. I’m more concern about those chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

    1. lagi-lagi cina yg buat hal... Woi rubbish dump, please don't lie !!

    2. By the tone of RD writing, I had a hunch that he is not a Malay. Upon checking with Kucing Besar, she confirmed that this RD is actually a Mamak. What is the motif of this mamak, trying to pit the Malay against the Chinese ?

    3. So, RD please stop masquerading as someone in the cyberspace, trying to sow hatred between the other races to the advantage of you own, and most importantly RD, STOP LYING !


    4. RD is a Malay irrespective of his Mamak blood. The same goes with Tun Dr Mahathir who also is a Mamak. We the Malays don't care about a person's DNA as long as hati Melayu. My dad is half-Chinese but he is berjiwa Melayu who despises DAP. Annie is also half-Chinese but she is a Melayu who despises DAP.

      Who is pitting the Malays against the Chinese? DAP the Lim dynasty and their cohorts are to be blamed 100%.

    5. Re. On the ‘tahi babi’ as manure for fruit trees; I don’t think it’s against Islam, as long as it does not create health issues as Annie suggested.

      "Merujuk kepada Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Majlis Kebangsaan bagi Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Malaysia kali ke-2 yang bersidang pada 12-13 Mei 1981 telah memutuskan bahawa berdasarkan nas daripada kitab tersebut, mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Fatwa menyatakan bahawa baja yang diperbuat daripada tahi babi adalah najis mughalazah, sementara hukum menggunakannya sebagai baja adalah harus serta makruh."

      Nota; Boleh dimakan hasil tanaman tersebut tapi lebih elok jika dielakkan.

    6. anon 22;07, you are wrong. UMNO is pitting the Malays against the Chinese. Already 51% of Malaysia voters is fighting against the corrupt UMNO regime.

    7. Annie dah tipu you semua orang dengan ceritanya konon beli pomelo dari orang cina, sebenar tidak.
      Annie dah kelentong dengan cerita yg menuduh orang cina bakar bendera Malaysia, abis sekarang ni dia nak buat damage control.
      Sudahlah Annie, berani buat berani tanggung !

    8. Anonymous4 November 2013 22:29

      Thank you for the explanation. It is always better to avoid.

    9. Vinnan once wrote 'Laja' instead of 'Raja' when rambling his dissatisfaction about the Rulers not being apolitical. That blew-off his identity. So don’t blame me for inciting hatred. It’s the truth, nothing but the whole truth.

      Now I realized why DAP and most of its supporters, hates Indian Muslims/Mamaks so much . They're UMNO members too and they are also good in businesses. No wonder DAP treats Mamak restaurants owners harshly in Penang.
      They treated the Indians like 'curry leaves' too, shoved to the side of plates, during meals. That's what happen to Kg. Puah Pala residents. In GE12, they promised to settle the Indian folks' problem in 2 weeks, if PR won, know la, what happened.
      They are more concern about Kg. Hakka then those Indians in Kg. Buah Pala.
      DAP even denied it’s 753 Indian delegates to vote in their CEC election. When their own members complained, DAP blamed UMNO and the ROS instead.
      So Malaysians, if these are not traits of racist, what is?

      I agree with Anon 22:07
      I have many Chinese Friends too. In-fact my best of friend in school was a Chinese. We’re so close that we once went hitch-hiked together, from Kedah to JB. I even spend a few days with his aunt in Penang. His aunt would served us toasted bread with jams in the morning and gave us money for lunch and dinner. It must have something to do with the babi thing, since I’m Malay. His aunt and uncle who is a contractor could not speak Malay or English, so they would ask me and his nephew to translate the government letters that he received. Lucky, I know some simple Hokkien.

      Anon 22:29.
      Thank you for the information.
      I guess the way we treat babi, must have something to do with our upbringings and its circumstances. I hate using the word ‘khinzir’. It’s the Peliwat who first popularized this Arabic word when he started Islamizing the schools to out-do PAS’ influence among the Malays and maybe, to look more Islamic and polite too.
      I came from the border areas with Thailand. When I was a boy, the Siamese Malaysian use to rear swine like the Malays rear goats. In the village, you cannot differentiate their houses, if there is no pigs or dogs around it. If we are playing in the river, it is most likely that there are pigs upstream, cooling-off in the river.
      So I don’t feel ‘jijik’ about babi, but I would rather not live around pig farms due to it’s foul smell.

      In those days, there are not so many Ustaz, so Malays Muslims are more relax. I guess, the Malays nowadays are more afraid of ‘hari kiamat’ than losing their country to those greedy and swindling politicians, on both the divide.

  3. The DAP cinabengs nowadays afraid of only 2 persons. One is Tun Dr Mahathir. Another one is Annie.

    1. anon 19:44... you ni memang pandai buat joke lah..kah..kah..kah...

    2. re: Annie said: "I felt compelled to post something about it here When an old man can't let go of his hatred. Then Kit Siang's son Guan Eng pulled his usual trick of Sowing hatred - Guan Eng style. I admit, I was quite stupid to layan all those DAP cybertroopers yesterday."

      On the ego and its drive to compete and to conquer:

  4. Annie, your reputation sudah pecah berkecai after publishing the infamous picture of bendera Malaysia di bakar !

    1. Bendera Malaysia itu di bakar oleh penyokong BERSIH yang memakai baju kuning. Penyokong BERSIH itu mengambil kesempatan keatas incident Lahat Datu, untuk pergi ke Filipina.

      Kalau bakar bendera itu di Malaysia, sudah tentu mereka sudah di tangkap dan dilucutkan kewarganegaraan.

  5. hey Annie, apa cerita Mukhriz kat kedah ? Annie dah tahu UMNO akan kalah sebab tu balik awal ya ?

    1. As Expected the "Charismatic" Bald Headed Papa's Boy Lost Again!

    2. Anonymous4 November 2013 22:51,

      You are definitely stuuuupid! What did Annie just write? You understand English or not? Kalau cHINA keparat tu, keparat jugak! Bodoh sombong! Ptuih!!!

    3. Sebagai penyokong PAS, saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada MB Mukhriz kerana beri kami kemenangan di Sg. Limau. Sebagai tanda persahabatan sesama Melayu Islam, kami akan menyingkir parasites Anwarinas pada Pemilihan Party, tidak lama lagi. Kemudian kami akan keluar dari Pakatan, bila sampai masa yang sesuai.

      Sekali lagi.
      Terima kasih kepada MB Mukhriz dan semua penyokong BN yang tidak keluar mengundi di Sg.Limau.

  6. Annie,

    I really dunno how you can tahan with all the stupid and rude cybertrooper who came to your blogs with one or two liners. They are rude in your own house and talking 'kok' most of the times esp when defending the Lim's dynasty same as machai2 defending the boss so that gaji can berbayar by end of the months (KPI: how many comments any one of the cybertroopers has made and any subject on Lims dynasty will have the highest KPI). Meluat betol when they came in droves to give their 'koky' comments.

    Anyway Annie, glad that you had a good break and the thought of those juicy pomelo, made me teringin as I have not had them for years.


  7. keep writing annie!!