Tuesday 12 November 2013

The blind hatred of DAP people

I have been accused many times of being a hate monger by the DAP people who came to this blog.

What these people however don't seem to realise is the hate they themselves posses in their heart.

A few postings back, I highlighted the unprovoked attack by DAP's Lim Kit Siang against former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the campaign of the Sungai Limau by-election at When an old man can't let go of his hatred

Prior to that attack by Kit Siang, Dr Mahathir had been rather quiet.

What I find most revolting in the following exchanges of barbs was that most DAP people think that Kit Siang is of the same level as Dr Mahathir.

They can't seem to comprehend two simple facts -

1. Dr Mahathir's 22 years as PM was endorsed by the electoral process and Malaysia is the success it is now because of his leadership throughout those years. What had Kit Siang contributed to the building of this country during that period till now? Has he even achieved anything after more than half a year as the MP of Gelang Patah? Gelang Patah people, your life is better now with Kit Siang as your MP?

2. Dr Mahathir is an 88 years old retiree, while Kit Siang is an active 72 years old politician and MP. The DAP people don't seem to realise that Kit Siang is 16 years younger than Dr Mahathir. They are not even exactly of the same era.

Well, DAP people, what had Dr Mahathir done to make your life more miserable? You don't have enough to eat those 22 years under his leadership? Were you denied access to the internet and the freedom to bitch and moan all day long about your not big enough house, not fancy enough car, not prosperous enough business? Is that it?

To most of you who was not old enough to remember those times, ask your mom and dad how was their life all those years when this country was led by Dr Mahathir and how did they manage to afford giving you all that you have now despite claims by the likes of Kit Siang and son Guan Eng that your community were being discriminated and suppressed by Dr Mahathir's administration.

If Kit Siang was instead the PM, do you really think that your life will be in paradise, is it?

As it is, hatred blinds, and blind hatred blinds completely.

As a reminder of how full of hatred these people were, here are comments (most of which I find shallow) by DAP people praising Kit Siang and vilifying Dr Mahathir, which was selected for publication by the self-claimed independent editors of Malaysiakini :

Slumdog: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, you are a true statesman and you always conduct yourself with dignity and decency, qualities that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not possess.

Your eloquence in rebutting whatever Mahathir dishes out to you is said with decorum and intelligence. This is in contrast to Mahathir's usual vile and sarcastic manner in which he attacks his political foes.

The legacy that Mahathir leaves behind with not be cherished by the majority of the rakyat but he will be remembered with much disdain.

Swipenter: This is a classic case of David vs Goliath. Mahathir had everything at his disposal to get rid of Lim. He tried but did not succeed just like he tried to kill off his then deputy Anwar Ibrahim.

Slowly but surely Lim is getting the respect and admiration of Malaysians for standing up to Mahathir and Mahathirism whereas the latter is receiving the opposite from Malaysians.

Lim is not the only one who hopes Mahathir will live up to 100 years, so do millions of Malaysians. We all want him to witness the end of Mahathirism for himself for what it is worth.

ACR: Someone commented here about Mahathir being a 'world leader acclaimed by his admirers and feared by his detractors'.

I was once told by a reliable source who worked in Wisma Putra in the 1990s that all Mahathir's diatribes against the West and being seen as the leader of the 3rd World (mostly by despotic African tyrants) never made news in the West.

Perhaps in some countries, a small corner of a newspaper tucked inside one of the pages on the deeper end of the paper would carry his news. Why would the West bother about some noisy third world leader of a nation of 20-25 million?

What Mahathir did do in this regard was to create a civil service with ego of 'ketuanan' inflated proportions that some officials in Wisma Putra had the audacity to remark that the international beggar was in town when Nelson Mandela visited Malaysia in 1993

Yeoh Chee Weng: When the common Malay realises and speaks up against all the ills that were begotten from the decades of the ex-PM's twisted mentality to institutionalise racialism and mediocrity, then finally would Malaysia mature and achieve developed status. May this malevolent PM live to see this day.

Onyourtoes: Saudara Lim, you should just let the people, the commentators here and everywhere to defend you. The whole world knows you won hands-down.

You represent integrity, principle, and competency. He represents duplicity, dishonesty and mediocrity. You are a democrat; he is a third world tribal chief. You are in politics for Malaysia and its people. He is in politics for himself, his family, cronies and friends.

You sacrificed, suffered and agonised, he exploited, enjoyed and lived lavishly. You are respected home and abroad, he is despised everywhere. You can walk with your head high; he will only sigh.

Funny, the Abrahamic monotheist people should understand their destiny better. But not this one.

Crazy Analysis: I agree with Lim. I like to see Mahathir live very long although I am many years younger than him. In fact, he should outlive me. I love his 'contradicting jokes'. I want to die listening to his jokes and I wish he will continue with his jokes on the other sides we arrive.

Each time he will say different things and make you so confused that you can't make it out what is said. Anyway the real joke is that he himself claims he has "retired" from politics.

Atilla: A well and meaningful reply to Mathathir's sarcasm. A mark of a well-respected and responsible leader unlike those in Umno who say things without using their brains.

It is very obvious that Mahathir still craves the influence and power that he once hold and that explains why he is so bitter that he no longer calls the shots after he stepped down. To try to get into the spotlight, sadly he turned back to his radical ways and has lost whatever respect he had over fellow Malaysians.

JTC: We want Lim to live for a long time more. We also want Mahathir to live for a long time too. The only difference is that we would prefer if the latter was kept in jail and that the key thrown away.

Clever Voter: The reality is that the feeding chain that Dr M has not created many loyalists but also many dependencies. They are also proxies who have chose to remain silent.

Dr M may seem to have lost political support his influence is not to be underestimated, and the potential trouble he can create cannot be ruled out. Lim is not a threat to him but more as an irritant.

FairGame: Nobody is afraid of Mahathir's shadow. But Mahathir is definitely afraid of all the skeletons in his own closet. He is truly a forlorn and pathetic old man.

Even in his twilight years, he is still full of bitterness and hate. He is even not at peace with himself, which truly shows that in the event of his demise, he will not go peacefully.

Trublumalaysian: An ode to Mahathir: "Surely if living creatures saw the results of all their evil deeds, they would turn away from them in disgust. But self-hood blinds them, and they cling to their obnoxious desires. They crave pleasure for themselves and they cause pain to others; when death destroys their individuality, they find no peace; their thirst for existence abides and their self-hood reappears in new births.

"Thus they continue to move in the coil and can find no escape from the hell of their own making."


  1. This is a claasic case of Chingk pig envy, anger and hate stemming from its innate inferiority complex. All Tun achievements completely reaffirms what they have feared all along - that the Chingk pigs are inferior cretins.

    They have no local leader of Chingk pig descent of equal stature to match Tun's stellar achievements. Thus they resort to a swine called Harry lee as comparison conveniently forgetting the fact that Harry Lee was made by his advisers like Albert Winsemius for instance and that he by his admission was left a teary eyed scaredy pig when he seceded from Malaysia and had to depend on US, British, Israeli and later money launderers international to be where he is.

    Kit Sial is chaffing at the fact that his previous claims of the North South Highway, the Penang Bridge, the Twin Towers, KLIA, Sepang etc as being future white elephants has been proven to be nothing more than garbage. He has been shafted lietrally speaking and he cant handle it...the poor pig!

    In short, the Ching pigs have been metaphorically arsefucked and throatjohned. They cant take it that they have been proven to be incompetent fools,that all their vaunted leaders from Tan Cheng Lock, Siew Sin, Tan Sri henry Lee, Kit Sial, Man Hin etc have not been able to achieve anything approaching Tun's glories. And that infinite, traumatic hurt to their ethnic pride of being shown as inferiority complexed, inferior brained bastard pigs by of all people a Melayu bermaruah must be so galling that the only way they can react to assuage the hurt is by lashing back at Tun, denigrating him, cursing him etc.

    Its the bully's reaction of being called out at the schoolyard by someone more than his equal. Its the bully's response of throwing tantrums when he does not get his way. It is the bully''s moment of comeuppance something he cannot and will not humbly accept. Hence, hatred, envy, vengeance shadows his every move,stalks his every action, skulks beneath his every word. And the fact that the Chingk pig inherited an inferior culture shaped by the Anal Acts of Confucius further compromises his ethnic's collective coping abilities.and being descendants of coolies, pimps, opium addicts, prostitutes etc does not help the local pig much either. The contrast between the two most scattered of diasporas, the Jew and the Chingk pig can never be so obvious. The Jew rises above the pressures exerted by his social ecology to assert his pride and intelligence but the Chingkpig succumbs to his inferiority, wallows in self pity, flounders in recriminations and accusations and ultimately channels all those negatives into pure unadulterated hatred of everything Malay Muslim.And the pig's success unlike the cunning Jew is as what Ali Rustam encapsulated succintly.

    Tun M is the contemporary equivalent of Tun Perak, that great Malaccan statesman who 6 centuries ago fucked the Chingk pigs and consigned them to wallow in the wilds of Bukit Cina. Is it any wonder then the Chingk pigs feel embittered having been fucked twice over by the Melayu Bermaruah?. Caught in a labyrinth of self induced hatred, stifled by the constraints of an inferior culture and crippled by a low class intellect with their conscience maimed by centuries of denial of their true piggy selves, the Chingk pigs cling to their obnoxious desires and debased selves. They crave pleasure for themselves and they cause pain to others; when death destroys their individuality, they find no peace; their thirst for existence abides and their self-hood reappears in new births."Thus they continue to move in the coil and can find no escape from the hell of their own making."

    Is it any wonder that the Chingk's totemic animal is the pig which verily encapsulates within it all the vices of Chingkieism.

    Warrior 231

    1. Warrior 231,

      I agree with you 100%. The chinkies are jealous of Tun Dr Mahathir. There is not a single chinkie that these chinkie pigs can look up to. Keep on blasting these chinkie pig bastards! They deserve it!

    2. Warrior 231,

      For an article on "The blind hatred of DAP people" it is good to see a comment which could feature in another article titled "The blind hatred of UMNO people".

      Comments such as yours should always be welcomed whenever there are discussions about stupid people who spew hatred.

      People like you offer wonderful balance in the debate as it shows that there stupid people on both sides of politics.

      Well done!


    3. Verses 16-20 of "The Cow" chapter of the Quran:

      "Those who trade Error for guidance, their trafficking will not profit them, so they are left without divine help. They are similar to one who kindles a fire, but as it begins to light up the surroundings, God extinguishes their light, and leaves them in darkness such that they cannot see things. Deafness (cannot differentiate good from bad), Dumbness (cannot speak sincerely), and Blindness (cannot see true reality), now the darkness (of Hatefulness) envelops them, and they shall not return (to sane propriety)! Or imagine a storm-cloud from the sky, wherein is darkness, thunder and lightning. They plug their fingers in their ears at the thunder-clap, for fear of death, for God encompasses the unbelievers (the evil slanderers). The lightning well-nigh snatches off their sight: whenever it flashes over them they take some steps; but then it turns dark again and they can only but stop in their tracks. If God willed it, He could take away their hearing and their sight (because of their haughty willfulness).Indeed, God is Almighty over all things."

    4. Warrior 231,

      Oooohhh!! It hurts, does it?

      Would it help if I said sowwy? :)

      Or maybe it might help if you stop blindly hating just like the DAP people Annie was referring to.


    5. Sowwy????

      Go fuck your mother, you harelipped moronic bastard and suck her rotting clit for good measure for birthing a whorepiss swilling mongoloid like you. That will also give yer wanked up brains a fillip, cuntlicking fucked up shithead.

      And johnjuice your father as pacifier to stave off the pain if it hurts that bad pundek chakkiliya pariah scumbag. Tiuniamah chouchibai filthy lanchiaued douchebag pepundek thaioli slimepoop pukimak. What a sheer waste of sperm and egg. Bet the dad and mum are forever regretting that cock and cunthungry moment that led to this kepala butoh idiot.

      Warrior 231

    6. Bravo Warrior. You are a perfect illustration of everything wrong with the country. And you are defective. GFY.

    7. Warrior 231,


      I have this image in my mind of Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker, "Feel the hate, Luke, feel the hate" :)

      Thanks for proving my point about blind hatred on both sides anyway. You're doing a great job.

      I'm sorry I can't return the hatred. I am not wired that way :)


  2. Anyone that gets involved in politics or political discussion must expect to take verbal hits, especially if they are active in voicing their opinions. MM may be retired but he keeps blogging and pushing forward the Malay agenda - kudos to him. But I don't think that arguments with any politico don't hurt his feelings in the least. If they do, he would not have been the success he was. The only hurt feelings are of his supporters. Regarding LKS or any other opposition leader, I do think that they contribute to the country, sometimes significantly, because they act as a check and balance to the government. You have yourself, Annie, identified the risk posed by listening to yes-men all the time (e.g. Permandu). The thing that all citizens and politicians should understand is that the "other side" are not demons, just people with different views and visions for the country.

  3. Annie, they are ' Dungus !' U know, pandai hafal, boleh lulus cemerlang dalam pelajaran. Konon educated. Itu yang mereka claimed, hakikat nya hanya bees and parrots .....Habis orang lain di perbodohkan. Seolah-olah melayu masih hidup zaman dinasor ! Chinese - 'Dungus' kata SAA...

    Kalau you tanya perkara outside their small brain, jawaban nya tentu, wa ta' taau...tatak taaau..lor... walaupun perkara di tanya depan mata... Ini jenis yang piau, tidak suka bercampur dengan bangsa lain. Pendidikan asas yang di terap dalam minda mereka semenjak lahir.... bangga bodoh sombong...

    Frankly, bukan semua cina( nanti marah yang lain ). Mana cina yang banyak bergaul dengan melayu, belajar universal, kenal bangsa lain, gaya dan cakap mereka memang baik, kadangkala kalah bangsa melayu pula dari segi percakapan dan budi bahasa... These really educated ones...

    I think Annie lebih bijak. Kata, pendidik. Macam artikel kisah kapcai tuu... ada humor gak ye ? cerita psikologi untuk terus naik superbike...he..he... boleh matikan pengomentar2 seperti Annie paparkan dalam artikel ini. Kadangkala, they are the same person...otak penipu lah katakan.... Annie jual je mereka kat pasar lambak !

    Betul ke yang tu sepupu annie ? Cantik! macam ex- girl saya era 70an je , asal dari Ipoh, keturunan cina kristian... sekarang dah jadi nenek laa tuu....

    Keep up! Ini lah perubahan masa. Malang, pemuja DAP masih merasa hidup dalam kegelapan.... suruh balik China, marah melenting pula....

    ( saje tulis bahasa rojak, macam cakap biasa-biasa saja)

  4. If West seen TDM as the "leader of the 3rd World", who never made news in the West, what do you think the West viewed on LKS?
    Leader of Malaysia's 2nd class citizen party? I'm preety sure they dont give a shit to LKS.

    1. They don't give a shit to Lim Kit Sial as they don't even know that he exists.

  5. Thank you Annie for sharing this. Reading those shallow comments put to light how paper-thin those dapsters' defense of the tokong.

  6. As much as I have criticism towards mahathir I believe he is the best PM that we ever had. The stability and growth under his watch is undeniable.

    The Chinese DAP venomous hatred towards him is no less a manifestation of humanities worst qualities, envy and jealousy. The diatribe againts the PM by the Chinese is uncalled and childish.

    The reason that I do not vote Pakatan is because of the childishness of the Chinese electorate who are immature and chavinistic. Id vote a PAS caliphate anytime but allow an Chinese Dictatorship ala Singapore, no way.

  7. Kakakakaka kit siang...he is no where near Tun Mahathir.
    His great contribution to Malaysia was Mei 13.
    This apek is nothing at all.....dont waste time on him.

    1. True enough. Whenever I think of Lim Kit Sial, I think of 13 May. The same like whenever I think of Anwar, I think of Chinadoll.

    2. Tun Dr. Mahathir has the kind of high vision "these people" can't ever reach .... because they keep acting upon their base desires


  8. On the lighter note...blame it on LKS father for not marrying a malay girl here when he came to Malaya like what MM's father did and convert to Islam and be a Muslim.That is the most important criterea to be PM here in Malaysia.. then only LKS will have a chance to be the PM Malaysia and then only we can compare the 2 old geezers,..The reality here is no matter how brilliant and capable leader you are unless you are Malay and Muslim dont dream of becoming PM..And that's why our leaders here are not the most brilliant in this country same like the Miss Malaysia here is not the most beautiful girl in this country because Malay girls are banned from participating..


    1. It's Dr.M's grandfather who came from India, or somewhere.

      On that note, if his father were to marry a Malays girl upon landing in Malaya, Kit Siang will surely use a Malay name today and most probably become like Annie, who's pro-BN. You might be lucky if he does not turned into another Riduan Tee, though.

      Anyway, I see Kit Siang with no leadership material whatsoever, but only with traits of a trouble-rouser. He was the agitator, weeks before that bloody May 13, 1969. As soon as trouble flares, he escape to Sabah. Wonder what would become of him, if he were to stay in KL.

    2. the above comment is typical of one of the many ignorant chinese pigs who does not read a lot and does not possess good general knowledge. There are many of them living in Malaysia (they have the temerity to claim themselves as Malaysians but to me they are just squatters who are no longer welcomed in my own beatiful country in this Nusantara)and by reading his comment, you can somehow understand why these pigs can easily be fooled by the pigface Lim Kit Shit.
      To all the pigs, this is a Malay land, this is Nusantara, you are not the natives here, we dont like you at all,we want you out of this beautiful land because you are constantly moaning yet benifiting from the wealth of the land. Go somewhere else to do your bitching, this is a Malay land, and Malays dont appreciate your species/traits (greedy,self centred,individualistic)

  9. None compares to Tun M. Don't even think of comparing. LKs should be rocketed to obscurity.

  10. Tun is a true statesman. How i wish he could continue to lead this country. LKS and the gang are old dogs , they only know how to bark. Hopeless species.

  11. DAP = creater of hate for political mileage. First, created hate among Chinese ( hate MCA, hate Gerakan ) . Next, create hate among Malaysians ( hate utusan, hate UMNO, aka hate Malays, hate Mahathir ) After they got the stupid Chinese and the Christians to vote for them, then , create hate among the Malays ( Malays for Allah and Malays for Allah "to share " ) .

  12. Cina Lim ni naik tocang bila Anwar dan Nik Aziz desperate sangat nak memerintah negara ini, sanggup mengadai maruah bangsa dan bersekongkol dengan cina kapiaq ni.

  13. Lim Kit Sial is the barking dog at the hill, or should I say a squeaking pig enjoying it's baths in the mud with mixtures of its poo.

  14. I posted before, "I hate DAP but I hate Lim Guan Eng and his father more. The Largest Deception of both father and son's leadership, there are lies, damn lies and then dirty lies." these two fellers have been getting into my nerves for more than a decade. They have turned me into how to hate bigotry and hatred grows every time when I see their faces and hear their noises. I hate to feel this way but I like it.

    As suggested it be better off to take a ride on motorcycle and go somewhere far away and feel younger again from your last posting. But where to go?, the Chauvinists are all over. I would believe that motorcycle ride would give us a little dose of relief away from the animosity of psychotic Chauvinists. I mean it is just a 'trip'. Chauvinism and bigotry are here to stay.

    For me the 'ride' would be extended to a cultural freedom of in deference. It would be about a concerted ride of protest with rebellious meaning against the chauvinist pigs. We want to tell them we are dismay with their kinds whom they have been their tendency to consistently dehumanize mankind. We want to tell them, we have enough and be cautious and it be better off for them to leave us alone, to keep us away from their chauvinistic values.

    This is a notion where hatred takes precedence over moderation. And a cause for action would be inevitable for retaliation against badmouthing amplifies from the bellyaching of Chauvinism.

    They have been uneasy with our given privileges to ride. Since the ride has been the norm and the ride is thus spelt its rights. Petty! they feel uneasy with the congregational ride to the gravity of worshiping. They are not easy with claims, that are ours is ours but they want of ours is theirs. They are not happy the way we talk and dress. They drugged us to against status quo. They say it is an old fashion and death of democracy is near us. All this while our ride become a whore and taking for an easy ride by them. Some of us do not realize but many did realize that we have been taken for a ride.

    The answer is the only way to be 'truly free' (words from the smartest) and to escape from the confinement of the chauvinistic environment of society is slowly dying. But we were left not with a sense of freedom but with disillusionment and wonder..... is there true freedom left for any of us who understand the cultural meaning? Does it exist?

  15. Where are those comments from Annie, were they from Kit Siang's blog?. Kit sial is only commendable to Dogs And Pigs the party.

    These bunch of ungrateful chinkies will never learn that if not for UMNO their 1 million ancestors would not be citizen of Malaysia. Now these specie has multiply in numbers and want to be kurang ajar and want to rewrite the history of this country.

    Its time people of the same age like kit sial to teach his children the meaning of graciouness.

  16. Is Lim Kit Siang the best that DAP can offer?
    When I compare him and our beloved Tun.....so much difference.
    Looking at Tun M u feel a sense of calmness about him. U feel safe and extremely proud to have him around for the country. A true world class Muslim leader. Love n respect him so much.May Allah bless him and Tun Hasmah.

  17. Maybe I'm too polite, that's why, they accused me of lying and a Mamak too.
    I guess they are too young when Dr.M resigned. Their minds have already been poisoned by racist Lim & Sons. Even the Rear Admiral had mislead them into believing he was squeaky clean before joining PR. They might not even know that the sodomite was formerly DPM from UMNO. Like the words 'estate', they don't even know how Al-Juburi came into being.

    Looks like Warrior 231 is doing a better job in trashing PR's supporters into submission, with his obscene wrath. I would love to learn from him.

  18. Tun M Father of Modernization
    LKS Father of Hatred
    Nik Aziz Father or Hudud NATO (No Action Talk Only)
    Hadi Awang Father of Fisherman
    Anwar Ibrahim Father of LGBT
    Karpal Singh Father of Sivaji

    1. LKS, Karpal and Al-Juburi are the fathers of Nepotism, too.
      Just imagine if Dr.M were to bring all his sons into the party when he was in power.

  19. And to Pahlawan1957@ Skillgannon1066 If you are reading this:

    Your Xi-Li tag team of pigs just got its face smeared with shit


    So much for your Xi Li gangster garbage and your great game cocksquirt. Fact of the matter, China is nothing more than a poor lil stingy pigpen trying so very hard to fuck above its weight with its small stumpy pig cock. Pathetic pundek pigs hahahahaha

    Now go and suck your mother's filthy clit to replenish them brain vitamins.....ROTFLMAO

    Warrior 231

  20. Assalamualaikum...
    tu pasai cina rep.china malu ngan cina m'sia...terlalu bongkak dan mengamalkan
    komunisme...saya terbaca di beberapa blog...cina m'sia tidak akan menghargai org melayu/kepimpinan melayu kerana pd mereka hanya cina yg bijaksana bijaksini..hakikatnya mereka tahu siapa mereka....

  21. As much as I have hated DAP and hated the father and son more but on the other side of me yearning much love for peace and harmony attributed to learning the meaning of 'to love your neighbor.'

    Perhaps the truly free of a free mind is to rewind the clock to the 60s, a happy episode of riding a bike is worthy for sharing.

    Bicycle was our mode of transportation in the 60s. No doubt it had provided mass mobility to us all. Bicycles have contributed greatly to our technological, social and cultural development. Without realizing it, bicycles had contributed to our health, social and environmental challenges. It did keep us fit, opportunity to know many friends and bicycle riders were not the contributors to pollution of that era, and still is.

    My father bought me a Raleigh bicycle when I was in form one. Like anybody else the feeling of ownership instilled with responsibility. It was a brand new bike and promised myself to keep it looked new at all time. Not a dirt dare to stay on my bike. It was spotless clean. I got it cleaned to shine everyday and polished it especially the chromed spokes, Rims, partly chromed head light and partly chromed handlebars.

    Raleigh bike was lighter than any other bikes. It gave speed and could carry our weights. Above all, it was manufactured in Great Britain in which the bike was named after the street, Raleigh. And the name bear of the prestigious brand. It did give the status feeling, I would think so during that time.

    I need my bike to look outstanding in celebrating the brand. It was imperfect to have a carrier fixed on to my bike, fixed no carrier. The bike was meant for me alone. No one was allowed to share ride on it. I solicited some money from my mother to buy cycle accessories. I had two reflected mirrors fixed on to the handlebars. The fixtures certainly looked comprehensive. A long sound of bicycle bell fixed close to the right hand-break. The bell gave a unique sound signaling my identity. I fixed up extra lights with two spot lights on the extension made front bars and wired them to the dynamo. When I cycled at night my bike was brightly lighted. It was visible in illumination and looked great in the dark. My bike was known the bicycle of lights by my noted friends.

    The distinguished sound from the ringing bell got the attention of a pretty girl whose house was at the conner off a junction. The first girl that I wanted to get to know. Every time I passed by her house I would ring my bicycle bell twice, just twice. Hopping she knew it was me. Then I would hang around with a friend's house which stood across the road of her house. If I was lucky she would be looking out the window long enough for me to get her attention. This was a tedious time for me to consume. After many months, in the end, I managed to cycle along side with her and got to treat her for ice cream floats at Kim's ice cream parlor. It was all because, the wonder of bicycle that made us friends to this day.

    Unfortunately, bicycle production of late 60s was decimated and replaced by the modern mechanical devices like automobiles. Besides more modern electrical, electronic and digital counterpart were replaced. Such as fountain pens were replaced by ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, cash registers were replaced by electronic calculators and many more. The pronouncement of of bicycle technology and industry erected many technological innovations, such as tires for auto vehicles and airplanes. The invention of wheels which are the fundamental components of new inventions developed to sophisticated mechanization.

    What ever it is, bicycle made me to know the most beautiful girl in the world and friends of all ethnics segments of society with tolerance and acceptance are the pillars of being truly Malaysian.

    1. Ye, a true human norm. It supposed to be in this 'ride'. God bless you.

      I got one new raleigh too, form 1. Upah helping out my late father 'toreh getah' to and fro of distance 12 km. Woke up as early as 4 am. Real toil hard. Like you said, very precious.

      The new gen dont even bother as such. No matter to what race, they are easily carried away. Time for LKS / Hj Hadi / DSAI must bersara as drivers...

  22. Annie, welcome to Cina Only Economics! Mahathir will be celebrated should he be a Cina. He is not, so any bukit with coolie mentality will do! No two way about it.

  23. whadya talkin' about? Annie try to make sense out of an old man bitchin' another older man. And you talk about bicycle. Don't you know about concept of evolution ? I love typewriter, diskette, cassette, VHS video & many other obsolete things. But they all gone with way of dinosaur. Extinct. Lim Kit Siang should retired too. Too much love for his son , must make sure nobody touch him at all. At least we know the meaning of chauvinism & concept of dynasty

  24. We should all realise that, whichever way we look, we are being fucked by the politician from either side of the house. UMNO lead BN is nothing more than a bunch, albeit a large bunch, of pirates, plundering the country's wealth. The opposition want us to belive that they are the opposite, so they they oppose everything, without giving reason why. They also at a loss on how to deliver what they promise. Somehow many people from all walk of life, believe what these politician said, to the tee. Along the way, the chinese manage the gain maximum benefit. They control the economy, they control finance and most importantly the control the government who are supposed to act in the interest of the people. Sadly, they also control other institution that was supposed to be the defender of the majority race and religion. In the end, who pay the price for all the action of the polticians? it is the majority malays, who have nobody left to carry their cause. Melayu jadi pengemis di bumi sendiri. Sad indeed.