Friday 15 November 2013

KJ prefers Regina or Annie?

This is one of the comments in my last posting The only future PM material

Annie, you are obviously on KJ payroll now. What happened to Mukhriz and Ghani?

Well, I guess there's no point for me to try deny that I'm on the payroll of KJ, Mukhriz and Ghani. Some people simply would not believe it that I'm writing in this blog without any financial motivation. As it is, the DAP people who read this blog have always accuse me of getting money from Umno to whack them.

Okay lah, you all can believe whatever you want to believe about me.

Since we are at it, let's throw in Najib, Dr Mahathir and that handsome Chinese guy Lee Hsien Loong as my paymasters as well. The more the merrier.

That would be really nice, actually. I do need the money.

I wonder what would actually happened if I really approach KJ and ask him for money in return of promoting his name and handsomeness.

Honestly, I think KJ would be interested to hire me.

You see, his main media personnel is a pretty Chinese girl

His wife also has the Chinese looks due to her partly Japanese ancestry

So, I think myself, who look more Cina bukit than Regina and Nori above probably stand a good chance to attract KJ's attention.

I had concluded that KJ is the type who prefer girls with Chinese looks.

Maybe KJ may even replaces Regina with me as his Press secretary.

How KJ? You want to hire me or not? My English may not be as powerful as Regina's but I can speak quite a bit of Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teo Chew. I learnt them from my mother, who is as Cina bukit as anyone can get.

I don't think Regina being a Chinese banana can match me in that department.

But of course Regina is more authentic Chinese as she supports DAP and probably eats pork too. Myself, I'm just 50 per cent Chinese, I don't eat pork and is more on Umno's side.

Well, that's up to KJ lah.

But then again, I don't think I want to work for KJ or any politician, for that matter.

I don't think I want that kind of life.

By the way, tonight I was at a wonderful dinner beach party. The organizer arranged a firework display which they shoot right over my head as I was standing on the waterline. It was fantastic.

Yes, I'm not in KL again.

But no. KJ is not here with me. Mukhriz, Ghani, Najib, Dr Mahathir and Hsien Loong were also not at the beach with me.


  1. I think it has less essential consequence what have been said about KJ.

    The commotion between wisdom and liberal logic can never be in pair: the key contention that need serious attention is an account of disposition and inclination toward the scared page article 3 of the Umno Constitution.

    If we relate to the tales of Mullah Nassaruddin: Mullah Nassaruddin, the Neighbor and the Braying Donkey, in contention of whom to be a 'free mind', it would be the wisdom of judgement that prevail.

    For KJ, he is the mouse who gives the idea to the mice in the Mouseland. His position in itself has the greatest influence of conveying what should it be and what could it be done in the Mouseland. At the same time, he has high ambition and desire to be an associate-mouse chief supported by a company of his little mice.

    It would be a different perception if the essay on KJ is not by association in his relationship with the former Prime Minister, couple with his ambiguity and for him being over ambitious young lad of the fourth floor then. For that matter, KJ who prefers girls with fair-skin and Chinese looks, who takes home a bottle of Black and White Scotch everyday.

    Considering him as an unfortunate one or rather accidental with his prostrate up bringing as a son of the soil, who practically lived and received education in the foreign environment and who has been perceived as a shenanigan lad by many.

    But put aside the reactionary acumen, I think, KJ is a proactive young lad who has a physiognomy of an ascribed young leader. His series of articulated ideas and thoughts are worth for everyone attention and criticism. More than that, the common understanding among many have being that, KJ has the prerequisite of a strenuous one accounted for leadership and should be reckoned.

    Many will agree, as of today, KJ is a valuable asset to Umno and Barisan National.

    His setback is his ostentatious character. He appreciates to take a liberal stance on issues which summon for defense in which were undesirable to many conservatives.

    He probably has overlooked and refrained in acknowledging the wisdom of judgement which is stipulated in the article 3 of the Umno constitution. His icon should be his disposition of the Article 3. The meaning to everyone who is concerned of being a Muslim and Malay in this land.

    1. Big words indeed defending a brash and arrogant young man. Unfortunately, many of us rakyat jelata who are non-Oxbridge-educated or non-legal-trained don't understand a word of what you are saying.

      The simple truth is that KJ is a biadap and kurang ajar who don't really fit into what is we say adab kesopanan.melayu yang telah terbukti baiknya.

    2. Agreed, I do not understand a word of Anon 03:31. It's a long comment but no substance, even tho I got the jist of it that this person is defending KJ. Even in that defense, i do not see any inti, usage of big words n perception of intelligent comments. An arrogant person defending another arrogant person. Waste of time reading Anon 03:31 comment.

      Anyway, well written piece from Annie...with dash of sarcasm frm Annie, the way we like it.

      And Annie, i think if your position is different, being a Malay girl with pure Malay look or even Indian, KJ tak kan pandang langsung. No chance la Annie, low class for KJ.

    3. Anon 03:31 put up the 1st comment and huh, such a long comment ! However, I did not get a word of it, other than superfluous defense of KJ. Usage of big words but no content, an arrogant writing from an arrogant commenter, maybe KJ only can understand.

      Anyway, well written piece from Annie with dashes of sarcasm, hilarious la Annie.

      And Annie, if your position is different: Malay look or even Indian, I think jgn harapla KJ nak consider.. Too low class, la Annie! KJ n de Dapsters esp Hannah Yeoh have lots in common.

      Cheers Annie :)

    4. Re. Many will agree, as of today, KJ is a valuable asset to Umno and Barisan National.

      I don't and many of pro BN blogger followers don't agree as well. He is a liability to AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA. PERIOD.

      The above piece of shit must be written by KJ's "publicist" or the likes.

    5. No thanks.

      I'd rather choose a Mr.Clean Akhramsyah over a tainted guy who first won that Youth Chief post in 2009, being booed and cries of Rasuah, Rasuah, Rasuah, from almost all the delegates in PWTC, as he walked out.

      I would also not support a Youth Chief who had not made known his stance on the usage of Allah in the Herald's publication.

      (NB: I have no objection, what people in Sabah and Sarawak use to call their God, in prayers or in their Bibles).

    6. mamak RD, don't lie !!

  2. jate ite mem suko tino putih..

    Tiger Wood have affairs with blondes only..

  3. "DAP people who read this blog have always accuse me of getting money from Umno to whack them."

    They accuse you of what they are themselves guilty of. No brainer.

    Keep on writing your fluff. I love this kind of sindiran type of writings. From the comments, I think some of them simply don't get it.. hahaha

  4. Annie, I find your comments really amusing. For once, there is one blogger who has the guts to talk about paid blogging. The truth nothing but the truth. I love this sort of honesty. Would be great if you published your really identity, with complete email add - so at least we can communicate better in the future. Kind regards, Avid Reader.

  5. "I had concluded that KJ is the type who prefer girls with Chinese looks."

    RASIS.. Minachi tarak ka?

  6. Keep on writing Annie. I always look forward to what you have to say.

  7. Replies
    1. I think Regina will say yes

  8. Looks like the KJ cocksuckle fest is in full swing with all the smitten damsels jumping head over heels to be first to mouth or gobble that filthy dick, to encircle his stumpy cockhead with their luscious lips, to have a pigcocks engorged in their gobs. My sincere hope is that they end up with their desired cocksquirted cum drenching their slutty mien rather than have a stinky goo of filthy smegma lining their glossy Estée Laudered lips....hahahaha. Also a silent prayer that we don't get heated sluts ripping off their panties and flinging it at Mr Handsome in gay abandon whenever he hogs the public limelight, awwww....imagine that!

    And we surely wouldn't want such wanton behavior creeping through our menfolk, do we? Imagine , our erstwhile idiot commenter par excellence, Gladiator, stripping off his undies, upending his filthy arsepit in public and imploring Mr Handsome to "fuck my arse, fuck my arse, fuck my arse" like some demented, cockstarved Chewbacca.

    The problem with these Jane-come-lately bitches is that unlike other consensual cocksuckling sessions, they may be in for a hell ride as Mr Handsome literally sweeps them off their feet, gags them senseless with his filthy cock, fucking their brains out in one fell swoop and leaving them swooning in ecstasy with their brains lobotomized or blown out, of course. And left cum splattered or worse, smegma smeared minus your brains is hardly a worthy recompense for all that cocksuckling effort!

    But that is precisely what many Malaysians female sluts are besotted with, i.e., giving their Greek demigod his deserved cocksuckle to pacify their (bitchy) unsatiated heat. A case of paying homage to a self lusted deity like some effing pagan devotee and earning his disdainful scorn in return........hahahaha

    But that is not strange entirely in a country obsessed more with form than substance. No wonder we deserve the nincompoops we get in the political sphere. And that is a serious indictment of electoral intelligence prevailing at all levels as well as a symptomatic affirmation that our democracy is indeed a dysfunctional one.

    Warrior 231

    1. And that is a serious indictment of electoral intelligence prevailing at all levels

      should read

      And that is a serious indictment of electoral stupidity prevailing at all levels

      Warrior 231

    2. You would make a great porn writer. Other than the filth no class or substance.

    3. Warrior 231,

      OMG!! You really do write the way you do :) You're a natural!!


    4. If anything,sounds like you got your mouth full...........of them corksquirted cum yourself lah Warrior. Too much porn-watching perhaps.

  9. what ramblings is this

  10. yes the writing is way beyond my simple mind

  11. Loved the posting and the comments except the lengthy 1st commentator....what is he saying or writing about. Simple minded folk like me could not understand.....and by the way the great KJ has been kurang ajar on more than one occasion.....

    He still carries the stigma of a guilty but freed candidate during the previous but one UMNO election. And what is so great about him that everybody is going gaga over him. He may plant in some youngsters head that being BIADAP and KURANG AJAR is the new modern. So please don't defend him if in the future someone is kurang ajar and biadap to him. After all, he leads isn't it?

    Masalah besar UMNO kalau dia tu jadi pemimpin negara pada sauatu ketika'uzubillah....diselisihkan malaikat 44

  12. Hi annie, me and you are the same species...father is malay n mother is chinese...although previously I had a chinese girl fren but still i prefer Malay becoz of I dont to have too many headache due to different culture. Anyway KJ looks like Mamak..and normally typical Mamak like to choose a fair skin girl..same like Indian guy who likes Chinese gals. I dont want to be Racist but is just marely stating the fact based on my own surrounding.

    Have a good weekend n enjoy ur beach party.


  13. Is kind of odd that KJ prefer Reggina (Dap half Ah Lian/ Half Ah So) to be his political secretary with so many Pemuda guys on his side. My deepest sympathy to Nori and Pak Lah who become his stepping boards for his political ambition. KJ also shows his true Mojo when Nori has always seldom besides him during his showing off function. It seems Reginna can become a future 1st lady very soon besides the PM KJ.

  14. KJ think he can run FAM better through his youthful ways, thus bring back the good old days of footballing magic. Didn't he realise that all the successful teams in the world, MU,Liverpool, Arsenal, Real, Barceleona, Spain, Brazil are run by level headed old man guiding energetic former footballers as team coaches.

    The problem with Malaysian football is not FAM leadership but the declining nationalism and patriotism amongst the people. Part of the problem is the way media are throwing praises and insults to half-past-six talents. One goal for the national team and a winning goal at Malaysia Cup final make an ordinary player a superstar. The next day he missed a few good chances and he was subjected to endless insults and cast away as a total failure. Same thing with our not-so-talented artistes. Anyone remember Mawi, the maggi mee superstar?. Siti, Ziana, Sheila as divas? rasa nak muntah ni.

    1. would there be a Moktar Dahari and Shukor Salleh, Ahmab & Isa Bakar, and spiderman Arumugam w/o Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, Wong Choon Wah - they were all pals ........ back in those days there was one national mainstream school and everybody spoke Malay well and of course their own mother tongue - there was a lot of Malaysian-style camaraderie. Please now you have "Arab" faction, Chinese factions, Tamil factions, bla bla bla

  15. As salam..
    yo anie..veri der aah...lap u sis...he he he...

  16. Since we're into "beauty" and "appearances" may we know if you looked like this Malay nyonya when you were younger auntie Annie?

    or kalau nak mengakui cina bukit boleh tak engkau main silat macam nyonya2 ini ....... kalau tak mampu mungkin engkau dan Regina dia orang sama2 Cina Moden Bandar ya?

    Salaams sis

  17. Not so long ago, Angkasapuri was draped in a Malaysian flag so big that they call it "The biggest Malaysian flag in the world".

    Syiok sendiri

  18. "But no. KJ is not here with me. Mukhriz, Ghani, Najib, Dr Mahathir and Hsien Loong were also not at the beach with me."

    S T U P I D !