Friday 29 November 2013

Going to Paradise

It's past midnight and I just reached home.

Winding down but too tired to think hard for anything substantive to write.

Actually, there were a few things I would like to write such as the Selangor's big salaried politicians and Pas living up to DAP and PKR in term of screwing up their party elections and not giving a shit to democracy within their party.

But, then I'm too tired tonight.

Tomorrow, I have to wake up early again for work. Got to prepare for a big job next week.

Really, I do have a job and I do give my best at it. The pay was quite decent that I can write this blog without financial motivation from any quarter.

But honestly, if given the choice, I rather marry someone I love, who can afford to provide for me so that I can stay at home and watch Korean drama serials all day long.

No such luck.

Well, good also lah, most of them husbands turned out to be bastards in the end, anyway.

Seriously, even the pious ustaz type and guaranteed by Pas will go to paradise for being a card carrying life member could turn out to be assholes who think women are to be married just to serve them.

"Isteri mesti taat perintah suami," they said.

Why would I want to be obedient to anyone, eh. Wasting time and energy only. It should instead be mutual respect, okay.

Well, at least that's how I see it....maybe that's why my life is like this.

Anyway, what do you all think will this Pas deputy president do once he enters the paradise in the afterlife?

Really, Mat Sabu will have a place in Paradise.

He is after all officially the second most powerful person in the supposedly Islamic party. What's the point of joining an Islamic party if it's deputy president was not guaranteed with a place in paradise.

Eh, I'm too tired and really sleepy.

Really need to shut down.

I leave you all with this song, okay.

Good night


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    Have a good Friday.

    1. Annie,

      Go Find a Pleasant and life inspiring hobby instead of associating with those negative gloomy sods called UMNO bloggers.

  2. Annie, please take care of yourself. Don't just work, work, work so hard.

  3. The president, even the murshidul am, not guaranteed to be in Jannah, what else Firdaus, the highest Jannah.

    1. Everyone who died a muslim will enter Jannah. The question is whether, one will go direct or transit in Hell first.

    2. But what is the qualifications of a "muslim" can you list it out please?

    3. Stop being caustic 22:57, because I was taught that you may call yourself a muslim but turn out to be a hypocrite (munafik) - for them is the lowest realm of hell, says the Quran. For example, those muslims that go around pronouncing other muslims as "kafir" (disbeliever) or "zindiq" (heretic). I am taught that if the accused turns out not to be a kafir or zindiq, then the accuser is automatically burdened with the charge of disbelief or heresy, and since you are so cock sure about yourself then you would know that such people stand outside of Islam, and therefore are certainly not guaranteed of a place in Paradise.

    4. Only Allah and youself knows whether you are a muslim or not. Whatever other think of you does not matter.

  4. re: "Anyway, what do you all think this Pas deputy president will do once he enters the paradise in the afterlife? Really, Mat Sabu will have a place in Paradise. He is after all officially the second most Powerful Person in the supposedly Islamic party. What's the point of joining an Islamic party if it's deputy president was not guaranteed with a place in Paradise?"

    You might support a group of people who are upholding the religious principles embodied in the divine Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w., people who guard their relationship with Allah Most High in true faith and sincerity, and who maintain harmonious relationships with their fellowmen by means of wisdom and temperance, but courageously enjoining in justice what is good as well as forbidding evil and wrongdoing.

    But no one is guaranteed Paradise. The Prophet s.a.w. warned us against the paganistic Jahiliyah presumption that certain privileged individuals were divinely favoured and could never do any wrong (maksum), and he reminded us that the true muslims are those who remain faithful in the daily battle within their own breasts, between the forces of goodness and evil.
    So may Allah forgive us our sins and indulgences and grant us a good ending to our lives and may He protect us from our own vain and selfish desires which lead to the Hellfire .

    1. There is one "Paradise Inn" in Subang Jaya. Go there lah, anyone can!

    2. Flash mob, anybody?



  5. Tulus ikhlas mengikut jejak akhlak Rasulullah s.a.w. itu jauh lebih afdal menyampaikan seorang kepada Jannah dpd. mempermainkan ideologi agama untuk kepentingan diri.

  6. not sure about where go mat sabu after life, but damn sure annie will go to nereka together with UMNO geng after life. Be prepare.

    1. are you dead sure about your own final destination oi convicted executioner?

  7. Don't be in hurry Annie. Choose wisely.

    If not, you might get a 'dua-alam' husband like the Rear Admiral. Depan-belakang type. If you get hubby like Mat Sabu, also ok what. He got a naughty tongue, you know.

    "Isteri mesti taat perintah suami,"
    That's the religious guys catch -phrase.
    You know what religious guys usually do when they get elevated or have a lot of cash?
    They marry virgins or beautiful widows like Ustaz Ferari or some other PAS politician.

    So beware Annie and ladies out there.

  8. Annie,

    Not only will Mat Sabu go to Heaven but all them others in PERKASA, ISMA, JAKIM, etc etc etc will as well.

    As far as marrying someone is concerned, good luck on your search.

    I am sure there are many potential candidates out there who have the looks, the personality and the money you like.

    To be honest, around my kampung, the only guys who would fit your requirements would be UMNO guys.

    Looking around my kampung, virtually every young single Pakatan guy will fail your specs because of the money factor.

    Don't get me wrong, there are many good decent young Pakatan single guys in my kampung, just like there are many good decent young UMNO single guys. The only difference between the two is simply money.

    So, unless you want to help feed the chickens, weed and water the vegetable garden, cook, clean and wash, etc, forget the Pakatan guys in my kampung.

    As I live in a small kampung and don't visit KL much, I am sure things are quite different in the city but I would still advise you to go for an UMNO guy as he will probably be richer than a Pakatan guy :)


  9. Dear Annie.
    If you have not known, there is a rookie in in the blogsphere. I like the way he writes. Please have a look.