Monday 4 November 2013

Malays mind shift in Sungai Limau

Pas retained its stronghold of Sungai Limau but lost more than half the majority it won in GE13 just six months ago.

Pas majority tonight is 1,084 compared to the 2,774 in May.

That's 1,690 votes less.

Bear in mind that Sungai Limau is the strongest Pas' fortress in Kedah. The late former MB Azizan Abdul Razak had been its assemblyman for 18 years. He had first won the seat in 1995.

The result in Sungai Limau also indicated a continuos slide of Pas grip in the area. Azizan had won more than 3,200 votes majority in 2008.

By comparison, BN won by a bigger majority of over 2,500 in Kuala Besut just three months ago.

Another interesting aspect of the outcome of the Sungai Limau by-election was the less than 30 per cent turn out of the about 1,800 Chinese voters.

Apparently the vitriol of Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng failed to persuade the Chinese community to go out in full force to support Pas.

It has however yet to be known which side got the votes of the Chinese who turned out to vote.

Considering that about 85 per cent voters turned out to vote, it is safe to conclude that there is indeed a shift in the attitude of many, especially those who used to vote for Pas.

Voters turn out in Sungai Limau in May was about 89 per cent.

Now it's for Kedah BN, in particular Umno to push harder to win over constituencies made up of Malay majority such as Sungai Limau in future elections

Malays made up about 93 per cent of the 2,7222 voters in Sungai Limau.


  1. Annie,

    I don't believe that the reduced PAS majority in Sg Limau was due to any shift in voter sentiment.

    You should factor in two other items:-

    1) The poll was held on a working day.

    2) Not all the Chinese turned up.

    I do agree that it is interesting only 30% of the Chinese turned up to vote.

    Maybe MCA did not do a good enough job, maybe the Chinese wanted to protect the promised millions to the Chinese schools, maybe the Chinese simply could not be bothered to get involved in what they saw to be a straight up fight between the Malays.

    Maybe you should take another holiday and drive up to Sg Limau to conduct a little survey on why the Chinese did not turn up :)

    Incidentally, I read an article about how your favourite MB worked extremely hard in Sg Limau.

    Apparently, he stayed overnight and even slept on the floor in one of the homes of the villagers. I have to admit that it is very commendable of him to try and connect with the common man. The only other politician whom I can think of who would do something like that is Nik Aziz.


    1. Gladiator.

      You should also consider that majority of the Malays in Kedah do not give a damn, who wins. UMNO and PAS are more friendly in Kedah. PAS is the incumbent anyway.
      BN's winning Sg.Limau would just make their politicians more 'besar kepala'. If BN had won, they will go around, thumping their chest, "The trust of the Rakyat has returned to BN".

    2. Despite the massive money and machinery thrown by UMNO in Sg Limau, the BN votes barely increased compared to GE13.
      As ABITW revealed in his blog that the two calon Bebas last time were planted by UMNO too, so the total votes gotten by UMNO plus the Bebas supporters this time was about the same as last GE13. Check out the current vs GE13 result!

      But the PAS scores less votes probably due to smaller outstation voters coming back this time compared to GE13. When the next GE14 comes, i suspect "pengundi2 perantauan" will come back in big numbers like in Kelantan, where the outstation Malay voters are big PAS vote-bank.

      Objectively, PAS victory is quite good in super-concentrated atmosphere of a by-elections like Sg Limau.
      Would you tell the UMNO high-command all is super and rosy with this result with all the resources and VIPs poured into the race. What's your RoI here? Haha

      ~ Kluang girl

    3. These Sg Limau Malays are ingrates.After giving so much goodies to them they still vote in PAS.
      Annie..why you no call them ingrates and racists for voting oppo?

      Or to you only chinese can be ingrates and racists for voting oppo and not Malays?

      Or are you the biggest racist of them all?

    4. Hey Gladiator, by sleeping on the floor for 'ONE NIGHT' is very commendable ? Never heard of making drama during election ? Even Maslan vow to sleep in Felda settlement every night away from his beautiful wife during the previous PRU.
      Mukriz has learned the drama tricks from Annie, so don't too be easy carried away by his showmanship.
      Orang besar sleep on the floor for one night commendable, orang miskin everyday sleep on the floor apa macam ?

    5. Annie roles as an UMNO blogger is to disparaging about the Chinese Community and to pit the Malays against the Chinese. Very soon, she will ended up as a silly angry old women.

    6. Anonymous5 November 2013 21:40,

      I don't recall Maslan vowing to spend any nights in FELDA settlements in PRU13. Did he actually do so or was he just NATOing? :)

      Honestly, I don't really know how many nights Mukhriz spent sleeping on floors in Sg Limau, but to me it is a commendable gesture by a person who didn't need to do it.

      I may be a pro-Oppo supporter but I am prepared to give credit where credit is due. Don't get me wrong, it is highly unlikely that I will ever vote for Mukhriz but I do find such behaviour surprising coming from a senior UMNO politician who has always lived in the lap of luxury.

      You have a good point there about the poor who are forced to sleep on floors every night. It remains to be seen whether people in power, like Mukhriz, are going to introduce genuine programs and policies which will alleviate the suffering of the poor.

      I am well aware that one night on a floor does not mean very much in the larger scheme of things. Thanks for pointing ti out.


    7. Kluang Girl,

      You are right. All the millions poured in Sg Limau yielded the same result as GE13 - a PAS win. And don't forget that only 30% of the Chinese voted, according to Annie.

      GE14 will probably be the same again with a PAS win.

      Walking away from Sg Limau is not an option for BN even though it was not critical for them to win it. There is the matter of prestige - can't lose face, lah :)

      RoI? Who cares about RoI? The RM15million or so which was rumoured to be spent is chicken feed for UMNO :)


    8. RD,

      BN did not have to win Sg Limau but it was Mukhriz's first by-election as MB.

      I am sure he would have liked to win it as there are always bragging rights which go along with a win.

      Perversely, losing Sg Limau may actually have had been good for Mukhriz. It may drive him to decide on his future in UMNO - stay on as MB of Kedah forever as suggested by a previous article from Annie OR use the by-election as a learning experience in campaigning for his next shot at an UMNO VP spot.


    9. Anonymous5 November 2013 21:48,

      You must be a DAP supporter and maybe an RBA. Which party is guilty of pitting the Chinese against the Malays? The same bastard Sial man who was responsible for May 13, 1969 is still alive and now his son is following in his footsteps. You should study in depth about your beloved DAP before accusing Annie for wrong doing. Annie and the rest of us reciprocate just to teach you ingrates a lesson.

    10. Gladiator.

      As I said, I feel gay that PAS had won. Kedahan Malays are quite united. Many of the PAS supporters in Kedah are against Anwarinas factions. That's why they don't allow Mat Sabu and Anwar to give ceramah in Sg.Limau. They had even suggested that PAS reconsider they participation in PR.
      Anyway lets wait for their Muktamar, end of this month.

  2. What a shallow mentality of an UMNO supporter to make such an analysis on malay voters mind shift and a reduced majority by halves. No wonder UMNO blogs such as yours do not earn the respect of many. Sorry to say this but I think you did not make it to any university's even IPTS.

    1. Anon 00:26

      If you think you're more knowledgeable, why don't you give your own analysis?
      So what do think on Sg. Limau's by-election result?

      Are you waiting for the PAS election in a few weeks, too?
      Will Anwarinas like Mat Sabu, still be Vice President?
      Will he retain that job in PBAPP?

      What will happen if PAS decide to quit PR?

      In Sabah, 2 assemblyman has become Independent in support of BN.
      (1 from DAP, latest from PKR).

      So how?
      Please say something.

    2. RD Mamak, don't be a shit stirer in annie's blog !
      Now answer to your questions you posted to anon 00:26,
      1. Despite UMNO giving massive sugar, cermin mata and fulus and even to the extend of a MB to sleep on the floor (drama sakit jiwa) to sg.limau voters, they (UMNO) only managed to reduce the majority votes won by PAS previously. In conclusion, despite so many sweet temptation chalked out by the evil UMNO, the end results are not so impressive, UMNO should have won.

      2. When is PAS election ? Next few weeks is when ? Got no idea whether Charles Bronson will be retained as VP or PBAPP or not.

      3. If PAS quit PR then PR will only consist of MATA and ROCKET. If this happen will Mamak RD losses his pants and underwear because of overjoyed ?

      4. Two PR assemblyman became independent in Sabah, nothing how. Life go on as usual lah. The two frogs are now very the wealthy already.

    3. It's a typical opposition mentality. Opposed but didnt offer any solutions. They know how to complaint, pointing out mistakes, bla bla bla... but did they offer better ways of doing thing? Nada, zilch. So RD, dont waste ur breath waiting for that anon to reply. dia cuma tahu baling batu sembunyi tangan.

    4. Anon 15:48, you and RD are a typical UMNO fan boys, despite UMNO stealing from the poor you two still give support to UMNO.
      Very soon, UMNO man come into your house and make love to your wife, mother, daughter or even sons you will just okay with it because they are from UMNO.

    5. Anon 21:53.

      At least we can bring down corrupted BN leaders, if they misbehave.

      But if DAP and PKR comes to power, democracy will die in Malaysia. There will be no way we can bring them down.

      PR has not yet got Federal Power, but they practice as follows:-
      Nepotism & Cronyism, Gag-orders to party members, Threatening to sue reporters/people, Barring the media from PC/Peoples Assembly, Manipulation in own Party Election (both DAP & RKR). Only one month holds power in Perak, already gave tailoring contract to wife. Corruption of Sri Kembangan ADUN which caused the death of Beng Hock, Ronnie Liu vice and underworld activities, Guan Eng RM8 Billion Sea Tunnel + RM25 Billion Gurney Drive.

      PR will steal more from the poor. They will practice worst corruption than BN, if they get to Putrajaya. The worst part is, the Rakyat cannot do anything about it.

      Don't forget, the Kaki Liwat guy will be PM. Mampus kita. He was a convict, proven in court to have misused his powers as DPM in 1998. He spend 6 years in Sg. Buloh prison for illegally instructing the Police to harass Ummi Hafilda.

  3. Good analysts , likely Umno will win like a marathon long march to Peking

  4. Chinese are traditionally very superstitious where DEATH is concerned. I can imagine not many dared to go out and vote, hence the reduced majority!

    Even if close family members die due to accident or murdered many chose not to bring home the body of their dearly deceased back home but send to funeral parlors instead to finalize the funeral rites and burial etc.

    Next GE14 just hope many of their elderly leaders die within few days before voting day. BN sure will win wan becos many Chinese will not come out to vote. Scared of the Hantus.

  5. All the mights of UMNO and its BN allies only able to reduce majority?

    1. I'm a Kedahan and I support PAS in this by-election.
      I think it's a goodwill gesture. Do you know that in Kedah the Malays are more united. That's why the Peliwat and Mat Sabu are not welcome in Ceramahs.

      Therefore, I'm very sure, if PAS had kicked out those parasites among them and get out of PR, before the by-election, they would have got a whopping majority.

    2. because MB Mukhriz is not a shinning star and he don't have the aura of being a leader. The folks in Sg.Limau don't give a hood about him despite he promised to bring change to the state.

    3. Anonymous5 November 2013 21:34,

      Contrary to your belief, Mukhriz is very much loved by Kedahans. But you Cinabeng bangsats are very much hated by Kedahans. And that's the fact!

    4. Anon 23:46

      Re. But you Cinabeng bangsats are very much hated by Kedahans. And that's the fact!

      Not just here in Malaysia, but all over the world in non-Chinese countries. Cuma dia orang yang masih tak sedar diri.

  6. Anon 05.11.2013 00:26
    What is your qualification? PhD?
    At least Annie try her best to give her view on this PKR. What about your own view on this issue? BIG NOTHING kecuali MENGHINA ORANG!
    'No wonder UMNO blogs such as yours do not earn the respect of many'
    The big joke is the 'clever' people like you keep on reading the 'blog that do not earn the respect of many'!
    Kamu golongan yang mengata dulung paku serpih, mengata orang kamu yang lebih tak berguna dan tak perlu dihormati!

    1. wei anon 07:31, yang pandai MENGHINA ORANG tu adalah Annie. Tak pernah kita orang berjumpa seorang wanita yang begitu dengki dengan sesebuah masyarakat, lebih-lebih lagi sebagai seorang muslim.

    2. Anonymous5 November 2013 21:31,

      Are you a Muslim? I don't think so. I think you are an Evangelist yang suka turun naik masjid and loves to say "InshaAllah" just like Ong Kian Meng and Hannah 'Banana' Yeoh. Kita orang Melayu dah faham sangat tipu muslihat awak!

  7. Cik Annie,

    Menang tetap menang. Kalah tetap kalah.

    Yang paling menggembirakan ialah BN kalah dibawah pimpinan MB yang Annie puja-pujakan.

    1. Yea. Saya suka PAS menang.
      PAS Boleh. PAS sudah menang dalam PRK pertama selepas PRU13.
      Kalau PAS singkirkan parasites dan keluar dari PR, lebih ramai akan sokong PAS. UMNO dah tak boleh diharap lagi. Mereka hanya mau kayakan diri sendiri saja.
      Harap PAS boleh keputusan yang bijak tak lama lagi dalam Pemilihan Party mereka.

      PAS Boleh. PAS Not for All. PAS for Muslim Only.

    2. RD, you ni memang muka bertalam dua, pandai berbohong, lidah bercabang dua, sekejap UMNO sekejap PAS, adakah ini sifat seekor ular. Kalau jumpa ular dan RD, kena ketul kepala mamak RD dulu.
      Annie, beware of this ular mamak RD

    3. Woi RD, bila pulak you jadi jurucakap PAS ? PAS Not for ALL ? UMNO is NOT for ALL, but only for the Corrupt.
      RD is not for all,only readily for 'Balak'.

    4. I think the top PAS leaders, especially the Ulamaks cannot understand English. Their top leaders should have read Annie's Comment Section to know the other side of DAP's racist supporter.

      Dulu saya memang sokong UMNO tapi lepas Pemilihan Party, saya dah tawar-hati. Sekarang saya sokong PAS, sikit saja. Tapi kalau PAS, pada Muktamar hujung bulan ini, dapat singkir Anwarinas dan keluar dari PR, saya akan beri sokongan 100%.

  8. Your math on the drop in majority is a bit suspect. A drop in majority count does not mean the same in numbers of votes shifting...

    1. siapa kata Annie tak pandai buat kura-kura..opps kira-kira, Annie ni yang tak berkelulusan UiTM , tapi bangga dan berani mengejek orang-orang Pemandu yg berkelayakkan PHD. Katanya dia lebih pandaaaaaaaai dari mereka !

    2. Anon 20:56

      Re. yg berkelayakkan PHD.

      Seperti ini ke?

      Dr Lim Mah hui is a Phd holder and currently head of Penang Think Tank. He is famously known as someone who claims that bumiputera contractors have no quality, the irony is, here is the result of Pulau Pinang under his advice and guidance:

      Penang’s Deficit Hits RM262 Million in 2013

  9. It goes to show that the so called "Charismatic" Mukhriz was a Dud After All!
    Well...He'll survive as long as his Father is around to Prop him Up. Like they say You can't live forever. When his father is gone then we will know how "Charismatic" he really is!

    1. Do you know that Mukhriz once suggested that PAS be given one of the EXCO portfolio, when he first become MB? Somehow the idea was objected, maybe by some greedy people.
      As a Kedahan, I have written to many of my hometown friends and contacts to boycott the by-election as a gesture of good faith. This would also send a clear message for the PM, to buck-up and discard those many advisers and con-sultant and stop those extravagant globe-throttling.
      How knows, Mukhriz might holds the same opinion.

      Come on, what father do not wants to see his sons succeed. Kit Siang has been doing it since his son is a boy. Now, both father and son are the highest bidder in DAP. At least Mukhriz's father has resigned for 10 years.

      You know why Malaysians, and in-fact the world, regards Tun Dr.M as an extraordinary Statesman?

      Soon after becoming PM, he had instructed the Navy's Paskal to be stationed on Layang-Layang. If not for him, today we would not have legitimate claims on some of the Spratly Islands.
      On 7 September 1981, 2 months after becoming Prime Minister, he initiated the Dawn Raid which resulted in Malaysia gaining control of Guthrie.
      Well, that's only 2 examples on what Dr.M has done for Malaysians.

      What has Kit Siang done for Malaysian, in his 60 years or so in politics that we can remember?
      Yes, he had caused the bloody riot of May 13, 1969. If that does not torn Malaysian apart, now he is coaching his son to distant us further. When he pass-on, he would have his son to looks after the bounty that he had acquired for his clans.
      Therefore, Kit Siang and his Son is a real threat to Malaysian Unity.

    2. Do you know that MB Mukhriz has to check in to a clinic to treat his back pain after sleeping overnight on the floor during the Sg.Limau kempen trails. Apasal Annie tak bagi dia urut, tangan annie lembut dan putih berseri sesuai utk buat kerja urut-mengurut.

    3. Mamak RD, don't lie. The persons that responsible for the May 13 is Razak and Haron.

    4. Anonymous5 November 2013 15:29,

      Don't talk nonsense. Your RBA got no modal?

    5. Anonymous5 November 2013 22:08,

      Your sugar daddy Lim kit sial yang mengapikan-apikan orang Cina to hate the Malays, was solely responsible for 13 May 1969 racial riot. If you Chinese are not careful, another racial riot will happen in the near future. When this happens, which race will be the loser? Your own kind lah, siapa lagi? Continue with sowing hatred, the Malays will run amok and you people will be annihilated. I don't mind actually, at least your race will be reduced tremendously. It's good for Malaysia!

    6. Kit Siang ran away when the riots broke-out. He was caught in Sabah. If he had stayed behind in K.L, we would have his son sowing more hatred, today.

  10. Answer is easy. China are not bothered to be involved in Malay fight.

    1. anon 08:56, you are overly right, 'China' is not bothered. China is only bothered with the United State of America.

    2. The Chinese in China are not bothered with the Malaysian Chinese.They don't give 2 hoots if the Malays want to cull the Chinese population in Malaysia.

  11. I 'm gay as the result is good for Kedahan's unity. Now lets see what's going to happen in a couple of weeks at the PAS Party Election. Hadi is still President. His son is also getting into the arena. Looks like PR is going to the extreme with nepotism. Nik Aziz will not be staying around very long.

    Anyway, lets hope they kick out those Anwarinas parasites, at their Party Election. I'm sure they will receive more support from the Malays. If they more support, they must get the hell out of PR, when the time is right.

    1. Rd, you write very well for someone who has his head deep up umno's fat arse. Very commendable given that youve just lost despite throwing everything including your neighbours kitchen sink. Now go away, reflect and try if you can to connect your useless brain to your equally useless mouth before you go on another rant.

    2. RD, we all knows that you are a Mamak that loves to spews lies about other community in Annie's blog, but didn't know that you are GAY !!
      Thanks for coming out.


    3. RD. its to late. Macam cancer dah merebak. tak dapat diselamatkan. The like of anwarinas or erdogan have conquer the party and become an attraction for malay profesional because they feel PAS is "liberal" a bit. I think Tuan Syed is right. Pas is becoming like UMNO and UNMO become like pas.

    4. Quote of the Year 2013 : I'm Gay as the result is good for Kedahan unity. By, the one and only Gay Mamak RD.

      I Love Gay

    5. Anon 20:59.

      You must be very stupid, making a fool of yourself in Annie's comment section.
      Gay, in English could also mean joyful, happy, or in Malay, ceria.


    6. sudah RD, semua orang dah tahu RD ni seorang gay mamak. Usah bingung, ramai kawan kat sini pon gay (ceria) juga.

    7. RD, only an extremely stupid and real dumb person like you will use a Gay word to describe joyful, or in Malay, ceria.
      For instance, I'm happy today, RD pulak : I'm Gay today, so mana yg elok ? Real dumb ! kah..kah..kah....

      Real Dumb (RD)

    8. RD,

      Dia orang ni mana ada otak? Orang keturunan Cina memang bodoh sombong. Dia tak tahu the word 'gay' has so many meanings and does not only denote to being 'homosexual'.

    9. Sorry.

      Sepatutnya, "I feel gay, today".
      Boleh juga cakap, "I'm merry today".
      Seperti dalam ucapan, 'Merry Christmas'.

      Tapi, jangan pula beri ucapan, "Gay Christmas".
      Nanti orang marah.

      Rada Anwar Ibrahim, boleh cakap 'Gay'.
      Cuba tanya Raja Liwat Negara macam BFM tanya: "Are you gay?"
      Dia mesti melompat. Anak dia mengamok kalau sebut 'Liwat' dalam Parliament.
      Dua kali kes Sodomy terlepas kerana 'technical'.
      Tapi telah didapati bersalah jenayah, Salah-guna kuasa sebagai TPM, beri arahan kepada Polis untuk tangkap dan gertak Ummi Hafilda. Beliau di jatuhi 9 tahun penjara.

      So, bekas banduan boleh jadi PM ke?

  12. Ujian Allah SWT, annie. Semoga UMNO ( dapsters refer to Malays). Ujian untuk bermuhasabah diri.

    Just imagine, when the malays' critical point emerges, what will pas and pkr do ? I dont worry at all....

    Sekarang masa populis pembangkang.

  13. PAS remains independent of UMNO and showed that it still has solid support, even when facing an unprecedented assault. This was no ordinary by election, for logically the voters had nothing to gain from sending a PAS rep to the State Assembly and BN had promised the earth, the sky and the moon in order to wrest the seat away from PAS.

    But BN still lost.

    The story of a reduced majority has absolutely no meaning. BN tried hard, brought in the big guns, gave rice, sugar, oil and money away as if Malaysia is now a third world nation whose people are in need of basic necessities, yet despite all of this - BN lost.

    This defeat is going to be difficult to swallow on behalf of those involved. The biggest headache will befall Dr Mahathir and Dato' Mukhriz. This will be interpreted as a rejection of Dato Mukhriz leadership in the state and will cause the recently concluded results of the UMNO Vice Presidential race to be re-evaluated. He lost then, and he lost now. Whereas Dr Mahathir had accused the victors of practising money politics, he is now absolutely without any defence because money politics was practised in the by-election, and yet his son lost.

    It can only mean one thing, which was said by Lim Kit Siang in the leadup to this election. A loss here means the end of Mahathirsm. Dr Mahathir has lost on all accounts. He has lost in UMNO and he has lost with the people. He has lost when he held the advantage and he has lost to much weaker opponents.

    He should gracefully take a bow, and retire. Defeat will be a bitter pill to swallow but it is much more undignified to hang around when the music has stopped.

  14. "less than 30 per cent turn out of the about 1,800 Chinese voters." "yet to be known which side got the votes of the Chinese who turned out to vote."

    A slap on Muhyidin's face? When will the leaders of UMNO ever learn that money to Chinese schools will not win them any votes? It will only make them lose the Malay votes! PM and DPM 2x5 saje. Both don't listen to their Malay voters!

  15. Why is it that the malays can choose whoever they want to vote for...and you call it a shift of minds but the other races cannot and if they do so you will call them ungrateful...Honestly both the state and federal government poured so much of funds/promises which were accepted but the people still did not give them their vote...why are you not calling them ungrateful or all those other things your fella bloggers were saying....

    secondly, the loudest person after the defeat was shahrizat while apart from the MB, Khairy was also campaigning...if i remembered correctly you guys hated both of them but yet did not think twice of accepting their services but not acknowledging it...really you gotta take a good look at yourself in the mirror first....

    1. why ? because the chinese are small in number and Annie as a Malay and Muslim got her advantage of bullying other community. Just imagaine Annie (as chinese) disparaging or mocking the Malay comunity and see what will happen ? Most likely she will be taken to penjara like Alvivi.

  16. Mukhriz = Failure

    1. Lim Guan Eng = penipu, angkuh, bodoh sombong (kiraan CEC tak betul salahkan Excel), korup, rasis (benci Melayu dan Islam) penyamun (cuba menyamun kalimah Allah daripada orang Islam), hodoh, pelir kontot, dan PENDATANG!!!!

    2. Re: Lim Guan Eng = bodoh

      Penang’s Deficit Hits RM262 Million in 2013

  17. 1000+ chinese did not turn up to vote. Many registered voters residing outside the area did not turn up too. Go know how many BN party workers were long term temporary residence of Sungai Limau for weeks prior to to polling day. Tons of cash dished out too.

    Najib and Mukhriz must be not very happy.

    1. because the chinese are afraid of UMNO and Annie, if they vote PAS, MB Mukhriz will punish them, Annie will maki hamun them everyday, and perkasa will come threatening them, so how lah ??

    2. For the Chinese who voted Pakatan in GE13, this time BN really seemed sincere in its intent to carry out actions and promises in their interests.

      But doing a complete U turn and vote BN was still be difficult for them. So they did the next best thing - which was to abstain.. Let them feel the sincerity more, and they'll vote BN next time.

      BN now could see that Chinese minds could be changed when issues are presented rationally and with sincerity to them.

      And though I feel Annie is basically ok, she is sometimes unnecessarily combative - which has the effect of driving the Chinese to take Pakatan's side.

      She should know the Chinese spirit - as reflected in the song 'Plum Flower'.

    3. Re. 1000+ chinese did not turn up to vote

      Jaga MUKA lah. Kalau tidak nampak sangat MATA DUITAN dan PELAHAP, which is always in their DNA and evidenced during PM Hariraya OPen House with the Tupperware.

      Poodah Chit!

    4. Becoz they're not local residents.DApigs just help to register them as voters in Sg Limau.(Remember the 40,000 bangla.Dapigs malu buat penipuan.)

  18. expect the chinese turnout in the next election to be a lot less. They will sit it out. Enough of being used by Malays.

    1. Re. They will sit it out. Enough of being used by Malays.

      Why don't you all take a hike and migrate?

    2. Why don't you. Cina are going nowhere; so if you don't like it you should migrate.

  19. Chinese do want to expose their tendency as in PRU13 (Chinese Tsunamy) bad for bussiness esp in Kedah, Malay are the main customers

  20. Annie, UMNO dah kalah kat Sg.Limau, bila annie nak lancarkan serangan pada orang-orang cina ? Annie memang seorang pompuan yg begitu kuat marah dan mempunyai tenaga dengki yg begitu mantap. Marilah kita orang bersama-sama annie buat serangan terbuka kepada orang-orang cina yg ingrate yg tak undi UMNO di Sg.Limau.

    1. Hei Nyonya/Amoi,

      BM awak tonggang langgang, ada hati nak berhujah dengan Annie. Pergi belajar BM dahulu lah!

    2. Anon 22:37

      Kau ni mesti duduk dan berkerja di Singapork, sebab bahasa Melayu kau ala-ala jamban gitu, sebab banyak minum Newater.