Wednesday 27 November 2013

Please check the UEM and Ascendas project in Nusajaya

Since I have been going around the past two days writing about the Johor's Ramsar sites being slotted to be bulldozed for "development", let me tell you all a bit about an industrial park to be built at Gerbang Nusajaya, which is not far from  those protected areas.

The industrial area is a joint venture between UEM Land Bhd and Singapore's Ascendas Group.

Total cost of the project on a land area of 207.6ha is about RM3.7 billion. It's dubbed as an "integrated technology park".

Ascendas have a controlling 60 per cent stake in the project while UEM, which provides the land have the remainder of the shares.

Now, this industrial area is just next door to the Ramsar sites I mentioned in my previous two postings,
PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor
Will Johor government protect Ramsar sites?

It is also to be located not far from all those posh places built in Nusajaya, including Legoland, EduCity, Medini, Puteri Harbour etc.

This industrial area was described by the developers as being very environmentally friendly that you can probably live next door to its factories and be fine about it.  

The thing is, being a Johorean, I never really trust the Singaporeans when they say they are coming in and be environmentally friendly about it. There are too many dirty Singaporean factories in Johor which employ totally foreign labour.

Upon checking, I was told by reliable people that the whole project had failed to gain favorable review as it was not going to be in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The main reason being it's too near the Ramsar sites.

The Ramsar site of Sungai Pulai is in dark green while the industrial area is in the circled puple colored area.

I would like suggest for the Department of Environment to stand up and do something to prevent the so-called environmentally friendly industrial area from being turned into another place in Johor where Singapore industrialists dumped their polluting assets which can't pass the strict environmental laws in their country.

Not only these polluting factories could potentially cause environmental nightmare in the Ramsar site, Nusajaya and its surrounding area, they are also labour intensive which needs thousands of foreign workers to be brought in and consequently caused Johor to incur serious social costs.

Well, I'm hoping I'm wrong, but the authorities need to check on this matter.

I think bosses of the enforcement agencies in KL should go on the ground and check on whether their people are doing their job or were they actually in cahoot with the crooks.

How I wish PM DS Najib Razak could go down to JB and thoroughly check and prevent his subordinates down there from being turned into budak-budak suruhan (servants) by the crooks as they rape and plunder Johor.


  1. RE: "The thing is, being a Johorean, I never really trust the Singaporeans when they say they are coming in to be environmentally friendly about it. There are too many dirty Singaporean factories in Johor which employ totally foreign labour."

    You may find this relevant ....

  2. Annie - keep on writing this sort of exposure that is happening in Johor. I hate it when companies kill the environment. More so when it is done by foreign companies!

    The Minister of Environment must go to Johor. Jangan makan gaji buta aje. People in Johor must also picket like Lynas. Ramsar site must be protected at all costs!

    1. I agreed with Anon 10:21.

      Never trust this "so-called environmentally friendly industrial area". It's all bullshit. Remember that factory which leak it's toxic chemical in Selangor's river? They might then declare it as 'accidental'.
      What happen if there is an industrial disaster?
      Where do the toxic chemical and oil flows too?

      People in Johor must go to the streets to protest like Lynas and Bersih. People living in the vicinity must also protest. If not, your neighborhood will be swarmed by legal or illegal immigrants too.

    2. woi mamak RD, lu sudah join geng Pakatan kah ? apa tu street protest ? ni bukan budaya UMNO tahu ?
      Kalau Annie jumpa ular dan mamak RD di tepi jalan, kasi ketuk kepala Mamak RD dulu.

    3. Haramjadah punya manusia.
      Aku buka Mamak la, barua.

      Apa lu ingat Pakatan saja yang pandai buat street protest?
      Banggang punya manusia.
      Mamak sudam main sama lu pun mak ka?

  3. You have said it loud and clear, "I never really trust the Singaporeans" and so do I.

    History has been counseling us. We have been given the diligence that the main cause of continuous conflicts have been matters related to land disputes. Be that being centered for merely ownership, territorial expansion and claimed for constitutional boundaries, land dispute has been the antecedent agent to world conflicts and wars as being rendered by historians.

    In this new era, land and territorial disputes have never been a step to purposing for annexation. Where there be disputes, the judicial takes precedence. 

    But now the state of annexation has been translated into a form of incorporation. It needs neither armament to gain territories nor a drop of blood needed. The incorporation is so subtly compromised by  artful delivery of corporate maneuvering. I therm it as the ' incorporation of daylight robbery' to gain territory by new-economic colonization in the name of overcharged economic progress to the recipient country.    

    Singapore is summarized as an administrative State of financial "Fascism". Ninety percent of its corporations are State owned. It is the nature being a tiny financial nation with limited land space of sq. meters; the population of 5 millions and indentured growth to 6.9 populous, fatly rich, politically stable, 'disciplined citizens', Singapore in itself defines it. She is hungry for economic territories. Additional horizontal growth for Singapore is inevitable.

    An economically sound, a tiny spaced Singapore is hunger for more dry land to accommodate her growing economy and population. It be damned for Singapore to be seen with her land-grabber policy. Nevertheless, she has been setting up a self-made new-economic colonialism away from our naked eyes. In the name of economic interdependency it is legally justified in mandated territory but morally cursed by the recipient masses. Seemingly, the authority for the economic control she held summons for over the land with tract of permanence. The dozer hinterland, Johore's awry provides mouthful for the coveters who are craving for economic power to endure. 

    Singapore is in the gravy train to Johore. An economic backwash to Johore yet undesirable condition to prevail. Like many say money is the root of all evil. In this case, I reckon money talks. Johore is bashful and silent because of its dumb-mute policies hunger for money in a form of investment. I hope the new Menteri Besar would make a different.

    The situation brings about the good and evil of investment thus needs for realization. “There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.”  (J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.) 

    Likely the Ramsar sites will be bulldozed in time to come if the policies makers are unable to understand the meaning of the preserved sites ecosystem in relation to economic development which sort to 'end justifies the means.'

    I hope there are no big words referring to my comment. It just need a touch of consciousness.

  4. singaporean investing in Malaysia have no respect on 1. human right 2.environmental rights

    That are the main reason they invest in Malaysia in the first place.


  5. Minister of Environment the MIC need to waste your time there , even if u spelt E N V I R O N M E N T to him he will turn around and ask you what is that.

  6. Kalau Annie ada bukti bahwa projek kelentong geng Khaled ni ada unsul rasuah dan jenayah pergilah buat laporan kepada MACC ataupun Polis.
    Jangan nak syiok sendiri dengan cerita dongeng utk santapan peminat2 annie saje.

  7. Hi Annie, let us all examine the development of Iskandar by other developers. Examine Lim Kang Ho's companies. After taking over Tebrau Teguh with doubtful share swapping, he is now destroying the mangrove swamp of the Kg Sungai Melayu, Kampung Skudai Kiri. This is the legacy left by the current Chairman of Sime Darby.

    Johoreans have been fooled by those in power. Expect transformation of Johore to hinese culture and population imbalance. Nusajaya was land acquired from the Malays. Now the Malays have become thrid class citizens and residing in the poor fringes. You can only see them at Mydin hypermarket. Otherwise we face Chinese owning most of the properties in Nusajaya.

    1. so who allowed the land to be acquired from the Malays in the first place? its the corrupted malays too, surpriesed? politicians from the state govt as well very high power people are in this game to rape and pillage johor.

      please... poverty does not discriminate, there are poor Chinese and Indians as well as Malays too.

  8. Annie,

    If the Sultan of Johor does not intervene, the matter is closed and the project will go ahead.

    Looking at the map you provided above, I suspect it is too late for lodge any appeal to anybody, probably too late by several years given the amount of development which have already been completed.

    You might want to consider a new strategy - demand better management of existing wetlands, demand higher environmental standards for industry, get larger areas in Johor protected, etc.

    Malaysia has a very poor environmental record and maybe it is time to have a third political force based solely on green principles.

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it will be extremely dangerous to be involved with such a green political party in Malaysia because it will mean taking on very very powerful people with vested interests.


    1. Sultan to intervene? come on you really have to do abit more digging... some questions for you?
      why did the sultan push for properties for condos to be exempt from the RM2m threshold?
      Is there a coincidence that mainland chinese workers are building that big," i dont know what to call it" crown, doorway arch along danga bay at the entrance of the sultan's palace entrance? was it a gift by the mainland chinese developers?
      Why did the sultan keep harping on the sovereignty of Johor must not be tresspassed and keep talking about why land should not be sold to foreigners... when it was him who sold the stulang laut land to the Mainland chinese developers at record prices!. R & F Guangzhou
      and can someone enlighten me why is the sultan able to sell the land, when the land used to be the old lorry customs? should it belong to the state? and if it belong to the state, why was ownership passed to the sultan to sell? and when? too many questions.... Our dear sultan is now in a power grab with the federal govt... the only ones to suffer is the rakyat.
      oh ya.... the sultan has deals not only with the mainland chinese, but also with the singaporean billionaire Peter Lim too... land is also at stuland laut, opposite "his" KFC....
      Just google it, its all available on the internet.

  9. Annie mangkuk ayun,

    PTP and Tanjung Bin Power Plant were once part of RAMSAR. How come you are not making noice about it? So why so kepoh about UEM/ANCENDAS JV in SILC. Please look carefully that map. SILC is not even in RAMSAR. Buta ka?

    1. Anon 28/11 06.52

      The public has entrusted the care of mangrove swamps to the authorities and the men in power. However, just because Annie has just realised that a location is being eliminated of its wetland/mangrove swamp, you need be rude to state "buta ke" to Annie.

      Are you from the UEM group? If you are man enough, you should be indicating where the areas destroyed or to be destroyed to us for our awareness. Let us work together to stop the greed.

    2. Anon 15.17

      I guess you are also as BUTA as Annie Mangkuk. Please look carefully at the map. The area that will be jointly developed by UEM and ANCENDAS is shaded in PURPLE (known as Southern Logistics Industy Cluster/SILC) while the RAMSAR area is shaded in GREEN. So what the FXXX is annie bitching about? She cannot read her own MAP? Obviously the latest huha by Annie about UEM will destroy Ramsar is totally untrue. Also, please tell me before PTP and Tanjung Bin Powerplant were developed some 10 or 15 years ago, that empty lands are not part of RAMSAR? Kalau nak meroyan pun biar la pakai fakta yang betul. Otherwise, you are just telling others that you are nothing but a MORON, just like Annie.

    3. Anon 15.17
      Read carefully what I wrote. At which point did I say the project was within Ramsar? What I wrote was that it's near the Ramsar site of Sungai Pulai and that's why it doesn't pass the standard of its EIA . As for PTP, please check with Tun M who had wanted it, and for Tanjung Bin, go ask Pak Lah and KJ why they bulldoze the project through despite Ghani who had wanted to scrap it after info of it being too close to Ramsar site was leaked up by someone working at Danga Bay.

  10. Don't mind them incompetent buffoons that the Feds sent down just to tighten the screw on their Political supremacy in Bolehland. Take care of your health.

  11. Hey lady, if you are anywhere near damansara Kim, cal up and get an appointment with our reliable and friendly cardio (could say Allah put him onto my son and save him) other than of course our (familiy's) bad eating habits! Its mandatory trust us, two cardio patients. I came in last Deepavali, 8 years after my son open-heart surgery by our renown Johorean surgeon TS Dr Yahaya.
    I do not envy Najib but I believe most PMs get tips from his predecessor or follow how they do their jobs! I remember a certain long-serving PM saying `Why do I need to appoint a Minister for the job if I have to do it myself. He should know how to do his job!' So that is how things are done, unlike in court matters, the lower court (junior) judges will have their judgements repealed or affirmed by higher (senior) court judges.
    Don't attach to much `sayang and concern' to the mundane life daily grind. I have long given up on many Johore identity, except its food galore.
    It has a long way to go to beat Singapore but I pity the common masses. I remember one day when I went to the then Central Market (before it moved to Larkin). I must be so sinkek looking back in late 80s. I stopped by a stall and the seller took one look at me and pointed to his pile of `ikan kembong'. He believed that was all I could afford. Then there was the episode when I wanted a house with built-in wall phone socket. The agent told me that was only reserved for royalty and VVIP. I sure as Heaven cannot stomach having to move to the side should I pass TMJ (now Tuanku Sultan Yem).
    I moved back to KL.I could not recognised the city where I was born but I like Singapura better.
    You take it easy, Wassalam
    . ,

  12. Annie,

    Kindly check with the developer UEM Sunrise Berhad or Ascendas before you speculate, you gave wrong statement above on the location and EIA thing. Your 'reliable people' has given you false report!


    Hasreen Jaafar

  13. Dear Annie:

    I've checked out the same map you posted, and the scale is 1.5 cm = 2 km.
    And according to buffer zone description from here:

    500m buffer zone is required, as a result, the PURPLE colour industry zone is roughly about 1 cm from the GREEN colour zone, so theoritically they are allowed to build there, but practically how it works I have no idea. Anyone can explain furthermore?


    Keh Poh Guy