Monday 25 November 2013

PM Najib, please save the Ramsar sites in Johor

I'm actually not well and not in the mood to write these past few days.

But I just found out something which is really not right brewing in Johor, my beloved home state.

That's why I'm forcing myself to write this in the hope that someone could forward it to PM DS Najib Razak, so that he could do something about it.

To tell you all the truth, I had actually given up on Johor when the new MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin, through his political secretary ordered just weeks after becoming menteri besar to get rid from Kota Iskandar people who used to work for his predecessor Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

Well, when Umno people started being so cruel to fellow Umno people, then that's a clear sign that they are doomed. That's what happened in places such as Selangor, and at one time in Kedah and Terengganu.

Then, I also started hearing all sorts of nonsense from Johor.

KPRJ now has a Big Boss. Guess, how much is his salary? I'm not going to tell. You check for yourself. Otherwise you would think that I'm jealous and trying to smear his name. Bear in mind that this is KPRJ, which was set-up to take care of development in rural Johor. Now it is acting as if it's some big corporation, paying humongous salaries to those who were politically connected.

A few weeks ago, senior pro-Umno Johorean blogger A Voice in his posting A stone throw could hit a Datok wrote the following

In our posting on the stripping of Datokship here, blogger Life of Annie left a note to remind that there is always two side to a story.

Although the posting was just us rambling our thought and not definitive like journalist reports, we appreciate the reminder.

It would have been great had she shared what she knew. If we had made up our mind, at least for the benefit of readers. Other sources did came to tell us more stories on the stripping of Datokship.

It is not that I do not want to reveal everything that I know, but what is the point of me doing so? Honestly, it's one fight that I definitely cannot win as I will be up against very powerful men. Even A Voice actually knows about this.

I was told that the person involved in the Johor's sekolah agama (religious schools) project as pointed in the earlier posting by A Voice doesn't want to be defended.

So, I'm letting it goes as that.

But for those who are still curious about the sekolah agama Johor project, please check with people at Kuwait Finance who were involved in managing the loan for the project or those from Jabatan Agama Islam Johor if you are really interested to know the truth about it. I don't want to be the one who reveal it here as I don't want to be accused of these and that. This involve sekolah agama after all.

As for the latest on the project, my sources in Johor told me that the brave people at the Economic Planning Unit and Jabatan Agama Islam Johor had defended it and the project will proceed under the original developer appointed by the former administration with 90 schools already under construction.

The remainder of about  30 schools will be built by contractors appointed by the new gang in control of Kota Iskandar. Let's see who will get the contract, how it's going to be financed and most importantly whether it will be di Ali Baba kan.

Now, as for the latest nonsense in Johor which really worries me, some clever people have the bright idea that they should develop the area now covered with mangrove forest designated as Ramsar site at the edge of Iskandar Malaysia.

To know about Ramsar sites, please go to the

Ramsar Sites Information Service

The whole thing is yet to be set in motion but I know that many decent people at Kota Iskandar were having a head ache on how to stop it from happening.

If even the Ramsar site could be bulldozed for profit, just imagine what will happen next. They will claim that it's for development, but the truth is, the whole thing was just for these people to enrich themselves. These are the orang-orang yang khufur nikmat.

Yes, I know they haven't even started yet, but what's the point on us making noise after the whole thing already started and the damage already done.

For me, only PM DS Najib Razak can put a stop to all these nonsense in Johor. He need to do something about it. Otherwise BN can say goodbye to Johor, the third richest state in Malaysia, after the Pakatan-ruled Selangor and Penang.

p.s To Khaled's boys, please be a bit more discreet when you all ask for direct nego contracts from the authorities. People are angry and talking.


  1. May you be well soon my dear.

  2. The begining of the end for UMNO Johor if they dont stop this madness . Johor can join PR club in Selangor and PP!

  3. Annie,
    kesian kat u selalu x sihat.
    dh pergi chek doktor ke?
    buat full med c/up la.
    eniwei, u take care.

    - Hantu Siber -

  4. Think of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Don't mess with nature.

  5. "Say goodbye to Johor" - no way that will ever happen. If an UMNO candidate is put forward they will win in Johor. Just look at the last GE - 30 plus UMNO wins (mainly huge majorities) against a couple of PAS wins - that's a landslide. Even for the parliamentary seats its about 15 to 2. Johor folks don't like PAS, DAP has hit its maximum already and PKR is a painful joke which can only get worse as DSAI ages further and loses what grip he has left on his party - just see what happened in East Malaysia for a foresight of what is to come. UMNO will rule Johor for my lifetime, without a doubt.

    1. FYI, Johoreans are collectively not stupid. Take them for granted and they will punish you. Jangan kerana Johor itu tiang seri Umno, kamu ingat boleh buat sesuka hati menjarah hak rakyat. The same thing happened in Selangor, and now it's gone the other way. That's what will happened when those who are in power lost their head and think they can do whatever they want.

    2. Stupid or not, it doesn't matter - there are no viable choices in the opposition. There are too many rock solid UMNO strongholds in Johor for anything but the loss of a few token seats. If UMNO wishes to strengthen its hold it can do so easily by cutting back on a few MCA seats until they regain some strength. Mountain from molehill.

  6. Same thing happened when ghani took over the helm from muhyiddin last time. How he created KPRJ to enrich certain people and sideline certain state co created by muhyiddin. Who ever in power will definitely put their ppl there.

    1. I'm talking about low ranking people who were not part of the decision making process. Pembantu pegawai pun nak ganti orang Pasir Gudang juga ke? Dah kebular sangat ke? Pergi tanya orang Sime Darby, berapa ramai Ghani dah bawak masuk orang dia.

  7. Ghani do it, is ok , but when Khaled do it, is not okay !
    apa macam ni, Annie ?

    1. Ghani buat apa? Cuba cerita detail sikit. I suggest you deny this thing about the Ramsar site being eyed for "development" on behalf of Khaled, rather than talking about Ghani. Let's see later how it turns up.

  8. Preserve Planet Earth, Save our beloved Malaysia, Ecology for our Progeny,
    Mercy, Mercy Me:

    ((God has already developed our lands, let's not over-refine His work))

    1. We should live sustainably in synchrony with nature for healthier and more fulfilling lives. Money doesn't buy happiness does it? Money just helps out here and there, a balanced life lived with wisdom.

  9. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has a stark choice of either increasing government revenue via the goods and services tax (GST) or burdening the country by borrowing more money.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the implementation of GST was necessary as the country risked becoming bankrupt like Greece if it resorted to borrowing.

    “We have to find additional sources of income and that’s why we have to implement the GST,” he said at a seminar on Strengthening the National Economy.

    Losing a few turtle or some bakau trees is nothing compared to losing the country to IMF and the banks. Moreover, someone got to fund mama's shopping spree.

  10. A lot of thing are happening in Johore ,making the ordinary rakyat feel sick and disgusted on seeing and hearing about it.
    Do check on Iskandar Malaysia , 'Annie' , word,s been going around that the Chief Executive demand to be treated like a 'king' ,this will never led us to nowhere .

  11. Annie,

    Thanks for bringing this to the attention of other Malaysians.

    I think that you should be appealing to the Sultan of Johor and not Najib Razak.

    I suspect that there is very little Najib can do beyond "bribing" the Sultan of Johor to not bulldoze and fill in those wetlands.

    It is one of those times where Malaysians should put aside their politics to try and save our fast dwindling natural assets.