Friday 8 November 2013

Old not always be gold

I'm at a place where when I wake up in the morning, I can hear the birds chirping outside the window.

Yes, I'm not in KL again.

Need to settle a few things here.

Been out of contact with people in KL.

I forgot to bring my phone charger, so, my phone is mostly off.

Didn't  bring my laptop charger too.

I'm getting very forgetful these days.

I'm writing this using a little boy's  netbook which I borrowed for a while from him.

Actually this posting is just to tell those who had tried to contact me, but failed to do so, that I'm alright. The chest pain is getting a bit worse but other than that, I'm okay.

By the way, does anyone know what's happening to Karpal Singh? I'm off the loop the past few days and has not been keeping up with the news.

Heard something about him going crazy. I checked and the top three news about Karpal in google as I'm writing this are kinda crazy....

Law professor says Karpal confused when calling to deregister religion-based parties

Karpal Singh urges King not to agree to PCA

Karpal wants full-bench, non-Muslim judges to hear 'Allah' appeal

Reading through his words, I guess not all that are old are gold. I think Karpal really just shoot off his mouth without thinking these days.

My conclusions from those three stories on Karpal:
1. Karpal is once again itchy to pick up a fight with DAP's crucial ally Pas.
2. Karpal doesn't seems to understand that the King is a King while the Singh is just a Singh.
3. Karpal is suggesting that the Bench is racially and religiously bias.

I think you better take your father home and make him rest, okay. He is after all 73 and wheel-chair bound. 
I know, you also believe that Singh is king and all that, but it's really not nice la of you letting your father going around ranting about like that. People may think that he had gone senile and you are just letting him be without bothering to care for him, okay.


  1. 'King is a King while the Singh is just a Singh'...... Lol....annie u'r a classic.

    1. Here she goes she goes agaaaaaaaain, bitching, drama-ing, and mocking. Birds outside my windows, gosh !!
      Lion King, King Kong, King Crab, King size, King coil.....
      Intermission, my fooooooooooooooooooooooooot !!

      Jessie King

    2. yeah…that's a gem, Annie! ;0

  2. Annie, you should take seriously the chest pains you are experiencing. Go see a specialist. It can be anything but you have to make sure it isn't something life-threatening.

    Look after yourself and ignore the Singh who only wants to show he is still relevant to DAP. He is just a figurehead and his rants are usually ignored by the DAP leadership and its members. He is just a blinkered old horse!

    1. you are right about that Karpal Singh is just a figure head to pretend that DAP is a multi racial party in reality its not

  3. And also mamak will always be mamak.

    1. Anon 12:04.
      I thought DAP is about Malysian Malaysia. Color blind. We are Malaysian.

      What have the Mamak done to you or your family, anyway?.
      Did your mum ran away with one?

  4. hahaha annie..nice quote...king is a king..singh is a singh..but he acted can make him to be the singh to pariahhh....kakakaka

  5. Dear Annie.

    I think you are wrong about no. 1.
    Karpal is not itchy to pick a fight with PAS. It’s UMNO and other race based party that he wants defunct. In-fact PAS is so insignificant to him, that he's oblivious to its existence. He even forgot his ally PAS, is also an ethnic and religious based party. His triumph over the annulment of that 'Muslim Lawyers Association' something, makes him arrogant and obnoxious. He argues that they already have the BAR Council, therefore no need for another association which is based on faith? He hates Muslims too. He has zilch respect for those religious people in PAS and he does not give a damn about religion either, even his own. That's why, as a Sikh, he does not puts-on a turban; instead Haji Hadi & Nik Aziz did.

    Nik Aziz once brought him a cake to celebrate Karpal’s birthday. I don’t think he will be doing it again, next year.

    I hope PAS people now realized that they have been taken for a ride by those secular people in PR. Therefore, the delegates in PAS’ Muktamar, to be held in a couple of weeks, should make a stand. Discard those Anwarinas among them and get the hell out of PR, when the time is right, of-course. Stand alone and wait for PRU 14. There are more disgruntled UMNO supporters out there, contemplating on which is the more reliable and sincere Muslim Party to choose.

  6. The scumbag women is back !! Target of the day is 'Tiger of Jelutong'.

    1. What tiger if cannot stand on fours?

    2. Not only the scumbag annie is back, the other scumbag mamak RD is also back !! Mereka berdua ni macam pinang dibelah dua, di mana ada annie di situlah mamak RD.

      Anak Mami

    3. Anon dah ketinggalan zaman. 'Tiger of Jelutong' dah jadi 'Clown of Jelutong' pun tak tahu ke?

    4. Karpal Singh dah nyanyuk macam Nik Aziz.

    5. Saya bukan Mamak, ok.

      Saya orang Melayu totok.
      Bapa saya berasal dari Betong, Yala, Selatan Thailand.
      Emak berasal dari Kelian Intan, Grik, Perak.

      Nama sebenar saya ialah Rosli b Dahlan. (RD). Berasal dari Kg. Kuala Balut, Kuala Pegang, Baling, Kedah.

      Saya adalah pelanggan tetap Reader Digest, sejak 1990.

      Dulu saya sokong BN. Sekarang sudah tawar-hati kerana UMNO dipenuhi pemimpin Mata-Duitan, Gila-Glamour dan yang terpalit dengan gejala rasuah atau scandal.

      Saya akan sokong PAS kalau Perwakilan pada Muktamar nanti dapat menyingkirkan parasites Al-Juburi dan keluar dari PR, bila tiba masa yang sesuai.

    6. RD mamak, jangan buat cerita bohong ok, you ni memang kaki tipu kuat. Rosli Dahlan tu neighbor saya tahu !! kah..kah..kah...

    7. You lagi kaki kuat tipu.
      Apasal you sangat benci sama Mamak?
      Berapa kali saya mau cakap, saya bukan Mamak.
      Di Kg. Kuala Balut, Kuala Pegang Baling Kedah, mana ada Mamak.

  7. two thumbs up, nice one annie....

  8. Annie you are such an extremely rude person, mocking Karpal's ages, his handicaps and calling him senile. Can't you write decently instead of making derogative remark on him ? If this the best you can make with your argument ?

    1. Decently? Are you not the people making fun of Dr Mahathir age,race,etc so how come when the shoes on the other foot you become upset I am not Malay but you DAP people need a kick up the butt you started the whole mocking someone now all of a sudden its not allowed when its your guys?
      Get your own house in order before you ask others

    2. Dealing with people like Karpal or Kit Siang does not need any civilities at all...these Dinosaurs does not deserved it. Even at an old age they are not behaving like they should. Senile bastard! Good enough Annie didn't asked the Singh to take a stand while he made his silly comment....buat malu OKU aje!

  9. Karpal dan Kit Siang sama saja. Kubur kata mari, rumah kata caloh. Tak sedar diri sampai ke mati lah tu.

  10. Karpal is making all these remarks coz he wants people to keep remembering him regardless whether he sounds senile , crazy or not. He and Nik Aziz shd pair off and be senile together with lim kitty siang. Tun M who is much older then them is making more sense

  11. Isn't it true that Guru Nanak was a great Muslim Sufi saint who memorized the Quran and once made the pilgrimage to the Ka'aba with his close Muslim companion Bahi Mardana? In fact the sage Guru Nanak was well known as far as Turkey where he also travelled to. Guru Nanak's chola, preserved to this day is inscribed with verses of the Quran.

    Is Karpal Singh opposing PAS because of its Islamist leanings or because the zionist Anwar Ibrahim is playin King in PAS?

  12. So much court time been used to debate and pass judgement just on one word...and the latest drama plot is that the judgement must be seen in court with the presence of the non muslim judges so as not to offend the Christian?

    If the legal fraternity themselves start to include religious sensitivity to be called upon in the selection of judges, i wonder just how far our legal cum politician are upholding the integrity of the court as unbiased and non-prejudice. We might ended up with special case after special case or exclusion clause in judgement..What is next ? A Muslim judge cannot hold court in matter deemed of 'Christian sensitivity' because by default he is non Christian?

  13. Hahaha......good one Annie...Loved it ;P


  14. WHAT !!!!!!!!! Kapral said that , good on him ,than all the persatuan Seik , perasatuan Hakka , persatuan Tea Chew could be abolished too ,all this never sound like Malaysian.

  15. Very good one...if replace Karpal with Mahathir will be much better article..