Saturday 2 November 2013

A Chinese story 2 (edited)

Tried, but can't sleep.

It's past 1.30am.

HBO is playing the movie Barricade. But I'm not watching.

Switched off the air-cond just now. It's too cold.

Feel pain in my chest again every time I draw a deep breath. But I'm already used to it.

At least the coughing had stopped.

I have been avoiding the news.

Otherwise, I would be tempted to write something which may interest me.

I'm supposed to rest.

Whatever I wrote the past few days were whatever that crossed my what I'm writing now. They are nothing serious. Just light stuff.

Actually, I'm not really expecting anyone to read my last few postings.

They were really not written for any particular serious purpose.

I'm honestly not sure why they still attracted quite a number of DAP cybertroopers.

Can't they see that it's just me rambling along on my own.

Even when I wrote something about my grandmother, they still came here and make all sorts of noises.

Hey guys, I wrote that posting just because I miss my grandmother lah. There's nothing more to it than that.

Really, I got no bigger agenda behind those postings.

Well, I also miss my mother.

Last month, I only got to see her for a total of less than three hours.

Yes, when she was a kid, she slept on a wooden bench with her siblings under a rain tree as her mother fried kuey teow at her stall to earn a living....and yes, she is Chinese and an authentic one at that.

Not like some perasan high class banana Chinese, but a real Cina bukit one. She never changed her Chinese name after converting to Islam and marrying my father. And she still looks the typical Chinese lady. You wouldn't know from her look that she is a muslim and married to a Malay.

She dresses smart, something like this lady,

She is busy all the time though and hardly have time for me. But still, I'm proud of her.

I wish she can spend more time with me, but I know that she's a very important person at her work place and has to attend to lots of important things.

It has always been like that since I was a kid.

Those of you who have lots of time with your parents should better appreciate it.  I really envy you all.

(Note: See, no politics. If the DAP cybertroopers still come here, then I wouldn't know what to say.)


  1. My mummy "Not like some perasan high class banana Chinese, but a real Cina bukit one"

    Ya kah nyonya? like this Wu Man?

    let me see now... whatsa banana cina? i see, i see aaah ... a Chinese who tried too hard to put on a show but wound up idolizing commie chin peng while his pocket comfy comfy capitalist but whose otak nakal-nakal wanna mess with the Religion of the heavens and earth and everything in between. Now, who should swallow that?

    1. anon 11:06 you sudah swallow pill kuda kah ????

  2. Happy Deepavali Annie. Just rest and forget about DAP. Nanti penyakit lain datang. BP boleh kelam kabut.

  3. For a daughter of a Char Kway Teow woman, Annie's mother has come a long way.

    Recently, there's a tv documentary of how the Chinese came to South-East Asia. The difficulties and suffering they went through, over generations, before they were able to achieve quite a good life for their families, and in the process contributed to the region's development. It's a program that all South East Asian Chinese, especially the young, should watch.

    The rise of China and the weakened west brings forth new possibilities, some of which are unsettling for those of us who are comfortable with the west.

    China's spat with Japan over the small uninhabited island group of Dioyutai seems to be gradually escalating. The worry is that it may develop into open conflict. What happened during WW2 is still fresh in the minds of many Chinese.

    Then there's the yet unresolved Spratlys situation. Fortunately, even since the days of Admiral Cheng Ho, China has never sought hegemony over other countries. Instead, they emphasised cooperation.

    World economy continues to weaken, and nations are under stress. In Malaysia, let's hope we can maintain racial harmony for common good.

    1. re: "Fortunately, even since the days of Admiral Cheng Ho, China has never sought hegemony over other countries. Instead, they emphasised cooperation".

      The Prophetic hadith says: "Seek knowledge even if in China, for the seeking of knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim."

      The accomplishment of the Chinese Muslim scholars stands as a lesson for humanity today in its struggle to achieve a just global society that is genuinely human and truly pluralistic without the overbearing "ideological religious equality" promulgated by the current opposition political coalition here in Malaysia.

    2. Yes, I agree, "In Malaysia, let's hope we can maintain racial harmony for common good".

      The rise of China is most welcome for those uncomfortable with the west, since the fall of USSR. It's true, China has never sought hegemony over other countries. It has not also been spying on friends too, like these MatSalleh have been caught doing. Anyway, we would rather be dictated by our Asian brothers than those from the west, whom have been known to have annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bombed Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya unilaterally. At least China and Russia could be a deterrent from Uncle Sam's flexing its muscle in Asia.
      I think China exerting its claim on the Spratlys has also something to do with keeping Uncle Sam at bay. The spat with Japan is historical and may also be the result of Japan's hosting Uncle Sam's military base in Okinawa.

    3. In Malaysia, if its can get rid of people like RD and Annie type of racist then we can maintain racial harmony for everyone good.

    4. Better get rid of the father of May 13, 1969, if we were to maintian peace and harmony. Get rid of Dong Zong, which is the oldest threat to race relation since 1955.

    5. Today, many countries face economic troubles that could lead to social unrest. Take Egypt, in which muslims are now divided into 2 opposing camps.

      Our govt wants to introduce GST to increase revenue. Of course the people will bear the cost. So the opposition first objected. But now, even Anwar acknowledges the need 'if incomes are inadequate'.

      Do you think the problems facing our country will quickly disappear if Pakatan takes over?

      Should we continue to quarrel and insult each other day after day after day? Or should we leave politics aside till GE14? Meanwhile making good use of whatever time we have, look for common ground, and together work towards protecting our common future?

  4. All Cina beng and Indian Muthu wishes Annie and Family a delightful and bright Deepawali.

  5. Annie, no point watching all those devils and ghoul movies: almost all of them are spun on fantasies and lies. For the good-hearted people of faith in Allah Most High, the Angels are always around to protect us, .... like in this instance:

    Notice (1) the tyre streak marks of the lorry braking and (2) the circular burn marks on road at "original position" of rider & his tricycle and "transported position" one lightning instant later.

    Allahu Akbar!