Thursday 28 November 2013

Our time in this world is limited

Had late dinner with someone cute last night.

Told that someone I know is losing her husband due to an illness.

Feel very sad for her.

People had accused her of being a gold digger as her husband is rich and much older than her, but I think she genuinely love him.

Something like Siti Nurhaliza.

I pray that she remains strong.

Told myself that I better appreciate and not take for granted those who love me, as they may be gone tomorrow.

On my part, I really need to find out what is really causing this chest pains I'm having. It has become a consistent feature, especially when I wake up in the morning like this. My heart beats were not consistent too.

Anyway, I reached home and shut down quite late. But I woke up just before 4am.

Now I can't go back to sleep.

Three hours of sleep is definitely not good enough.

I believe that I'm going to suffer today....for lack of sleep.

Thought of writing another Johor article, but decided to hold back a bit.

Let those about the Ramsar sites sink in first.

Those involved need to be made known that we are watching their moves. They need to know that they can't simply do whatever they want just because they control Kota Iskandar.

Just because I support the current establishment, doesn't mean that I'm okay if those few who are in control think it's their birthright to rob and fool the people of Johor.

The way they behave....sometimes I wonder whether these powerful crooks realize that they only have limited time in this world.

Don't they realize that when they died, they will be judged and punished in the afterlife by God for what they had done?

And bear in mind that they can't bring all those riches they rob to their grave.


  1. You'll be entering the hereafter world if you keep on blogging! Political Blogging Kills.

  2. Like Siti Nurhaliza? Are you sure who dig who?

    1. Does it matter? Go and get a live lah bro!!!!!

  3. Annie,

    Some suggestions:

    1. Sleep - 6-8hrs/day is needed; less than 4hrs/day will quickly take you to breaking point.

    2. Exercise - How about a min of 30-45min of stretching and brisk walk min 3 times a week? Best do it in a park.

    3. Food - Lots of vegs (esp) and fruits; cutting down on sugar and starch.

    4. Smoking - Best cut it.

    5. Peace and Serenity - Allocate some 30min a day to consciously feel it.

    Surely some of your readers wondered if you were down with serious illness when you left your blog unattended for several days. Take care!

  4. It is stress dear that brings on the chest pains. Don't be too dedicated to your job. I mean do do your best. After that, just detach and enjoy life. Chill girl.

  5. Surah Al-Zalzalah

    In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

    (1) When the earth is shaken by its convulsions. (the tumultuous Last Day)
    (2) And the earth issues forth its burdens.(corpses and treasures and
    all things concealed).
    (3) And man asks: What’s the matter with this earth? (in great fear he
    worries about his fate - is it heaven or the hellfire)
    (4) On that day the earth shall report its stories.
    (5) Because your Lord has inspired her. (whenever the Lord wills anything,
    He only has to say "BE" and it is done).
    (6) On the day when humanity will come forth from their graves in various
    manners to be shown their past deeds. (to face the Judgement)
    (7) Then whoever has done an atom’s weight of good shall see it .....
    (8) And whoever has done an atom’s weight of evil shall see it ......

  6. are sure annie? i thought the dapsters believe they can bring along their riches to the grave..that's what i saw all the while. big and spacious grave..nice wrist watch and necklace..bla bla bla and lot of money..errr i mean 'duit mati'..not the real Ringgit for sure..hehehe

  7. Suggest you go for an endoscopy. Might not sound connected. Not a doctor but experienced similar symptoms. Hope this helps.

  8. Corrupt people don't believe in God. But they do believe in having a good life and providing for their family after they are gone. Secrecy in Government creates opportunities for this nonsense - and that's true of all levels of government and all politicans

  9. 'Our time in this world is limited' ,Annie sekarang baru tahu kah ? So, Annie janganlah lagi membuat fitnah, memaki hamun serta memburuk-burukkan insan-insan yg tak sokong UMNO.


  10. Annie,

    For your chest pains, better go for a thorough medical check-up. You cannot delay this kind of thing.

    Regarding medical issues, I had endured a terrible time a couple of weeks ago. I sent my cat 'Annie's (yes, her name is the same as yours) to her annual medical assessment. The vet (a substitute vet as her vet was on vacation) examined her and said she had a heart murmur and tachycardia. I was dumbfounded as Annie is only 3 years old. The vet suggested a chest x-ray and I agreed. A week later, I brought Annie for her scheduled chest x-ray and her regular vet was there. He said Annie neither have a heart murmur nor tachycardia. But we went ahead with the chest x-ray and the result was her heart is normal size nit enlarged.

    The moral of the story is 'DO NOT DELAY' as it will shorten your life. Take care!

  11. A gold digger against a hole digger is a perfect combination.

  12. I once suffered similar symptoms and when doctor told me I am suffering fm anxiety attack (stress) I could not believe it. Told me to ponder and change my lifestyle - did that and it really went off. (I was also given anxiety pills).

    Being a woman, we may not notice but house management can be really stressful. Cleaning, cooking, visitors, kids, relatives, in-laws, neighbours and career plus husband. Don't try to become a superwoman.