Tuesday 27 November 2018

Prayers for Muhammad Adib (updated)

Prayers for fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.
He is now in critical condition and on life support system.

I don't want to write more because if I do I believe PH supporters will accuse me of being an instigator.

Anyway, I'm very angry now and can't write much.

Maybe later.


Saw on YouTube Live just now - the minister said they are going to get what they want.

Beat up people like that and they get what they want?

What fucking precedent they are setting here?


  1. Not to instigate but think. The fireman is badly beatan just because he is Malay?

  2. I voted ph last ge & I am seething with angry too. I do not wish to have idiotic dialogue with the ph rba so I'll stop here.

    1. "I voted ph last ge & I am seething with angry too."


      Your Bahasa England is so teruk, my guess you are some failed cybertrooper we know too well - Nasi Lemak with Kangkung on top, I guess?

      Kantoi, bro : )


  3. "Saw on YouTube Live just now - the minister said they are going to get what they want."

    Given your track record of two-headed spin, at least post a link to this statement?

    Right now it's completely meaningless.

    I'm quite sure you are trying to start some racial nonsense as usual, so at least post the video and explain why you think a minister is condoning any violence?



      "PUTRAJAYA: The lawyers to the developer involved in the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple issue hired thugs that led to the riots, says Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (pic).

      The Home Minister said police investigations revealed that the leader of the group which instigated the conflict was handed RM150,000 by the lawyers, which was used to pay the thugs involved from RM150 to RM300 each.

      "Because they hired Malays to 'take care of things' at a Hindu temple, you can imagine the reaction it would trigger.

      "As an example, imagine what would happen if you send Hindus to take care of a mosque?" said Muhyiddin at a press conference here on Wednesday (Nov 28)."


      Nothing racial at all.

      Just plain greed.

      Annie, I know how disappointed you must be that once again, you are a batu api left outside in the rain : )

      Maybe...pivot back to Lynas?

      Kipidap Annie, dongibab : )


    2. So, that's how they justified the beating of Muhammad Adib. Fine.

    3. There is NO justification for attacking any member of the rescue services.


      However, there's more to this case than meets the eye.

      Apparently another video has surfaced on that issue...stay tuned!

  4. when low yat rioters are not punished, a bad precedent for further riotings & sufferings sigh

  5. The precedent was just set by PH govt backing down from ICERD after the monkeys threatened to kill people.

    You can't have the cake and eat it too.

  6. Annie,

    Here's hoping that Muhammad Adib pulls thru.

    He was just doing his job helping out and did not deserve being attacked.

    I wonder who attacked him?

    //I don't want to write more because if I do I believe PH supporters will accuse me of being an instigator//

    Not sure what is there to instigate.

    The facts have now been widely reported and it appears to be what it is.

    A simple issue of moving an Indian temple between two rival Indian groups has now involved a bunch of Melayu thugs who appeared out of nowhere.

    Dunno how or why Melayus are in this.

    My guess is that the Melayu mob was just simply muscle for hire - nothing to do with race, nothing to do with religion, just a business transaction as far as that group of Melayus were concerned!!

    Perversely, this shows that the different races in Malaysia can, in fact, support each other and work together if needs be.

    //Anyway, I'm very angry now and can't write much.//

    Not sure what there is to get angry about.

    This is the Malaysia we have inherited from 60 years of UMNO rule.

    I once said that it would take generations to fix some of the problems we face. Believe me now??

    //the minister said they are going to get what they want.//

    Who is going to get what they want?

    //Beat up people like that and they get what they want?//

    Well, "they" threatened May 13 v2.0 and they got a backflip on the ratification of the ICERD.

    So, if some Melayus can get something by threatening violence, why can't some Indians or Chinese get something by doing the same?

    Of cos, I am assuming here that the Melayus in this case were hired by Indians or Chinese :)

    I cannot think of any other reason why those Melayus were there other then being the goon squad.

    I hope PDRM catch the masterminds behind this.


    1. Haiyaa Gladiator..

      ...This is the Malaysia we have inherited from 60 years of UMNO rule...

      Sejak May 9th under PH la.. dah nyanyok ke? Baru 6bulan dah gini jadi?? This kuil issue in Selangor kan??

      Kamu sudah nyanyok ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. "So, if some Melayus can get something by threatening violence, why can't some Indians or Chinese get something by doing the same?"

      That's why the govt should not have backed down on ICERD.

      Now it seems in Malaysia you have to threaten violence to get anything done.

      Mind you the Umno gomen sponsored quite a lot of May 13 propaganda (helped by their bloggers and Jamal Jamban) and they still lost.

      I think Malaysians just want peace.

      The silent majority will reject those who scream loudest.

  7. When you have the numbers, there’s no reason to be afraid. What more if you’re far outnumbered. Those who don’t have should be afraid. Very afraid.. It’s foolish. Very foolish what you have done.. Nuff said..

  8. Please don’t take advantage of the seemingly mellowed prime minister. You don’tknow him. You should really look into his checkered past and colourful history in dealing with security crisis.

    He may look soft. Talking softly. Smiling all the time. But if he needs to take a stern action, he can be rough and ruthless. Hence the moniker Mahazalim and Mahafiraun. Please don’t test his patient. Once he flexes his muscles, nothing can past him. You’re going to remember it for a life time.

    He’s currently looking at all his options.

    1. Kutty still got muscles? What I can see is lengan2 yang kendur dan berkedut seribu. Balls dia pun dan lanjut dan kecut! Kutty now has no balls as he is the PM with only 13 seats to his name. He is beholden to DAP! Didn't he say he is the top dog? A toothless dog who only once a while barks "Woof! Woof!" but can't bite!

    2. “A toothless dog who only once a while barks "Woof! Woof!" but can't bite!..”

      Let’s wait and see. Wanna bet???

    3. Anonymous27 November 2018 at 21:16


      "Balls dia pun dan lanjut dan kecut?"

      It's your pinklips Bugis pirate you are describing lah, makcik.

      When challenged to debate a 92-year-old man at EveryThing2Hide, this testes-free pendekar had to crawl out of the back door and run up the hippo's XXXXXXXL baju kurung to hide.

      Hilarious...pendekar Bugis konon!


    Temple riots: 16 remanded, including three One City workers

    The magistrate’s court here has issued a remand order for between two and five days against 16 individuals, including three employees of One City Development Sdn Bhd (One City), to help in investigations into the commotion at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in USJ25 in Subang Jaya on Monday (Nov 26).

    Follow the money...

  10. I do not want to sound racist but look what happened.Keling sama keling gaduh kenapa Melayu yg kena pukul.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prostitute Kangkang,

      Congratulations, you do indeed sound very racist.

      However, it is a welcome addition to your repertoire, as normally you just sound very stupid.

      I believe you are progressing.


      Prof Sawi

  11. c&p


    Pengerusi kuil ahli PKR PH..

    pemaju hartanah ahli DAP PH..

    Samseng upahan pemaju ahli PPBM PH..

    kuil terletak di subang, ADUN subang DAP PH..

    Subang terletak dlm PJ utara, MP PJ utara DAP PH..

    PJ terletak di selangor, MB selangor PKR PH..

    Selangor terletak dlm malaysia, PM malaysia PPBM PH..


    Tetiba yg disalahkan UMNO/PAS....ada ke patut?

  12. Prof Nasi lemak,

    //Sejak May 9th under PH la//


    Do you have a magic wand you can lend to PH to fix the problems?

    There are problems which will take several generations to fix.

    Here is one example which I know is close to your heart.

    How long do you think it will take to break the powers of the hardline extremists in the ulama? Six months? Six years? Six decades?

    And that is only one very simple example.


    1. Haiyaa Gladiator

      Ini issue kuil la. Tanah issue state gomen tau tak? Tak payah nak komen just to show konon kamu cerdik pandai sangat.

      Kamu ni datang dari outer space ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Gladiator

      Apa kamu pokpekpokpekpokpek ni? Kejap lagi kamu jatuh tangga patah kaki pun pasai BN/Malays/Muslim ke? Otak kami kasi sort susun2 sikit bole tak?? Org cakap pasai kuil dia cakap pasai spacecraft..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. The signal is, if you are loud enough, you can get away with anything, even court judgement.

  14. India sama India gaduh, would sound better than keling sama keling. Kesian budak Melayu itu, praying Muhammad Adib will be okay. The whole thing was started by about 100 Malay thugs allegedly hired by the Developer, masuk kuil, held the priest and devotees at knife-point, broke statues, set cars around the temple on fire and after that they also had the audacity of showing their bontot to the devotees locked outside the temple. This was on the 26th. On the 27th morning, 1000s were at the temple, everything was calm until another batch thugs, Indian this time (most probably MIC), came to create chaos, taking opportunity to create anger amongst the Malays this time. It is only with the Indians and Malays they can create chaos. The Chinese are very pragmatic. They are either Buddhists or Christians, both religions does not advocate violence, they turn the other cheek. Aiy when will we learn that we Indians and Malays can be twisted and wound up like a clock :(

    1. Haiyaaa anon 20:47

      ....until another batch thugs, Indian this time (most probably MIC)...

      Kamu ni dapat sumber from outer space juga ke?

      ...They are either Buddhists or Christians, both religions does not advocate violence..

      Talking in your sleep ke dok meghoyan sorang2.

      Yg dok butcher Rohinyas tu sapa? Yang massacred millions of Jews tu sapa?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Oi, Professor kah you ini. I was talking about Malaysian Chinese lah. Yang you masuk Jews and Myanmars for what? Jews were slaughtered in WWII, what has that to do with current times. Myanmaris are not the Chinese I was talking about. About MIC thugs, I know because I live in USJ and was under the threat of these thugs once upon a time, most are affiliated with MIC. So I did not pick it out of the air. And you say PH supporters simply hantam, you are no better. Don't hantam for the sake of hantaming, lah. Anyway its strange that you are defending the MIC. Very strange indeed.

    3. Anon 08:30

      Ini issue kuil. Kamu sewel ke? Then why bring up Buddhist and Christians and MIC here??

      Batu api

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Wei, idiot, I have a right to comment on Annie's blog if she lets my comments through. Pray tell me how I am a Batu Api by mentioning the mind set of the Buddhists & Christians compared to Indians emotional state regarding their temples. Again why are you so worked up over what I said about MIC. I will bring up anything I please, why are you Annie's gatekeeper?

  15. Prof Kangkung,

    //Keling sama keling gaduh kenapa Melayu yg kena pukul.//

    Actually, you are being somewhat racist.

    No, it's not because you referred to the Indians as "kelings".

    It is because you considered only the welfare of the Malay.

    What about the welfare of the Indians who were there to pray and were instead terrorised?

    But I can understand why you think the way you do - you subscribe to the belief that Islam permits racist thought.

    Anyway, back to your question why Muhammad Adib kena pukul?

    Because it was just business lah.

    Those trouble-making Melayus were most likely paid to do a job.

    It was not racist, it was not religious, it was just business.

    They see Muhammad Adib putting out the fire, so pukul lah because they don't want the fire put out.

    I mean, if the fire is put out, they can't claim maximum damage, right?

    That's my guess anyway.


    1. "Those trouble-making Melayus were most likely paid to do a job."

      Actually it is not relevant whether they are Melayu, Chinese, Indian or DLL.

      They were hired thugs, full stop.

      No need to make it racial.

      Our beloved Annie, with her massive and generous heart, is merely highlighting this because She Really Cares.

      From dead dogs to pizza to Lynas to injured firemen, Annie Really Cares.

      And it's Very Very Sincere.

      We are very lucky that she is looking after all of us.

      Thank you, Kak Annie : )

  16. Professor Nasi Lemak,

    My questions too hard to answer??

    OK, no probs.


    1. Gladiator

      My answer??

      You faham ke apa itu kuil??? Penganut Agama ape??

      Otak kamu mering ke tetiba keluaq pasai ulamak2??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. whose cars are being doused? especially the merc!!! why is park there? nobody see this coming is it?
    low yatt victim ptrick lim also kena hantam sampai masuk hospital, friend in ICU also. lke MIC tell wathymurthy, "what you sows is what you reap"
    PRAY for fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.
    PRAY he get through critical stage

  18. Annie is an instigator extraordinaire.

    She does not have anything good to write for the betterment of society except to menghasut.

    1. "She does not have anything good to write for the betterment of society except to menghasut."

      Don't be so harsh, lah, kawan.

      With great patience, a bear can be trained to ride a unicycle for the circus.

      But a low-IQ Umno blogger can never learn new tricks.

      Same old, same old.

      Always back to Race and Religion to cover up Robbery by their masters.

    2. Anon 22:59, 13:15,

      Can u pls highlight which para/sentence is deemed menghasut & extoll race or religion?

      U guys are a waste of space.

  19. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

    Wah...kau ni tiba tiba aktif dan cakap banyak pulak macam dah disumbat dengan ganja dan ketum. Ataupun dah dapat dedak hujung hujung bulan ni.

    1. Anon 23:03

      Dah tak laku la modal kamu ni dah basi la. Takde modal baru ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Haha nampaknya Prof Pokpek Parrot ni dah sensitif kot.

      Wahai Prof Nasi Dedak, kalau nak sensitif sangat, usah jadi commentator lah. Lebih baik duk rumah tanam ketum je..

    3. "Dah tak laku la modal kamu ni dah basi la. Takde modal baru ke? "


      His name is also CutPaste Parrot because he keeps pokpek the same thing over and over....


      Big deal, Prof Dedak.

      At the rate Umno is losing MPs (six down so far), it won't be long till they tutup kedai.

      "Your paymasters going to jail
      Better sell your Birkins
      To pay for their bail"

      Heh heh heh.

    4. Anon 12:11

      Masih 12+1/222?
      Awat sikit sangat tu?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  20. There is a consent and recorded judgement in court which means the temple committee agreed to relocate. Why now refuse to move ? Rival faction between Chellappa and Nagaraju (move and stay) that held up the relocation for years is the root of this bloody clash. This is a basic Kedaulatan Undang Undang. Apa pasal degil tak mau pindah ?

    140 years ago and up until the early 1990's the temple may have been suitable where it is. But Malaysia has progressed. It is no longer Ladang Seafield but USJ 25 today and a extremely busy intersection where the temple is. In fact there is no ladang anymore. The entire Ladang Seafield has become USJ. So the temple is today on an odd ground.

    Now how come the temple committee of the past did not secure the legitimate ownership of the temple land if this temple is so sacred that it must remain there and cannot be moved ? Now that the court has decided that the temple be moved, all that is left is to refuse ?

    We know Chellappa goes with the relocation but Nagaraju doesn't. I imagine both got followers. There was already a problem before the bloody clash. Yang melayu bebal gila dedak 300 ringgit ni, tak cukup mentekedarah ke ? Apa punya bodoh kalah pak pandir punya melayu ni ?

    Maajid boleh pindah. Gereja boleh pindah. Tokong boleh pindah. Apa pasal kuil tak boleh pindah ? Kalau the kuil legitimately own the land, ada sebab la jugak. Ini the land is owned by the developer legally. Degil apa pasal ? Nak tunjuk apa ? Kuil power tak boleh move ? What rubbish is this ?

    The Hindu ministers press statement is not helping the situation. They are goddamn inconsistent with the rule of law which the PH promotes. This Hinsraf minister is the biggest culprit. He forgets he is not an MGO man now but a miniater of a ruling government. So be a goddamn minister for every Malaysians. Mahathir has appointed many load mouth minister. I think it is a test of ability. Do not underestimate the Old Man. He did not stay in for 22 years if he is bodoh like the melayu bodoh who mob the kuil. I think he saw this coming. Read his press statement slowly and word for word.

    Anyway, we don't need this kind of shit. Why should the police be attending to the matter which roots from not respecting a consent judgement ? Think.of it. Some of us are born bodoh sombong.

    1. becos the new land provided is "not" gazetted as a worship place land. simple!!!!!

    2. Anonymous28 November 2018 at 03:09

      I agree with your comment.

      Either we have rule of law or law of the jungle.

      This went through a legal process, a settlement was reached, all parties must abide by it.

      No room for gangster tactics by developer or misplaced heroism from the temple devotees.

    3. 08:23
      sad when new land mostly gazetted for masjid & surau (not for churches, temples, etc) even the new land is all non muslims sigh

    4. Appoint a third party to manage the relocation and construction of the new temple


    5. La 08:23 lu tak pergi sekolah ka ? Kalau tak gazette lagi for temple, appky la. Apa susah ? Takkan la temple committee tak ada yang boleh buat permohonan gazette tanah ? Kalau.memang betul tak ada, hire one la. That unity munister sure can help one. Don't repeat the same mistake.

  21. Annie,

    Kula, Waytha, and Ganabathirao, the three of them knows about law, the rule of law, and the need to respect the law.

    That's the basis for a civil society.

    There seems to be a court judgment, a consent judgment of some sort, for the relocation of the temple.

    It was said that the temple sat on land belonging to others who wanted to take back the land. That made the temple a trespasser.

    But the three stooges remain adamant and wanted the temple to stay put.

    Hindus have Mahatma Ghandi as their role model, who was a law-abiding, non-violent man.

    But what we saw now is a group of violent thugs headed by a bunch of law defying racist preachers.

    Criminals, like what the Prime Minister said.

    Criminals must be dealt with like criminals, there's a penal code.

    Cheaters, fraudsters, power-abusers are criminals, too. But they don't do bodily harm to others.

    But violent criminals like these rioters are themselves gangsters, arm-robbers, weapon wielding ransom extortioners, and they are ugly-looking tongue protruding red-eyed alcoholic violent bandits living amongst peaceful people. They must be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

    The three stooges must not be in the government. Until they are being removed, even Najib should deserve to take over the Government.

  22. ".....and they are ugly-looking tongue protruding red-eyed alcoholic violent bandits living amongst peaceful people. They must be dealt with swiftly and decisively."

    Ahhhh, got to love the short memories people have.


    ""I tell our Tiga Line friends, do what should be done," he reportedly added, based on a 20-minute audio recording of the speech.

    Tiga Line was one of 49 secret societies the Home Ministry had named as banned in August in a crackdown on violent crimes following several shooting sprees nationwide.

    He also reportedly referred to Umno supreme council candidate Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim as the "biggest Tiga Line gangster" in his speech.

    "I see here, the candidates here, all four of them are Tiga Line," the home minister was quoted saying, while Shahidan, a former Perlis mentri besar, was present in the room."

    This is the same Zahid who attempted murder on a guy dating his daughter, a case that may come back to haunt him after Wak Jahid deals with his robbing of that charity (45 charges pending.)

    Not surprisingly:


    Yes, we must deal with these bankrupt racial instigators (of any race) swiftly and decisively.

  23. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //My answer??//

    You have none :)

    Responding in some pidgin form of Bahasa Melayu doesnt help your cause either.

    I suspect your English is quite good because I have reason to believe that you went to school when English was the language of instruction :)


  24. Latest, not sure how far is true.
    "On the injured fireman, new video has emerged that the hindu devotees helped rescue him and send him to hospital. He was runover by a reversing bomba truck. So much for the professionalism of BOMBA. No headcount check b4 vehicle moves??? Also where was PDRM? Kudos to the hindu devotees adhoc rescue brigade."

  25. Regarding firemen Md Adib...he is recovering well...thanks to all the doctors and medical staff. BTW latest news has it that he was never beaten but knocked down by his his fire engine and sent crashing into another vehicle.The 'mob" went to help extricate him. There is a video of this and has been forwarded to the police. Moral of the story - never jump to conclusions.

    1. Ya...as usual Batu Api Annie is the instigator extraordinaire

  26. Hi all,
    Agree with some of the commentators here. This is the case that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. Various factor involves, causes and failure also by the PH government, some minister la.

    Racial sentiments fanning recently by Opposition (in this case BN) due to the Icert topic. That is another topic by itself. But due that, the 'environment' is poison already and ground setup.

    Then came this developer land tussle with kuil members, involving money, greed, payment, developer, outside instigators, different ethnic group and some minister incompetence. You have all the races involve playing some part, chinese related developers, indian temple members, malay law official, indian Minister, hired malay thugs, bystander crowd, racist opportunists and instigators from various group adding to the fire.....plus social media, and even blogs like Annie fanning racial sentiments or wassap audio fake news spreading about without knowing the facts. This is typical agents to cause chaos.

    Basically, all these, they want to create chaos in Malaysia. Where rule of law being bended, and skirting law and order.

    Instigators always will have. What I hope is Malaysians are mature enough, enough majority Malaysians will not fall to the trap of the instigators.

    What disappointed me is some of the Ministers response. Without facts on ground, without proper investigation, they jump the gun and come out various statements. Let only those authorized to make statement, 1 single voice. Go visit the ground, go visit the injured Bombaman, go check with the police or wait the police collect all the facts first before making any statements. You are a Minister...You are now part of the ruling goverment...act like one and stop behaving like opposition and making statements. Next time, statement must come from OFFICIAL SOURCE....sanction by the Cabinet and not any tom dick and harry ministry making their own statement. A simple way is knowing such issue, quickly setup a council and that council is responsible for the Official government response.

    Similar, future any protest plan...a council must be ready or cabinet can quickly get relevant ministry act in coordination as the government action and official voice.

    1. "and even blogs like Annie fanning racial sentiments"
      Please show me which part of my post is fanning racial sentiments.

    2. An idiom
      ' fiddle while Rome burns '