Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Loving the British Royal family for an odd reason

Apparently the whole of United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as many part of the world were overjoyed by this news,

Baby boy for Britain's William and Kate

Even the writer of that AFP report appeared to be overwhelmed by the excitement. She/He repeated several facts in the story such as the weight of the baby and how happy were the father, grandfather etc. Even, US' Obama's happiness was recorded in the story.

And AFP is French, which is very much a republic. They used to chop off the head of their king and queen as well as most of the nobility.

Now, what makes the British royal family so loved by its people (as well as other people who do not really have anything much to do with them, such as Malaysians)?

Honestly, I believe the UK would be just fine without them. Republic of United Kingdom sounds quite okay to me.

Anyway, most of them are not really that handsome or pretty to look at either. Even William, the newly minted daddy, who used to be a bit handsome is now getting distinctively bald...and Charles, after Diana death, had to marry that Camillia instead of some super model or Hollywood starlet.

Well, I think the real reason why they were so beloved among the Brits and others was because of the tradition that they represent and the way they conduct themselves as royalties.

They know their role in the constitutional monarchy system and didn't do irritating things such as meddling in the administration of the state.

They didn't take anything from the people and they didn't try to use their position to enrich themselves at the expense of the people.

On top of that, they respect the fact that the government, elected by the people must be allowed to do its job without having to worry about things such as Queen Elizabeth wanting a cut from certain development project or one of her sons, who is a Chelsea fan insisting for the immigration department to expel that dastardly Portugese Jose Mourinho from the country for not managing the football club well.

As for myself, I kinda like the British royal family because I think they are a sporting bunch of people.

For instance, they don't go around initiating legal suits against the Black Adder gang for sketches such as this,

By the way, in case you don't know it already, the guy who acted as the royalty in the sketch is James Hugh Calum Laurie, who is better known for the more popular character he played, Dr Greagory House.

Hughie was awarded the Order of the British Empire by the British Royal Household despite all those portrayals which depicted a royalty as a stupid git....but of course a lovable one at that lah.


  1. Annie,

    I really admire the late lady Diana. I think if she were still alive today, she would be a hands on grandmama to her first grandson. So sad that her death had robbed her children of mother's love.

  2. Can the same be said for our monarchy?

    1. Annie : "Honestly, I believe the UK would be just fine without them. Republic of United Kingdom sounds quite okay to me."

      So, Annie pro "Republic", habis satu Malaysia !!

  3. Banyak tajam tapi betul.

  4. hahahahahha don't divert the issue Annie, sudah dapat surat samam ke belum ??

    1. Tengok atas...provokasi dan mockery dari "red bean army" :). Huhu...takutnya....

      Sabar lah Annie...kita ramai ramai akan bayar you punya lawyer kalau diorang saman.


    2. sudahlah anon 13:56 , boyfriend Annie tu kaya,kalau boleh anon kumpulkan wang utk rumah anak-anak yatim, boleh ??

    3. boleh...tak ada masalah...kita kumpul sama sama ok...

      kalau boyfriend Annie pun tak kaya...kita tolong Annie sama sama ok

  5. Congratulations Kate, hope mum n boy are doing fine.This baby is born with a silver spoon..to some roughly its they are very kaya parents,a royalty baby, how many points up the British Royal lineage I don't know, maybe a King one day Born with all silver around the house no nickel silver, electroplated Nickle silver(EPNS)brass or sudu plastic and Hgh density Polyethlene(HDPE)sudus.
    We arranged for a wooden spoon prize for the bugger who got second last, the second last worst score. Wooden Spoon is to be given not to the last but to the second last so that theres real scores n not someone who purposely played very badly, in the previous EC Old Boys Golf Tournament in KL , The illustrious alma mater The Johor English College. Literally a large spoon made of wood that someone bought in Air Hitam and had a green and yellow ribbon, the colours of good ole EC tied to the set, a wooden spoon and a fork to combine the set. It was large enough to plough the Aladad Khan rugby field when it was soggy and inundated with sea water from Sungei Chat those days of yore
    Que Sera Sera
    To Kate and Williams ,Congratulations once again .We, your former servants and natives are still proud and happy becos you decided to come and see us and we suspect U got pregnant somewhere here or Papua New Guinea. Don't stop with that one bloody boy. Make babies and expand the length and breadth of the British Empire and Monarchy
    Whatever Will Be Will Be

  6. Red Beans Army ni akan menyusahkan keturunan mereka sendiri. Mereka berjaya melancarkan ABC dan ABCD. Tak lama lagi akan adakan pasar borong macam Pasar Tani. Nanti jgn salahkan orang lain pula. Reap what you Sow.

    Sekarang kat China duk hebuh virus HnXYZ apanama, WHO duk cari antidote... silap2 orang sini taknak masuk langsung kedai kalau nampak saja ada orang yg mirik rupa orang dari China, takut kena jangkitan.

    Maalumla ramai China Doll berkeliaran kat Malaysia yg duk berlagak Malaysian. Nak kenal orang sini atau sana kan susah ramai yang tak tau cakap Bahasa Kebangsaan macam Cina Doll?

    1. anon 15:48 sudah minum toddy ke ????

    2. Last2 only laku kedai opium dan toddy, back to square one time British2 dulu!

    3. Wah! Bak Kut Teh consumers pun tak lama lagi orang tak berani dekat ooooiii..

    4. I sokong 100% BCL, ABC, ABCD. We as Malays should help our own Malay brethren.

  7. Always think both of them is a sweet couple. Congrats to both of them, Kind of funny when thinking of this baby will always be refering as the first baby for this couples of first born and the first grandchild of their grandparent. Lots of first there hahahaha

    :D sarah