Sunday 28 July 2013

After sahur thoughts on another Sunday morning

It's another Sunday morning. Woke up at 4am and just had my sahur.

I'm feeling a bit better, but still under the weather.

Searched for something interesting to write but can't find anything which really catches my interest.

Honestly, it's hard to find something political which really interest me these days. I think I'm a bit jaded.

I had started blogging just less than five months ago, and already I'm finding it hard to find new things to write about this country's political scene. Honestly, these days, I'm writing at this blog more as an outlet of my grievances of the whole thing rather then anything else.

Meanwhile, the whole nonsense just keep repeating itself over and over again. BN leaders keep disappointing me with their stupid conducts and decisions while the Pakatan ones just make me despise them more every time they repeat the same bullshit.

It's more or less a repeat of post 2008 GE.

The only probable difference is that the overwhelming majority of Chinese community are now in the open in their united hatred of the BN (or to be more precise Umno) government following them laying down all of their cards on the table at GE13. Meanwhile, the Malays are still stupidly as divided as ever.

Well, another difference is that I had given up on my home state Johor. The stories I heard about Johor distressed me so much that I had decided not to write about it for now. Suffice to say that the once formidable Johor Umno is in danger of breaking into little factions as there is nothing or anyone to keep them together anymore.

Then there are all those pirates currently rampaging and pillaging up and down the State with no one having the gut to try to stop them.

Johor is in real danger of becoming another Selangor after the next general election.

As for Umno itself....I rather not write about it, simply because, I don't see anything inspiring about the party at this moment.

Just look at the new line up of its State liaison committee chairmen. Except for DS Mukhriz Mahathir (Kedah), the rest just don't inspire me.

Shahidan (Perlis), Zambery (Perak), Noh Omar (Selangor), Mat Hassan (Negeri Sembilan), Idris (Malacca), Khaled (Johor), Mat Said (Terengganu). Do you all get very inspired by them?

Ok, Adnan (Pahang), Mustapa (Kelantan) and Musa (Sabah), from the old gang are not so bad. But they are not very inspiring either.

Heck, I can't even remember off hand who's the Umno chief for Penang.

Hopefully, something good will happen after the party elections later this year. I know, the chances are remote, but I don't think I have the choice other than  to keep on hoping for the best.

Eh, enough lah. It's almost Subuh prayer time.

I better get prepared for the day. Maybe later I should go for a walk to sweat out whatever little fever left in my body. Hopefully the haze will clear up today so that I can breath properly again.


  1. Salam Annie,
    Couldn't agree more with you on those "uninspired" umno warlords... but what can I/we say if the "head" of the umno fish & his other half proved to be so uninspiring and so lembek as well? The best he could do was to select all the recycled warlords and dead woods into his "winnable" cabinet... Nasib lah kita Melayu... as the saying goes... nasib orang Melayu tak kan berubah selagi mereka tak mengubah apa yang ada dalam diri mereka... and in the next umno election kalau tak juga nak ubah the head & tail of umno, then we know lah what to expect in the next general election... take care & selamat menghayati ibadah puasa.

    Dhahran Sea

  2. Saya rasa Idris Haron juga ok!

    Jangan putus asa! Allah tidak memberi dugaan kepada hambanya di luar kemampuannya.
    Selalu Baca Surah Al Baqarah 284 - 286 sebagai amalan harian.

    Jangan terlalu 'let down' dengan keadaan dalam UMNO/BN. Masih ada harapan untuk hari esok yang cerah!

    Pemilihan pucuk pimpinan UMNO akan berlaku hujung tahun. Sama sama kita berdoa agar yang terbaik untuk agama Islam,umat Islam Melayu dan Negara akan terpilih sebagai pemimpin, dengan izin Allah swt!

    Di samping berdoa usaha usaha yang jitu perlu dilakukan. Doa dan usaha mesti sering jalan untuk mendapatkan sesuatu.

    Saya amat gembira membaca lontaran pandangan tajam terbaru dari minda TDM mengenai UMNO dan kepimpinannya.

    Akibat keasyikan ( moga Allah ampunkan )membacanya saya belum lagi Solat sunat Dhuha yang biasa saya lakukan bila masuk waktunya.

    Annie sebagai penulis blog yang semakin popular, boleh menyumbang dengan menulis artikel artikel mengenai kepentingan UMNO menjadi kuat dengan pemimpin yang berwibawa.

    Jangan lupa tulisan yang bernas lebih tajam daripada pedang!

    Ingat semua orang boleh memainkan peranan mengikut kemampuan kita!

  3. If you follow the history of Islamic empires, you will find one common trait. After a period of early struggle, Allah bestowed them great wealth but these wealth quickly concentrate on small number of elite who enjoy unimaginable comfort while the masses continue to live in abject poverty.

    With these wealth, the elitist will gradually stray away from their founder's principles based of Islam teaching. Then come power struggle for the control of the wealth. The warlords who lost the battle will start an uprising, usually from external assistance, that will eventually destroyed the empire. And, the cycle begin again.

    You see them here. The elite malays were, who enjoyed the friuit of labour of their founding fathers are enjoying wealth way beyond what is required for a comfortable living. Who bought all those million ringgit supercars showcased at Naza? What was the reason for owning one other than showing off their ill gotten wealth to the peasants. Who frequent those seedy night clubs, karaoke, massage parlours?, the malays decision makers, being entertained by these chinese and indian businessmen.

    I am not all surprise at the demise of malay power, only the speed of which it takes place. Instead of hundreds of years in the case of the Ottoman Empire, UMNO takes only decades. I guess everything is speedy in Bolehland.

    Syaitan will never give up their struggle to deviate human from the right path. WWW, wealth, women, wine will eventually get those who were not careful.

  4. May the Creator Lord light up our hearts as sure as the morning sun, Annie and all,

    Celebrate Mercy for all the Worlds

  5. yadaaaaaaa, the most inspire politician of all time is Ghani Othman, satisfy now Annie ??? WTF !!

  6. Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

    Setuju dgn u, annie. Agak2 bilanya kita akan berpeluang melihat sebuah kerajaan Malaysia yg ditunjangi oleh UMNO yg benar2 menghargai perjuangan rakyat marhen? PM kita skrg nampak lemah dlm pelbagai isu sama ada dlm parti ataupun nasional. Annie, skrg bukan shj blogawan pro pembangkang yg menyerang PM malah terdapat beberapa blogawan pro UMNO sudah nampak mula menyerang PM disebabkan beberapa isu yg mereka anggap PM gagal mengatasinya. Persoalan skrg, adakah episod ' abdullah badaw' berulang? Pemilihan UMNO pd hujung tahun ini bakal menentukan nasib PM selaku Presiden UMNO sekali gus menentukan nasib negara tercinta kita. Saya berdoa kpd Allah agar Malaysia sentiasa aman dan apa jua masalah pun diselesaikan dgn etika bertamadun insyaAllah.

  7. I am glad you' re getting better. You must take care if your health. A nice piece and enjoyed it as well.

  8. Annie I never knew that you are a very pious Muslim woman that never forgets his creator 5 times a day. But I am doubtful of yr alim kucing when you called Emir Mavani of FGV as an ugly bald guy. Who do you think you bloody bitch whore think of yourself? I really hope you could show your real self so that all your supporters and me can judge yr look. I bet you are sexy and attractive or may be you got muka pecah that you can't even get any man to satisfy you. I hope you better start hiring the best lawyer in town soon. You post of condemning people's look was so immature and I am sure that you will say that "it was only a joke". Now we know from where you are coming bad family for sure. Damn you Annie!

  9. Zaman sekarang things are progressing so fast - we also need fast thinking leaders to help push this nation forward (macam TDM).

    Najib is too lembek for the new generation of Malays..

  10. Hi Annie,

    Rest for awhile, but don't you ever quit.

    Things will get better, and you had, and have a hand in making things right.

    You have a gift.

    You blog is very relatable.

    My wife and I enjoy it tremendously, mostly because you take the words right out of our mouths and lay it out in such a clear and concise manner.

    Take care.

    Selamat berpuasa.

    Last few days, lets take full advantage of it.

    Farouk Zahir & Tan Anna ;)

  11. REF "yadaaaaaaa, the most inspire politician of all time is Ghani Othman, satisfy now Annie ??? WTF !!"

    Isn't this utterance the Anti-Thesis of Ramadan Spirit of Self-Restraint and Respecting Others?