Monday 15 July 2013

Just a little Ramadhan morning bitching

It's a struggle for me to get up for work this morning.

I had slept early, woke up about 3am, and went back to sleep about 6am.

It's not just my disorderly sleeping habit during this Ramadhan month which made me find it hard to go to work.

The situation at my work place is actually the main reason that makes me feel like not to be there.

It's suffocating as there are too many conniving people in the office.

I'm not the type who enjoys petty office politics, so, most of the time I just let these people be and mind my own business at my own little corner.

Some are extremely irritating though, especially the bodek king and back stabber varieties.

Sometimes I wonder how do these people live their lives with that sorts of mentality programmed in their brain.

Aren't they tired of being themselves? How about their spouse and children? Aren't they sick and tired of living with such a person?

There had been a few attempts by these sorts of people in my office to get at me. I mostly just ignored them as I don't really care what they or even my bosses think of me.

I just want to do my job and as long as the company pays my salary, I'm fine with it. The rest doesn't really matter to me.

It's good that I'm not the ambitious type. So, even if the bosses were suckered by those bastards and decided not to promote me or give me career improvement assignments, I will still be okay.

Just jangan potong gaji aku sudah lah.

Whatever it is, I rather let my works do the talking. If the bosses are smart enough to appreciate it, then I believe that it doesn't matter what ever those stupid donkeys tried to do to me.

I think the same should be applied by politicians who sincerely want to do good for the country.

Just do a good job, live by good principals and keep the conscience clear.

What's the point of debasing oneself for position and power while people spit at our loathsome kiss-ass conducts.

We should bear in mind that at the end of the day, we will be judged by the way we live our life and not by how much worldly gains we accumulate nor our position in life.


  1. Dear Annie - I know how you feel. I was like that once too!

    Check out my online book, A Step Closer To Financial Freedom:

    Maybe it can help you retire early like me. Now, everyday is like Saturday to me.. no bosses, no deadlines, no subordinates, no traffic jams, no performance reviews and no office politics! Bliss!!

  2. Dear Annie..maybe its your changed sleeping pattern that is contributing to this bitching, this commiserating, the hangover and this complaining.I saw that you slept early, woke up at 3am and went back to sleep at 6. This is definitely the cause of all these bad feelings.
    May I suggest that since you slept early assuming at 9 then sleep right up to 430.Dont wake up at 3. At 430 do whatever active and quiet like sex becos sex is allowed you know with the legitimate spouse in this month , then do the rest like taking your sahur or feed the cats ,sweep the rooms, clean the kitchen, swiched on the porch's light and wash the car, don't forget to take your ritual bath, mandi junub with a good warm bath, get dressed lightly in a sarong or a torn t shirt, then watch TV whilst take a couple of winks, but not sleeping in bed again. At 830 or so then go to office.Lunch time try to catch a bit of sleep again.
    With this routine you wont be bitching again

  3. May I suggest something along this ritual in the nights of Ramadhan.

    Buka puasa, maghrib, dinner, solat isya and taraweh berjemaah, tadarus, sleep, wake up, tahajjud, sahur, solat subuh berjemmah.

    All the trials and tribulations at the office will not go away, but insyaallah, you will cope with it better.

  4. anon 1016, You must be definite about the sex thing . Whereas sex is actually not forbidden (but only with the legitimate spouse) and you cant do it during the day time ie whilst fasting...fasting means also abstinence from food, from drinks, from oral sex , from anything amourous that excites the sexual thing like most PAS men and most of their women too, watching sex and porn , writing malicious blogs , etc etc..
    best is to follow the routine from brother anon 1025 above