Sunday 14 July 2013

Just only a few good men

The rain outside had just stopped. I'm just laying in bed feeling a bit bored.

A friend from Johor had earlier called to chit chat. He is still looking for a job, almost two months after GE13.

Such is the way it is for those who work for politicians.

He is one of the good guys who never used his position to enrich himself when he was in a position of power before the election.

He insisted that he is okay despite his currently jobless status.

"My conscience is clear. That's worth more than anything else," he said, adding that he regrets nothing for serving an incorruptible boss who always insists on his subordinates to maintain the same principals as himself.

I admire this friend of mine. There are not many like him around.

Most of those who know him always thought that he is already rich for being in a position of power and influence for so long.

"Don't bluff la, surely he has by now become very rich for serving his boss all those years," said one of my friend's detractors not too long ago.

To those like that, my friend being an Umno worker could never be clean of corruption despite no evidence which could prove his guilt.

But I know that he is not rich at all as he has always been very strict in adhering to his principle of doing his job according to how it was supposed to be done.

Anyway, I don't think I can be like him, being so cool despite the prospect of hardship. After all, it's going to be Hari Raya soon, and he is still out of work.

A lot of people assume things as according to how they themselves would had acted under the same circumstances.

Those who accused or assumed people of misdeeds such as corruption tend to be themselves susceptible of such acts.

That's why my friend was alleged to be corrupted. Those who accused him actually were themselves prone to commit those corrupt deeds if given the chance to do so.

I hope my friend will soon find himself a job. I know that he needs it. He has a family to take care.

I hope the good guys will win and be rewarded in the end.

InsyaAllah they will.

But for those who are truly corrupted, I hope they will continue to rot in their unclean thoughts and deeds.

There are many of those in positions of power now.


  1. Annie,

    Your friend is a good man.

    He is of impeccable integrity. I'm sure something would come along his way, soon.

  2. People without principles are usually the one who will be quick to mistrust the others and find it hard that others unlike them, can be honest and live by strong moral principles. You usually can tell who they are just by talking to them.

  3. Annie, don't worry, Ghani with take care of him after your posting. Business as usual, "You help me , I help you"

  4. Good men are hard to come by these days...and very difficult to BE a good man. Too many cynics out there...they're judge, jury & executioner.

    1. and too many thinking using their little dick only:)

  5. Annie the Ghanie
    Hows the puasa been?its already 5 days , so very fast time moves these days. We had a Ramadhan buffett at one of the hotels, at 68++ its not cheap considering the spread is just ordinary and located like on 3 floors one end is the mee rebus and all the pasta dishes and the skewed lambs on the ground floor.Drinks on the other end. The dates ie kurma they served were of low quality and its like last years purchase

    The hotels converted one of the vacant spaces for a temp surau, which was good but when you have to take your mini bath,ie wudhu its like another 50 metres away and not enough slippers were make available and at that place we saw males putting their feet in the sink!!with what a funny sight
    maybe just make a small extension pipe will solve the problem.

    There was a couple of elderly Mat Salleh, the man in shorts and the lady was wearing a body tight tongs and so maybe I guess they were non muslim,maybe from the Vatican, and what was nice they did not eat until the Azan prayers.
    BUT a group of Chinese from don't know where was very rowdy and loud as them came in from just 7pm and throughout the berbuka feast. What irked us the group males and females made a beeline to the food spread and some were eating before Azan unlike the Mat salleh couple. Their behavior were simply bad and arrogant and show no respect whatsoever to the rest I really wanted to give them a big kick but Ramadhan teaches us among other to cool the tempers and the tantrums. On Hindsight should have asked the Hotel manager to eject them from the place or ask them to eat outside.
    That was our Ramadhan buffett experience and at 68++ or at RM 80 its no value for money and we shall forget that place forever.
    Btw When is Ghanie inviting Annie to his ramadhan break fast do?..can we get invited too??

    1. You are expecting too much from the Cinabeng lah. Politeness and showing courtesy is BEYOND them. They may dress all the branded stuff..D&G..Gucci..etc with the stupid hair color/do, drive a BMW etc. but their tongsang grooming will shine thru and never fail you.

    2. It's called a Ramadhan buffet, because it's the fasting month. It doesn't mean non Muslims have to observe the break fast time too. If it irks you, then you are weak. Puasa is a test. There will be challenges to face.
      Looking at your shallow mentality, it's obvious you don't see beyond your own prejudice.
      You whine and complain and you bitch. So much for the Ramadhan spirit, huh?

      BTW, read the topic lah kawan. Apa kena mengena dengan di atas?

    3. Gani the Malay girls whipper14 July 2013 at 19:07

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Anon 19:07,
      Your comment crossed the line of chronic moronity and therefore I had to remove it.

    5. About mat sallehs and cinas at the break of fast ..... of human empathy and religious sensitivity:

      Fasting for the Loving Heart:

      "People of other types" are not thoroughly typical .. but where is "my" heart typically?
      May Allah forgive and bless us all with the essential meanings of the Quran through the guiding light of Muhammad s.a.w..

    6. Come on lah Annie, let us read what "Gani the Malay girls whipper" comments, don't be so chicken ok !!

      After all, you have been calling and labeling the non Muslim with the most derogatory terms in your post.

    7. Anon 20:22
      Which of my postings where I had labelled the non-Muslims with the most derogatory terms?
      Anyway, I had been called all sorts of derogatory names by commoners here, yet I had let them through. Still not enough is it?
      If you want to post moronic comments about Datuk Ghani, then go set up your own blog. Don't do it in mine.

    8. Cmon lah we know what/how Muslims think about Non-Muslims too. What they say among themselves and talk at home. Consider of our food and drinks.They think their women with the potato sack bungkus so righteous and good and condemn the others for not wearing the same kasi-mati- pucuk- wear. When Muslim women wake up, realize that they've been controlled by their Macho chauvinist men and not angguk2 attribute it to God instead, that will change history...for the better! They are missing out so much in life, loved to be controlled and really believe living in 7 century Arabia must have been wonderful!!

    9. Yo Annie, you made yr blog smelling like a tong sampah, busuk...stink..."siapa makan cili dia lah yg rasa pedas", don't you deny anymore Annie, you have been disparaging the non muslim community all these while with your posting.

      "You reap what you sow", Annie!!

    10. ya ke ? Annie begitu jahat ?? biar betoi

    11. Tak payahlah nak buka puasa kat hotel. Masa inilah pengusaha hotel dan restaurant mengaut keuntungan.

      Berbuka saja di rumah. Ramadhan mengajar kita berjimat cermat.

    12. Puasa adalah untuk muslimain dan muslimat. Mengapa bukan Islam sibut hendak sama-sama berbuka puasa.

      Why don't they just leave the muslim alone, just for for a month.

    13. muslim macam anon 21:59 lah yg akan merosakkan nama baik Islam di mata dunia !!

    14. Saya cukup malu kalau Cina mengaku mereka Malaysian. Tapi lega jugak kerana dah memang adat resam cara hidup mereka macam tu, satu dunia dah tau perangai cina, sama saja..

      I attended my close friend son's graduation kat one of Beijing's prestigous Uni..(tumpang pi melancung sana dgn dia), alamak besarnya kanteen, tapi ada yang makan duk menyangkung! Ludah tu merata tempat - kawan I (Cina) pun naik menyampah.

      Masuk rumah sedar dia kat sana, tinggal kasut kat tangga, kejap saja habis kena sapu..(panjang tangan, kasut pun kena kebas). Dengar kawan saya ziarah relative, nah... ramai datang nak jumpa dia, untuk apa? Minta sedekah!!! (Cina sana sangka Malaysian Chinese semua billionaires).

      I ada video Makcik dia bela tikus dalam rumah! Untuk ape? Makan!!!

      Kira perangai Cina kat Malaysia elok sikit le kalau nak bandingkan dengan sedara mara mereka yang masih duk kat Tanah Besar China. (Kalau dah DNA sama, susah nak ubah... sebenarnya Eng Guan mengajak mereka kat Penang UBAH).

    15. Orang cina yang tanpa segan silu nak join melayu sama2 berbuka inilah yang akan merosakkan orang Islam. Fokus keduniaan mereka tiada batas. Apa saja cara untuk mengkorupkan orang Islam akan digunakan. Bila berbuka di hotel, solat fardu dan wajib jadi perkara kedua, melantak jadi keutamaan. Kononya nak menjaga hati orang yang membelanja.

      Sampai masa orang islam gunakan kesempatan di bulan mulia ini untuk muhasabah diri, dan mencari keredhaan Allah.

    16. bodoh betul anon 21:21

    17. Anon lupa punya cerita di negeri Cina patut diberitahu semua orang Melayu.

      "alamak besarnya kanteen, tapi ada yang makan duk menyangkung! "

      Ya tuan-tuan, orang-orang Cina datang ke tanah melayu sebagai kuli mendulang timah. Makan cangkung di kongsi mereka dan meludah di sana sini.

      Kemudia mereka rasuah pemimpin Melayu sampai jadi kaya.

      Tapi hakikatnya mereka ini kaum yang miskin tiada budaya tamadun yang baik. Cina yang kaya tidak datang jadi kuli di Malaya.

      Jadi awasi Cina mcm Guan Eng atau Vincent Tan Sing Pau semua tu Cina apek meludah dan mencangkuk je. Jadi jangan harapkan apa-apa yang bertamadun dari mereka.

  6. Ghani dapat jadi Chairman Sime Darby, penyokongnya apa dapat ??

    1. Anon 1548 memanglah satu soalan yang baik walau pun akau rate soalan bodoh dan provokativ.
      Dalam tata kenegarawan dan dlm system democracy yang kita amalkan tidak lah boleh lari dari sesaorang itu diangkat /dilantik jadi itu dan ini. Kalau lah PM lantik anak dia maka tidak kah kau anon 15.48 akan melenting dan melonjak2 macam kera gila?Apa salahnya dilantik sesaorang yang berpengalaman yang setia kpd parti yang ada personality baik macam Musa hitam, dan selepas tu Ghani di beri peluang mengetuai GLC spt Sime Darby. Apa kau nak buat latihlah anak kau, sedara engkau umpamanya berpelajaran tinggi, masuk politik, berjuang, mendekati rakyat, setia kpd parti dan perjuangan Doa ajelah semuga dapat lah di lantik sekurang2 nya. Peluang ekonomi dan keadaan politik dan keamanan yang stabil membuat banyak peluang bagi kita. memang lah penyokong tak semua boleh dapat tapi percayalah jika Negara dan Kerajaan bekecamok semua orang tak dapat.
      Kau ingat bila Anwar/Lim Kit Siang/Hadi Awang jadi PM dia tak lantik kroni/sedara mara, bapak dia dlm board dan dlm GLC?

    2. Soalan yg baik tapi rate soalan bodoh dan provokativ ???
      Hang ni tak bersekolah ke ??

      kalau baik tu, takkan bodoh ?? tolong jelaskan !!


    3. Q : Anon 17:46 dapat apa dari UMNO ???
      A : Kain pelikat, gula, tepung dan beras sekilo serta baucer Mydin bernilai RM20.00.

    4. hehe.. melayu memang suffer from cognitive dissonance cos their critical thinking level is challenged. Memang tak di galakkan berpikir dari kecik lagi. Bersetuju dgn the herd of lembu is prefered. Cakap lain reasoning lain. Conclusion pon hampeh. Yg penting tunjuk alim dan dan pengikut yg arif.Sad.

    5. Penyokong dapat apa ????????

      penyokong dapat baca serta buat comment di blog Annie.

      penyokong dapat buat complain pasal 2 bulan tak kerja dan tak bergaji di blog Annie.

      penyokong dapat masa depan yg tak tentu.

    6. Moral of the story: Don't be a follower, be the leader. High risk but potentially high reward too.

      Pengikut biasanya jadi lembu, win or lose.

    7. Whipping Unmarried Malay girls30 July 2013 at 03:12

      Betul tu Annie. You should be chairman of Sime Darby.
      It is really a simple job. Even Musa Hitam can do it.
      Hell SPM indian guy Azeez Rahim is Chairman of 35 billion Malay trust fund.

      We all must aspire to control these Malay companies. Ghani is corrupt that is why Lim Kit Siang loves him. It is that simple.
      What has Johor achieve beside whipping unmarried malay girls?

      What? If you are the MB of Johor would you do that? A Cinabeng woman is now the speaker of Malay muslim majority Selangor!! Cannot speak Malay and a Christian preacer some more.

      So aim high...

  7. Whats with Annie and Ghani ni?...move on lahhhh...
    Tell your friend its not enuf to be clean. You have to be smart too and have back up plans without resorting to corruption.

  8. Sdri Annie, dlm bulan yg baik ini pun masih ramai yg berfikiran duniawi semata. Nilai2 murni dipandang remeh dan ketinggalan zaman. Respects to ur friend dan semoga DG dapat memimpin dan membawa SD 'to a higher level'. DG is one of the good guys, Annie and regardless of other's opinion, ur entitled to your's too. Keep writing!

  9. I link this posting to my blog. Very interesting.