Sunday 7 July 2013

Personal midnight thoughts

It's another lonely Saturday night for me.

Finished work earlier in the evening and went straight home.

This is my typical weekend nights.

But I'm not complaining much as I do appreciate the solitude, some times.

Anyway, it is better to be lonely than hanging out with the Chinese guy, his friends and their girlfriends at some noisy joints, which is their usual activity on weekend nights.

I never like spending time like that and nowadays I never try to be polite about it whenever he asked me to go out to that kind of places.

Anyway, earlier I wrote quite a bit about a very unique girl who is a colleague of mine but decided to spike it off as on second thought I think my other colleagues will likely know I'm the owner of this blog if they read it.

Quite a pity actually, as I think it could have been a really thought provoking posting. I had even gave it a title - The girl with numerous piercings on her face. 

Well, these days, I find it hard to be inspired, so that every little bits wasted seems quite a pity.

It is especially hard when I want to write a proper sopo posting as I'm actually unhappy with a lot of things happening on the BN side. 

But, of course unfortunately, the other side was still even worse.

That's why I ended up writing more about myself and the happenings in my boring life of late. 

Therefore, let it be forewarned that those who finds my blog lack the substance of a serious sopo blog, they are advised that they should just simply not read it.

Ok, to please myself a bit before going to sleep, here is a nice girl girl song,

Cheers and good nite....


  1. Annie,
    U need to see my Aunt who is 55 years old. The woman is a Formula 1 engine!! She's active in a sport and works out with such a discipline puts me a 25 yr old to shame. I don't have half her energy and rarely do i see her even down with a flu. She's a divorcee (she wanted out - was married to an A-hole). Has many2 suitors but said she enjoys the freedom of the single life and dating good men too much. Said when the right person comes along perhaps but she is not in a hurry. When I grow up I wanna be like her.

  2. Bored on saturday night?

    Life can't be that bad. I am sure there are man lonely men around, looking for lonely gal for s romantic dinner in town.

    Anywsy, that's a common profile in any dating sites.