Monday 22 July 2013

I wish I can be a dragon

Tonight I'm too tired to write about anything heavy.

Been busy the whole day.

Then, there's the matter of entertaining all those legal action threats and large number of comments at my last posting.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what the fuss was really all about.

It was after all just me being silly in the middle of the night after reading some postings at several prominent blogs on the FGV issue.

I did wonder whether owners of those other blogs were being threatened with legal suits too for posting even more serious stuff on the same subject matter.

Or is it because I'm a woman that I was being singled out as an easy target.

Really, just look at the number of DAP cybertroopers commenting at my blog. I think I got more of them than prominent blogs such as Rockybru these days. I really do wonder why it was so.

Well, never mind. I believe that I had done my best to appease those who got angry over that last posting of mine. Indeed, some people really have no sense of humor. I had even apologized, yet still they are not happy.

Okay, tonight I just want to bitch a bit about the first postponement of the appeal against the acquittal of DS Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case.

You can read about it somewhere in this Bernama story,

Muhammad Shafee To Lead Prosecution In Appeal Against Anwar's Acquittal

I'm sure most of you all could remember the numerous postponements of the case before it reached this stage.

I really think that Anwar should hire a more healthy lawyer than Karpal Singh. I know that Karpal is the Lion of the Lions (this one I got from one of those comments at my last posting) and all that, but seriously, the old man is not well. Let him rest for goodness sake and hire a new lawyer from those tens of thousands at the Bar instead. I'm sure the majority of them are good at their job and are sympathetic to Anwar, anyway.

By the way, I really like the name of that Bernama journalist who wrote that story - Jocelyn Ann Dragon

It's so cool.

I wish I have a name like that. I bet people don't really want to bully a girl with a name like that.


  1. Keep up the good work annie. It doesnt have to be the serious stuff all the time.All work and no play, even the dragon would find it a tad too much

  2. You are one formiidable dragon lady, these DAP bakuteh dogs cannot touch you because their intellect is as good as the state when they wank in Komtar tower looking at their boss bald wife while daddy GE bends his Rainbow.

  3. Delaying hearings is a common and effective tactic for people with money to burn.

    Lawyer fees are expensive, I'm sure it's the same in Malaysia.

  4. Anon 00:22,

    That's a good one! And also whenever Iguana Eng has to perform his husbandly duties to his bald Betty, he has to think of Rainbow to make his anu workable.

    1. Iguana Eng?

      No, no, no.....

      More of Plaster Limmy aka 'Rainbow', ok?

      Don't you dare take that title from me!!


      Talk some more? I sue you kaw-kaw!


  5. You must be doing something right dearest Annie to be single out like this. Keep it up.

    :D sarah

  6. Nice post dragon lady

  7. You are too nice Annie. If I were you I would have deleted all those comments from DAP ct. Why give their negativity airspace? You should only lift the ban after LGE lifted the ban on Utusan. After awhile I'm sure they will stop harassing you.

    Freedom of speech is not in DAP's vocabulary anyway so I'm sure the DAP ct will not be offended.. hehe

  8. Annie you are no:1 blogger now.
    Jangan la jadi MINAH DRAGON.
    In the 70s-80s D.R.A.G.O.N = Dara Rosak Akhlak Godaan Oleh Nafsu.

  9. The story about Anwar will resign from politics if he failed to capture the PM's post after GE13 but like all his promises, there were all just empty promises, went to Indon to get an arbitrator , just very confident of him to win.

    Re the place to lecture I think Anwar Ibrahim wont lecture in Middlesex becos it is sex you know as it will conjure a lot of sexual interest in him so difficult to prepare and give lectures. Becos Wan Azizah has menopaused, sex is susah dapat , jadi susahsex like Sussex. Anwar now has to resort to outside sex, its outsidesex or rearsex when it comes with boys
    Being like a Dragon is a term when someone is high on acids and designer drugs. Interesting name indeed


    First thing they taught me at university was to check the facts and not listen to gossip and hearsay. Newspapers, Wikipedia, ODA are notorious for misinformation. Best to go to the evidence and do your own research. Study their websites, speak to some of their mentors/alumni/present students, call the college, etc. From reading these blogs it seems Malaysians like gossip and have not learnt to do their OWN research. Did anyone actually call Dr. Ranjit Sing? Malvani? Maybe they should do a course at Warnborough on Research Skills!