Monday 15 July 2013

Slapping the Muslims for being stupid and divided

There are two issues which I had refrained from writing up till now,

1. The Vatican envoy's Kalimah Allah issue which latest updates you can read here,
Do the right thing, Nuncio

2. The local sex crazed bloggers' bakuteh Ramadhan insult which latest updates you can read here,
The Star spinning and covering up for Alvivi

I had not wanted to write about those issues when it first started because I don't trust myself to be objective enough in my analysis.

Now with it well into Ramadhan, and I don't have too much spare energy to be too angry, I think I can write a bit about those issues.

As far as I'm concerned, both issues were actually caused by Muslims themselves.

Their failure to unite and greed for power among their leaders were reasons why their enemies dare to insult and spit on them as it were in those issues.

The Muslims were also too engrossed over petty things which pit themselves against one another that they failed to see the real threats faced by their community.

They are more concerned with things such as enforcing laws to prohibit the wearing of shorts and kebaya rather then empowering their community with better economic and political clout by forming a united front.

Remember when most Malay women used to wear kebaya instead of the "more Islamic" dresses of these days during the 1960s?

How come was it that no one dare to insult Islam in this country at that time? Why is it now that the Muslims appeared to be more pious that people who hate Islam becoming more daring? Is it because Muslims back then were more united?

Pas for instance rather being friends of DAP which started the whole Kalimah Allah issue than being friends of Umno, a party made up of mostly Malay muslims like itself.

In case anyone forgot, it was Lim Guan Eng who reignited the Kalimah Allah issue in his Christmas message in December last year which he had actually aimed at inciting the bumiputera Christians in Sabah and Sarawak to go against Barisan Nasional in the GE13.

Pas had flip flopped on the matter before deciding at the end to adhere to its Majlis Syura's decision of going against its DAP and PKR allies.

Nonetheless, I don't see Pas protesting too loudly now that the Vatican envoy had backed the local Catholics' demands, probably because the party wants to menjaga hati all those evangelists who dominated their DAP ally.

I bet they would had organized a massive rally at Dataran Merdeka if those evangelists are instead allies of BN.

As for that sex couple bloggers, they were nothing but vermin who should just be ignored.

However, since the Star, had promoted them into becoming some sort of celebrities, then I have this bit to say - actually the MCA-own newspaper is the one which wants to pull a fast one on the Muslims in this country.

The Star had highlighted the couple actually because what they said is what the newspaper wants to say itself.

It is just using the couple as its front to tell off the Muslims - "You son of bitches  are all too weak and divided to do anything to us even if we slapped your face with a slab of pork meat".

And true enough, there was nothing much the Muslims can do about the issue, the same as it was when the Star put that pork dish as part of it's Ramadhan Delights pull-out about two years ago.


  1. Who is the biggest enemy of Islam?

    1. Islam is an Arab way of life. So let arab lives their sahara lifestyles.

      The mistake is to assume that the Arabs want other races to be like them. Not at all.

      The Arabs have their social structure. Which is feudalistic.

      So you cannot be like them unless you want to be their kadam/slaves.

      There is no religion without a King. This saying means that religion serves to perpetuate the power of a King and is not in line with democracy. Thus you find, S. Arabia is still ruled by a King.

      So how about us Malays? We cannot be slaves to S. Arabia King. So we should just choose the civilisational aspect of islam. Islam hadhari. that old man paklah maybe sleepy and stupid but he was aware that islam in malaya cannot be like islam in s. arabia.

      Or if we are power crazy we declare ourselves islamic priests or ulamas and claim power over others just what the catholics have done. But luckily malaysia is a democracy so ulama or muftis dont have the control over the mind of the malays.

      Its parliament which made laws. So beware of Pengarah Jawi wanting to control beautiful Malay women. Perrgh...beautiful Malay women are mine..hehe..

      Pengarah Jawi can have PAS has been artists...muahaha

  2. Well said 'little lady of the valley'. As a Muslim who likes to believe he is enlightened, I have always wished that we Muslims are not stupid and divided. Whatever happened to the Kebaya and Songkok which were our identity? We now don robes and caps which are meant for the Arabian desert! We must not forget that we Muslims in the East are really converts of the religion of Arabs and should not pretend we are Arabs from the hot and humid Middle East. The important thing is the belief in Islam.

    1. Arab's is the chosen one by Allah, as such Muslim in Malaysia must compliance with Arab style, not Gangnam Style.

    2. Really? Is this mentioned in Quran?

    3. ask Ostazah Annie..

    4. In the blessed Prophet's final sermon before his passing away, the Prophet s.a.w. reminded the people to be God-conscious and merciful.
      "Know that every Muslim is a brother or sister to every other Muslim. All humanity is descended from our common father and mother Adam and Eve;
      An Arab is not more superior than a non-Arab; neither is a non-Arab more superior than an Arab.
      The white man is not better than a black man; neither is the black man better than a white man, .... what matters is the God-consciousness of our souls and our good deeds towards others."
      Pass on the good news!

    5. anon 13:54...there is no such thing as god chosen people..this idea of race base chosen people is from the abrahimic later tradition influence by the hebrew rabai..then arab adopt this idea..god didn't choose but human if you didn't notice your so called arab the chosen people are backward and weak nowdays..what to be proud of..buat malu adalah..tau cipta fatwa seks dan peraturan utk merogol je..bodoh punya arab.

    6. Could not understand why the Arab bashing here...

      Don't have to bad mouth other people to state a point.

      A few bad apples just don't justify calling apple as bad fruit.

      We know the basic guideline on dressing, the purpose, the intention, the choices available to us. Well, every one has the choice to make. Should one feel comfortable to take certain type of clothes, let he/she be.

      Why the need for us to put on tie and suits now for example when it was not also our culture? Why do we need to follow then? Bad mouth people as backward, then the people in tie and suits also had murdered non-combatants, woman, children and the old included in HIroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bomb. This was done by people in tie and suit...then this type of people we want to follow?

      The main thing is the message is put across. Should someone want to follow or not to follow, we should leave it to them to choose according to their own time and level of faith.

      And of course on other aspect is to follow certain level of decorum in the society.

    7. the arab should be bash too...why not? thier ceramah they bash every single people who didn't make thier crazy standard..even fellow arab..this is a cancer among them..hate jews..hate america...hate the infidel..hate..hate..hate..hate women with beautiful uncovered hair too...but saudi(the holy land) is the main beneficery of the american and isreal..they dare to attack syria but scared to attack israel..they just let the palestinian arab die..and they come to malaysia oppossing thier political view and try to brainwash us with thier petty sentimental feeling about thier people bad luck which is because thier own fault for not uniting..and make them weak

    8. What the duck?? The man in suit and tie dont go around declaring he is the one true way and bomb others for not believing the same.Tries to impose his ways and lifestyle on others and bully women. I take the suit and tie anytime - the Arabs give you what -Anesthesia? Antibiotics? Internet? The gown and headtowel is good for the desert and should stay there.

    9. Don't be so naive la. What's your proof that Arab (nee Islam) bomb others for for not believing the same.

      Don't you know that many of suit and tie advances in medicine, astronomy, philosophy originate from the Islam? If you don't know, please use the suit and tie's internet to find out. easy!

    10. so why tha arab now so lack behind if medicine astronomy etc originated from know why the arab becoming more fanatic with thier teological ideas and neglect science knowledge..while the west adopt the scientific pursuit and confine the church dogma's..that why they're so advance arab didn't create medicine astronomy and so on...they improvise it and studied the old knowledge from the greek text,the roman, the ancient indian and even from the chinese...they willing to study...nowadays most of them says it's all dunia what important in the afterlife..even if they want to suicide bombing they have to buy a bomb from other...they cant produce and create.

    11. Simple. Allah give the Arab wealth. Why create, if you can buy those technologies.

      Please do not compare Arab with Islam. They are only a minority in the whole muslim world. Allah said the Quran was revealed in Arabic but Arab was never mentioned as the chosen people.

      Islam teaching is to use the world to prepare for the hereafter. Many of the technology introduced by the west and east alike today, created more destruction than benefit.

    12. hehe.. and these dungus think those early Arabs got their knowledge from thin air. Overlooking that many times it was borrowed/ciplak from the Greeks.And many of those Arab intellectuals were agnostics and murtads in the first place. Pergi lah belajar sejarah habis2.

    13. Some pics please28 July 2013 at 22:28

      Well, these old religion have served their purpose. It renriched the Arabs and the Jews and the Italians etc.

      Its up to us to live our live the way we want to. So... lets see you in your new Hari Raya getup... :)

      While you are still young enough to model those baju kurung. When you are old and withered you can join PAS some women we know.

  3. Muslim always blame their own failure on others and see every non muslim as their enemy, even have a term for non muslim as kafir !! A fine example is Ostazah Annie the Drama Queen that inciting hatred and humiliating against the non muslim in her day after day posting.

    As Malaysia Muslim believes that's only One God, very soon the word 'GOD' in any other languages will be ban by UMNO from using by the non muslim.

    1. Are you on drugs man?

      "very soon the word 'GOD' in any other languages will be ban by UMNO from using by the non muslim." Geez!

      UMNO in all its more than half century in power never incite hatred for anybody, that's why Cinabeng like you can make lots of money and live well in this country.

      Can't say the same for DAP, PAS and PKR though since "hatred" is their raison d'etre. Hatred for Malays, fellow Muslims and Tun M respectively.

    2. Anon 14:37 is a truly 100% tulen UMNO man !!

      UMNO never incite hatred?? gosh,ni dah kena BTNed kot !!


    3. This comment must came from a very low minded come this kind of low class people exist in Malaysia...

      hopefully this breed not came out of national school...

      must came from the breed never mix around in this multiracial country to understand and to respect one another...

    4. 1. Kafir is derived from Arabic Kufr. Kufr is a term with one of the meaning to mean ungrateful.

      2. This is not being ungrateful to the Muslim or Malay or Umno here in Malaysia, but ungrateful to the God for not acknowledging Him upon HIm giving the man this life in the first place and to Provide the man with sustenance and everything for them in this livelihood.
      Yet the same man worship and thankful to other gods, to other human associating Him with other creations.

      3. Another meaning of kufr is meant to conceal or to hide. Although the man knows that they are nothing on their own without the God (Allah), yet they hesitate and they want to deny that fact.

      4. Being Muslim is simply submitting to Him alone and not to other gods, or masters or human. Thus liberating man from subservient to other man or other man-made things or other creation.

      4. Simply to address the tendency of many people to simply say things but do not know what the word meant.
      It is not the Muslims labelled the non-believer as such. It is the God.

    5. Anon 17:58, have you heard GOD spoken ?? or you appoint yourself as God spokesperson ?

    6. Anonymous15 July 2013 19:40

      Please elaborate on you meaning of GOD?

    7. Pasti RBA. Bahalol. If you are not Muslim don't comment.

    8. eh why ask you are the authority what. At least some of us admit and have the humility to say *we dont know* :)

    9. refer to Quran if u so interested...?

      ...Quran is God speaks to man

    10. Quran is from God..really? Proof please. If its becos it says so Cannot Pakai - I can also write a book and say its from God.

    11. Anonymous - 16 July 2013 01:13

      "O disbelievers, [1] I do not worship that which you worship, [2] nor do you worship the One whom I worship. [3] And neither I am going to worship that which you have worshipped, [4] nor will you worship the One whom I worship. [5] For you is your faith, and for me, my faith." [6] Al-Kafirun

    12. anon 06.52

      Big deal. SO...????

    13. so worship whatever you likelah..let muslim be go worship datuk kongkah..datok lim kah...dato karpal kah...even your worship your own punya psl.

    14. The duty of a muslim is to convey the message of Allah, as prescribed in the Quran. No human can change the belief of another human, only Allah. If Anon 7:10 is indeed a disbeliever or worse a believer turned disbeliever, then only Allah can change his or her heart.

    15. Anon 08.14

      Who's stopping you from worshiping your mahahullabullaakmehkarhambala desert God?

    16. Anon 10:21

      Then you point is?

    17. Point is stop acting like you OWN the truth bcos sorry to make you come back to DONT. Its only a belief lah NOT FACT. YOU CANNOT PROVE BOLLOCKS!!

    18. Anonymous16 July 2013 18:18

      If you want to engage the believers here through your insults and insinuation, then your effort is futile. At the end the believers will not turn to a disbeliever, neither you will turn into a believer.

      The signs of existence of Allah are everywhere for those who are enlightened. If you cannot see, then I pity you.

      Allah give a believer light and guidance and he/she shared it with others. Whether the receiver will be enlightened or not depend on Allah. Whether the disbeliever will go to hell or not is also not for the believer to say or speculate.

      I suggest you engage your mental intercourse elsewhere.

  4. Sdri Annie, just think about this : In all translation of the Quran, in all reference to the Almighty, the word utilised is always 'ALLAH'. Not ONE language will translate it in any other way. Now, in all translation of the Bible in all laguages of the world, the equivalent of the Almighty will be the word 'LORD/GOD' in that particular languages EXCEPT IN THE MALAY translation the word 'TUHAN' is not used, prefering to INSIST that 'ALLAH' be used. One wonders why?

    1. Firstly, the Allah is only used in East malaysia and has been used for the last century without problem.
      Secondly, no one ask to use the word Allah in peninsular but East Malaysian must be allowed to use this wherever they travel.
      Thirdly, the 'Malay' bible are all imported from Indonesia and translation all done there. If the country with most Muslim in the world can tolerate this, why Malaysian Muslim are so afraid of this?
      Perhaps the UMNO Malays are so lack of confidence of their fellow Muslim taht by mearely use of a single word Allah in bible ccasn shake their faith.

    2. They are a very confused flock of sheep and need to be shepherded.....with so many sects and deviations, not only are others confused, even the so called Christians are also confused themselves.....what more can I least in Islam we all believe in 1 God, ALLAH and a common AL Quran....

      So much for humans who try to modify God's scriptures, it turned their belief into a song and dance troupe. Just have a little peep at all their activities and programmes.....

    3. you should ask the pas people too..they are actually in the same boat with the umno people in this matter. we're becoming like iran in the making..teocratic state

    4. Ostazah Annie is also lack of confidence in her faith that is why she keeps bashing and insulting the Christian community for using the word 'Allah'.

      UMNO Malay and Ostazah Annie should go learn from their Indonesian Muslim brother and sister about Islam.

    5. Malay in Peninsular in particular understood in advance how the introduction of the word in Malay may implicate the understanding about Allah.

      They have the right to defend as it is the basic established understanding among them here that Allah is the one and only and never share His authority.

      Other people in other place and other period of time may have their stand on the matter. But why we want to always refer to other people when we live in Malaysia?

      There is obviously sinister intention in pursuing the matter in order to cause discomfort feelings among communities in Malaysia.

    6. Anon 15:19,

      You probably don't realize that the practice of Islam in Indonesia is full of "unsur2 percampur-adukkan" or "syncretic pluralism" as you might call it. Many Indonesian families in which either the father or the mother is Muslim but the spouse is Christian/ Hindu/Buddhist etc. It's not difficult to imagine how discordant it must be for family life when one partner is doing his/her Ramadan fast and the other one does not believe in this religious observance etc.
      In the words of one outstanding Malaysian academic whose parents hailed from Bandung, Indonesian culture is riled with syncretic beliefs and practices from Christianity and Hinduism (liberal islam sudah berdarah daging dalam masyarakat Indonesia).
      Apart from the wahhabi/islamist ideologists in Malaysia our Islamic scholars are doing a fine job to save our cherished Malay religion and culture from being polluted by excesses and deviations away from the wisdom traditions of the Prophet s.a.w. The liberal interpreters of Islam in Malaysia and the Nusantara is headed by Anwar Ibrahim who also happens to be well connected to Islamist networks in the mid-east.

      Liberalisai Islam di Indonesia

      Anwar and Liberal Islam

      Dialogue (muzakkarah) dan consultation (musyawarah) are part and parcel of Islamic culture and ethics despite what the westernized liberals claim Islam lacks! It's the d-i-y religious interpretation and "libertinism" like lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual freedoms that these groupies actually crave for .... under the guise of religious scholarship.

    7. Anon 16:58 , i guess you are a confused lot of muslim, RPK is right, if you ask 10 Muslim about Islam, they will come out with 10 different version of Islam.

      enough say !!

    8. With due to respect to all the above views, in this instance of incorrect tramslation pointed by me, the question that needs to be answered is not about long time use, afraid of others using any particular word or about weakness of faith of muslim. The greater issue here is that whether those of Christian faith is confident enough to CORRECT AN OBVIOUS WRONG translation done long, long ago and proceed on the correct path anew. Thanks for the feedback.

    9. As Muslims do we not believe that everything that happens is the will of Allah? So let the result of the court case/appeal be. If the non-Muslims are allowed to use the word Allah maybe that is his will. Maybe this is the way they will come to submit it time. Why all the huru hara. We are strong and firm in our faith are we not? Or are we so weak that any little thing confuses us? In the Arab countries Christians and Muslims refer to God as Allah and there is no problem. Allah was used by the Christians in these countries even before the Prophet (peace be upon him).

      @pinhai - it is not an obvious wrong translation because it is the Indonesian Bible which they have been using in East Malaysia for all this time. Who are we to tell them they are wrong.

  5. Stupid Muslim ?? Annie, jangan biadap dan hina orang2 Muslim ok !

    1. Dalam Bahasa Malaysia, kita guna perkataan "orang Islam", bukan "orang Muslim". Improve your Bahasa, ok?

  6. 1. The Malays and Muslims in this country are just too lenient and too tolerant to allow the culture of hatred and bad tastes and disrespectful to others and other gross human manifestations to flourish through communities, especially those associated with alternative education systems that only focus on material aspects.

    2. No education on good behaviour and good code of conducts were instilled in such education. Only self interests, selfishness and success through materials accumulation were taught. Some say ' u reap what u sow'...then u are reaping what then had been sowed through the manifestations of today's youth generation.

    3. In this case, so too the other communities in the country that allow this to happen. Why blame the Malays and Muslims only?

    1. Annie the drama queen is putting all the blames and all wrongs in stupid malays and muslims, she is malay more than malay type of person, she knows best. Just go read her previous postings.

    2. The Malay muslims by the quran teaching are to be rightly upheld righteousness and fairness to all(muslims and non-muslims), and yet we have a muslimin like Annie garnering other innocent muslims to support a corrupt regime like UMNO to rule the country.

      Indeed, the Malays and Muslim in this country are too lenient and too tolerant to allow rather bad Muslim to steal from them !!

    3. you want us to vote tokong lim is it...yeah lah so righteous fellow that much i hate umno i will never support kiasu evangelist communist undercover dap...once we see you we know how rotten you are inside..your kind a very anti malay...pandai wonder you like anwar ibrahim..same kind of quality

  7. Annie, it's very simple.

    Malays are divide into three categories, namely as follows:-

    Melayu Pas (the delusional Malays)
    -can be found mostly in Kelantan and nowadays Selangor.
    -thinks that one day Guan Eng and Kit Siang will embrace Islam via Pas 'enlightenment' ceramahs.
    -male gyne doctors exist because umno is a liberal scumbag political party that is not interested in the hereafter.
    -KLCC, Bursa, LRT are duniawis
    -Their idol is Ustaz Azhar Idrus

    Melayu PKR (the perasan Malays)
    -supporters are young, 'educated' university students who think they are failing exams because of umno.
    -some are successful entrepreneurs, rich businessmen who think their success comes from sheer hard work, and not because of gomen contracts.
    -the young ones think that it's stylo and trendy to be pro anwar.
    -these are the kl melayu with kampung mentality
    -they like rafizi ramli because he talks like he knows a lot of shit.

    Melayu DAP (the confused Malays)
    -embraces the anti racism, Malaysian first concept more than anything else.
    -most probably they don't have any chinese friends in the first place.
    -thinks Guan Eng really 'did' went to jail to save a perempuan melayu.
    -they yearn to have a chinese gf/bf.

    There is only one type of chinese, the DAP chinese.

    A lot of work needs to be done Annie.

    1. Melayu UMNO (the corrupt one)
      - Stealing rakyat money like no tomorrow
      - inciting hatred among the different races in Malaysia.
      - puyoh
      - defender of fraud
      - love to produce porn video and uploaded on youtube
      - breeding cows in condo

    2. Agree with 19:30

    3. Melayu Atas Pagar
      - hanya memerhatikan apa Melayu-Melayu ni buat. Tidak bersetuju dengan apa yang mereka buat.
      - Hanya mahukan ketenangan dan kebahagiaan. Boleh menunaikan ibadat untuk akhirat dan bekerja untuk dunia.
      - Mahukan Melayu ini tidak dipandang rendah lagi oleh bangsa lain.

      Salahkah saya kalau saya nyatakan saya adalah Melayu atas pagar.


  8. ok ostazah Annie, jangan biadap dan hina orang Islam ok !!

    1. Lagi satu jenis Melayu Muslim - bongkak nak mampus ingat knowledge dia dah perfect sangat. hidup mati balik bole potong kepala dia sumpah apa yg dia pecaya. Over confident sangat dgn seciput knowledge dia dari beribu tahun dulu yg ntah ye ntah tidak ( hadis) - pecaya kepala otak orang buta2takut mati camni lah jadi...MUAHAHAHA.

    2. jangan jealous anon 18:22, dulu tak nak belajar rajin-rajin,sekarang apa jadi ?? tak ada knowledge jadi kuli aje lah !!

    3. anon 21.35

      adoiii... kan dah timbul melayu bendul bongkak. Apa kena megena rajin belajar dgn kuli?? Hina sangat ke kuli tu?? tak ada kuli apa jadi tokay??? Mana ko tau aku bukan tokay. Tu lah kesombongan dalam kebodohan.Ingat tau semua kan.

    4. Soalan cepu mas for all of us, Muslims, to think and reflect to ourselves.
      Tanya pada diri sendiri soalan ni.. "Rukun Shahadah ada berapa dan apakah syarat2 sah Shahadah?".

      Siapa yang tahu, Alhamdulillah...
      Siapa yang tidak, cari dan dampingkan diri pada guru yang Murabbi...

  9. Melayu Mamak..............apa cerita

    1. : bercakap bahasa Tamil dlm rumah
      : badan berbau kari
      : pengusaha restaurant 24jam, re-cycle curry (terbaik !!)
      : Money changer
      : lebih Melayu dari Melayu (seprti Annie Ghanie)
      : Pandai menipu identity dan main muslihat sehingga dapat menjadi Presiden party melayu terbesar di dunia (UMNO). Hero mereka adalah Madey & Samy Vellu.

  10. Hopeful, you belong to which group of Malay ?? Melayu Mamak ?

    1. Hopeful is from Melayu UMNO and could be a mamak, and he lives in Damamsara Height,driving a Porsche and dating an actress (not drama queen like Annie).

      Monthly income of at least RM200,000.00 courtesy of UMNO,and most recent propose project (Projek Kelentong Rakyat) is to build a space vessel to travel to the Sun and it got a green light from the PM department and endorsed by Perkasa.

      Expected profit : USD1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00

    2. Melayu and Mamak not different meh?
      Stop drinking kool aid and stay in your kandang! I can smell your stench from here.


  11. KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth has called for stern action to be taken now against sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee over their posting associating Ramadan with bak kut teh.

    Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (pix) said if no action was taken on the two individuals, then others could later say anything and then apologise as a settlement.

    "I want to see action being taken on them and this is not the time to take statements. Why wait any longer?

    "Anyone who had offended the sensitivity of any religion, not only that of Islam but also the other religions should face action," he told reporters.

    Finally (after quite a long wait) someone from the government have balls to make some noise. Let see whether it is another case of NATO.


    Where is Jamil Khir?

    Where is PAS Youth?

    When someone from Sweden or India or fro another far away place ridiculed Islam, these people make a lot of noise, march to the respective embassies or do something to gain attention of the world.

    When when a two cinapeks insulted Islam at our own doorstep, I can hear pin drop. Is politic above Islam?

    1. anon 20:21... don't be so charged up okay, don't fall under the category of stupid Muslim as cited by Annie.

      Why-lah wait for Jamil khir and PAS youth, go lah take action yourself, jangan cakap tak serupa bikin like a coward.

    2. Amboi! Pantang setuh geng ngko ye?

      JK and PAS Youth are polticians. Beria2 sangat nak dilantik. Bila dah dilantik apa mereka buat?

      Leadership comes with responsibilities. Kalau tak berani terbakar tangan jangan bermain dengan api.

  12. Dari komen komen di atas yang saya rasa majority pengkomen adalah melayu


    namun yang sedeh lagi melayu ni tak sedar bahawa mereka majority yang dah jadi MINORITY.

    1. Adakah anda pasti mereka itu orang melayu? Orang cina sekarang sudah faseh berbahasa melayu.

    2. aku antara yg komen anti arab ye aku melayu..aku naik muak dgn melayu yg terlebih arab ni..mcm bagus berlagak..ko masuklah syurga arab engko tu..tak hingin aku

    3. ada juga Melayu yg dan bijak pandai,celek nampak di kelengtongkan dik agama P. Arab

  13. "Melayu tidak bersatu lagi"

    Nak tanya, bersatu untuk apa ?
    1. memberi sokongan pada parti UMNO yg korup ?
    2. bersatu memberi sokongan pada Annie untuk terus memaki hamum serta hina kaum-kaum lain ?
    3. bersatu dibawah pimpinan UMNO yg akan terus memperbodohkan orang-orang Melayu ?
    4. bersatu utk menambah kemiskinan orang-orang Melayu dibawa jagaan UMNO ?

    1. Bersatu sebagai orang islam dan mempertahankan Islam , tidak kira umno ke Pas ke parti apa ke. Yang penting, bila ia melibatkan Islam, semua umatnya mesti bersatu mempertahankannya. Lebih lebih lagi bila ada pihak yang cuba memperlekeh dan menghinanya.

    2. anon 21:22

      1. ada bukti UMNO korup? DAP tak KORUP? PAS? r u sure? haha! byk le kau..tu byk dgr ceramah ANWAR & MAT SABU LE TU!

      2.Siapa yg hina siapa yg byk kat Malaysia ni? Annie ke atau namewee ke? atau vivian/alvin ke? atau Lim Guan Eng ke? (pasal nak guna ALLAH dlm bible versi melayu di semenanjung)...tak lagi termasuk cina2 yg hina sultan2 melayu?

      3.Tiada yg lebih memperbodohkan melayu selain dr Anwar Ibrahim dgn janji2 kosongnya, sikap hipokrit, talam 2 muka, nafsu binatang, menyokong LGBT, menyokong kalimah ALLAH digunapakai kafirun & mencipta 1 parti kononnya berpakat tp sbnrnya tidak langsung!

      4.Melayu miskin bukan disbbkan oleh UMNO. Umno telah berusaha sedaya upaya menaiktarafkan ekonomi melayu(dr zaman Dr. mahathir lagi). Universiti2 & biasiswa byk utk org melayu. org melayu lah yg terlalu byk mengharapkan belaian dr kerajaan(manja). bila tak berjaya, salahkan kerajaan. Org melayu yg merempit, merompak, rogol, menagih dadah dsb, tu nak salahkan UMNO gak! apa punye mentaliti lah kau ni!

  14. I disgree that the malays are weak and diunited. Most of the malays are still strong in their Islamic and malay values. The main problem is the leadership are weak, busy with personal interest, be it pursuit of wealth, women or young men.

    I believe that soon we will be blessed with a leader or a group of leaders who will unite the malays under one common goal, hope it is religion.

    In the meantime, the chinese, ably supported by liberal malays will have a field day.

    1. religion? is proven religion only make them separate...the holier then thou war will happen...religious bigotry is at it best in the middle east today...i don't want that to happen here..i got a better about knowledge and a better quality and civil attitude and ideas..good values that promoted in religion can be a guideline but the theological part let keep that away from the public realm..if one have an interest to study it..then they can without any obstacle..but never a compulsory thing to the public.

  15. Anon.20:44 - Correct me if I aminerror, when I tell you that the Bible was not originally written in the Arabic langguage. Thusly, the Arabic version is also a translation. Now aside from these two translations (Arabic & Indonesian) I know of no other Bibles that are translated thus. So it is not common ground translation like the Quran where ALL the translated version in all languages without fail utilise the kalimah 'ALLAH'. Therefore, it still shows translational error which if their faith is as strong as they claimed, the Christians should have no difficulty to correct. Thanks for the head up on the Arabic version of the Bible.

    1. pinhai, the word Allah was used by Christians in the Middle East even prior to Islam. The Bibles were translated into local languages to facilitate the locals to read them. Hence the word Allah is used in parts of the Old Testament where it is written that God/Allah created the heavens and earth etc. Islam is basically from the same tree - so if they are not talking about the same God/Allah then there must have been many different creators of heaven and earth.

      My contention is that if the Arabs and Indonesians do not have any problem with this, why are we? Anyway, it all goes back to our own faith. The usage of the word Allah has been happening for hundreds of years in Sabah and Sarawak and the people there do not have any problem with it. It is only the West Malaysians who are making a fuss.

  16. How to stay united when muslims call each stupid????
    How to stay united when one thinks that they are bettr than the other???
    How to stay united when so many bloggers emerged but not helping anything or anybody??

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Pure Quran or Bible bashing are not allowed in this blog.

  18. Melayu memang susah menerima pendapat orang lain. HERD MENTALITY- mesti ikut cakap dia bab dia mati2 pecaya dia lah yg betul sekali di UNIVERSE ni. Lepas tu sebuk jaga tepi kain orang lain - macam dia dah di lantikkan dik Tuhan personally utk menjadi penjaga pintu syurga. Yang sebenarnya pantang tengok org best lagi daripada dia. Nak buat takut jadi kerja dia mengondem orang. Lupa kubur masing2 punya hal lah. Lain sikit pakaian, lain sikit cara gaya dia dah chop kafir lah, murtad lah. Kena hapuskan kepala otak Arab dungu ketingalan zaman ni semua baru lah maju ke depan. Hidup takut mati sebab kepala otak dah disumbat dgn citer2 terror/horror ala Arabia

  19. Nampaknya semakin ramai ANON berkomen dengan lantang dan penuh emosi. Tidak kurang juga yang memperkecilkan dan menghina sesama sendiri.

    Sekiranya blog ini mensyaratkan semua penyumbang memperkenalkan identiti masing-masing, adakah berani mereka bersuara seperti ini?

    Salah satu sifat orang melayu (bukan orang Islam) ialah selesa dengan "baling batu sembunyi tangan". Walahualam.

    1. anon.05.00

      cuba lah kamu jadi contoh. Kenapa tak taruk nama betul?

    2. Anonymous16 July 2013 07:15

      After you ma'am.

    3. Anon 07.15 <- proven lagi satu jantan tadaq teloq , cakap tak serupa bikin..ngeh

  20. Anon 05.00
    ye kan , itu yg puak macam ko sukakan. Tak boleh terima teguran dan kritik sikit. Autocratic, totalitarian, dictatorship korang punya stail kan.

  21. hi annie..

    i also miss those days... where my mum and grandmom were covered their head wit only selendang... nowadays u r crime convicted it not wearing a full covered tudung...

    1. disagree with this point of view

      wearing or not wearing still up to individual capacity and choice

      no criminal offence nor social offence

  22. Islam means to obey what Allah ask u to do without questioning. Surely Allah knows reason behind it. This include wearing tudung.