Tuesday 23 July 2013

Voices from Kuala Besut and a prayer for Najib (updated - results)


From NST Alert -

NST 24/07: Tengku Zaihan (BN) won the Kuala Besut by-election with a majority of 2,592. He obtained 8,288 votes while Azlan @ Endut (Pas) got 5,696


This just in from NST alert -

NST 24/07: Kuala Besut by-election: Unofficial: Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman (BN) obtained 6,966 votes, Pas candidate Azlan @ Endut Yusuf (4,324)


Sources in Kuala Besut indicated that BN had won all the remaining ballot boxes of Seberang Barat, Seberang Barat Luar, Kampung Nail, Kampung Bahru and Kampung Nangka.

Kampung Nangka which is the main stronghold of Pas in the constituency was won by BN by a majority of less than 20 votes. It is the other ballot box along with Bukit Puteri lost by BN in GE13.


Sources in Kuala Besut indicated that BN had won the ballot box of Alor Peroi, of Tok Saboh by over 500 votes majority.

The sources also said that BN had won a majority of less than 30 votes for the Bukit Puteri ballot box. BN had lost there by a majority of 90 votes in GE13.


Things are looking good for BN at this moment.

Sources from Kuala Besut indicated that BN had also won the ballot box of Bukit Puteri, which it lost in GE13. Details were however unavailable for now.

Pas had won two out of the eight ballot boxes of Kuala Besut in GE13. The two are Bukit Puteri and Kampung Nangka.


This just came in from NST Alert -

NST 24/07: The Kuala Besut by-election recorded a total of 13,188 voters or 79.76pc turnout at closing time at 5pm, says Election Commission.


Sources from Kuala Besut indicated that BN is leading Pas after the votes at the ballot box of Pulau Perhentian were counted.

It was said that BN obtained over 400 votes while Pas got less than 200 votes. Total number of voters on the island is just over 900.

The ballot box for the island was closed for voting early at 3pm while the other seven on the mainland are closed at 5pm.


Tomorrow is the big day in Kuala Besut.

Reports that I read indicated that BN will win the by-election.

Friends who are in Kuala Besut also told me the same, albeit maybe with a smaller majority than the over 2,400 votes won by the late Dr A. Rahman Mokhtar in GE13, barely two months ago.

I was told that  BN will probably this time win by a majority of about 1,600 votes.

The smaller majority was said due to the expected lower turn out of outstation voters.

If that is the case then it's quite understandable because Hari Raya is just around the corner and those from Kuala Besut living in the big cities may want to save their leave for the celebrations.

But, I'm quite sure the BN candidate, Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Rahman will win. Besut is after all the territory of DS Idris Jusoh, the brilliant tactician who won back Terengganu for BN in 2004.

If this by-election was in another part of Terengganu, then I would not be very sure about BN's chances considering the very divisive leadership of the current State BN chairman and Menteri Besar DS Ahmad Said.

It's particularly disappointing when my friends in Kuala Besut told me that Ahmad's people had till this last day of campaigning still griping about the choice of Tengku Zaihan as the BN's candidate. They had wanted an ustaz of their choice instead of the young engineer. Of course Idris was blamed for the whole thing.

I think this is the problem which needed to be overcome by Umno - the habit of undermining their own party by putting their own personal or their group's interests ahead of the perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Notwithstanding that, I do believe BN will prevail in Kuala Besut. Hopefully things would improve for the coalition in the State from then on.

I'm also hopeful for BN chairman and Umno president DS Najib Razak to do something to heal the rift within Terengganu Umno after the by-election.

Without unity, it will be the end of Umno.

I'm still keeping my faith that DS Najib will sooner or later make the necessary moves to heal what ever wounds suffered by BN and Umno in GE13.

Yes, I was disappointed with several moves that he made over the past two months following GE13, but I have to keep trusting him for now because I don't see anyone else capable of taking over the lead at the moment.

I read with a degree of sympathy this posting by a Datuk Najib's loyalist,

In spite of previous problems he inherited, Najib did well!

It reminded me of how I had pledged to do all I can to help DS Najib, particularly in winning back the Chinese support which in the aftermath of 2008 were already known to be slipping away to the opposition.

I admit that I had failed, along with others who believe that the Chinese community's support could be won by the moderates within the Umno rank.

We never expect that the overwhelming majority of the Chinese community to be so committed in toppling the BN government that they were even willing to blind themselves to the bigger picture of a united Malaysian society and swallowed wholesale the lies concocted by DAP and its allies.

Now, I had reached the stage where I just pray for DS Najib to do something which will inspire me to be committed again in this struggle.

I hope the moment will come very soon and not too late.


  1. All the best!

    1. Stop JAWI persecution of Malay beautiful girls24 July 2013 at 23:06

      Najib should be more concerned with reconciliation with the Malays who are octracised by the Indians in UMNO. the sizable Malays in PKr and PAS showed that UMNO can do better.

      Firstly with the win in Besut, Najib must realised that Malays dont want Muslim Brotherhood style of Islam that is espoused by PAS and JAWI and JAKIM.

      Malays are very liberal about sex. That is why sexually active males like Mat Sabu, Tok Pa and of course Anwar Ibrahim (criminally too) can still make a living politically.

      So let the Malays girls take part in a beauty pageant. Not all malays tudung wearing girls are the paragon of virtue. Nurul Izzah is a prime example of a good muslim girl on her knees not praying but paying tribute to a man genital on the internet.

      Nurul tried to be a good Muslim girl. Well 2 out three is not bad..hehe..

      Action by JAWI goaded on by PAS writers in UMNO paper Berita Harian is an example how, PAS supporters sabotage UMNO liberal credentials.

      UMNO will lose the liberal votes to PKR and the hypocritcal malay votes to PAS. See the double whammy if Najib dont reign in the PAS fanatics hiding in UMNO.

    2. Yang haram tetap haram. Jangan pertikaikan.

  2. Why pray for Najib?

    Don't think he care much about the malays in general. He is only concern about saving his backside (his wife too), that's why all his actions centred around the liberal malays that he adored.

    I wanted UMNO to win this one, but a prayer for Najib?

    No way!!

    1. Same here ! No way !

    2. Sekolah2 kat situ tak minta dana RM1.2m each ke? Hai tak kan layan SJKC sja?

    3. DSN,

      Pakai la baju melayu pstu main kompang. Msa CNY dlu bole lak buat nak amik ati org cina. Pastu nape x buat konsert besar mcm kt penang tu pggl psy pstu jamu makan. Nape x nak jumpa perkasa, dgn dong zong jumpa lak ari tu. Kata pm utk sume..kentut la

    4. Majlis Tindakan Melayu24 July 2013 at 23:10

      UMNO need new leader. Najib just have the wrong set of theories.

      The leader must firstly understand world history. The power struggle in the wars. The ugliness of the european, chinese in their wars.

      We the Malays were just bystanders lucky to escape unscathed but not in the future.

      Naive malay men like Najib and Muhyiddin are not good enough.

      Lets keep on communicating and exchanging ideas for the betterment of the Malays.

    5. Najib will be a good leader if he fired all his advisers especially Omar Ong and divorce his wife. If not, the Malays would think of him being the Chinese ass licker and Mr Rosmah Mansor!

  3. Dear Annie the Ghanie
    it would be interesting to see where the odd .80% of the Chinese people of this seat will vote , if a slightly lower majority of say 1500 or so then we can assume that all the Chinese in the Pekan of Kuala Besut do not vote the dacing and the Chinese Tsunami fanned by the ugly old hag is still thick. What more the Chinese want?.
    Anyway lets pray that BN will win to avoid a hung assembly where PAS relish
    I will bring my blackberry to the mosque tnite

  4. For a start, maybe you can try to influence your Chinese mother to support BN. Once successful, then you and your mom can try to convince your Chinese relatives to change their allegiance from DAP to BN.

    1. AND try to convince your Chinese boyfriend too! If both (mom + boyfriend) failed.. no hope for the Chinese then.

  5. RE: Now, I had reached the stage where I just pray for DS Najib to do something which will inspire me to be committed again in this struggle.

    Agenda from the Children:

  6. It would be good if the palace could refrain from influencing the choice of MB. This was what caused the division in Trengganu.

    1. Under the constitution the choice of MB is subject to the approval of the Sultan. Although the Sultan approve the choice it must be supported by the majority of local BN state reps. This was the case when Ahmad Said was appointed and this choice was endorsed by the BN Chair at the last GE. It is unfair to be criticize the Sultan as the law was followed. If BN, as the holder of the majority in the state assembly, united behind a single candidate, then this person will become MB (subject to any other provision of the constitution - e.g. must be a Malay/Muslim, etc.). If the political parties do not like the status quo, they have the option to amend the constitution through legislation.

  7. Hopefully good news for BN tonight. So BN could move on with its agenda to develop Terengganu.

  8. Saya doakan semoga BN dapat kekalkan kerusi DUN itu, in syaa Allah. Saya tak suka PAS menang kerana sudah meluat baca komen2 yg berterusan oleh nik aziz yg tak habis2 menghina sesama Islam. Semoga Nik aziz duduk diam2 kat rumah dan bersara dari politik dari terus memecahbelah umat Islam.

    1. I think you are a DAP supporter. DAP tidak mahu PAS menang

  9. Congrats to BN.

    1. Dah keluar result ke?

    2. DSN,

      klu menang jgn la buat2 lupa yg org melayu yg bgi BN menang. Tambah la peruntukan MARA tau.


    3. Pastu jgn la desperate sgt nak undi undi org cina tau


    4. Bagi Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Rahman biasiswa buat PhD.

  10. Congrathlations BN.

    I nak challange DSN kali ini, out of the 8000 here who voted for BN can he turn at leat 5 of them kalau tak boleh jadi billionaire, into millionaires pun cukup! How?

    As majority of them ar fishermen 1st award them at least RM1.2m to buy; (Kalau boleh kasi kat SJKC this amount why not them?)

    Lorries &accessories (refrigerated) to help transport their catch.

    - In KL organize one cold room/distribution centre. (Kalau setakat supply to Pasar Tani sure orang berebut beli ikan tempatan).

    Adun ni muda lagi, kena le luaskan minda mudah2an for the next 3-4 terms akan tetap kekal diKawasan ini.

    Macam man, boleh tak?

    1. DSN kena tanya PEMANDU dulu. Lepas tu Omar Ong kena approve. Finally Rosmah must give blessing.

      You see, not easy to be millionaire.

    2. Try buying fish from Selayang Pasar Borong - ALL FROZEN like bangkai only entah berapa tahun dah duk sembunyi stock dalam cold room, most imported. Even kembung now going for RM13/kg.

      DSN tau tak?

      With that kind of price, kan the Kuala Besut fishermen, without having to go thru so many orang tengah, can quickly become rich..

      Tolong le sikit orang Melayu who voted for you. Bagi RM1.2m to SJKC you may one day get more Namewee and the Alvin couples only!

    3. Anonymous24 July 2013 22:30

      Jangan tuduh sembroro, buat dosa kering aja di bulan Ramadhan mulia ini.