Friday 26 July 2013

It's okay if they choose to hate us Malay muslims

Went to see the doctor this morning and now just resting at home.

I'm not fasting today as I have to take my medication.

The fever has gone down but I'm still feeling weak.

I wish I could write in detail about that students eating at the school changing room issue, but that would be too taxing for me at the moment.

Anyway, you all probably had already read the details at other blogs or in the newspapers.

So, I'm going to write just a bit of it and my opinion on what it was really all about.

Let me be blunt and straight to the point - the whole thing is actually a case of blowing things out of proportion to stir up racial sentiments against the Melayu Islam and reenforce the sentiments that the non-Malay Muslims in this country are being prosecuted and treated as second class citizens (by Umno/Barisan Nasional, of course).

I know, it's not presented that way, but the effect is actually exactly that.

It's actually part of the Pakatan's (or to be exact, DAP's) built-up for GE14, the same as it was when the DAP whipped up the same sentiments over the years which led to the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

I'm expecting more of such issues will be stirred up in the near future. The DAP campaigners need to keep the anti-Malay muslims sentiments alive as it is their most powerful tool in galvanizing the support of especially the Chinese community and to a certain extent, the Indian community too.

However, I'm not too worried about it as long as it is just being played up on its own.

It's proven that this tactic of racial incitement to hate the Malay muslims would not work on its own. It needed to be complemented with the breaking up of the Malay muslims unity to have the desired effect.

Pitting the Malay muslims against each other is what will be on their next agenda. Do watch out for such issues over the coming days.

They had done it for GE13 and successfully instigated almost the entire Chinese community to go against BN, yet they still failed to topple the government.

This was so because the breaking up of the Malay muslim unity was not completed.

In Johor, for instance, over 80 per cent of the Malay votes remained with BN. Otherwise, the State would had fallen and then led by a DAP dominated Pakatan state government.

After GE13, I think the Malay muslims of this country should now be able to just go on living their own life without being bothered too much if others hate them. As long as they never did what they were accused of doing, then I don't think that they should worry too much about those who hate them.

As long as the others don't physically harm them, I think the Malay muslims should be fine. There is no need for them to pander too much to the others.

Of course, the Malay muslims need to also be more united.

If they are united, others can't harm them.

Malay muslims need to be aware of this and from now on try their best not to be instigated to go against their fellow brothers and sisters like what happened in the run up to GE13.

Even if others want to instigate among themselves to hate them, I think the Malay muslims will be fine if they continue to be united.


  1. Is it possible to have a country where the rights of one group can exist without effecting the rights of another group? Can we co-exist peacefully with respect for others, or is everything in life all or nothing? These ongoing feuds just show us the pettiness of those involved in both sides of the argument and the foolishness of those claiming to be fighting for race, religion or culture. Malaysians will only progress when they modernise and leave these dinosaurs behind.

    1. Majlis Tindakan Melayu26 July 2013 at 21:32

      Margaret Thatcher had warned about the Indian migrants to Australian PM. They will make the country like Fiji or Sri Langka. But of course the Malays were unaware that Mahathir and Anwar are Indians themselves.

      That is how indians from bangladesh, pakistan, mumbai, chennai slums are crowding the country.

      So the Malays must take Margaret Thatcher warning seriously. What happened in Sri Langka? The Tamils migrant claimed the island as their and started guerilla warfare. Without the Emergency Ordinance this will what most likely will happened in Malaysia.

      So too the Sedition Act which kept the immigrants in line with respect to Malays supremacy vis a vis the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Malay Sultans.

      Najib is of the old UMNO pre independence school. Very naive and stupid about the dangerous way other races are thinking. This can be seen by his invitation to the Catholic Christianity evangelist himself.

      Like Tunku or Mahathir, Najib has vision of grandeur for himself as stateman. He gave everything belonging to the Malays to the immigrants thinking this will raise his standing and he smiled benignly like a fool waiting to be slaughtered.

      He went to China. My father went to China so I must use this opportunity to grandiose myself, not understanding that Tun Razak went out of necessity because China was at war with Malaya through the Chinese communists.

      When the Malays youth burned down the christian evangelist church of Lee Bee Lian the chinese christian bible thumper, who was appointed to defend the constitution, Najib plaintively said what has the Christians done to us?... muahaha..

      The height of stupidity. This shows that instead of showing statesmanship, Najib shows pure stupidity in contrast to his father.

      Then the Chinese, woman and girls all steps on his face muahaha...still he could not see, blinded by his position. Not one UMNO leader said anything or any Malay because Najib was so far away from them.

      This humiliating incidence where the chinese communist girls step on his face is just like the October revolution in Indonesia where the communists killed the generals. Still he did not see.

      And then the election, 99% voted against him/UMNO then he said something sensible, Chinese tsunami.

      But still he did not see. He promoted hated and corrupt Indians like Nor Yakub, enrich Kalimullah Airasia company, robbed FGVH through high price acquisition. The robbing continue because the Malays give UMNO power but the crooked Indians are still there.

      Muhyidin give 9 billion projects to Chnese YTL. It needed Tony Pua to raise this in parliament. All the UMNO MPs/ members are dungu.

      Billions of cement and steel projects to YTL and other companies.

      So we must raise and control UMNO because the pre independence Malays are incompetent and corrupt.

      If we let Muhyiddin and Najib continue, they will continue to appoint Indians to the SC, Khazanah, Finance Ministry as MBs as KSN.

      Mereka tidak percaya Melayu boleh menjadi KSN, Kahzanah jadi kenapa Melayu melantik mereka menerajui parti Melayu UMNO

      Ada yang kata biar UMNO kalah PR14 baru boleh berubah. Bodoh. UMNO adalah parti demokratik Melayu, ahli UMNO perlu di sedarkan. anak-anak muda perlu disedarkan, orang tua perlu disedarkan. Najib dan Muhyidin adalah talibarut Cina dan India sebenarnya sama ada disedari atau tidak.

      Semua kekayaan dan sumber asli Tanah Melayu telah diserahkan kepada Cina dan India. Nasib baik orang puteh Forbes mendedahkan Cina dan India telah mencuri berbilion-bilion harta Tanah Melayu!! Mengalahkan Raja-Raja Melayu atau orang-orang Kaya Melayu. Orang Melayu malu tetapi pemimpin UMNO sekarang tak malu malah megah?! Semua ini, adalah dalangnya Mahathir tetapi sekarang selepas kuasa PRU13 diberi kepada UMNO masih diteruskan oleh N dan M.

      Tidak ada alasan yang dapat menutup kejahatan kepimpinan UMNO membenarkan orang-orang Cina dan India menjadi bilionaire sedangkan Melayu menjadi pengemis di Tanah Melayu.


    2. Agreed. Time to get rid of these real petualang Melayu.

    3. Kata Cik Annie tentang usaha untuk memecah belahkan orang Melayu memang betul. Inilah satu cara-nya. Salahkan UMNO kerana ramai orang Cina dan India menjadi billionaire. Kenapa tidak salahkan PAS atau PKR kerana orang Melayu tak mahu ambil kesempatan untuk berniaga dan menjadi kaya? Kalau hendak kaya mestilah berusaha, dia tidak akan tercapai jika tidak mahu berniaga.

      UMNO telah beri banyak kesempatan kepada orang Melayu. Tetapi Majlis Tindakan Melayu masih belum faham. Mesti berusaha. Ingatlah, usaha itu tangga kejayaan.

    4. Anonymous,

      Ini tidak benar. Melayu telah berusaha. Salah satu usaha mereka adalah menubuhkan UMNO tetapi seperti kita ketahui telah dihijack oleh peranakan India, Mahathir untuk kepentingan dia sekeluarga.

      Cina dikatakan pandai berniaga padahal Cina cuma pandai merasuah pentadbir Melayu dan ahli politik Melayu.

      Tiada siapa menyalahkan UMNO. Kita salahkan Mahathir dan Anwar Ibrahim. Keduanya peranakan India yang memajukan bangsa India mereka sahaja. Sehingga hari ini, ramai orang Melayu tidak tahu asal usul Anwar Ibrahim yang kawan baik dia adalah Nallakarupan, peguam bela dia semuanya India.

      PKR adalah perpecahan melayu dari UMNO. PAS adalah Melayu falsafah yang kita tahu sebelum merdeka. Semuanya tapi dari kekurangan leadership yang kuat. Mahathir tak minat dengan budaya dan bahasa Melayu kerana dia India.

      Ini bermakna selama ini Melayu tiada Champion. Adapun Rais Yatim yang lemah pendekatannya.
      Kita masih boleh baiki keadaan. Kita boleh kuasai UMNO semula. Gubal undang-undang dan memperketatkan undang-undang sedia ada supaya Cina dan India tidak memonopoli perniagaan dan sumber asli Tanah Melayu.

      Tidak boleh biarkan Presiden UMNO membuat dasar bersendirian dengan peniaga Cina di rumah mereka seperti Mahathir dan Vincent Tan dan yeoh tiong lay. Orang Cina dan India jangan dibenarkan menghampiri Presiden UMNO untuk dirasuah. Di haramkan Presiden UMNO dari berjumpa peniaga India setiap minggu lebih dari mesyuarat dengan Majlis Tertinggi.

      Membatalkan keputusan Presiden UMNO yang tidak mendapat kelulusan Majlis Tertinggi yang dibuat sendiri dengan peniaga Cina dan India secara diam-diam.

      Banyak yang kita boleh lakukan. Dan perlu lakukan segera.

    5. Orang Islam tak sefahaman dalam mengejar kekayaan dunia. Bila mati masuk dalam sekadar kain kapan, kubur pun lebih kurang saja, pakej RM600 untuk urusan jenazah pun dah mencukupi.

      Tetapi Cina, nak mati pun ada yang tepikan beribu Rgt kalau yang kaya million2 untuk urusan jenazah, perkuburan, majlis berkabung... lagi banyak dibelanja lagi le kira cun. Dah masuk dalam lubang pun, tiap tahun bakar macam2 dan hantar "wang" to the "Bank of Hell", siap bakar kereta, rumah, pembantu2 (kertas) yang harganya beribu2 ringgit.

      Mereka terpaksa jadi kaya to cater for the lives didunia dan juga di alam bawah tanah!

  2. Cik Annie,
    As from now onwards, every Malay Muslim person from the very ulu to Bangsar Damansara have to watch what they utter or do, no matter that it was done with sincerity and clear conscience, for the nons hold the licence to interpret and perceive the issues that follow.. Its hantam time now. The word "Malay / Muslim" is almost anathemas now!
    The front page of Star loudly displayed the word "Distasteful" (about this canteen affair) but subdued and almost forgiving towards the Alvivi case.
    They have played the "underdog" card very well and putting the Malay/Muslim in the spot is fair game.
    I really wish pakatan had won the election and see how the misfits of the troika rules the nation!

    1. My kedai is service oriented dah lama berjaga2 dgn makluk ni semua. Rather than get RM50 business from them it is safer to let it go infact in most instances we direct them to get whatever they need to our competitor (siap bagi direction and tel. of the shop).

      Memang rasa takut, for RM50 they come in as if they own the world, or for that matter the shop, tersilap sikit shouts at our staff macam hari dah nak kiamat esok.

      Once one of them turned and shouted, what kind of business are you operating, I am giving you business you tak mau ke?

  3. melayu needs lahad datu-like event to unite.

  4. Can't the leaders see and do something? We start the children out on the wrong footing by segregating their identities and their socialization with our Malay school, Chinese School, Tamil School and what else have you. We just need high-quality integrated national schools don't we? And give every group its specialization in the common chorus. Or else as every generation matures their in-built linguistic cultural tensions developed from a young age is just waiting to spill over or break out, please dear Ministers.
    "Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace."
    (Kung Tze)
    Malaysian children need mutual confidence between one another, and to share common hopes.

  5. Isu anti melayu-muslim yang dimainkan DAP tidak akan berjaya jika rakannya dalam Pakatan, seperti Pas mengambil sikap sederhana dan tidak terlalu ekstrem terhadap Umno.

    Sikap Pas membuatkan DAP lebih berani.

  6. Miss Annie, Ghani has lost the election, please get over it-lah !!

    You implacable hatred towards the Chinese community and non Muslim Community in Malaysia is deeply regrettable.

    1. we love chinese but not DA p like u

    2. You're definitely an RBA. Annie has got over the lost but what about you? Chinese tsunami but still not able to get Putrajaya. Sudah kalahlah! Masih tiada kemaluan?

  7. You are almost spot on here, Ani I say almost because the pitting of Malay Muslims against one another is about to accelerate.

    Rational, informed Malay Muslims know that GE 13 was won on account of 65% or more Malay Muslim votes went to UMNO not because UMNO was loved but because of the Malay Muslims collective desire to protect the sanctity of Islam and preserve Malay Muslim political sovereignty in this country.

    The tall tales of double voting, phantoms and Banglas were just that - tall tales. And spinning tall tales like what is happening in Sungai Buloh is the expertise of the kaffirs and their close friends, the Muslim munafikun. In fact, they are finally acknowledging the reality of their own ineptitude and their hitherto anti Malay Muslim stance with regard to the GE:

    a fact already hinted here:

    In simple words,only now they realize the importance of the rural Malay vote! which confirms to us that their claims of rigged elections is just a cover for their inability to attract the Malay vote!

    Back to the tpoic of malay unity as you put it, i think that is under threat. The problem confronting Malay Muslims now is that a new set of munafikuns are accelerating the process of disuniting with a new modes operandi : flip flopping. You can see that in Conversion Law withdrawal issue, the bail for the 2 pigs issue and soon the beauty pageant flip flop.

    If you care to notice, these are well crafted dramas. First announce the measure, watch their kaffir friends get riled up, and use that anger to cave in and surrender Malay Muslim dignity. Each act are well choreographed sandiwaras designed to self humiliate the Malay Muslims, to show us up as cockless, feckless bumpkins, to highlight that we are weaklings. And who are the munafikuns in this new drama? Well, they are UMNO.

    Yes, the very UMNO that the Malay Muslims voted in to preserve the sanctity of Islam and maintain Malay political sovereignty. My feel of the ground is that the Malay Muslims are fed up, feel cheated and angry. They now know their future is NO longer with UMNO unless it rids itself of the munafikun. They know come GE 14 if status quo remains, they will NOT bother to vote. As they say ' lantak pergi" .

    I predicted GE 13 way before many of the now hindsight minded observers and bloggers are now pretending to have done presciently. Its all in RB and several other places. It is a consistent series of comments outlining the obvious. I also correctly predicted the consequences of removing the ISA , EO etc. those predictions have come to pass with regard national security, public order and crime. Now I stick my head out and say the obvious : GE 14 will be the end of UMNO and Malay political dominance, no thanks to the munafikun who have infiltrated and currently call the shots within the party.

    The only option for the Malays now ( if UMNO remains unreformed) is the emergence of Malay Muslim party dedicated genuinely to the Malay Muslim cause. A party that will stand up to the kaffirs, eyeball them and say " langkah mayat aku dulu" .

    P/ s : another front is also opening up : pitting Muslims against Muslims. If the Shia are dangerous, how come no action is also taken against the anti moderate Shafiism as practiced by the extremist Wahhabis and Salafis. Every educated Muslim knows the Wahhabi/Salafis connection with terror and their US/CIA links. How come they are allowed to roam free in PAS, PKR and even UMNO not to mention the pejabat agama?

    Warrior 231

  8. "Of course, the Malay muslims need to also be more united."

    Tell to the Pas malay boss and his guys lah! Now join close with Anwar si zionis and DAP pula .

    amanat hadi awang

    apa kata Dr. Nasoha tentang amanat itu?

  9. Since the non-malays and non-muslims always "buruk sangka" the malays and muslims in this country, i am calling for all malays who have the power, be it in the civil service, police, macc, judiciary, local councils, government-linked companies, etc to start victimising and oppressing the non-malays and non-muslims. since they like so much to be portrayed or believed as having been victimised and oppressed, might as well give them exactly that. for a start, we can copy cat how the buddhist government in myanmar suppressed the muslim rohingyas.

    1. I support 100%! Pulaukan non-Malays and non-Muslims!

  10. Sdri Annie, the forefathers of all races that choose to make this country their 'tanah tumpah darah' in all their wisdom have prepared and put in place a well-thoughed 'road map' for the well-being of this nation called the CONSTITUTION.

    Unfortunately, those elected to administer this nation (BN/UMNO) CHOOSE to be pressured by those that lost the election (PKR, DAP n PAS) in TURNING AWAY from being guided by our wise forefathers.

    So, now our nation is in such a MESS where everybody wants to fight allover again on matters already provided for in the CONSTITUTION and all our leaders are firing 'cheap shots' for shot term gains while subjecting the rakyat to utter confusion as to the proper agenda towards a peaceful and prosperous nation.

    1. Tak boleh pakai langsung!30 July 2013 at 03:02

      Presiden UMNO dan Ketua Pemuda, Naib2 Presiden UMNO semua dah makan duit cina dan India. Sebab tu mereka merayu pada Cina dan India. Buang saja mereka ini dari UMNO.
      Mereka tak tahu malu. Sebetulnya mereka juga tak ada sokongan Melayu. Undi ahli UMNO pun mereka beli dengan duit dari Cina.

  11. yeah right! and calling indians keling and pariah are the rights of the malays ,i chinese and malays really deserve each other ,both are self righteous hypocrites.

    ketuanan melayu and cina can kiss my brown ass!

    1. Brown ass? I thought most of you have black ass!

    2. Beautiful people do not turn into eating the flesh of your fellow human beings


  12. Annie u should tell this to Helen Ang.....kecoh jer kat blog dia....and non muslims there pun were encourage to kutuk pulak org yg sedang berpuasa. so desrespectful langsung.. all becoz a certain school headmaster trying to accomodate his students to a cleaner n more comfortable place of eating during the canteen renovations.....tak kira lah since march or what.. delay could be due to not enuf funds ke rather than this people bising memekak nak salah kan headmaster tu why not bagi contribution so the canteen tu dapat di perbesar kan cepat2... but again like you said lah they just need a reason to whack UMNOBN and muslims n malays....kannnnn

    1. I am becoming very suspicious of Helen Ang. She accuses Stop The Lies as being a Scissorati. I am a staunch follower of STL and I don't see any evidence of her accusation. She knows her blog readers are mostly Malays but can she be trusted and not 'api dalam sekam' ? On the issue of non-Malays were made to eat in bilik persalinan, Helen Ang had been repeating the same issues a number of times. So, we the Malays have to be careful when reading her blogs. Who knows, she could be an RBA. Anyway, she is a Chinese herself and my late dad who's half-Chinese told me and my sisters 'Don't ever trust the Chinese! If they were nice to you that means they want something from you!'

    2. Pardon me Sis, I think your Chinese Dad was certainly very nice to your trusting mommy lah! hehehe hooray!

      All over a little room .....

    3. My late dad was half-Chinese but his heart was 100% Malay. His Chinese mother (my grandmother) was from Kelantan who spoke loghat Kelantan and loved budu. We sometimes forgot that she was a Chinese as she acted more Malay than a Chinese.

    4. Anon 1:52

      I, too, feel the same way as you do. I found STL and Helen Ang blogs to be ok to me. Then, when Helen started to comment negatively about STL, I pun jadi sangsi towards her. Now, dah tak tahu nak percaya pada siapa anymore.

    5. Anonymous 27 July 2013 21:34,

      The best solution to take both blogs with caution. Cannot trust 100% what they post in their blogs as both of these blog owners are Chinese. As it is, the Malays are already split, are they (especially Helen) are trying to make us split even further so that we'll become weaker? Helen seems to be blogging 24/7, I just wonder whether she is a paid blogger if so, which side?

      I kadang-kadang kalau teringat orang Melayu ni, rasa sakit hati. Kita yang ada darah Cina atau India lebih kemelayuan daripada orang Melayu jati seperti Najib yang berdarah Bugis. Yang KJ ni pun lagi satu. Why on earth he hired Regina Lee yang terang-terang a DAP supporter? Ada udang disebalik batu ke? Is she his mistress or what? I surely hope come UMNO GE, all these people will be replaced by fresh faces who put forward the country and the Malays/Bumis first before their own pockets. After all, we were the ones who put them there. Kalau harapkan Cina, UMNO dah lama bungkus! They should sedar our sacrifice!

      For my family and myself, if PAS were to be on its own, we would have voted for PAS in GE 13. But PAS is now no more relevant as a party which advocates Islam and what more it is in the same boat as DAP, a party we really despise. We will to continue to support UMNO until a new Malay political party is formed.

  13. Lantaklah dia orang nak kata apa pon ,yang penting Melayu harus lebih sedar dan bersatu,dah menjadi matalamat dia orang selagi tak dapat tampok pemreintahan dia orang tdak akan berdiam diri .
    Melayu yang mudah lupa.

  14. STAR front page "distasteful" kepala bapak editor dia. Adverisement 2 anak haram jadah "buka puasa makan bak kut teh" banyak "tasteful". STAR ni dah jadi batu api besau.
    Mak bagang budak ni apasal tak boleh clarify dengsn sekolah. Hah sekarang dah jadi kera sumbang.. puas hati? Post la dalam Facebook lagi !

    Apasal nak cari gaduh ? Aku tak nampak apa silapnya anak-anak disuruh makan dalam changing room tu. Bilik tu memang nampak bersih dan rasanya lebih selesa daripada makan kat tepi longkang macam ramai rakayat Malaysia yang buat tiap-tiap hari. JAMBAN ADA LANGSIR ! Kesesuaian tu memang questionable. Tapi aku tak nampak salah.

    Benar rakyat majoriti di Malaysia ni dibuat rasa macam sial oleh rakyat bukan majoriti dan kerajaan yang dipilih majoriti boleh tengok dan diam. Bakal terima sial la Malaysia ni. Ini bulan sial sikit-sikit. Ini bawa sial besar kepada Tanah Melayu ni.

    Apa mentedarahnya kerja yang berhormat yang patut berkhidmat ni ? Mana dia orang pergi. Bagi tahu dengan semua rakyat Malaysia ini isu kecik. Apasal nak dibesau-besaukan ?
    Isu alvivi memang besau. Tak dengau ramai orang Islam protes pun macam isu budak sekolah makan dalam bilik salin. STAR memang besau sial.

    UMNO, tolong tutup suratkhabar STAR ni. Dah jadi pelampau left wing STAR ni. Tolong cakap dengan Cina MCA ni kalau harta dia tak boleh terjaga peragainya lagi baik tutup.

    Melayu pun jangan jadi bacul. Kurang ajar kena ajar dengan bahasa kurang ajar. Lagi macam mana nak ajau bangsa kurang ajar ni ?

    1. Memang betul orang Melayu penyabar tapi kesabaran kita ada hadnya. Kalau kaum Cinapek dan Keling semakin kurang ajar, kita patut pulang paku buah keras. I will not be surprised if Malays who are panas baran akan bertindak soon!

    2. Berlaku sabar, tenteram hati, guna akal, baru rancang tindak yang bijak

      Ramadan mencabar Ramadan memberkat

  15. Annie,

    Kalau cina dan india berterusan menggunakan taktik ini iaitu cuba mencabar orang melayu, mereka (cina dan india) akan sampai ke titik tiada maaf bagi mu. apabila sebahagian besar orang melayu bersatu untuk membalas balik, cina dan india (mungkin anak cucu mereka) ini akan berharap mereka tidak lakukan apa yang mereka lakukan sekarang. semakin ramai orang melayu sekarang yang berpendapat bahawa pemberian kerakyatan oleh tunku adalah satu kesilapan besar.

    kita tunggu dan lihat saja apa yang mungkin berlaku.


  16. dah start pun, Annie. With that whole 'dog and hari raya' issue. Muslim lawan Muslim, dah start dah :(