Monday 29 July 2013

Time out

I'm taking it easy today.

Decided not to go to work.

Just feel so fed up with my job.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling 100 per cent well.

Normally, I would just shrug it off and still go to work, but waking up today, I feel really lousy and thought to myself, why the hell should I push myself at work even when I'm sick?

Kalau aku mati pun bukan dia orang peduli.

Thinking about it, I don't feel that my sacrifices over the years for the company I work for were really appreciated.

Then there was the matter of having too many little irritating pricks trying to push me around in the office.

I'm so tired of it all.

Okay, I need to go and see the doctor now.

Maybe, if I'm feeling better later in the day, I will do a proper posting instead of just writing personal nonsense like this.

If I can't, here is a nice song to close my entry in this blog for today,


  1. Annie,

    Why don't you spend more time worrying about your own future plans and carrer instead of wasting your time on Melayu affairs. They and UMNO are already gone case no matter how many hours you spend writing about them.

  2. Annie : "Kalau aku mati pun bukan dia orang peduli".... a typical favorite phase use habitually by UMNO member.

  3. Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

    Annie, saya doakan annie sihat sentiasa. Kesihatan perlu dijaga walau di bulan ramadhan. Lagi puasa lagi sihat. Adakalanya badan tak sihat adalah utk 'cuci' dosa yg kita buat tanpa sedari. Cutilah dua tiga hari tanpa menulis..insyaAllah minda rileks jap dan hati pun tenang...kadang kala tanpa kita mahu hadir komen2 yg mungkin menusuk jiwa annie dan menyebabkan annie rasa marah, tertekan dan lain2 emosi negatif sekali gus mengganggu kesihatan annie. Jaga diri baik2 terutama kesihatan annie. Selamat berbuka puasa & selamata berpuasa di hari akan datang.


  4. Anons 14:05 & 15:28,

    Both of you are DAPigs and biaDAP! You chinakuis mind your own fucking business!

  5. Annie dah dapat saman ke belum ?? tolong update, kita orang ni nak buat "Tabung Selamatkan Annie (TSA).

    Tetap Sokong Annie (TSA jugak!!)

    1. Dr Ranjit talked cock only. No saman pun. Typical chicken shit-head.

    2. Maybe he has good heart that can brave a bruising hurt, whereas your foul ejections really comes from somewhere doesn't it?

  6. Cheer up Annie, mungkin kebenaran yang you tulis dalam blog selama ini menyebabkan mood dan emosi kita teranggu. Akhirnya, kesihatan juga teranggu. Forge on Annie, and take it easy. What happened after GE 13 upset most of us. I faced e tremendous hostility among my students Dari group you know who. Malas nak cerita. So, cheer up and keep up with the good write up. There are some of us who are paying attention to what you have written and they are you " silent admires" and your friend too! So not bad.


  7. get well sooon Annie dear.

    :o sarah

  8. Annie,

    where do u work? which company?

    1. Menara UMNO, KL
      Ali Baba and CO (UMNO) Sdn Bhd

  9. Just be happy snd healty

  10. 1.23. Annie should keep her identity private