Tuesday 2 July 2013

Umno should just be like DAP

This story was in NST today,

No contest likely for top five posts in Umno

KUALA LUMPUR: The Umno election, slated to be held later this year may not see any contest for the posts of president, deputy president and vice-presidents.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor yesterday lent his support for the idea of keeping the party's top posts uncontested.

Speaking to reporters at Parliament House, he said most Umno grassroots did not want any member to vie for the top posts as it might undermine the party's strength.
"That is the general opinion that I have gathered after visiting several divisions recently. We in Umno believe in guided democracy. In democracy, anyone can challenge anyone for a top post, but if it will destroy us, why should we do it?"
He, however, added that there should be contests for the top posts for the Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings.
"People on the ground feel that this is the way if we want to be a stronger party. In fact, we did well in the last election when we won 88 seats compared with 79 seats in 2008," he said.
Elaborating, Tengku Adnan said such a policy of no-contest would benefit the party as it would promote the spirit of muzakarah, or discussion.
"We should all just sit down and discuss who the best persons to lead the party are."
Commenting on whether it was appropriate to hold the Kuala Besut by-election during the month of Ramadan, Tengku Adnan said no problems would arise and that the by-election would go on as planned.
"There shouldn't be any problem with that. If you recall, the same thing happened exactly 34 years ago. The Kuala Besut state assemblyman then had died at the same place and on the same date," he pointed out.
Tengku Adnan also quashed speculation that a biometric authentication system would be used to verify the identity of Umno grassroots members at the party's branch meetings nationwide.
"No, the biometric system will not be used.
"However, we will scan the identification cards of members to ensure that the people who come from branches and divisions are the correct delegates."
I had highlighted the parts which I think is important.
Ok, my little bit of suggestions to Umno,
Get rid of the party election altogether - If there is not going to be any contest for not just the number one and two posts, but also number three, four and five, then I think there may as well be no contest for the whole supreme council, Youth, Wanita and Puteri posts too. And while we are at it, I think Umno should not even have election at division and branch level.
Or, if Umno wants to maintain a facade of being a democratic party, despite not being so, then it should consider this, 
Go the DAP way - Umno should consider adopting the DAP way of having a CEC election and then those who got elected decide who should be the president, deputy president etc. The result of the proposed Umno's CEC election should also be rigged just like  what the DAP did so that the end result will strengthen the party and reflects the affection of members to the party leadership. I don't think it's wrong to emulate DAP which is the most successful party in the country at the moment.
Meanwhile....heck, why bother....I'm going back to sleep....


  1. Bodoh punya Setiausaha Agung2 July 2013 at 13:41

    'Guided' democracy or 'Selective' democracy? This is the problem with UMNO - the leadership is full of clowns and idiots. Adnan, don't be the Secretary General if all you can do is to talk like stinking farts coming out donkey's arse.

    In the last 2 elections, people voted UMNO into power because they couldn't stand Pakatan. If UMNO keeps on being an idiotic party, rest assure they will be sitting on the other side of Parliament after PRU14. Good riddance to you then. Pergi mampus lah lu UMNO.

    1. Adnan mansor is indian ma.. thats why there so many indian in umno government.

      Talk also like indian. Who elect this nutter as as secretary general?

    2. Kepimpinan Basi UMNO2 July 2013 at 17:05

      Adnan Mansor is india ma. Thats why he talk like akal india.
      For a healthy democracy to survive in any party, the mechanism of discussion and election must be followed.

      Najib and Muhyidin policies are basi and only benefitting chinese and indian business men.

      Another group of leaders with alternative ideas must rise from UMNO or else Malays will simply leave UMNO for other malay based party.

      UMNO is simply not benefitting the Malays, culuture or economy.

      The cream of the economy are stolen by the likes of Indian Nor Yakub, Azeez RAahim, Subahan KAmal etc...

      That is why malays youth are rebelling against umno.

      Muhyidin with his economic policy of enriching the Chinese maid traffickers with the new RM8000 fees is still the same basi korup leader.

      MAMA the Malay based organisation said things can be done for only RM5500 but no, Muhyidin have to satisfy that Chinkee Foo.

      The bigger question is why is there a Chinese monopoly of maid agencies?

      We need a change of basi Malay leadership in UMNO. Full stop.

    3. Anon 17.05

      Re Maid / Foreign Worker Agencies

      The Chinese do the work. Behind them are powerful Malays.

  2. Hahaha.... yup UMNO should. After all by then DAP cannot say UMNO recist, they emulate DAP after all. You give me an ideas Annie. Thanks. I need to explore this....

    :D sarah

    1. How about improving your grammar first?

  3. Annie, your "advice" and analysis are exactly right. For what its worth, I think that elections only strengthen UMNO since the backstabbers can't claim the support of "the silent majority". It also provides them with the moral authority to get their coalition partners into line and to whack the opposition.

  4. Annie, lu sudah giler ke ?? macam ni hancurlah UMNO !!

  5. Cadangan supaya dua jawatan teratas tidak dicabar ada asasnya untuk elakkan perang dalam parti seperti yang telah kita lihat dalam pemilihan2 terdahulu. Tapi untuk jawatan2 yang lain termasuk naib presiden, pertandingan mesti diadakan. Ahli2 diakar umbi mesti diberi peluang untuk membuat perubahan dalam menentukan barisan kepimpinan yang akan menggantikan kedua2 pemimpin teratas sekarang ini. Ahli2 telah menilai ciri2 kepimpinan mereka dan ahli2 tidak patut dinafikan hak mereka. Dalam sejarah UMNO pun jawatan naib presiden kebawah ada pertandingan pada setiap kali pemilihan MKT dibuat. Diharap ku nan tak payahlah sibuk2 nak lobi bagi pemimpin2 tertentu. Biarlah ahli2 menentukan. Janganlah rosakkan demokrasi dalam parti dengan memperkenalkan konsep demokrasi ala ku nan pula.

  6. Stupid UMNO, killing off what little democracy there is. And you expected us to support you when the leaders are continually making stupid decisions and forever taking the grasssroots votes for granted.

    Why are top leaders so scared of competition? You all need crutches? It is during this time that members are given the freedom of choice to rid pests like KJ.

    If you have done your job according to grassroots voices what is there to worry. Or is this another way of letting you scot-free and dishing out goodies to the Chinese schools, guilds and propping up DAP?

    You know members are incensed about all the bounties given to non bumis and leaving the crumbs and leftovers to Malays. You expect us to swallow everything. Why the F*** then did you amend the constitution that allow close to 150,000 members to decide? No cahnce of money politics eh?

    Some caught but given soft warning and now a Minister. Others given harsh treatment...and now reward those engaged in unsavoury activities prior to election plum jobs and positions...

    Apalah Najib, balless President. You may just anger the UMNO masses and next GE, membership may not translate into votes for UMNO/BN. MCA members have done it and that is why they lost. And just to teach arrogant UMNO and their leaders a lesson, it is good that they lost. a new breed of leaders from other sources will surely come forth...and UMNO should also prepare their talkin.

    Malay/Bumiputras are at a crossroad now. And 1 wrong move, history will record it as such. Up to the leaders to decide what they want but in the end, UMNO's fate will be decided...

    Beware and be careful...between now and GE14, anymove will be scrutinized...Najib !!! rid yourself of yopur hopeless advisers ( I don't give a damn if there are from Oxford or Cambridge, Harvard or Massachusetts, UM or UKM ( I do believe you wont want local grads, right Najib???)

  7. I think long and hard for this. I'm all for democratic exercise within any party organization but there's some truth of what Ku Nan said. I think there should be no contest for the top two posts. Not five as he suggested though. As for the vice presidencies and other posts further down, those should be open to be contested.
    By opening up the top two posts; the president and deputy president for contest, it would undermine a new found strength within the party especially after a bruising GE. Unity within UMNO at the moment is rock solid. There's a sense of unity within the party after the Chinese had shown their true colour. There's no need to rock the boat. Opening up the top two posts will split the party even further and eroding the unity within the party. UMNO is no stranger to bitterly contested and highly divisive party elections. It's history marred with those kind of episodes, which further divided the Malays along the way.
    UMNO actually is a unique party. A party where the British didn't give much thought of and dismissed it as flavor of the week has survived for generations. A party which represents the Malays community and its aspirations, then and now. Even the likes of Pas and PKR were once parts of UMNO. It has endure multiple challenges and hardships, collected wounds and scars along the way. It still survives though and come out even stronger as recent general elections had shown. It has survived the test of time as well. Unsuccessful to defeat and unseat UMNO via ballot boxes, the enemies of UMNO are hoping UMNO could be weakened and destroyed from the inside, via a bitterly contested party elections. The contests would be so hardly fought and so bloody which has a potential to destroy the party. That's what the enemies wanted to see. A highly demoralized UMNO. UMNO which being destroyed from within by its own members. and a weak UMNO could spell trouble for the Malays.

  8. Adoi....am really fedup with these UMNO A-holes. Calibre haprak semua!! Lost my + family's vote for next GE14 guaranteed!!

  9. I am done with UMNO. Macam menjerit ke dinding.

    PAS all the way, after this.

    Screw it. Less clownish of two clowns.

    1. Pas lagi teruklah..sekarang pas kelam kabut. Mana ada maruah dalam pas dgn pemimpin spt mat sabu, stopa spenda dan geng2 yg sokong peliwat negara.kalau marah umno pun elok duduk diam2 sudahlah, jgn sokong pas atau pkr, buang masa saja.

  10. Ku Nan is bullshitting when he asserted that most grassroots members dont want contests. Only those with vested interests and/or those with outmoded mentality dont want contests. They are also oblivious to the sentiments and perception of voters especially the younger generation. The no contest notion will only strengthen the impression that umno leaders are only protecting their interests.

    1. this bullshit actually comes from Najib .... Najib knew his days are numbered !!

  11. Yes Annie and Najib Should Permanently Change his Name to Ah Jib Gor.

  12. UMNO can do watever they want within the party. Am sure majority of the members agree with the current leaders in UMNO. Funny that other people should interfere and make cynical remarks about it. Enuf of election and campaigning...just get to work!

  13. bodoh Annie....cam ni suruh UMNO makan babi lah !!

  14. Steady, steady jangan beremosi sangat brother. Luas samudera tidak di rentasi perahu batu. Orang bijak kawal diri sendiri dan bertawakkal kepada Tuhan Maha Pengasih sumber segala kebaikan. Mari style Melayu !



  15. UMNO Shah Alam3 July 2013 at 10:49

    'No contest' - exactly the kind of statement coming from balachi penakut yang bercakap bagi pihak Presiden Penakut. Kalau tak ada telur baiklah letak Sayap Wanita ambik alih kepimpinan UMNO. Gua malu jadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO peringkat cawangan.

  16. UMNO should forget the idea of transformation lab...!!!
    UMNO leader must be strong in protecting the Malays right like DAP did for the Chinese..
    Ini baru kena gertak, telur sudah luruh...
    Kasi tukar semua lah, ini kali lah!!!

  17. Adnan,
    Are you sure the grassroots want it that way or the Ketua Bahagians want it that way? Please UMNO, the whole country is looking at the election as a democratic way of transparency and with little interference from the elders. The younger generations are looking at it from a different perspective.

  18. *people on the ground* ..... who are they?? any facts/numbers/referendrum??? Just say lah me, myself and mine.