Tuesday 28 April 2015

To reason is better than to fight

Hung out with a close friend last night.

Mostly we were talking about some serious nonsense such as the meaning of love, troubled relationship, bastards who turned our life upside down, etc.

Despite all that, we also managed to talk a bit about politics.

I think I can share with you all some of my thoughts about what the two of us talked about.

My friend basically asked me two questions:

1. Will the apparent disagreement between Pakatan parties, particularly over hudud, lead to them breaking up, and the effect of their quarrel on the by-elections in Permatang Pauh and Rompin?

2. Does Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad be able to topple PM DS Najib Razak and what is the effect of his effort in the long run?

My answers were:

1. The Pakatan parties will mend their relations.

For me, their quarrel over hudud is a farce.

They just wanted to reassure their supporters of their either Islamic or secular credentials by arguing with each other over the whole thing.

They will be back honky dory together before the next general election which is just two and a half years from now.

By the way, I don't think the Chinese were really that scared of Pas' hudud.

My over 70 years old grandmother doesn't even mind if the Islamic criminal laws be imposed on her and other Chinese.

She told me the other day that she doesn't mind hands of robbers and rapists be chopped off even if they were Chinese.

Yes, I think the Chinese will still see a vote for Pas is a vote for DAP in the next general election.

As for the by-elections, the outcome is easily predictable.

- PKR president DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will win in Permatang Pauh with more or less the same majority.

- BN will retain Rompin with lesser majority.

I'm not going to elaborate on my predictions as I'm still a supporter of the establishment and I don't want to demoralize BN election workers who are sincerely trying very hard now for their candidates.

2. Dr Mahathir will not be able to topple Najib for now.

The PM will get the necessary backing from Umno in the face of any immediate challenge by pretenders to his party presidency.

By the way, none of the available potential challengers are at this moment strong enough to garner enough support to go against Najib.

This however does not mean Najib's people should be happy and think they can go all out whacking Dr Mahathir.

If they do that, the end results will be disastrous.

Without Dr Mahathir's supporters and sympathizers, I believe BN will do very badly or even possibly lose in the next general election.

After that, Najib can no longer be the PM, and in a way Dr Mahathir will then be successful in removing him from the post.

Fighting Dr Mahathir the way Najib's people are doing now will not help Najib in the long run.

One way or another, Najib and his people have to find a way to appease Dr Mahathir and win back support from the former PM's followers.

They need to reason with Dr Mahathir instead of trying to whack him the way some Najib's people are doing now.

They were fools if they arrogantly thought that they can fight fire with fire when dealing with Dr Mahathir and then later on can win the next general election.

Najib's people should bear in mind that the onus is on their boss as PM and Umno president to make sure BN stays in power after the next general election.

Najib surely doesn't want history to remember him as being the last Umno president to be a PM after failing to unite his party and losing the middle ground.

In contrast, the almost 90-year-old Dr Mahathir is now just an ordinary citizen and Umno member.

He got nothing really to lose by going against Najib, which at the moment he believes is the right thing to do for the country.


  1. Hung out not hanged out.
    Oh my England!

    1. No Annie its not: "Does Tun M..."Its either "Will:Tun M' or " Shall Tun M.."

    2. Ah grammar nazis. They exist everywhere..
      These guys probably felt their English language skills were top notch and others were inferior to his/her. Even the native speakers who speak and write perfectly good English don't go around correcting someone else English.

    3. Your inggeris needs help as well 00.53 haha

    4. Ah grammar nazis. They exist everywhere..
      These guys probably FEEL their English language skills ARE top notch and others ARE inferior to his/herS. Even the native speakers who speak and write perfectly good English don't go around correcting someone else'S English.
      Now go stand in the corner. You embarrass yourself.

    5. Inggeris ni kalau nak perfect baru boleh guna susah la. Biasanya orang yang lebih pandai sikit cakap Inggeris ni dia rasa superior. Biasa lah tu. Anyway, English is too tediously complicated to be perfectly used. Contoh:
      Hung is the past tense and past participle of hang in most of that verb’s senses. For instance, yesterday you might have hung a picture on the wall, hung a right turn, and hung your head in sorrow. The exception comes where hang means to put to death by hanging. The past tense and past participle of hang in this sense, and only in this sense, is hanged.

    6. No one really goes around perfecting other people's Bahasa Malaysia.

    7. Hahahaha.... Mmg byk manusia yg mcm tu. dia jadi stim terlebih bila dapat betulkan bahasa inggeris seseorang. Selepas dia betulkan bahasa seseorang dia akan tersenyum kambing dan berasa dia cukup hebat dan cukup pandai. Selalunya melayu dan india yg ada perangai mcm ni hehehe

    8. Hang mari dengar budak ni kecek loghat kite ...


    9. "Ah grammar nazis. They exist everywhere..
      These guys probably FEEL their English language skills ARE top notch and others ARE inferior to his/herS. Even the native speakers who speak and write perfectly good English don't go around correcting someone else'S English.
      Now go stand in the corner. You embarrass yourself. "

      I use felt instead of FEEL and were instead of ARE because I'm referring to situation happening in the past and no longer happening now. Hence felt and were are more appropriate.
      Her and hers both can be used in possesive sense, either with or without s at the end depending on the structure of the sentence. In any other internet forum and message board, do people really observe the grammar at all times just write what they feel? They're all on the internet just to chill. They're not taking English exams.
      Who embarassed whom here? And I why do I need to stand in the corner? As if there is no other better place to stand? And why stand not sit?
      Are you trying to imply that I should be ashamed of myself? Why should I? At least I'm not the one who go around pointing someone else's mistake as if oneself so damn good as good as English professor at Cambridge University.
      I believe everyone should be allowed to make mistake and learn from it less discourage them by being unnessarily nitpicky when there is no such reason to do so.

    10. Anon 11:34 saya setuju dengan anda. Saya fikir anon 8:50 ni rasa dia bagus hahaha. Byk melayu perangai mcm dia tu. sebab tu lah melayu makin mundur. Takpa la kalau salah silap sikit sikit, apa yg nak dijadikan isu sangat. Ishhhh melayu oh melayu jangan cepat pancut sangat banyak lagi isu yg lebih penting utk dibincangkan

    11. Anon 11.34 ni rock la. Betul la. Bahasa inggeris saya pun pas cukup makan je. Bukan bahasa kita pun. PM punya accent pun buat buat


  2. Yes the Hudud issue is a farce politically, but not underlying faith adinda Ms Annie.
    The PAS grassroots if they bother to turn up(?) will vote for the candidate who will vote in Parliament for Tn Guru A Hadis Hudud Bill.

    Ah what better time to also hear the hearts and the minds of the Rakyat most interestingly the Muslims in PKR.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  3. I think the only way for Najib to appease Tun is to answer the questions on the whereabout of 1MDB missing RM42b and by doing that it means "kamikaze" to Najib's political career. Najib and Rosmah will then be joining Anwar in Sg.Buloh while Najib will be sharing the same cell with Anwar.

    On a lighter note, here is a quote on Love;
    “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”


    1. What's love got to do with all of this?


  4. re ,Najib surely doesn't want history to remember him as the last UMNO president to be PM.

    Selupa itu Yusof Ishak lea aa ,the first and the last Malay president of Singapore . Manyak kesian lor rr , Wa atok latang ini Bulayu punya negeli ,lagi nanti Bulayu tatak pelintah lagi maa aa.

    Tapi eaa aa wa atak ingat mungkin atak pakai Bulayu punya PM , tapi nama pakai saja lor rr ,itu macam pon OK maa aa .

  5. Too many pundits around.let god decide what he wants to do on this land of the gifted,but i like the sentence najib do not want to be remember as the last pm from bn.astra per aspera.

  6. Being a descendant of Bugis warriors, the PM should now bathe his keris with all the Mahathirists blood. Go after all of them relentlessly until no one is spared. The Akta Hasutan has just passed the rubber stamp Dewan Negara and once consented by DYMM Agong will be gazetted. The new amendments can then be used to silence the more vocal ones for 2 years to share their beds with Anwar at Sg. Buloh.

    Reasoning comes in only after your empire is safe and the enemies vanguished.

    Remember what George Bush says "Either you are with me, or you are with them"

    This is to prevent hidden Brutus among unprincipled man who always quote "Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara"

    1. We need Hang Tuah to subdue the arrogant demons of greed and envy, insha Allah.

    2. "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
      - Sun Tzu

    3. RBA batu api all the way...mamakkuty, mahathirist sound very familiar everywhere..HA,LOA,OSTB , MK, TMI, MSN, Yahoo news and the list goes on

  7. Annie, sekarang ni puak puak berjawatan dalam umno dan BN akan sokong najib. Depa ni sokong najib sebab depa tau najib lemah. PM lemah ni senang kena control dan suka di puji. Ini lah masa untuk memenuhi agenda peribadi masing masing. So buat apa depa ni semua nak jatuhkan dia nanti poket kosong. This is the time hahahahaha. Rembat dulu apa yang boleh sebelum PM lain naik. Inilah mentaliti kebanyakan orang orang najib. Mmg kuantiti depa ni byk tapi kualiti depa takdak. Inilah jemuan dan bangang yg disebut oleh ahjib gor. Tapi ahjib taktau depa tu semua adalah org2 dia hahahahahaha

  8. UMNO is not willing or able to change. UMNO has to go. Simple. All else irrelevant.

  9. Kahkahkahkah Ahmad Maslan dah kena gag order! Tu la sapa suruh ambik jemuan and bangang jadi timb menteri???? Kan dah kenaaa kahkahkahkahkah

  10. I think Dr.M will cease his assault for the time being to let things cool-down a bit, while gathering as much information as possible, through his reliable contacts and resources. Pictures of that extravagance wedding in Kazakhstan, is pouring in. That talk to students in USM, tomorrow would not touch on call for Najib to step-down though, but reporters might pursue the matters on the sideline.
    After the Permatang Pauh and Rompin by-election, he will go full-throttle in his quest for Najib to stand-down.
    That's my 'burung penelek nasib' forecast..