Thursday 23 April 2015

A religious lesson

The Azan, Salib rapped
reminded me of this "religious lesson" by Mr Atkinson,

Now, I believe no one has ever really wanted to charge Mr Atkinson with sedition for that.

Also, Rocky's posting, got relatively civilized comments over the ongoing religious brouhaha, which was quite encouraging.

This is one of them:
Blogger Pasquale said...

Two things:Allah is great and I do not feel insulted when a non-Muslim, even like Alvin doing a "repetoire" on Azan. I was expecting some bad expletive, I do not feel insulted at all, but I do feel angry when Azan is being called in a very very bad note like in my area Ampang Jaya/Ukay Heights. No one made a fuss when Freddie Mercury said Bismillah in his rendition of the famous Bohemian Raphsody.
Anohter, imagine a mosquew being erected or a crescent moon and the star being displayed in a conservstive Jewish majority enclave, what certain Christian sect trying to do is just to provoke as though for fun, if you are sincere be sensitive okay.

Who knows, maybe there is still hope for the multi-religous society of this country.


  1. Religion is a powerful tool for politicians to control the masses.

    It's just like racism being used as a tool.

    When a leader does not have total control over the people in a party, a country or city or village or an area, religion and racism is used to divide so that he alone wields power thru his religious and racists rant.

    The rise of communism and socialism which is just like religion also happens when the masses are not so religiously or ethnically inclined esp in areas where there are more mono ethnic.

    Examples of these traits among religious and racists bigots are many in mankind's history.

    Notice how finally the great leaders admired in the end are always those who do not climb the ladder of power thru all these machinations of mankind. They are famous because they fight for all for justice, freedom, compassion, love irrespective of colour and belief.

    How shameful for a country and it's people if they have leaders who take racism and religion, communism or socialism as their tools towards power.

    They are definitely not leaders but hypocrites and manipulators.

    1. That's how the PAS guys have played their political chips with religion - Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, Mat Sabo, Anwar. Label other Muslims who do not favor their party as reprehensible "disbelievers" and "innovators" . And promise the Malays a place in heaven if they tick PAS at the voting booth!
      Berani bodoh zalim sungguh!

    2. i have read about the wealth of a nation, how can a country become poor and how some country become rich. it turned out that a poor country tend to be religious and corruption is rampant the most in these god fearing superstitious nation. also consider that in the tropical country life tend to be hard. something has to be improved here, especially malaysia

  2. No comments about Alvin the exhibitionist. As for the calling of azan for the five daily prayers at the masjids and suraus, I wonder if the religious authorities can provide directives for the people to control the decibel output of their loudspeakers. More often than not, the volume is played up high that can be heard from a very long distance away - and sounds like a big blast for the houses nearby. We recall the companion of the blessed Prophet (s.a.w.) Sayyidina Bilal who first called the azan from the roof of the masjid in Mecca that his voice alone could traverse to the farthest households of the city to call the people to prayer, and his was a beautiful voice.

    1. Being a Muslim it is a sensitive matter to comment on this azan issue.My house is surrounded by a number of mosques/suraus. It is quite irritating when these mosques/suraus turn up the volume to the maximum as if competing with each other, which suraus/mosques have the best loudspeakers. I am fortunate that I have no baby in my house. I can understand the agony faced by parents whose babies are woken up by the lous sound of azan especially during subuh.I guess they have to grit their teeth and bear with it.

    2. Anon 11:16. It is hard to fathom that you are irritated by the sound on azan, if you are not within 100m and right in front of the speakers. If you are you need to do some soul searching.

    3. Mr. Bean's irreverent humour at the pulpit is repugnant! But since this post is titled "A Religious Lesson" perhaps we can share some insights into Bilal's experience with his teacher Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.:

      It is well-known that Bilal bin Rabah was the black slave of some proud Quraish aristocrat and the object of severe mistreatment and torture especially after he had openly acknowledged Allah as the Lord and followed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. His Quraishi masters who were pagan idolaters would hear nothing of it! They proceeded to punish him by placing a stone slab on his chest to pin him down on the hot desert sun. It was at this juncture that the blessed Sayyidina Abu Bakar - who was famed for his kindness to kith and kin and every forlorn person - ransomed Bilal's freedom.

    4. Anon 14:44,

      "Narrated Anas bin Malik: When the number of Muslims increased they discussed the question as to how to know the time for the prayer by some familiar means. Some suggested that a fire be lit (at the time of the prayer) and others put forward the proposal to ring the bell. Bilal was ordered to pronounce the wording of Azan twice and of the Iqama once only." (Sahih Bukhari)

      In those ancient days the people did not have any mechanical aids or electronic instruments to tell the time of day and the communal azan at the masjid served that purpose very well in announcing the 5 times: sunrise, the midday sun, the late afternoon when shadows are as long as their owners, sunset, and nightfall.
      A muslim is obliged to perform his ritual prayers within their prescribed times and in this every person must search his soul for the strength to fulfill them and also to benefit from his prayer. Therefore, it is imperative for the modern person to know the clock time and the timing for the 5 ritual prayers. Nowadays there so many forms of electronic azan devices and alarm clocks and watches that a person hardly has to depend on the masjid or surau loudspeaker to know the time for prayer unless he wishes to join the congregatory prayer - which has its benefits - otherwise he could pray alone if he is responsible enough to remind himself of the changing times of the day.

    5. Azan from the mosque is to call for the jemaah to come for salat at the mosque.

  3. What we see is that everyone is condemning about Tmn Medan issue but no one is condemning about this Alvin issue. From here, we get to see the real racist. This is the result of Najib's so called 1Malaysia.


  4. You're made a point here, Zack.
    Hail DS Najib the Bapak 1Malaysia.
    That's moderation, in the eyes of those liberal moderates. Even Politicians kept their mouth shut when there were ruckus over minority resident's building a mosque in Penampang.

    Anyway, those Tmn Medan folks, in the majority of-course, have been irritated and provoked for quite some time now. Their Mosque, on a few occasion, had wild-pig's head being thrown into its compound. Furthermore, they get easily agitated since the Kg. Medan race riots in 2001.

    According to ADUN Haniza Mohamed Talha, it's politically motivated.
    I agree.
    If someone wants to convert shop-lots into a place of worship, without approval from local authorities, there are no way, any leaders could do, to avert things like this. It might also be a sort of covert ploy to give BN a bad image for the coming Sarawak State election to garner vote from predominantly Christian electorate. Politicians from DAP seems to be quiet and people are quick to blame UMNO. Only Church people in Sarawak are the loudest to condemn. These racist people are very skillful on how to agitate commotion to their advantage. The Police should check whether, this 2 day old illegal 'church' is really ready for operation or just as 'bait' to instigate tension. Sadly, those folks in Taman Medan gulp the bait, the way they did.


  5. When the Muslim are being insulted and provoke ,if they reacted towards it ,they being labelled as extremist .

    The act of provocation by this Alvin , should be accepted with great tolerance ,that what Malays known to be . otherwise they will be labeled as extremist .

    Has the Malay been insensitive towards other religion in this country ? , never had been known .

    1. Porn Prince Alvin is just jealous of all the Malaysian attention given over to Jholow and his Paris Hilton, that's all there is to it ... but what has Mr. Bak Kut Teh got to show that we ain't seen yet huh huh huh?

  6. I bear witness that there is no lord except God
    I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God

    Part of the translation in English... eloklah dia ulang banyak kali.. mudah2an dapat membuka hati dia mendalami ajaran Agama Islam.

    Anyway if it is meant to provoke the Malays, he must remember he is no longer our problem.

    He has to answer to the 2.1b Muslim population of the world. Even Muslim Chinese population is more compared to Muslims in Malaysia.

    And he may also offend 2.2b fellow christians too, the cross tattoo yet lay witness there is no god except for Allah and Nabi Muhammad is their pesuruh Allah..

    1. Bring Alvin Babi's uncouth behaviour to the attention of the IS militant and they will definitely know what to do with him.

    2. Alvin craves attention.

      Ignoring him is the best way to hurt him.

      Just imagine him to be mad.

  7. Agreed. In his mind, the worse he can be is a NOBODY.