Sunday 5 April 2015

Japanese diary 5 (last)

Tokyo looks nice from my hotel room window tonight,

Earlier this morning it looked rather gloomy though,

My traveling companion and myself came back here from the northern city the previous evening.

Tomorrow will be our last day here.

Earlier this evening we went to Roppongi

Just for dinner and a bit of souvenir shopping.

This has been a good trip, but honestly, I am getting a bit bored over here.

Looking forward to going back to Malaysia.

I will be starting something new once I got home.

New challenges await me.

It's quite exciting, actually.

I will also no longer feel obliged to support the establishment, in particular the administration of DS Najib Razak.

As I previously wrote, I had been deemed by Najib's people as being not good enough to be a PM's supporter in the information war.

That privilege, as I was told, was reserved for classy people such as big time editors and famous bloggers.


I always maintained that I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger.

So, from now onwards I will be more relaxed and open minded in my writings.

The thought of it was refreshing.

Nonetheless, I do wonder, how many of those people who were deemed qualified to be the PM's defenders are really sincere and will not abandon him when, if ever, the chips are down...

How many of them are actually not mere mercenaries?

Well, never mind...I'm just wondering out aloud.

It's nothing more than that.

It's not my business anymore.

The next time I'll write, I'll be home.

And I think it will be better as I will have more freedom to write whatever I want.

Take care everyone.


  1. Roppongi is spelt romp. Romp with me. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  2. khairy would definetly defend him annie ;)

  3. "How many of them are actually not mere mercenaries? "

    Isn't Ah Jib Gor the chief amongst them?

  4. Traveling companion? Really?

  5. Roppongi....looks something like the pudu area

  6. How can you be bored in Japan? You just need to switch on the TV and there are cartoons, thrillers, adult entertainment, etc etc. I have never been to Japan, but heard people say got all the fun stuff lah.

  7. Annie,finally you had realized that it is a waste of time to support the establishment who had lost its credibility thus any statements whether by the Dungu Pee Emm or any of his Ministers will no longer be accepted by the majority.I deal with people from around the world and in the past most of them would say how i wish we had a PM like yours-they were referring to Dr.M. Now each time i meet them i get snide remarks not only from the Mat Sallehs but even our Asian counterparts like Indonesia and Philippines. They even go to the extent of saying Malaysia is better off to appoint a monkey to be the PM now as the monkey will not be able to damage the country's reputation and well being as it spends time eating banana unlike the current Pee Emm. No thanks to Rosmah & Najib, we are now seen as a Pariah country and makes no difference to Bangladesh or Myanmar. Dr.M has had enough that he blasted Najib and this shows how screwed the country is,off course the apple polishers of Najib will shout otherwise as they are all stealing the poor rakyat's money.