Saturday 11 April 2015

Qingming and a heavy heart

It's now 4.54am as I start writing this.

Just woken up and can't go back to sleep.

I'm at my mother's family home in Kluang for Qingming.

Drove down yesterday evening with my mother and a grand uncle.

If you are wondering why I am here for Qingming, please read this post which I wrote a year ago,

Ya, it's the annual family thing.

Almost everyone were here including my cousins from Singapore.

Normally I'm very happy to be at this gathering, but this time my heart felt very heavy over what have been happening of late.

Just before I left office yesterday evening to pick up my mother and grand uncle, a colleague told me about a meeting between former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and a group of top bloggers.

My colleague who is a kind and handsome young chap was quite excited over it. He said he saw something about it on Facebook.

I was quite curious but can't do any checking there and then as I was rushing to go back to Kluang.

When I reached Kluang at almost midnight, I did check on it but only found a bit of information.

But it was enough to convince me that I was right when I wrote my last posting,

Quick gun Mahathir

Dr Mahathir was really going to "gun down" PM DS Najib Razak or the other way around.

This is a bit of recording at Helen's blog which suggested that's now the case,

Video – Tun: “Umno dah pecah dah”

My worst fear seems going to happen as what I wrote about three months ago,

Umno will not survive a civil war

Bear in mind that, I actually wrote that in support of Najib.

Honestly, I still wish I can tell Dr Mahathir and those who support him to back down and let the PM and his people have their ways.

Unity is very important.

But I can't do that anymore.

Let me explain.

Regular readers of this blog should know that I'm actually quite pro-Najib.

You can check my record on it from the first day I started this blog.

In fact I have been supportive of Najib way before that.

I have been supportive of the PM much earlier than many of the PM's current "generals" who were back then no where to be seen with him. Some were then even working for "foreign enemies".

However, things that happened of late convinced me that there were too many bad people and "mercenaries" around the PM that a clean up at the risk of Umno's future was necessary.


These bad people gave Najib very bad advices, and most of the time they did so because they want to benefit from the whole thing.

Some of the things done by these bad people even directly victimized Najib's own real supporters, forcing them to turn against him.

That's why there are now so many people who are actually pro-establishment but unhappy with what's been happening in the country.

Just have a look at the little week-long poll (on the top right corner of this page, unless you are reading this using your smart phone), which I started a few days ago on how readers of this blog are going to vote in the next general election, less than three years from now if the status quo remains.

It doesn't look very good for BN so far.

Bear in mind that this blog is pro-establishment and therefore I believe the majority of its readers are also of the pro-establishment type.

With three days left to go before the poll closes, I don't think its end results will be much different than what it is now, with more than half of those taking part saying they will refrain from voting.

Well, never mind....let Umno people figure it out.

Seriously, I still like Najib. He is a kind man.

But as I had previously said, I am out of the equation and now just a bystander or at most an observer.

Really, it's the Najib's people themselves who recently forced me not to lend my little insignificant help to their boss.

I am just obliging.

Orang dah tak suka, kita pegi je lah...something like that.

Eh, I can hear the Suboh azan now from a nearby surau....

Need to do the necessary.

Going to the graves with my family later on.

You all have a nice weekend, ya.

Take care.


  1. "foreign enemies"?

    That is a serious accusation. Why don't you name names?

    It is easy to blame foreign "interference" for our own mistakes, screw ups and shortcomings, is it not?

    Like Tun Dr Mahathir's tirades against Zionists. Remember those? And where did that get him?

    Yesterday, Najib's interview was front page news in the Singapore Straits Times.

    Foreign investors must be wondering about political stability in Malaysia, with an ex-PM having a go at a sitting PM.

    Why bother investing in a Malaysia that can't get its act together, when there are so many other countries competing for foreign investments?

    1. sitting pm??hahaha more like a sitting duck to me...

    2. #eri 15:03

      That's supposed to be a joke? It's not even remotely funny.

      Perhaps it is no big deal for you if foreign investors worry about political stability in Malaysia and divert their investments elsewhere.

      You probably don't have to worry about globalisation, competition etc because you have been well taken care of.

  2. I've been following your blog from day one. You enjoy bashing people of all race and religion but you didn't do it with ill intent. I like this blog, Annie. Keep up the good work. However, with the new bill passed on amendments to sedition act, we need to tread carefully. Peace

  3. baeeeek la sangaaaaat annie...42 bil p mana pon tatao sapa jh low pon tak habaq....baeeeeeek....

    1. you as a rakyat have the right to ask where is it and me as a rakyat, i am not gonna ask where is it...instead i am not gonna give a damn to where is 42 or be it 84 billion or who is jh low.

      i dont care

  4. Najib may be kind (well I preferred him to Anwar!) but he is weak. His advisers may be the worst of the kind opportunists but whose fault it is to hire them in the first place? Don't forget that it cost us (taxpayers) more than RM7 BILLION for these consultants!! I'm so fed up with him. His government's accesses are simply unacceptable, even to a faithful supporter of BN. It is so pathetic that he continues to hang on to power. Who would have taught that Najib is worse than Badawi? A tragedy!!

  5. Hai Annie , saya rasa tak payah lah kita bincang pasal najib , biar dia dan semua kaki bodek , menteri , menteri ketua ketua apa apa aja yang sewaktu dengan syok sendiri , saya tak lah nak berdoa tapi saya pasti kalau najib masih PM sampai PRU 14 , keadaan akan jadi seperti negeri selangor dan UMNO susah nak dapat balik kuasa kecuali dengan imej baru barisan satus quo baru dan budaya baru , Lebih baik U bincang pasal penganguran ka , kemiskinan ka lagi bagus , tak silap saya the Star ada lapor hampir 1 juta permohonan ke pelbagai jawatan dalam PDRM yang kekosongan cuma 10000 heee bila baca rasa takut 1 juta pengangur dan 60% graduan heee apa nak jadi , tak mau cakap banyak nanti orang marah....

  6. Annie, najib is exactly like my boss..a kind man. Luckily my boss is surrounded by the likes of me (intelligent,capable, honest people).. if not the jabatan sudah lama punah dan musnah!! A kind man cannot be an effective leader..they cannot command and make decision. Seriously a nation like us need a better leader than Najib.

    1. self claim intelligent,capable, honest people...hahahaha

      Seriously a nation like us need a better citizens or at least in suggesting something

  7. KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was not at all involved in the Altantuya Shaariibuu case, former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today'.

    Well, now we have a 'Bapak Rasuah' defending another 'Bapak Rasuah 1Malaysia', who happened to be his successor. Who said Najib was involved, anyway?

    It's best if Pak Lah could answer Dr.M's 'A Doctor in the House' (pg.382) :-

    Why "Proton bought a 57.75 per cent share of MV Agusta for 70 million Euros (about RM350 million at the time) in July 2004, then sold it to an Italian company called Gevi SpA for just one Euro (about RM5) the following year. Harley-Davidson went on to buy Agusta for RM355 million." ?

    1. It would be good if Tun Dr M could also answer as to why MAS was privatised to Tajudin Ramli and subsequently bought back by the government.

      Selective memory, is it?

  8. Peace be upon the souls of the departed.

    The secret natural law of existence:

  9. He is a kind man but he cant 'stand alone'. Remember The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and now who is who?

  10. Now you know its civil war. You know whereabout your "kem pelarian." Don't toss the shilling, annie. Toast somebody... he..he..

    1. You gotta stand up what is right no matter what the odds are ... or your soul will die a slow death in complying with one wrong after another in succession ...

  11. Annie,
    Nothing happened in UMNO.TDM had the impression of whatever he said everybody esp the Malays will telan bulatx.But this time he is wrong.He had mistaken in bashing Najib due to his personal request not entertain by Najib,esp the Sirul case.Now instead of seeing Najib being bashed,the other round happened.He had been receiving support and sympathy from Politicians and supporters.Say what you like ,but I would like to advice TDM supporters to be patience and wait for the Party Election or GE 14 whether Najib been ousted.To predict BN will lose in GE 14 if Najib still PM until that time,I think it is unfair,nevertheless it is his right to do so,like I am predicting now PR esp PKR will hit the dirt before GE 14......anybody like to argue.....

    1. 15:18 I have to agree with you about PR hitting the dirt. many of their original supporters (the more right thinking ones) are now having reservations about voting for them again.

    2. Anon 15:38
      "wait for UMNO Party election to oust Najib".
      You must be dreaming.

      Remember in 2009, when almost all delegates in PWTC, booed and chanted; KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah, as he walked out of the hall, in victory for the Ketua Pemuda's contest?
      Amazingly he was elected again for the same post in 2013.

      Now, tell me if anything will change in the next party election. Just see for yourself how fat and wealthy they are, at the secretariat and Ketua Bahagian. Go see that clip of Dr.M's interview with Din Turtle to know how rotten UMNO had become.

    3. argue with an idiot???how aaaa??

    4. TDM is no wrong but he is worried of what may happen and while najib is smart but he is delaying in showing what he is capable to do for this country.

      najib.his father is a PM before and his father must have taught him so many things and now he is the PM and he have learn so many things by himself.

      just wait and see, be patient

    5. RD,

      Wa ingat itu KJ menang KP pasat itu Koputer kila salah maa aa , tapi apa pasat semua olang telima itu keputasan ,manyak helan nea aa .

      DAP ,CEC ea aa , lia olang kila balik ,DAP manyak telus lea aa.

  12. Najib is ready. He already said he is answerable to UMNO. So the only way to bring him down is through UMNO.

    1. so much of negativity assumptions of you in you

      najib wants to be PM
      najib is ready to defend his PM title
      they all are out there to force him out
      now they gonna use the UMNO platform to vaporize najib

      were you eating pop corn thus now when you were writing this

  13. When you were on holiday in Japan with your companion, I thought you said that you weren't going to write about Najib, Umno, BN anymore. You couldn't care less about them because they are careless. So why do you still write about them? Leave them alone and pursue happiness by wrting something else.

    1. and now you are somekind of online anon psychiatrist telling what to do to be happy

    2. She was the one complaining. If it's not a pleasure to write on the topic, why seek the pain? Seek happiness on other topics.

  14. Penasihat patut bagi nasihat, apabila diminta. Bila namanya nasihat lebih kepada buah fikiran untuk diambil kira dalam membuat pertimbangan. Bila namanya nasihat tentulah dengan ikhlas hati tanpa sebarang konflik kepentingan. Bila penasihat dilantik dan dibayar gaji serta diberi pelbagai kemudahan, lainlah jadinya. Nasihat sudah jadi tidak ikhlas serta wujud konflik kepentingan. Mahu tidak mahu penasihat hanya beri respons yang positif setiap kali kerana mahu menjaga periuk nasi dari habuan yang diterima. Kalau cakap perkara negatif walaupun benar, risiko habuan ditarik balik adalah terlalu tinggi. Jadi untuk kekal beroleh habuan lumayan sentiasalah beri nasihat yang menggembirakan bos.

    Konsultan diupah untuk tugasan tertentu yang kepakarannya tidak dapat diperolehi secara dalaman. Bayaran memang bukan kepalang lumayan. Konflik seperti penasihat jugalah. Lebih daripada itu cadangan dan saranan konsultan bukan mereka sendiri yang laksanakan bahkan jentera yang lain. Bila kerajaan lantik konsultan, kakitangan awamlah yang jadi pelaksana. Konsultan mana tahu kemampuan sebenar jentera pelaksana kerana mereka lebih bergantung kepada statistik dan andaian. Maka bila pelaksanaan dibuat, segalanya tidak seperti yang dibayangkan.

    Annie kata pm dikelilingi orang2 yang memberi nasihat yang merosakkan. Mereka hanya jaga kepentingan mereka macam orang biasa. Nasihat bukan mesti diterima. Sama juga dengan saranan dan cadangan konsultan. Yang jadi rosak bila penasihat dan konsultan yang diberi peluang membuat segala keputusan. Macam mana pun dari segi tanggung jawab tetap dipikul oleh pihak yang sepatutnya membuat keputusan.

  15. of what i can see in everything is this...

    the large majority are still believing that as long as BN is the gov, their life is gonna be miserable and there will be no chance to come up in life.

    and while only when PR take over....then WOW everything is gonna everything that is bad...and not only that...PR will gives us a new big bungalow houses to live...a few big expensive cars to drive....and plenty of money to spend...and will be as good as paradise....

    and now...even the people that have voted for BN are also thinking just like the DAP voters....( a new PM and yeaaaah no more gloomy gloomy days forever and cerah masa depan)

    but what they will never put into consideration especially the muslim is this....

    remember the story of Uthman(RA)...? one among the 10 that paradise is promise...a good man....but no, they switch him off...why...?because he is old...? because there is someone better...? but who can be better that someone that paradise is promise right....but they did off him off.....

    am not comparing najib with him but....but najib is a clean man....a honest and hard working man....all he need is the supports and not punishment and he will bring good...

    for me....i dont see why i shall follow others to remove long as DS najib....whom,he is who he is.....(a honest & hardworking pm...i will continue to support him and people like him)

    >james bond

    1. Uthman ra did have his flaws - its all recorded in the annals of Islamic history. If you care to read up on the Bani Umayyah please.

  16. 16.15
    So why the hoo ha about ousting Najib if you are bloody well aware of the situation in UMNO,how their members characteristi,mind you now reaching 3millions.Till now any whisper heard of them grumbling about Najib leadership esp The Supreme Council Members.Unless our country become so bad economically,population run riot,nitizens die due to hunger or Arab Spring style demo exist here,the situation remain status quo until next GE,Najib still PM.


  17. DS Mohd Najib has only played one crocked(?) not played the Hudud card, Sdr Move
    that YAB Tun Dr is arguing against/ not in al-Quran(?)
    but UMNO grassroots are supporting for fear of God.

    Additionally aggressive Melayus urging Tun Dr M on are on the other side anyway,
    while UMNO should sympathise with more gentle/ less spiteful Malay politician,kan?
    ( don't know though about more sophisticated Supreme council )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  18. Tun should really scalp Najib because things are just not right with Najib. In his boring TV interview,Najib said that he is confident that BN will win big in GE14. It is either just an optimistic political statement or he has been given the feedback from his many consultants, who wants to stay on to make money while it lasts. You conducted a small survey in your blog and you can see the result and although it is just a small number,that’s the actual scenario even if you multiply them by million times. Najib was heading the Selangor election campaign yet they lost with higher margins. If they can’t win even one state, would anyone think BN will win GE14 with Najib at helm?

    A very clear notion or fact is that GST is to conceal the debts of 1MDB is that there is no plan announce yet on how the rakyat will benefit from the GST proceeds. A good political strategy is to announce the benefits that rakyat will receive after GST.With all those “brainy bunch” in PMO,can’t they think of this? Or is it because it is just a fact GST proceeds are much needed to conceal the debts of Najib & 1MDB?

    The only way to know the truth about all those scandals surrounding Najib is to let PR take over the government after GE14 and all those sh*t that Najib created will be exposed.


    1. Is it a mere possibility or a high probability that Najib's national-scale dismeanour will be punished by a jail sentence for him?

  19. It is also a lesson to PR!
    They will have a happy times paying all the debts!

  20. Bila Najib asyik puji barat sejak lawatan Obama siap main golf lagi dgn Obama . It means that he sold his soul to the devil mcm cerita devil advocate.

    1. Rubbish. U making noise when China buat aksi in the South China Sea? Diam-diam sahaja! Mana ada maruah?

      Means that u will have to rely on Obama and the US to pull your b***s out of the fire if China doesn't back down.

      Who is the "devil" and the "devil advocate" (sic), then?

  21. Zack,
    Dream on
    I want to be TDM again predicting these;
    Come GE 14,PAS split between the Ulamas and Anwaristas--PASMA.The Ulama group will become BN friendly.
    PKR will disinteragated due to their infighting to control the party,Azmin gp,WAWI group and those loyal to TSKI S46.
    DAP ,status quo,but the possibility of losing some support as the Chinese are very pragmatic lots as they had realised that if all eligible Chinese voters vote,they still cannot rule Msia,Some of them had opned their eyes such as the middle class businessmen,since GE 13,they had been neglected,no more goodies from Fed Govt esp with the introduction of GST.they will need more Representatives in govt esp the Cabinet.
    PR will render ineffective to give BN run for money during the GE due to no clear cut leadership to coordinate and mistrust amongst party leaders.
    To Zack,you think Najib is stupid as you to use the GST income to pay 1 MDB debts.1 MDB assets worth more than the total amount of the debt.He will use the extra income to look after his vote bank,the rural folks such increasing BRIM and other aids benificial to them.