Thursday 2 April 2015

Japanese diary 4

Went on an excursion to the countryside the whole day.

Just got back and about to knock off.

It was a very rewarding yet tiring day.

Unfortunately the pictures I took using my phone camera were not so good this time.

Sawah padi Jepun

The rather gloomy weather was not helping either.

Nonetheless, it was a very enjoyable outing.

Met some very friendly local farmers.

They didn't seem to mind the rudimentary Japanese of my traveling companion and myself.

We chatted for quite a while at a stall despite our language difficulties.

All the Japanese I met so far were very well mannered.

How I wish that Malaysians were more like them.

Anyway, I'm too tired and sleepy now.

No energy to even read the other blogs or search for news from back home.

Really need to sleep now.

My prayers before sleeping tonight....

May Allah protect Malaysia and Japan....errr, also, may no journalists be thrown in lock-up just for being naughty or lazy.


  1. ... for being naughty or lazy

    Very witty Annie. And very true.

  2. In tune with .... Heaven and Earth

  3. How you teach the naughty or lazy journalist then Annie? By letting them free roam in their writings? Remember , pen is mightier then sword and Terlepas perahu boleh diundur, tapi terlepas cakap buruk padahnya.

    please understand PDRM situations, if they tangkap, people say journalist should be allowed to write, eventhough they write nonsense and challenging the police. If PDRM dont do anything, then people say PDRM dont do their work... Tangkap or not its under PDRM power, to charge it in court, then ask AG Chambers.

    Its like we rotan our kids in the old days... to teach them and discipline them... not we pace them in lokap.

  4. 09.17. Rotan kids? What a sadistic animal you are who still lives in the caves and treat your children like animals.

    Stop spreading your so called ethics, behaviour. You still belong to the dark ages.

    1. Somebody must have rotan-ed you really bad when you were a kid!

  5. The Mexicans knows best how to layan these scumbags.

  6. naughty, naughty, ...... hehehehe giler betui

  7. Tend to agree with RD. I will do the same to 2 DAP guys in Perak for causing severe damage to Manik Urai & Kuala Krai people. Because of their greed, Manik Urai and Kuala Krai people lost their house and yet these 2 scumbags live in mansion!!!!

  8. Annie, i'm sure you have known by now that Tun Dr.M dropped a "Hiroshima Bomb" against Najib today. As expected, Najib will pretend to be in "labour pain" without answering any of allegations. As we all know, silence means it is the truth that a person cannot deny.

    Btw, i noticed that some commenters that have been stalking my comments uses the common words that Najib uses-Rubbish/Merepek. I guess it could have been your PMO friend and if it's not him, then someone from the school of DUMNO where they are taught cows should live in condos and Atlantuya was killed because the 2 police officers got nothing better to do while 1MDB has accumulated "so much profits" that there is no space to keep in Malaysia in order to bring the money back,thus had to keep in some Monkey island.


  9. Our condolence to the families of the deceased.

    This copter crash reminds of our MH17 and the recent GermanWings crash. Within 48hours,they were able to release the data of voice recording in the cockpit of GermanWings and within a few days,they were able to identify the cause of the crash. In the case of MH17, it has been months and we still can't figure out what happened or there's something more to it? Or is it that our authorities do not know what to do with the black box as they only know to identify treasure box? I don't meant to be sarcastic as my school mate was one of the crew,but it just too mind boggling to see things are happening this strange way. If we don't put a stop to this nonsensical happenings now, we could be hearing more of this. It all started with the murder of Atlantuya and it keeps going on. Is it bad omen or political voracity?