Saturday 18 April 2015

Jazlan is chubby but he's okay

Two days ago, a friend called and asked whether I'm a friend of DS Nur Jazlan Mohamed, the chairman of Public Account Committee (PAC) and Pulai member of parliament.

", I don't think Jazlan is my friend," I said.

For some unknown reasons, my friend on the other end of the line seemed amused by my answer.

Well, I actually know Jazlan, but I don't think I'm in a position to claim that he is my friend.

It's not like we chit chat all the time or me regularly giving him advices such as on how to lose weight or something like that.

Jazlan may also not like it that an insignificant anonymous bitchy blogger going around claiming to be his friend.

If I'm a kinda hot babe, then maybe it's another story la.

My friend proceeded to ask me whether Jazlan and his PAC gang can be trusted to  investigate 1MDB following the ongoing assault by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad against PM DS Najib Razak and his administration.

The 1MDB issue is the most crucial point of Dr Mahathir's attacks.

Well, I'm actually in favor of trusting Jazlan on it.

He is not exactly my favorite politician but the guy does has a certain amount of integrity.

He is definitely not one of those disgusting ass-kissing stupid bootlickers within the Umno rank.

If he does need to do a bit of apple-polishing, he would normally had done so without making someone like me feels too disgusted.

For one thing, I don't mind Jazlan too much because he dares to be different, which I think was what deterred him from being appointed a minister.

Some Umno people have even accused him of being a Pakatan's Trojan horse because of his rather liberal and unorthodox opinions on things.

The last time I talked to him face to face was just before the last general election.

He told me that things were not really good at his mixed Pulai constituency. True enough, later on polling day, his over 20,000 majority was slashed to just above 2,000.

Despite being half Chinese like me, he was almost swept away by the Chinese tsunami.

Jazlan, who is now 49 said he was ready to quit politics if things don't improve.

An accountant by profession, he had told me that it was not really his wish to be a politician in the first place as his real interest was to be a businessman.

It was his father, the late TS Mohamed Rahmat who persuaded him to get involved in Umno.

I also know that Jazlan at that time was frustrated that he can't do more than being a chairman of the troubled UDA.

So, when Najib appointed him as the PAC chairman, I did remember telling myself that the PM did the right thing.

I think Jazlan will try his best over the 1MDB mess. He knows that all eyes will be on him and therefore he is not likely to do anything which makes him look like a donkey.

However, I don't think it will make much difference to the ongoing Dr Mahathir's attack against Najib.

Read this, if you want to know why I said that;

PAC mungkin siasat 1MDB tanpa laporan ketua audit, kata Nur Jazlan


Pengerusi PAC Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed berkata ianya bergantung kepada skop laporan ketua audit dan sama ada urusan 1MDB melibatkan rundingan domestik atau pun antarabangsa.

“Sekiranya audit terlibat transaksi antarabangsa, ia mungkin mengambil masa beberapa tahun untuk menyiapkan laporan audit itu. Ini mengambil masa yang lama.

Katanya, siasatan itu akan bermula dalam tempoh beberapa bulan.

Hmmm...Jazlan said it will take years for the PAC to complete its report on 1MDB.

Well, unfortunately, we don't have that many years to wait for Jazlan and his PAC gang to come up with their 1MDB report.

The next general election is less than three years from now.

If things go on the way it is now, there is a very high probability that Jazlan may no longer be Pulai MP or PAC chairman after that.

The last time I went down to Johor Baru several months ago, an old friend who is a senior SB officer told me that all parliamentary constituencies within the Iskandar Malaysia development corridor will most likely be swept away by Pakatan in the next general election unless BN do something really drastic there.

Jazlan's Pulai is one of the constituencies, with the others being Kulai, Gelang Patah, Johor Baru, Tebrau, Tanjong Piai and Pasir Gudang.

Well, what do you expect? Even Pasir Gudang which is the fortress of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin had its majority of over 20,000 being slashed to just over 900 in the last general election.

Eh, okay lah....enough of Jazlan.

Tiring la writing about the chubby if he pays me for writing all these.

Jazlan, if you are reading this, my advice better slim down a bit man. You are beginning to look like a fat towkey, okay.


  1. Patut la Dr.M buat tak tahu saja pasal Auditor General atau PAC report. Lepas PRU14 baru keluar. Itu pun belum tentu. Money trail 1MDB pun sudah lesap atau di kelepet.
    Dapat perkenan Sultan pulak.
    Ini yang paling tidak molek untuk kelestarian Institusi Istana.
    Kalau Tuanku kerap buat kenyataan menyokong ahli politik, takut nanti akan pudar kemuliaan dan menghakis kedaulatan Raja Berpelembagaan.

  2. 1. I have known it for a while that you are not hot, Annie, but you rock!

    2. Jazlan is fine by all measures, but auditing 1MDB (as UMNO MP), would not be easy for him (ineffective, even!). This is especially so when UMNO Secretary General Tengku Adnan had alluded to the fact that "1MDB is an internal matter" (and how that statement came about exactly, I do not know!).

    3. Of course, PAC would be credible if Tony Pua is there (as he is conversant with the affairs of 1MDB, supposedly). However, now that DSN and his wife are suing him (which I believe was not mere coincidence), would he still be there during the Audit. Even if he were there, would he be as effective and as efficient if the Suit was not there otherwise? Sub judice comes to mind. Again, PAC too could take a (very, very, very) long time to conclude (as Jazlan had alluded); it could even be way past GE14 in 2018 or earlier. Who is to tell, right? Could the Auditor General enlightens us on this (since it claims it has started auditing 1MDB accounts?)

  3. salam annie..
    ayahanda tun tak menyerang tapi bertanya..sbb ayahanda tun lebih sayangkan Negara berbanding kita nim...

  4. The question is who appointed Jazlan and under whose purview that PAC is under?That will give an answer on expected outcome on the PAC findings on 1MDB. In any case, we will not hear the truth about 1MDB unless Najib steps down and better still if opposition takes over.


    1. 1 MDB has got to be investigated by a national board of inquiry headed by His Excellency the Sultan Yang di Pertuan Agung. The great magnitude of the monetary losses involved in the 1MDB scandal, and the fact that the prime minister and finance minister is directly involved in this internationally publicized case of possible, even probable governmental breach of public trust necessitates the leadership of Malaysia's monarch to guarantee that justice and integrity are upheld in the criminal investigations.

  5. Chit chat with me, I'll make you hot baby. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  6. looks like Jazlan is a good guy based on what you said about him....

    >james bond

  7. Semasa Dato Azmi Khalid menjadi Pengerusi PAC, Jazlan adalah Timbalan Pengerusi dan selalu sangat ponteng mesyuarat...
    Bila dilantik jadi Pengerusi - dia kata Najib buat keputusan yang tepat.
    Macam tu pun ada ka...

    1. annie cakap dia org baik(rajin)...
      ini orang sekarang cakap dia bukan org baik(ponteng)...

      sekarang sama ada annie sudah tipu atau ini orang dok menipu mau tipu...?

      >james bond

    2. Tolong rujuk minit mesyuarat sepanjang Jazlan jadi Timbalan Pengerusi PAC.

  8. Jazlan orang lagi baik kalau perkara terlibat dengan AirAsia dan/atau Tony Fernandez. He is just a bootlicker forTony Fernandez. Mana ada kredibiliti! Kalau Najib offer Chairman untuk Telekom, 1MDB seterusnya tiada masalah.

  9. To each his own. Some say Angelina Jolie cantik. Some say dia ugly. Some support DS Najib. Some pledge their loyalty to Tun M.

  10. A study conducted by Merdeka Center and business radio station, BFM Radio (89.9FM) a vast majority of Malaysians are unaware as to what the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) controversy is all about.

    Three quarters of those polled did not know what the role of 1MDB was supposed to be.

    This figure was highest among Malay voters (at 81%), those without internet access (87%), those from households below RM3,000 a month (87%) and those who relied upon the mainstream media for their news (at 65%).

    Asked who they felt was responsible for the 1MDB controversy, 52% of voters said they were unsure, while 6% said they did not know.

    The survey was conducted between March 12 and 27 this year and involved 1,011 registered voters. They comprised 60% Malays, 30% Chinese and 10% Indian in Peninsular Malaysia and were polled through telephone.


  11. Annie , it's is my believe that you are more Melayu than Nor Jazlan ,he just like Najib hanging on his father popularity .

  12. "Jazlan, if you are reading this, my advice better slim down a bit man. You are beginning to look like a fat towkey, okay."

    Annie, I love the way you put things. You have a great sense of humor.

  13. "I think Jazlan will try his best over the 1MDB mess. He knows that all eyes will be on him and therefore he is not likely to do anything which makes him look like a donkey."

    sure thing babe!

  14. Shocking news: tony fernandes, time magazine's 100 most influential people..... Hahahaha on what basis????? Aduiiii nak terberak laaa

  15. My dislike for Jazlan is the same as my dislike towards Saifuddin Abdullah. I do not trust nor respect both of them as both of them mereng macam leaders in Pakatan Rakyat.