Monday 20 April 2015

Garbage money : new establishment's income

My friend forwarded this story by Rakyat Post via Wassap yesterday,

Mandatory for households to separate garbage from September


1. Solid Waste and Solid Cleansing Management Corp (SWCorp) Chief Executive Officer Datuk Ab Rahim Md Noor said every family member should know how to do it and dispose off garbage properly.

2. “A company has been appointed to collect garbage in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Pahang, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and Perlis. It will also observe and note down households which flout the rule.”

3. He said notices would be issued to those who flouted the rule starting September and a maximum compound of RM1,000 would be imposed on errant households by 2016.

My friend commented,
"Wah! Another initiative to grab money from rakyat leh."

I know that he was baiting me for a debate, knowing well that I am a pro-establishment person.

Normally, I would entertain him.

However, at present, I am too disillusioned by what's happening with the establishment that I was not in the mood to go to its defense over such things.

Let the highly paid professional mercenaries defend the establishment, I told myself.

To my friend, I just replied:


Well, if he really wants to pick up a quarrel with the establishment over the matter, he can write a letter to the pro-BN newspapers. Maybe they will publish it...and reply on behalf of the establishment.

I'm just not volunteering such services anymore.


  1. Volunteering? Blogger Bangang? Orang tak minta pun? Self aggrandisement kut.

    1. It is a narcissistic nut that unleashes his slanderous venom kut.

  2. it is a good idea. since we always compare ourself with modern country like japan and germany, we should be following their example.

    honestly i dont think we are there yet, in terms of our mentality, so this project might be a total failure. our mentality just... not there yet. i still see people throwing stuff outside of their car like it was nothing.

    on the other hand introducing compound might be a good idea, since thts the only language we all speaks. if you are fined then only you wont do it. we want to be idealistic tht its enough to tell people nicely and hope tht they would follow. msians ? we would not. in a way it is pathetic tht we need such things to control our people.

    anyway whts the harm? if u follow the rule then u wont get the compound.

    if this is a good thing we should welcome it. if we want to be like the european or japan tht is.

  3. Hefty fines should be one way we can emulate S'pore to become a clean nation. Nowadays people everywhere, Malaysia is no exception, has no time to think about the environment and all they do is think of how to make the next RM, into the hundreds, thousands and millions by the minute. And someone should remind those hefty fines..

    And people have to live by rules,,,,and good effective enforcers....those who break the law, pay for time to educate them in a nice friendly way...the shock treatmet would be good for most of us once in a not voting LGE, LKS, DSN, even AA and RR or WA.

    And see the shock in their faces when they really got beaten by someone less controversial,


  4. It's a good move by the establishment , even now with the rubbish bin's supplied to the household they failed to make used of it , Malaysian are difficult to to go by the ruled .

  5. They were walking hand in hand down Bond Street one day, then someone shouted at her: 'PROSTITUTE' !

    See more at:

  6. Banyak lah pula, Tuan rumah kena sediakan bekas sampah.
    Sisa makanan, kuah roti-canai, gulai basi, nasi-basi = Satu bekas.
    Sisa kertas, buku lama = Satu bekas.
    Sisa plastic = Satu bekas
    Perabut rumah, mereka tak angkut.

    Kucing dan Anjing selongkar tong-sampah, berselerak.

    Kalau nak letak sampah depan rumah pun takut kena denda RM1000, alamatnya nanti, bertaburan lah sampah di tepi-tepi jalan di humban oleh orang ramai. Ketika itu nak saman siapa pun tak boleh. Sampah itu sudah tidak berTuan.

  7. Looks like the current administration is really desperate for money yeah. They even want to make money from garbage. Next they will start making money from sewage while someone is happily partying with Hollywood celebrities.


  8. Re: "Let the highly paid professional mercenaries defend the establishment."

    Rubbish begets Garbage

  9. Do like Australians.

    In 1 week, set the day for recyclable collection, set the day for disposable collection. Supply the colored dustbin to residents. After all, they pay for the quit rent.

    If they don't follow the schedule, don't collect their rubbish and issue summonses. This is what Australia does to its citizens. Even all the UMNO-hating Cinapeks from Malaysia have to do this in Australia and they're not complaining.


  10. 15:30.

    Kelajaan UNNO tak bolih ajar olang Malaysia ,macam itu Austaralia ajar sama lia punya olang maa aa .

    Malaysia punya olang ,manyak susah mau ikut pelatulan ,nanti lia olang buat lemonstrasi anti tong sampah pulak, lea aa , hai yaa manyak susah lor rr .

    Lu pegi sana Australia eaa aa ,lu tatak nampak anjing & kucing sepah sana sini lea aa , lia olang punya tong sampah semua atak susun cantik lea aa ,macam ada satu tanda tatak bolih keluar punya , lima lumah satu kawasan tong sampah ,kena jalan kasi buang.
    Sini satu lumah kelajaan bagi satu tong lepan lumah lea aa , itu pon tatak mau jalan bukak maa aa ,kali baling atas tong lor rr .

    Wa Cina sekolah maa aa ,tapi ini sampah punya hat aaa aa ,Wa ingat itu DAP boli kasi selesai lor rr ,selupa macam singapor ,mesti mau kelas maa aa..

    UMNO sikalang manyal lembik lor rr , lembik punya olang mana atak kuasa UBAH maa aa .

    1. Lufang... cara awak menulis macam Cinapek ni sangat memualkan...tu lah sudah tinggal di Malaysia sampai berpuluh tahun pun tak boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Malaysia yang betul...sebab tak minat belajar!

      Tengok macam mana Cina di Indonesia boleh bertutur dalam Bahasa Indonesia dengan fasihnya. Malulah!

    2. Don't speak like a retard

  11. Please dont divert the subject

  12. Kesian Dato' Ab Rahim Noor...dari KSU Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi sekarang jadi CEO jaga sampah orang...