Thursday 9 April 2015

Quick gun Mahathir

It has become a certain fact that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is going to keep up his assault to oust DS Najib Razak as Umno president and PM.

This is his latest posting today,


It's a follow up of his previous two postings on the same subject matter,
UMNO dan PRU 14

One thing I noticed about Dr Mahathir's assault this time was that he seems very persistent and confident about what he is doing.

He even directly whacked those who tried to defend Najib by naming them in his postings.

Based on this, I don't think he will stop until he achieved the desired results.

I guess that was why earlier today it was made known that Najib was to answer Dr Mahathir's allegations against him in a recorded interview on TV3 tonight.

I believe most of you had seen that interview by the time you read this.

If you hadn't, I think you should read the full anwers by the PM in tomorrow's newspaper, particularly the print version of The New Straits Times.

NST always has the best reports for stories concerning the PM in its print version.

However, I honestly don't think Najib's answers tonight would satisfy Dr Mahathir and others who disagree with the way he runs the country.

I expect Dr Mahathir to come up with another posting tomorrow or in the coming days to thrash the prime minister's answers, probably describing them as being still not satisfying enough.

I'm sure Dr Mahathir will give his reasons for concluding that.

I also expect Dr Mahathir to continue with his line of assault despite the odds that he is up against.

Dr Mahathir's only weapon is his blog while the PM has the full weight of the mainstream media behind him, coupled with support of the Umno machinery and hundreds of the party's social media practitioners.

So far, backers of the PM had launched their counterattacks and Dr Mahathir had responded to them.

Their fight somehow reminds me of the famous shoot-out scene from this old cowboy movie,

Well, Dr Mahathir may not be a quick gun cowboy, but he sure gives people the impression that he can take on any number of adversaries on his own if he really wants to do so.

It will be interesting to observe whether the almost 90-year-old former premier could still withstand such a protracted pitch battle, and despite the odds wins it.


  1. i love cowboys movies!! A fast gun at 90 yrs old will be interesting to watch.. definately classic. Maybe more than 3 coffins are needed afterall. Annie pi tak OGA on 1st May?? Would love to meet up!

    1. I will try to be there :-)

    2. go Tun M, go ! we support u. kill all those bird brained tungguls


    3. UMNO galoh , PAS galoh ,PKR pon galoh lea aa , semua galoh ,Hai yaa manyak masa kasi buang pasat galoh lor rr .

      Cina punya pati tatak galoh , itu MCA ,Gerakan , DAP tatak galoh ,sendili-sendil poni tatak galoh , itu MCA ,Gerakan ,DAP manyak ngam maa aa , Wa ingat kali lia olang pelintah lagi bolih maju lor rr ,galoh sana ,galoh sini manyak susah maa aa ,

      DAP kasi lead ini gomen , Wa ingat lagi manyak syok lor rr .


  2. Even to outflank the DS Mohd Najib on late Mdm Altantuya,
    we hope YAB Tun Dr M will not agree with Dato Mahfuzs arrangement
    to be suckered by anakanda Sirul who had :

    a) 7 years with legal counsel to advise him, name who gave the orders
    b) absconded to Australia vs claiming no money to attend the final appeal
    c) sadly sending his mother out on roadshows by PAS .. this a murderer getting more and more pathetic.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. I don't get it.
      What's the point of trying to ask Sirul?
      Better to ask Azilah.
      Better to ask Abd Razak Baginda.


  3. i like najib and i trust him more than anwar or lim guan eng or their kind but i also like tun M.

    if tun M got a problem, it means there is a problem and why cant they focus in solving it instead of going and antagonizing him.

    tanya pun tak boleh kah...(haiz....the people of umno needs to wake and know that people did not vote you lah people voted for umno lah...there is a different)

    >james bond

    1. u donno aaa only not so clever people left in umno???

    2. It all began 30 years ago when the damned shit Al-Juburi DPM planted all his freaking "not-so-clever" cronies in all the gomen departments - the rest is bad history.

  4. Hi Annie. What's wrong with TunM's blog. Can't access it since yesterday. Is this the way they retaliate? Come can't even handle the bull by its horn..lagi mau cakap pasal kepentingan rakyat..shame on all UMNO members..they were so full with 'mentaati pemimpin' which will be sokongan membawa rebah.. if they are good Muslims, then, they should know that when their leader is doing something wrong, it is THEIR DUTY as Muslim brothers to correct him..and by the way, najib didn't really answer TunM's question last night..had this been ujian lisan SPM..he wouldn't have passed the exam..

  5. The most boring interview and orchestrated with pre-recorded answers to filter the wrong answers. I eagerly waited but after the first 10 mins, i rather watch Mr.Bean or Sponge Bob cartoon.Questions are not answered directly and lots of roundabouts and meandering. It has now become very obvious that the questions by Tun is now perceived as founded facts.

    If there is nothing to hide, answers would come naturally and no need to have pre-recorded interview. Looking at the way he was handling the questions, it really shows that he is just INCOMPETENT and does not have what it takes to lead this country. We are damn screwed until the next GE unless this moron call it quits.


  6. He didnt answer how Sirul able to fly to Australia and why .

  7. MAHATHIR: Soldier in the Rain

    Be on the right side . . .

  8. If Dr Mahathir had Twitter, his tweet right after Soal Jawab would be "LOL"

    1. Haha. This is funny. Yup. 100% agreed.

  9. 4. Do you support purchase of Government land in KL at far below market price, revaluing it to make it your asset while buying power plants from the private sector at well above market price - Chedet Blog

    Now the big question: At what price did 1MDB paid the goverment for that land? Hmmmmm!!

    1. The answer is in Kadir jasin's blog. U just have to through all the most recent entries..

  10. If you couldn't convinced them just confuse them. LOL

  11. Najib didn't answer:
    1. Is it true that Jho Low run 1MDB like his own private company. AG report is not enough, a forensic auditor is required. AG deals with common accounting issues, forensic audit will get to the bottom of it. We will then know where the moneys gone or any fraud and foul play.
    2. Why purchase new jet when govt try to reduce budget deficit. How many jets do govt have for VVIP use. How many times that we already heard the FLOM use the jet for her own use.
    3. Who order Sirul to kill. Why prosecutor didn't call Sirul superior to testify. Why didn't prosecutor cover the motive of the killing.
    And I would also like to add another question that Najib has to answer:
    Why our national debt increase triple from 2008 to 2014. With oil price is at the highest, hence our revenue should be the most, our country still accumulated very high debt. How much govt paid consultant until now/ We know that in 5 years you have paid RM7 billion to consultant.

  12. Ask che Det about ytl, segari, powertek & genting ipps, milking petronas and the people money.

    1. you are soooo sempit. you dont have to be smart to know the diff between his time and now. You must surely a sore loser to go to this level dumb!!!

    2. What's your name, I/C no., d.o.b., marital status, blood type, religion?

    3. Anon 11:43.

      After asking above, please direct that same question to Anwar Ibrahim who is now in Sg.Buloh. He was the Finance Minister then and as PM, Dr.M trusted him dearly.

    4. Come on! Why do u hv to digress this to the thing of the past. Just answer those simple questions posed by TunM. Susah sangatkah? At least in TunM's days, people could afford to makan satay with anak2 every gaji time n balik kampung more often because things were so reasonable back then. Now, we have to tighten our belts with the upper echelon enjoying every single gold dust they can make from the rakyat's money.


    5. Oh, yah....and about MAS too, please!

      Remember the Tajudin Ramli era in MAS?

    6. spesis Sakai tul la hg ni...ask la when tun was the prime minister... now as Ku nan said is ah jib gor era so go tell najib to answer la people's asking....if i **** ur wife n u ask me can I answer u too are ****ing ur wife problem solved ka????
      -sorry Annie fr da language bt tak tau ckp apa lg dah ngan puak2 buta hati perut ni...

  13. Which one do you prefer, annie ? Being "pelarian" or comfort in you own home? The big picture is, Najib and Tun M have their own very comfortable homes. So do we and others that have sweet dream of their own homes.

    Then, are those leaders prepare to sell their homes and be "pelarian?". Dream on, says Rocky Bru... he..he.. Najib voiced out his answers. Both are not gunslingers, anyway... real old handsomers that you forgot to astonish the rival KJ...

  14. "My mistake, four coffins ...... "

  15. Apa yang saya dapat rumuskan dari 'Soal-Jawab Khas' TV3 semalam:-

    1- Najib sebagai Menteri KeWANGan dan Perdana Menteri, cuba 'cuci-tangan' dalam issue 1MDB. Siapa yang akan di kambing-hitamkan, kita tunggu dan lihat. Kemudian orang yang malang itu akan naik-turun Mahkamah, buat SD, bersumpah-laknat dan sampai bila pun kemelut 1MDB tak selesai, sama sepert kes Altantuya. Yang paling untung, Lawyer yang bersepah dalam Pakatan. (Dapat peluang untuk bela penyamun dan orang kena samun pun mereka boleh bela). Yang bukan loyar macam Mahfuz pun akan ambil kesempatan. Itulah hasilnya apabila melakukan urusan kerajaan secara 'gelap, rahsia & kelepet'. Rakyat jadi lebih keliru & tertanya-tanya.

    2- Najib langsung tak menjelaskan siapa Jho Low. Pegawai yang dilantik kerajaan kah?

    3- Hampir semua janji dan polisi Najib hanya mahu Rakyat berasa 'terhutang-budi' kepada Pemimpin dan menyemarakan budaya Rasuah.

    4- Sumpah beliau kurang meyakinkan. Bukannya sumpah-LAKNAT keatas diri sendiri jika tidak betul apa yang disumpahkan itu. Lagi pun, diMahkamah Dunia, 'ritual' itu tidak terpakai langsung. Pasal tu, Anwar Ibrahim enggan bersumpah-laknat.

    5- Project Trans-Borneo dilancarkan menjelang Pilihanraya Sarawak. Persepsi Rakyat??? Faham-faham saja lah. Kalau BN kalah, adakah project ini akan diteruskan?
    Adalah lebih baik jika Trans-Borneo ini dilancarkan 1 @ 2 tahun lalu. Bila tiba Piliharaya Sarawak nanti, sekurang-kurangnya di kebanyakan laluan highway itu, pembinaan sedang rancak berlaku. Rakyat pun tidak punyai persepsi, "I scratch your back, you scratch mine".
    Di mana jalan yang separuh sudah siap, Rakyat boleh gunakan untuk 'X' BN.

    Tun Dr.M berpandangan jauh kedepan. DS Najib hanya nampak didepan mata saja. Mahu hasil yang cepat tanpa memikirkan kesan dan akibat dalam jangkamasa terdekat atau jauh kehadapan. Itulah resam anak bangsawan. Masa remaja, tak pernah susah. Apa dia nak, semua tersedia dan mungkin nak pakai kasut pun, dibantu bibik.
    Tabiat ini terbawa-bawa bila dah dewasa. Pujangga Omputih:- Old habit die hard.

  16. Tengah kelam-kabut disergah Dr.M, Najib lancar Perumahan Penjawat Awam pulak. Kata kerajaan langsung tak mengeluarkan modal. Bagi tanah kepada Pemaju secara percuma ka? Tanah di bandar pulak tuh? Cerdik sangat lah tu.

  17. while i will stand infront of tun in case of anyone tries to be funny with him,i give my support for najib to run the show.

    najib have got a good character and he is not a hypocrite and for me it is enough for me to give my support for him and i believe all he needs is the support and not punishments to make things a success.

    1. At this late stage of political developments, you must be a freaking alien dropped in from outer space to save Ah Jib Gor ah?

    2. hey anon 2222

      i have confident in najib so i give my support to him lah, you have no confident in him you dont lah support him.

      in other words.(you,you lah & me, me lah)

      but i find quite foolish of you to force me to subscribe to what you assume is right in not to support him....hey mind your business

      >james bond

  18. The question was so simple - who ordered Sirul to detonate the girl. Yang pergi cerita bersumpah tak kenal tu apasal? Macam makan cili aje...

  19. It's true Najib said, too many boot lickers under Najib....I can count the blogs. Najib didn't answer anything and divert the questions....and put the blame to respective agencies to answer for him....sweeping under the carpet. I'm not going to vote for Najib, cruel and incompetent leader...