Thursday 16 April 2015

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

There is this lady who lives in Kuantan.

She is a housewife with two young children.

Her husband works for a pro-BN organization in KL and only comes home to be with the family once or twice a month.

Since her husband was a BN supporter, naturally, as a good wife, she too became a BN supporter.

Her husband has also been a staunch supporter of PM DS Najib Razak for many years.

Following her husband's lead, she also supported Najib despite her less than cordial views of Najib's wife DS Rosmah Mansur.

The couple were however not Umno members.

They never receive any direct favor from Umno or any other political party.

They even bought their house in Kuantan without getting any bumiputera discount.

Back during the last general election in 2013, the lady's husband was temporarily posted in Johor to assist the BN's campaign.

He had told her that she probably would have to skip voting as he can't possibly fetch her and their children to take them home to her hometown in Klang where she votes.

The lady drives around a small old car to send their children to school and going to the market but had been forbidden by her husband to drive long distance in it.

The lady was however resolute about giving her single vote to BN. She dragged along her two children, one of whom is autistic to take a bus back to Klang.

After the election, she was active in the social media and chat groups, defending BN, in particular Umno.

Her husband, aside from his daily routine of promoting BN, which is his work, also took to the social media during his spare time to support the establishment.

The couple is however in trouble now.

Recently, the lady's husband was forced to resign his post by his bosses who were placed in the organization by the Prime Minister himself.

The lady's husband had stood up against his bosses for bullying their subordinates.

He was of the opinion that being PM appointees, and therefore represent Najib himself, they should behave more appropriately.

Unfortunately, his bosses didn't take too kindly to his suggestion and instead ordered him to do something which they knew he can't fulfill, therefore forcing him to quit his job.

I recently talked to the lady, who is my friend for many years.

"Nak buat macam mana....dah bukan rezeki kami yang suami saya kena buang macam tu. Tak apa lah, kita orang usaha sendiri lepas ni. InsyaAllah....rezeki kita Allah yang tentu kan, bukan manusia," she said.

I asked if any of Najib's people tried to help her husband and family,

"Ada la juga. Suami saya kata ada dua orang yang kerja dengan PM nama Tengku dengan Rusdi try nak tolong dia tapi orang-orang Najib yang kat tempat kerja dia tu lawan balik.

"Suami saya kata dia sangat berterima kasih kat dua orang kawan dia tu tapi dia cakap dia pun sebenarnya dah tak nak kerja kat situ pun sebab dia dah meluat tengok perangai orang-orang Najib yang lain kat situ."

The lady said she had asked her husband to return to Kuantan where they hope to get a loan to set-up a small business.

Anyone from BN or Umno who wishes to assist the couple may emailed them through my

All correspondence will be strictly confidential.


  1. with this kind of story god bye ...............and the rest. Kesian melayu.

  2. Annie paragraph penutup lengkap dengan email address tu macam "bagi penampar guna slipar jepun" aje. Anyway it is a good article for every "kaki bodek" to ponder upon.

    1. We have to listen to both sides before passing our judgement.kdg kadang ada perkara yg disembunyikan to gain our sympathy

  3. Padan Muka....
    Throroughly Scr#%ed for being stupid!!

  4. Ini bukan kes terpencil...bnyk lagi yang tidak ... ia juga berlakj kepada keluarga terdekat saya yang melibatka pemimpin peringkat bahagian....apabila diperlukan tanpa mengira batas waktu..tetapi apabila menghadapi masalah...anak sakit terlantar di hospital dan meninggal....batang hidung pun tak nampak..

  5. It is not stupid to stand up and fight against bullying. I think this man you're talking about has HEART. Not many people practice that. It's called fierce loyalty to the people they care about and bravery to uphold the most basic value of living together in harmony --- mutual respect.

    1. Ini gurindam Raja Ali Haji pasal yang keenam:

      Cahari olehmu akan sahabat, yang boleh dijadikan obat.
      Cahari olehmu akan guru, yang boleh tahukan tiap musuh.
      Cahari olehmu akan isteri, yang boleh menyerahkan diri.
      Cahari olehmu akan kawan, pilih segala orang yang setiawan.
      Cahari olehmu akan abdi, yang ada baik sedikit budi.

      Ini gurindam pasal yang kesebelas:

      Hendaklah berjasa, kepada yang sebangsa.
      Hendaklah jadi kepala, buang perangai yang cela.
      Hendaklah memegang amanat, buanglah khianat.
      Hendak marah, dahulukan hujjah.
      Hendak dimalui, jangan memalui.
      Hendak ramai, murahkan perangai.

  6. Era politik sekarang bukan lagi tertumpu pada slogan perjuangan parti, sekiraya isu ini ada nilai puclicity atau boleh popular , baru la semua ahli politik akan sebok termasuk najib contoh semua polisi nya hanya utk popular , Ia berlaku dalam semua parti politik di malaysia ini . Masing masing cuba mempertahankan apa yang mereka ada nilai itu bagi mereka tak penting . Secara jujur nya , saya rasa negara ini amat malang kerana era ini ia memiliki terlalu ramai ahli politik yang tak berkualiti , cuma segelintir saja yang boleh diketengahkan itu pun sering menghadapi halangan , minta maaf Najib , Anuar peliwat ,pemimpin PKR ,pemimpin Pas dan DAP bukan dari segelintir ini termasuk sepupu najib dan sebahagian pemimpin UMNO

  7. We have to learn a thing or two from the outside world. You may not necessarily be in an organization to support its course. You may do it as an employee to a company or self-employed. That way, your conscience can be clear, unless you make a living off contracts or hand-outs from the party that you support, of course.

    But when you are dealt with the situation that requires full commitment from the party, it is better that you become selfish and ensure you enter with strong footing. It is the same to all parties, not just the government of the day.

    It is unfortunate that the couple in your story have to go through this ordeal. It is also good that they look beyond the PM and the people around him. When you have faith in the party, you will always think that your party is always bigger than the people that lead it. That way, you will not be held back to point out the leader's mistake and put in a new one if need be.


  8. What Najib cybertropers got to say about this , who in the past posting has been very busy defending him ,and cursing Tun.

    Looking at what they wrote in previous ,Annie posting ,I could understand why Najib himself call them BANGANG in the last UMNO general assembly .

  9. Maybe Tun Mahathir trojan horse. Gunting Dalam Lipatan and was found out.

    He should go see TDM, Daim, Zam for a job.

  10. I dont understand these Najib supporters. They think we ordinary Malaysians do not understand what Dr. M is questioning issues on Najib. Stupid!

    1. Agreed. Another idiot is our ambassador to Indonesia. Hehehe mcm tu punya orang pun boleh jadi Duta ke?

  11. I'm sad to hear such events despite the sacrifices made by this couple.To borrow the famous quote from Tun Ling Liong Sik-"The fish rots from the head". Since their big boss and wife is of "questionable character",thus the behavior of those around them would reflect the type of boss they have.


  12. Annie Blogger Prepaid, Sultan Pahang sudah endorse Datuk Seri Najib, so you dan blogger tahi ayam yang lain jangan menderhaka.

    1. I, prefer advice from Mr President Republic of Bhutan