Sunday 26 April 2015

Formula on how to handle Dr Mahathir

This morning, I watched the latest speech by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Apanama's

#UNDURLAH Najib Razak

The handsome old man is still as good as ever. Witty, sharp and smart. Cheeky too.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that he is almost 90 years old.

It's the first time Dr Mahathir presented his case on the ground since he started attacking PM DS Najib Razak in his blog

Honestly, I don't think Najib and his people know how to handle the Dr Mahathir's rebellion.

You cannot smack down a 90-year-old man, okay.

You do that and people will say you and your gang are bullies.

Just imagine this; you walk down the road and you see someone beating up a 90-year-old man.

What do you think?

Does it matter whether the old man is the one who started the fight?

I think that any decent people will try to help the old man.

How can anyone beat up a 90-year-old man, right?

But some in the Najib's camp think otherwise.

This is by Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz;

1MDB: Antara fakta dan auta Tun M, 

If I'm not mistaken, Tun Faisal used to be the head of Umno's cyberwar effort before the last general election.

When I read what he wrote about Dr Mahathir, I told myself that, now I know why Umno and its BN allies lost the cyberwar in the run-up to the last general election.

For me that's not how to handle Dr Mahathir's criticisms.

Using words such as "auta" on the almost 90-year-old former PM, who is beloved by millions in this country and around the world will not make Najib's situation any better.

This is not a matter of who can outshout the other.

If you may noticed, Dr Mahathir never try to outshout his opponents.

The handsome old man knows how to play this game.

The more Najib's people attacked him, the more people are going over to his side.

Rather stupid of them, isn't it.

Well, I actually have a formula on how Najib's people should handle Dr Mahathir.

Really, I'm not kidding.

I'm quite smart, okay.

But I'm not telling.

I have stopped giving free advice to these people.

Kalau dia orang nak juga, dia orang kena bayar aku macam dia orang bayar Tun Faisal.

Rate sama tau.


Dia orang ni bukan appreciate pun konsep ikhlas perjuangan.

Might as well la aku buat macam ni.


  1. 6 Minutes with Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

  2. Annie, you sudah kung fu itu loyar cow cow..

  3. Sharp, witty and smart, you say. Sounds more of a broken record or in today's digital a Scratched CD.......same old tactics........same old game play.

    1. fully agree with you bro.kesian Tun , at his age he should be at home enjoying his retirement.Remind me of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman when he was carried around in his wheelchair by Team B people during the height of UMNO crisis. Oldies like me have seen it all, done it all

    2. Tun M is a real gem, and like true diamonds as he aged and the more pressure you apply, he gets better and more precious.
      Oldies like you on the other hand should be seen and not heard.

  4. Tun Faisal ni tin kosong je. he doesn't know anything about cyber warfare and can't even get the job done. BN wasting money paying him. i think other pro BN cyber troopers don't like him too.

    1. ... the kid is lost, w/o truth on his side, but so much dark emotions like his blind father ...

      Sweet child in time, You'll see the line
      The line that's drawn between
      Good and bad

      See the blind man, Shooting at the world
      Bullets flying
      Ohh taking toll

      If you've been bad
      Oh Lord I bet you have
      And you've not been hit
      Oh by flying lead

      You'd better close your eyes
      Oooh bow your head
      Wait for the ricochet
      Ooo ooo ooo
      Aahh, aahh aahh then I wanna hear you sing

  5. But Annie, however is managing the government's troopers now is doing a fairly decent job. In the last couple of weeks, they seem to have had a new lease of life. Look at your Blog, Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Insider and Malaysia Chronicle, their grammer is a bit rusty but counter attack is commendable.

    Have they got a new guy or someone managing them?

  6. Dear Annie,
    One of the reason why Tun M is the grand 'player' because when in 'war' he can anticipate his opponent's next few moves everytime he says or does something. He is always on the upperhand. Ordinary Malaysian who supports him have a genuine love for him; they admire him for many of his great qualities in which many leaders back home are lacking...Sharp, whitty and smart are the obvious qualities. Beyond that, he is the leader that Malaysia truely needs. Sadly, time has passed for us but at least he is still around to be 'our' voice. Thank you Tun. We are forever grateful.

  7. Ask Tun Faisal to answer every single question posed by Tun in his blogpost.You can't just call someone as auta merely by using simple premise isn't it?

    1. Tun Faisal evades the gist of the problems created by his boss, The Clueless but Cunning. Itu bermakna Faisal ada antara Bangang dan Jemuan.

  8. I found this guy tun faisal a tin he a lawyer?

    I agree with you Annie that tun faisal is not a smart cyber trooper. I just wonder whether he studied about PDCA in law school. Another of such blogger is jentayubaku or whatever....he seemed to champion najib cause from the US.....

    Remember, i do not idolise tun mahathir and ag times i disagree with some of his decisions especially during my varsity days. But an ex premier, he had done extremely well for malaysia.

    For tun faisal to insult tdm's intelligence, its a case of anak hingusan telling his father fly kite and later adk for rm1 ti buy ice it?

  9. Strangely it is the people outside the sovereign fund knows more about the fund than the fund managers themselves. As is the managers and the patron who got all the facts and figures can quite do the job themselves. I do believe every business outfit now has its own communication unit to clear the air on issues implicating the company.
    Before this we've got a blog famous for showing and selling porn videos and pics implicating opposition figures who did just that. And now him.

  10. PM don't need to pay anyone anymore or need any ideas on how to finally get rid og all the Mahathirists.

    Just get the IGP and AG to round them up under the Akta Hasutan for menghasut rakyat memberontak terhadap kerajan yang sah dilantik mengikut Perlembagaan.

    If Mamakutty wants to only change The President of UMNO only , do it within the party among ahli-ahli UMNO lah. Whether he does it legally or illegally within UMNO, up to his party and the ROS.

    Why then is he going on a road show menghasut rakyat yang bukan ahli UMNO to support the overthrow of a PM?

    PM needs to be firm and show no mercy to mutiny in running a country. That's what Mamakutty did to Anwar, LKS and all his political opponents when they become too ambitious. Otherwise, the country democratic system breaks down and there will be no shortage of other Mahathirists who wish to see their legacy continues.

    The big question is " Is he trying to menghasut rakyat or is it just an UMNO party affair?"

    1. Anon 9.35 you are same liked this bangang blogger Tun faisal , Tun M need to do something because no body right now ,managed to stop najib from making further damage to this country , Tolong buka minda dan mata kamu sekarang ini jarak diantara orang yang kaya raya dan golongan susah semakin melebar , dulu zamn Tun M berjaya memperbanyakkan golongan menengah atau middle class people , Najib dan Rosmah kaki boros macam king louis perancis zaman pertengahan ,tolong la lama-lama akan jadi revolusi kalau Najib dibiar , rakyat bukan bangang macam kamu.

    2. You cannot put Mahathir 'in' under Akta Hasutan because he never 'menghasut' the people to rebel. What he is saying is that Najib is not fit to be a leader because among other things he cannot answer some simple questions. As for Rosmah she is a liability to Najib because of her lavish life-style which attracts the wrong people to her.

    3. As his capacity as PM and Finance is plain to see he has failed. You don't need to be a bloody intelligent person to comprehend this issue.


    4. Wa mayak lespek itu Mahathir lea aa , tapi Wa lagi cinta itu LKS maa aa .

      Wa ingat itu Anon 9:35 itu lulu kelja sama RBA ,sikalang Najib stak angkat ,tapi lia lunya cala manyak selupa , kasi maki lulu ,cakap kasi hentam saja maa aa . Manyak malu lea aa PM punya olang ini macam maa aa .
      Selupa Olang putih cekap itu "low class" lor rr , malu lea aa .

    5. 9.35
      Calling people you don't agree with names and bad-mouthing them doesn't make you any wiser nor smarter. In fact, it merely shows your immaturity and stupidity.

  11. 1. I agreed with Anon 06:50 100%! DSN/UMNO/BN pls answer those questions that Dr M had posted with facts. And, while you are at it, pls do not be evasive!

    2. For those who thinks (and deems) that this issue is a political issue, pls stop your nonsense! How could this become a political issue when Dr M raised them? He does not have anymore political ambitions, and he has made that clear when he said, "he is past that?! (something to that effect!)" To me, those that did are bankrupt of ideas dan are DSN's staunch supporters (hiding behind the word 'political issue.' What is clear to me is that their agendas is to raise doubts in mind of everyone especially those rural Malays and the uninitiated. Bangsat punya jenis!

    3. As for Annie, you brought out the worst of 'Pwincess' in 'KJ is the man..but not now ya' topic. Pls do not repeat such mistakes by offering 'such agendas,' as some ppl just do not get it or understand the message(s) that you are trying to forward/promote. Suffice for me to say that you do not sell yourself to the Devil! Anyway, what would you do with all those ill-gotten gains if you got them? Would you cover yourself up from head to toe with IPhones, expensive watches, handbags and jewelleries? Wake-up already! This is not about personalities, but it is about national integrity.

  12. Annie,
    WE respect TDM very much but tell him who is Najib replacement as he did not dare to do as afraid of not supported by UMNO members as he knew only they can make Najib down. Nobody is perfect TDM made big mistake by including Sirul case and now attacking Rosmah which had nothing to do with nations political decisions in his critics against Najib staI'll of governments.If you care to see lately day by day Najib is not being isolated but received more sympathies esp the Chinese.We always forget history so fast When was BN won the biggest win during GE, it was after TDM hand over Pm job to Pak Lah and Pak Lah led BN in 2004.
    By the way the silence of Oppo on this episode is quite a surprise.

    1. Anon 10:55,

      1. Pak Lah actual GE was in 2008; not 2004, as you had claimed. The latter's overwhelming result was because the transition was smooth, and the People was happy, as everyone was too busy taking advantage of the opportunities that Dr M had left behind.

      2. Similarly, with GE in 2012, Najib too could not replicate Dr M's successes, previous to them though they came up with various measures actions to wipe out his legacy. The GEs are measures of one's leadership where the People speaks, and not during party elections.

      3. Obviously, everyone has rights to comment here, which I believe 'Annie' is gracious enough to allow us to even though most time she is the one that received the flaks, but pls be responsible with your comments. Pls research your comments before you post them, as it would only reflect your intelligence or lack thereof (read: 'Mamakutty' lovers like Anon 09:35 who comes in and out of this Blog barking like a wild dog!).

      3. If you 'had to do your job' or feels very strongly against Dr M, pls do so with dignity and integrity. Readers of Annie's Blog are not village idiots like some of you thought!

  13. LOL.....they ran out of ideas. Najib and his bloody stupid supporters as a whole is handicapped by this respectable old man......good luck to najib and his stooges. They should slap at each other head whenever each of them made a wrong stupid move....Perhap they are indeed suitable candidates for the next maharaja lawak showing......

  14. On jembatan bengkok issue, the bridge will no longer serve the purpose as the glutton individual has started to reclaim the sea area near the causeway. This glutton individual must be a person who environment awareness is at zero level. Annie, do you know this individual?

    1. Pwincess thinks Kak Annie knows. But Kak Annie is already exhausted talking about that particular Pirate of the Iskandarian. By the way, what happen to the EIA status? They got it or not?


  15. Regarding Tun Faisal's 'supposedly not too intelligent" comeback article

    Copy pasted from Just Read blog:
    Comment from Anon April 26, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    "Maybe Tun Faisal can also comfirm whether these "wahyus" also originated from Tun Dr. Mahathir?

    1. Did Tun instructed the Edge to reveal various details regarding 1MDB including e-mails to/from various top guns in 1MDB especially in its deal with Petro Saudi? If some people has the guts to sue Harakah regarding 1MDB, please have some balls to sue the Edge as well. Maybe they can get to Tun too via that route.

    2. BSI Bank recently revealed that there was no 1MDB money in Singapore in its report to the Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It was alleged that MAS had shared this info with Malaysia. So Tun's "wahyus" also reached BSI and MAS?

    3. British Court documents also revealed that Jho Low claimed to possess Malaysian Government's backing in his/ group bid to buy luxury hotel(s) in the UK. Can Tun Faisal also verify whether Tun Dr. Mahathir, despite his vocal stand against the British during his premiership including "Buy British Last" policy, can Tun Dr. Mahathir actually send "wahyus" to influence the British courts?

    4. Everybody knows who is operating the " Sarawak Report". They made various claims recently about 1MDB and their claims might also damage our economy and investors' confidence, so why won't Tun Faisal lead a legal team to sue Sarawak Report to pieces or file a super injunction in British courts? Maybe Tun Dr. Mahathir's "wahyus" will influence British courts' decisions too?

    5. Various foreign newspapers ranging from the Straits Times in Singapore to the New York Times in the U.S. also wrote about 1MDB and Jho Low, so they also received "wahyus" from Tun Dr Mahathir to do so? Their reports can also damage foreign investors' confidence so why won't Tun Faisal persuade the government and UMNO to sue these media outlets till they go kaput?

    So who is actually giving our economy bad press? I can only list five questions so far but Tun Mahathir has tonnes. Just answer the questions la, otherwise start suing people or file for injunction. Otherwise rumours and so called "wahyus" can stiil fly around. Why would Tun Dr. Mahathir co-operate with the opposition to harm Malaysia's economy when he was the one who tirelessly fought to steer our country during the 1997-2000 Asian Financial Crisis to the point of sacking that useless Anwar who might sell all of us to IMF and the penyangaks if he had the chance? Nobel Laureate like Joseph Stiglitz also applauded Dr. Mahathir's actions against constrictionary fiscal policies during that time, and even IMF acknowledged that one economic solution doesn't fit all. Is Tun Faisal smarter than Professor Stiglitz when it comes to economics? Even if Tun Dr. Mahathir didn't ask questions about 1MDB, others will do so including foreign investors. Has Tun Faisal read what was recently written in the Economist about Malaysia? Maybe they also bekerjasama with Tun Dr. Mahathir after receiving his "wahyus"?

    Some people are beyond stupid and failed to understand that not everyone is as stupid as them. Yet they think they can lead the people with their inane analyses."

    1. Wow! Pwincess likes this too. However, the chances for an idiot like Tun Faisal to issue rebuttals against that five mighty questions is highly remote. He just spun things around to make himself look smart or to make UMNO supporters look stupid or both. One thing that Pwincess likes about this Tun Dr. M vs Rosmah's husband saga is that it helps Malaysians to identify idiots in Malaysia. So far, Tun Faisal, Azwandin Hamzah JMM, that ex-KITA Kedah leader, NST, TV3's Bulletin Utama. And if you guys watch TV3 last night, maybe we can add Zawawi Othman of Pasir Puteh UMNO. Still counting........


    2. PWincess, I addressed this person as 'individual' but I salute you as you addtessed this individual as pirate. Maybe he is really decendant of pirate.

  16. I agree with Faisal. TDM now auta aja lebih.

    1. what else you agree with crony?

  17. Tun Faisal a good lawyer kah? The way he acts and behaves may cause umno to lose a lot of cases against the oppositions. In 1MDB case he strangely concluded that TDM failed to explain. Tak tahulahaoayang mahathir tak explain.

    For sure and beyond reasonable doubts, najib did not respond to questions, tun faisal pun tak reti nak explain pas tu kutuk mahathir. Species of salleh said keruak blaming tdm if umno bn kalah....artificial intellectualism....

    1. Anon 16:34. Are you sure this faizal is a lawyer?He presented himself like intellectually handicapped person. If this is the standard of what msia lawyer is so pathetic.

    2. That idiot is good for nothing.... Hingus pun dok meleleh lagi nak bersilat politik. I seriously dont understand why the PM suka dikelilingi oleh morons. Tun Faisal is a joker and a loser. Wahai PM yg bijaksana laksana pak kaduk, cari la org yg hebat sikit kalau ya pun nak rembat Tun Mahathir, takan hantar Tun Faisal budak hingus dok meleleh tu kot hahahahaha.... Come on Ahjib gor itu pun you x buleh nak fikir ka? Tun Faisal masih hisap susu botol la kahkahkahkah

  18. Saya dari dulu penyokong umno, tapi bila saya tengok tv buletin utama dan geng-geng umno menyerang Tun , saya naik menyampah dengan kepimpinan umno.

    Semua nak tunjuk pandai dalam TV dengan bagi hujah-hujah yang sampah sampai rasa macam nak campak tv keluar tingkap je. Kepimpinan umno ni ingat semua orang bodoh ke? Walaupun kami tak suka pembangkang bukan bermaksud kami membuta-tuli menyokong umno.

    Sedar la diri sikit orang umno, terutamanya PM dan orang-orang mengampu dalam umno tu, Tun tu dah terbukti seorang negarawan, cermin diri sendiri(Najib) kamu tu tiada rekod lagi nak dibuktikan pada kami. Tentulah kami sokong Tun.

    Isu yang melibatkan kepentingan agama dan orang Melayu pun buat bodoh je, lagi aku naik meluat nak undi umno. Silap2 aku tak pegi undi, nak tunjuk sikit kat Najib tu.

    1. Tengok Melodi TV3 lagi bagus dari Bulletin Utama TV3. Tapi Melodi TV3 tu sampah masyarakat sbb asyik nk adu-domba dan laga-lagakan masyarakat terutama artis pastu asyik nk buka pekong orang lain, so berita TV3 lagi sampah la kan? Mmg sampah!!

  19. Why is MCA so vocal against hudud? Why are they so scared when the Muslims are governed by the rules if Allah? Why our muslim government leaders so quiet about non Muslims questioning the rules if Allah?

    1. You don't speak for me as a Muslim cos I know enough to say that your PAS hudud is their own hudud interpretation not the "rules of Allah" You so gungho about living under HUDUD regulations why don't you migrate to Wahhabi Saudi Arabia? But don't say you havent been warned ... things are falling apart in the bedouin Saudi kingdom - they damned scared of ISIS hudud coming their way LOL!!!

  20. Tun Faisal's counter-attack is full of "auta" lah.

    His claim the govt only guaranteed 5.8bn of 1MDBs debts is rubbish and has been proven rubbish months ago in the parliamentary saga about the US3bn "letter of support". That's USD okay ie equivalent to more than RM10bn that the govt will have to cough up if 1MDBs subsidiary fails to repay the bonds.

    I quote from Umno's own mouthpiece NST:

    "KUALA LUMPUR: The letter of support from the government would come into effect if 1MDB Global Investment Limited, a subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), fails to repay a US$3billion (RM11.1billion) loan.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said IMDB Global Investment Limited needs to utilise their internal funds, including all assets, before the government can get involved.

    "If all these steps have been taken and the company is still short of funds to resolve the loan, then the government's support letter will be effective," he said in a written reply to Tony Pua (DAP-Petaling Jaya Utara)."

    In addition 1MDB's former subsidiary SRC - took up a fully govt guaranteed KWAP loan of 4bn in 2011 WHILE the company was still a subsidiary of 1MDB. The entire RM4bn is fully guaranteed by the government. Just because they sneakily transferred the company ownership to MOF shortly after doesn't mean the govt is not liable to a debt raised BY 1MDB and its operations. In fact it clearly implies 1MDB and MOF had something to hide

  21. Kahkahkahkah..... Ni lagi satu strategi bahalol PM Najib al bangang, awat la dok pi ambik anjing kurap mcm Tun Faisal tu utk bercakap, mamat tu mana ada kredibiliti, cari la org yg ada pengaruh sikit, yg ada kredibiliti di mata masyarakat, tapi pi pilih mamat anjing kurap tu buat apa najib oiiiii hahahahaha nasib badan hang la najib. Ni la org panggil bodoh tak buleh nak ajaq.

  22. Well, we all know the amount of wealth Tun Faisal has accumulated by heading Najib's war-room. He is just as bad as a dump. His statements should go straight into the sewage tank.I guess he also got his hands inside '1MDB cookie jar" and that's why he is feeling the heat.


  23. Annie, i'm also a regular commenter in Free Malaysia Today (FMT) and i noticed that over the recent weeks, UMNO/Najib cybertroopers had swarmed that site with good comments on Najib. Looking at the types of kissing Najib's ass comments, i can immediately sum-up that these are Najib's cybertroopers. I almost puke after their comments.


  24. Annie. Cepat-cepat sikit bagi formula tu dan dapat sekupang dua.

    Rasa macam tak lama lagi, apa formula yang you ada dah tak laku.

    Ramai Mahathirists dah cabut dan sunyi sepi. Yang ada, cuma tinggal RT, Ibrahim dan Shaik.

  25. This from the latest post from Barking Magpie blog.

    "When PM Najib took over, he must have seen the plundering. So he used the 1MDB to buy the IPPs after telling Ananda, Francis and Syed Mokhtar that their contracts were not going to be renewed, thank you. Next step, list these IPPs in one mega public listing exercise and create and share the wealth with more stakeholders, not just cronies.
    Three things will happen together with the IPO "..

    Then why on earth 1MDB buy them at exorbitant price when the licence is about to expire? Why can't you wait the licence to expire first so you can buy them on the cheap?..
    At least during Mahathir time it was very clear from the very beginning 'who did what' and all of them were office bearers of different capacities. Not some kind of poxies who acted on behalf of someone else.
    In those days, the dealings were open which involved gomen servants at EPU and not shrouded in secrecy. And the parties involved were all seasoned corporate business players who did the biddings. Not just somebody who came out of nowhere holding no position whatsoever but managed to pull a deal with powerful backing from someone higher up. Even Ani Arope arrogance and stubborness throughout the deal was out in the open and became public knowledge at that time. This guy who was appointed to head one of gomen GLCs by Mahathir probably thought that the business outfit was solely his. Trying to play hardball and being difficult for no obvious reason. I believe EPU had told him why such exercise needed to be carried out with complete justifications but he refused to buckled. I do believe if you're in not in the capacity to help then you should be out of the way.

    1. There is little point in discussing Ani Arope's role in the the IPPs, as he can no longer rebut what is being said but those who are in the midst of the IPP negotiation see things differently from what he said in Malaysiakini article. To some he is just blowing hot air, otherwise he would have resigned instead of not having his term extended. Anyway he left TNB when his term ends years after the 1996 blackout, not immediately.

  26. Good strategy annie....