Wednesday 8 April 2015

The guy who I think can replace Najib

I was actually quite irked by all those talks about Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah being a candidate to replace DS Najib Razak as Umno president and PM.

Come on la, the guy is old and from another era, ok.

Be realistic.

Do you seriously think someone who already look like this should replace Najib?

Najib is more handsome than Ku Li on any other day, okay.

And I don't think BN will do any better in the next general election if Ku Li is in charge.

I just don't see how he could persuade the public in general, especially the younger voters to suddenly be supportive of Umno and BN again.

If Umno is ever to replace Najib, then in my opinion the guy they should select must posses something "extra" which no other Umno leader could offer.

The guy must have the charisma and personality which could influence not only party members but also others to support Umno and BN.

The guy must not only be smart but also able to think "out of the box".

He must also be tough.

At the moment, I can think of only one person among the top Umno leaders who has those qualities.

I wish I can say that the guy is Kedah MB DS Mukhriz Mahathir, since he is my favorite, but unfortunately he is not the one.

Mukhriz is too nice a guy.

Really, just look at him and you know that he is too nice a guy.

Okay, the guy who I think can actually replace Najib at the top is the one and only, the handsomest politician in the country.

Yes, the guy of my choice is Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Seriously, I'm not kidding you.

In the first place, the guy is so awesomely young and handsome.

That, you cannot deny, okay.

The guy is also smart. He studied in Oxford...or was it Cambridge? Errr...I'm not sure. Too lazy to check....

But the bottom-line is that, he is smart, okay.

KJ is also tough.

After his father-in-law was ousted following the disastrous 2008 general election, he survives as the party's Youth chief till now.

Many don't like him for his role during the administration of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, but for me, that was history.

KJ has proven that he can stand on his own two feet since then.

He managed to do it even without a "Datuk" title.

He is also the only top Umno leader who in my opinion can attract the support of young non-Umno people of all races.

The guy is eloquent and stylish.

He can wear tight pants and do hip hop dance too.

Imagine him leading the charge for Umno and BN....simply unbeatable, okay.

I know, I all think that I'm making fun of KJ again like I did several times in the past....really, I am not.

If anyone is to replace Najib as PM, I rather the guy to be KJ.

KJ is cool, okay.

Errr....saya okay. Betul...saya tak demam.


  1. Akak ni bukan saja dah hilang akal tapi juga dah hilang pedoman. Ok! Soalan pokok adalah kenapa Najib tak jawab persoalan Tun? Siapa yang akan gantiksn Najib belum dikira penting. Kita selesaikan satu satu dulu. Maafkan saya Kak.

    1. Setuju. If handsomeness is the criteria to be PM, then Yusuf Haslam should have replaced Pak Lah.

  2. What you like or want, I have them all. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  3. Rafizi Ramli VS Khairy Jamaluddin (DEBAT UK)

    1. RR and KJ are on the same wave length.

      Watch the whole debate and you'll see why.

      And there lies the hope for Malaysia.

  4. Annie macai budak remaja punya taste haha

  5. najib dah sumpah atas nama allah, apa lagi yang mahathir nak. dia cuma nak gamekan najib, throw half truth news untuk main2kan najib. hasil akhir, mahathir nak suh najib letak jawatan.kalau najib jawab, minggu depan dia bagi soalan lain lagi. macam budak2...

    1. Nak selamat semua org nyumpah bang. Engkau boleh explain ke suit pegi mana?

    2. aku bersumpah dengan nama Tuhan kiasfansuri bodoh bangang abadi...
      -so aku da bersumpah ngan nama Tuhan so betul la kan hg take brapa cerdik kan???

    3. tun dh explain dia x tuduh ape2. interestingly keruak semalam yg buka tembelang, i guess dia faham soalan tun m tuju pada ****** kebanyakkannya.

      soalannya sape yg bagi arahan. kalaupn bkn najib sape? kalau org atasan sirul, then sape? and sape bagi arahan dekat org atasan sirul ? sape?

  6. Najib screw up big time. When Pak Lah resigned we thought that Najib can bring back the country into its glory days. But his solution on things is always with money. Want to get chinese votes, give money to chinese school. Indian votes, give money through TEKUN or Indian school or other entity. Malay votes, give BRIM. For Sabah and Sarawak politician to be loyal, give more ministership, allocation of funds and more money to them. All about money, money, money. In the end, the money issue (1MDB, GST, etc) will bring him down. Big time.

    1. What the gov hand out to rakyat in form of BR1M, Tekun, etc is pittance compared to what they songlap.

    2. And Ah Jib loves to pay and consult business with party animals: Jho Low, the Paul guy, and the other girl in his PMO ...

    3. The puffed up flom and the party animals ... man-eaters all

  7. Altantuya makes 1mdb possible

  8. Ecm libra, skandal tingkat 4 lebih kurang 1mdb juga..short memory?
    Mudah lupa atqu nyanyuk?

  9. "'In the first place, the guy is so awesomely young and handsome"'

    This is your 1st criteria to be PM.......ha ha what a joke

    Remember the 4 Floor boys era and how FIL was so called sleeping but in thru fact he was swindling MAS .

    Anyone assosiated to characters like this you want as PM.

    Your eagerness for him to be PM will only grease the palms of pemuda boy big time.

  10. I agree KJ will be a good PM



    1. Ai yaaa KJ ah hhh , Wa manyak ingat itu Lim Guan Eng manyak lebih lor rr .

      Olang tatak lupa itu sama apa KJ telah buat itu Pak Lah punya time Lea aa , Bulayau mungkin manyak lupa maa aa .

      Mukris , Wa ingat atak manyak baik ,kalau tatak , itu Lim Guan Eng lagi manyak baik maa aa .

  11. That's the problem with UMNO politics since it's still have this feudalistic tendency and reverence towards the elderly. So I can't see KJ taking charge of UMNO. Not until he's at least in the 50s.

  12. look past handsome, tough and whatever please. The inner layer hides something else unless one is a liberal which i honestly hope you are not

  13. BN will do better in next GE as long as it is not Najib leading the coalition. Ku Li is the best fit for now as he doesn't have a control freak wife, he doesn't know Jho Low, he doesn't have any son from previous marriage who would ask Big Mama to buy him expensive condos in USA or money to make some silly movie. Btw, Ku Li was the financial advisor to Sultan of Brunei in the past.

    As for KJ, he will have to wait a bit in order for him to be mature in politics. We have seen during his Baba's time, KJ was so obsessed with power that he could not control himself.He treated PMO like it belong to his father's (although to some extent somewhat true).Now he seems to be getting matured but PM at this age is definitely a big NO.

    Looks like at this moment, only Mukhriz's fits the bill as he will be able to fill the gap of the young and old. Young, smart and has an ex-PM as a mentor to guide him through. But Najib boys will do anything possible to stop him from moving up further.


  14. Annie,

    If you really know wht he did during pak lah era, you wouldnt simply dismiss all those as just past history.

    as it is now i still see him as someone who has not change, still the same opportunist and is not reliable when it comes to having principle.

    There global domination going on indirectly or directly. We need someone who is solid in his stance and do whts right like tun M. if people like kj runs the country who knows to whose agenda we might be falling to.

    Lucky him, i guess the younger generation never knew the "past history", and for those who knew, well wht can I say, melayu mudah lupa and if we never learn from history we are doomed to repeat the same mistake. I already see it happening.

  15. Dah lupa ke?
    PAU 2009, hampir semua perwakilan boo dan pekik KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah.
    PAU 2013, dia dipilih semula untuk lawatan yang sama dalam party. Perwakilan sudah lupa? Buat-buat lupa? Atau .....

    Old habit die hard, they say.

  16. he survives as the party's Youth chief till now atas undi tiga penjuru and foul play. If a straught fight Muhkriz will win even the Vice Presiden, but tha history, KJ will be PM if he can brought back Malaysia football glory of the 70 to 80 era and create more Sidek Brothere or Chong Wei instead of Liew Darren types!. One more Hockey! Than only I say he the Man for PM. Najib is doing all his best but the problem with Najib is he flaymboyant and he just cant Made a CLEAR explanation of what his doing and that the PROBLEM. In parlimen when asked omn 1MDB the media reported Najib written reply is' 1MDB wont go Bankrupt' that its? Probrally then 'Rustam'; guy (ex Malacca CM) may return .....

  17. Typical betina....Asal handsome tak ada otak pun takpe!!

  18. NO!!! Not KJ. Ever heard of "History will repeat itself". Once KJ is in power, there is no stopping for him and his crony to do the same thing again. We need new blood. Mukhriz is ok, but I prefer someone who is not riding on his father/mother/family ties.

  19. Najib is surrounded by so many consultants/advisers.Redundancy.Pls return the advisory roles to the civil servants.KJ lacks wisdom.Therefore,KJ isn't the best candidate.Give Muhyudin a chance.He has almost all the qualities.

  20. KJ can be considered the first choice if only he can do well in his present ministry. His ministry is only a small part of the government. So he can show his capability there. What can he do? He could impress the people by bringing up the standard and quality of sports. He can improve the performance of his predecessor by increasing the number of top performers. Can he do that? If he can't do it to a small part of the government, then how can he improve the country?

  21. Really Annie. Pls don't let your hormone decides on those who should be the PM based on looks. If not, Shah Rukh Khan would be the best fit to be the Indian President. We should go beyond that. KJ's history was so dark with what he did during Pak Lah's time. At that time, the hatred or should i say the 'meluat'ness was equivalent to what we have for Rosmah today. So much damage was done and he carried his weight like noone's business beeing Baba's son in law. Umno's prime mistake is they never groomed the young fresh blood. They have to bear with the consequences now. We need people with a good strong sense of empathy for the rakyat, know how to manouver the economy, steer the country towards its past glory and at the same time uniting the rakyat. Those were what TunM did. We were so proud back then, to be Malaysians. Ask any Malaysians abroad back in the early 2000. As the saying goes, a good tree will bear good fruits. I think Mukhriz would best fit the PM post. I had seen both Mukhriz and KJ when they meet the elderly on two occasions. The former would bow his head in respect when talking to a pakcik and the latter shaked hand just to look away talking to different people. These simple gestures go a long way. It defines your character albeit how simple that is. UMNO should start grooming and bringing in more young blood with a strong sense of jati diri and know that they have to berkhidmat to the rakyat. Long gone the era where people join for the sake of projects. We need more accountability and transparency. People that know, when they meet their Creator, they will be held accountable for what they did for the rakyat and the 'amanah' given to them.

    1. Agreed!!!
      KJ is too arrogant.. he might be good in public speaking but the truth is kosong cam tin a normal citizen my votes go to mukhriz mahathir.!!

  22. Salam Annie,

    1. ‘Bila ada duit, akan ada burit. Bila ada burit, akan ada ‘belalang pelesit.’ Bila ada ‘belalang pelesit’, akan ada macam2 penyaki! Go figure, Annie. First, Najib, and now, KJ! Clearly, you never learnt, Annie!

    2. ‘Do not judge a book by its cover!’ Have you not heard of that adage, Annie? From my previous comment, I had stated clearly that ‘Mukhriz for his own battle to be where he is today (albeit sans UMNO support esp. from you-know-who!). Mukhriz is as though as a pedicured nail! He is an offspring of good pedigrees (unlike someone you swoon over!).

    3. Besides the obvious ‘Fourth Floor Notoriety,’ I had witnessed first-hand how KJ and P*****k L** overtook, and stopped FIL’s convoy (so they could assessed him, immediately). That was absurd and disrespecting protocol, totally. Need I tell you more on your ‘superstar?’

    4. This is about national integrity, and not about a certain personality! We are not debating “Malaysian Idol’ here, please!


    What is wrong with Ku Li becoming PM? He is a proven leader, a former FM, and a qualified economist. He would become a perfect 'interim PM', if you had asked me. The least he could do would be to rehabilitate and nurse our sickly economy back to health. Meanwhile, UMNO/BN could scramble for a replacement/future PM. For my children, and their children's sake, I would still prefer UMNO/BN to administer this beloved country, but it has to be similar, and if not better than what we are accustomed with when Dr M was our PM!

  23. Walaupun beria2 kata serius, annie tetap nmpk kelakar bila cuba naikkan kj. Orang nogori tu annie. Baru bini org nogori pun pm dah haru, inikan plak khairy rembau jadi pm. Marah org nogori baca. Bini Mukhriz pun org nogori. Gurau jer tu.

    Sejarah kj bkn sahaja tidak memberangsangkan bahkan gelap. Skandal ecm libra dgn avenue capital sampai skrg duk bawah tikar. Reput tikar tu nanti keluarlah semuanya. Bila 1MDB selesai diselongkar, cerita ecm libra boleh diungkit semula. Skandal juga tu. Nak jadi pm jgn ada skandal. Kena bersih baru mudah buat kerja. Skrg org dah mcm lupa kisah ecm
    libra tapi bila orangnya dah dekat ke persada
    kuasa, tidak mustahil sejarah.akan diungkit.
    Bkn ke lepas ni semua calon kena lalui saringan sprm sebelum diangkat. Hanya yang bersih daripada sahaja wajar diberi peluang.

  24. In comparison, the way Singapore searches for her next PM is REALLY BORING.

  25. Dear Annie,

    Having assessed your uber-strong affiliation of the PM in your past articles, I cannot see & deduce this as a deflection. So perhaps this is actually your way of gauging PM Najib's survival, hmmm?

    In any case, up to this point easily more than 70% of your respondents votes-out KJ..


  26. annie,

    i believe halen ang actually reply to this entry in her blog:

    well just watching the vid is enough i guess...

  27. KJ is a good choice. He can speak English well

  28. carilah dari kalangan rakyatr marhaen, yang berjiwa rakyat, faham dan sama merasai kesusahan dan kerisauan rakyat, faham masalah rakyat dan mengutamakan rakyat. pm tu bolehlah pilih dari kalangan veteran yang berpengalaman dan ada wisdom. then cabinet perlu ada lebih ramai new blood yang bersih dan berkebolehan. mustapha mohamad? ow was he as a pm?

  29. Annie... lirik lagu KRU " betul kata Dr M, Melayu memang mudah lupa". Please lah! Banyak lagi melayu pandai yang lagi handsome and smarter than this former powerful SIL. But the problem is UMNO ni takut budak2 muda yg pandai masuk parti and ambik alih tempat yang tua2 yang still rasa tak cukup lagi jadi YB.

    Parti lain even PAS, PKR even PAP kat Singapore pun dah lama groom pelapis untuk teruskan perjuangan. Tinggallah BN & Umno yg sampai skrg penuh dengan generasi lama yg tak faham kehendak masyarakat hari ini. Seriously, bila diorang ni nak sedar? Letihlah...

  30. Annie ni balik balik Mukhriz. Balik balik KJ.
    Sebelum boleh jadi PM kena jadi president parti yang dah nak mati ni dan gerenti mati kalau Najib razak dikekalkan president parti terbesar di Malaysia yang ramai rakyat Islam malaysia dah standby nak baca talqin. Rakyat bukan Islam pun ramai yang nak belajar apa talqin tu dan nak adaptasi dalam agama mereka. So umno will be dead...and buried unless the many benefiting warlords have to courage to stand up NOT FOR THEMSELVES BUT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM WHERE THEY ARE TODAY. They are truly our representatives. We the people are already encoding a message the chief warlord are refusing to decode. The way it is now only these warlords hold the key.

    Please count this kj out. He is not it. Many knows this. Mukhriz is seen as by some who do not know well Malaysian politics as being promoted by Dr.Mahathir which I don't think is the case. This is not Dr.Mahathir!
    Mukhriz may have the what it takes but Malaysia needs a man who possesses an ability to UNITE us first and at the same time having the critical and intimate knowledge of the Malaysian economy. There is no better person than Tengku Razaleig Hamzah, the longest serving Member of Parliament of Malaysia, a former Finance Minister, a founder of Petronas and above all a well respected personality and is well liked by both sides of the political divide. Even if as an interim PM I believe Ku Li would not turn we Malaysians down. He may not want it anymore but I think we Malaysians have our answers in this man. It is still up to the warlords. Maybe something is already cooking and the warring sides decades ago come together now to save this beloved country of ours. Age doesn't matter la, Annie. Reagan took America to new height and he was put in the seat because America knew him and liked him and he was one of the better president.
    I have long wanted Ku Li when Abdullah had to go and I put it in chedet too years ago.

  31. KJ.. Lol..

    Indah rupa dari khabar.. haha