Wednesday 29 April 2015

Good day and bad English

Today has been a good day for me.

So, I don't want to spoil it by writing about politics.

Well, I actually went on a boat ride to an island with friends today.

It was a pleasant afternoon as we spent time at the beach on the island.

After that we went for massage.

It was very nice, indeed.

Occasionally, on good days such as this, I feel that it is better to avoid politics.

Tak mau sakit hati lah.

Honestly, I can't think of anything heartwarming about the current political situation.

Anyway, besides all that, I was actually quite amused that my last posting

To reason is better than to fight

had attracted quite a few comments on the quality of English in this blog.

Admittedly, I have never tried to improve my English to perfection.

Janji faham dan tak sakit mata sangat membaca my rather sloppy grammar, kira okay lah.

Honestly, my Bahasa Malaysia is not that great either.

So, if I had chosen to write in Bahasa, I don't think the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka folks will be much pleased with me too.

Anyway, all those complaints about perfecting the mastery of English reminded me of this rather amusing scene from the Black Adder series,

Okay, that's all for today.

I'm taking a walk along the beach now before going for dinner.



  1. "Janji faham and tak sakit mata..." level of English is ok.

    If you want to make readers believe that there is true substance backing your opinion pieces, correct language use reflects care in composition and gives an insight into level of education and intellect.

    Like showing up for interview wearing selipar jepun. It shouldn't really matter, but it does.

    1. Wanna be perfect go and MSM lah

  2. Annie, mulai hari ini saya Akan cuba menulis komen dalam bahasa inggeris, walaupun my English is so berterabur janji Annie faham siki sikit ok la

  3. There in that realm worry not thine grammar . . . but thy spirits let lift
    Even though the skies be grey a brighter day the morrow shall be . . .

  4. Use grammar checker in MS Word. Then copy and paste your write up into the blog.

    1. As do all your fellow bangang dumb fuck bangang bloggers do. Once a failure... Always ....

  5. Annie, I don't doubt your facility for the language but I think you are just plain lazy when it comes to correct use of the language. Sometimes you write well but at other times you just couldn't be bothered.

    Take care.

  6. As for me, Annie's English is fantastic. I'm not an English speaking person but through this blog I have learn on how to read and write in English. Once in a while people tend to make mistake in their writings. Tu pun nak kecoh ke? Ini blog politik. This is not the English literature blog. I love this blog. this is one of my favourite blog. Kalau anda ikhlas nak menegur pun Atau nak bgtau tak boleh ke email kepada annie terus. Kenapa nak kena published dalam comment. Itu sebab nak menunjuk la tu, melayu dan keling saja Ada perangai mcm ni hahahahahahaha

    1. Anybody seconders? :- Bring back Maths and Science teaching in English for the sake of our children and national solidarity.

    2. English - National solidarity????????

  7. to master a language and to avoid making grammar and so on so mistake and to feel proud about it is pure stupidity...

    but in any DELIVER what you are trying to say is all that is matter...

    and it doesn't matter how you deliver it and the example is Lufang...whenever he writes anything....he will deliver his message successfully and people gets it.... ( but some gets it with the heat in their ass)

    >james bond

    1. 100% agree with james bond!


  8. Annie ,

    Lu punya English manyak OK maa aa , Wa Cina sekolah pon bolih atak paham lea aa , Wa ingat itu manyak penting maa aa , kasi olang paham apa guna tulit tatak kasi olang paham .

    Kita Malaysian Malaysia maa aa ,bukan England lea aa , Wa atak dengak itu Mat Salleah pon cekap tatak betut lor rr ,tatak selupa sama itu Najib cekap ,tapi pandai cekap pon tatak guna lor rr .
    Ear aa , itu Aluar pon manyak pandei cakap maa aa .

    1. Hahahahahaha well dine lufang!!!

  9. From now on, ll bloggers must have a credit in Bahasa Inggeris at SPM level if want to blog.

    Go ask Rais. No speaking English.

  10. Annie, i find that your English is considered very good so i trust the comments you mentioned were compliments. The most sophisticated blogger English writing award goes to Helen Ang- that sometimes i had to check google translate for the meaning. Depending on your crowd, you can choose to write in English to "express" or "impress" while i like to keep it simple to "express" so that the message gets across to wider audience.