Saturday 25 April 2015

To be or not to be...that's up to Najib

As I was driving home from work yesterday evening, I had this idea of writing something serious and important to assist Umno and BN in getting out of their current predicament.

So, when I reached home and done the necessary, as usual, I opened up this laptop and started to write.

These were what I wrote:

As everyone knows, there is now a sort of "rebellion" among a segment of the pro-establishment people against PM DS Najib Razak.

At the head of the rebellion is of course former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whose recent stinging criticisms of Najib had galvanized quite a strong wave of support.

The whole thing reminds me of what happened right after the 12th general election in 2008.

BN had lost it's two third majority in that election and

At the last sentence, it occurred to me that I shouldn't be writing what I was about to write next.

"Don't be stupid Annie, you shouldn't be writing these sorts of things anymore. The Umno and BN people are calling you stupid and said they don't need you to help them even for free, remember," I told myself.

Ya, that's quite true. I got quite a number of comments to that effect for my posts of late.

Even my best friend (BF) said I was being stupid and reckless for sticking my neck out for those people and expecting nothing in return.

"Not only that they don't appreciate the free write-up you do for them, they will crucify you if somehow or another they don't like what you write or how you write those stuff," he had said to me a few days ago.


I then closed this laptop and went to sleep.

I was tired anyway.

This whole morning I just hang around the house doing practically nothing other than watching a stupid movie on HBO.

I admit that I was feeling, I was not having my period, okay.

It's probably the withdrawal symptoms for not being able to write what I wanted to write.

Blogging can be addictive, you see.

Anyway, what makes me now writing all these was a call from a friend while I was having lunch just now.

My friend is the lady I mentioned in this posting,

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

She told me that a friend of her husband who works for PM DS Najib Razak had managed to offer him a possible job opportunity.

"My husband said he was not sure whether he will take the job as he was quite fed-up with a lot of good-for-nothing Najib's people. But he was happy that there are still among his friends who work for the PM who are still trying to help him. I think it is good that the PM still has some good guys," said my friend.

Ya, it's true.

A leader who surrounds himself with nice and capable people will normally be viewed by the people as being a good leader.

As it is, a leader who surrounds himself with stupid assholes will normally be viewed as a stupid asshole too, or even the chief of stupid assholes.

In the case of Najib, I think he needs to do a check on the people around him. Personally, I think there are quite a number of assholes around him.

He needs to do the right things.

For instance, I don't think he did the right thing by appointing this guy who

to the strategic post of head of Jasa (Special Affairs Department of the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia).

If the guy can't even manage strategic communication in Batu Pahat, how is he going to handle the whole thing throughout the country?

Ini kena tanya orang Batu Pahat, okay. Letak dia lagi sekali kat situ boleh menang tak? the way, anyone knows what happened to the so called National Communication Team (NCT)?

Is it still there? What is it doing, actually? Heard the gaji of the staff there quite good, surely they must had successfully done something of late to swing back votes to BN....ada ke?

Well, I don't's up to Najib.

Bear in mind ya, the next general election is less than three years from now.

The PM actually doesn't have too much time to fix and improve things, especially now that there is a rebellion going on within Umno.


  1. The "handdome" Najib will not resign. He is enjoying his international adulations and escapades. Just look at hus brimming face at the historic walk at Jakarta.

    The UMNO warlords will also desperate not to lose him as that will result in their losses too.

    Malaysians should prepare for a tough time.

  2. Clueless .... the man who sold the world for himself

  3. Hehehe it's not the word rebellion? Just want improvement i.e.. putting the right person at the right place to run this country in every aspects. As for Puad ..... you did nothing even when in the Ministry of Education... Batu Pahat pun cannot jaga.....


    1. You'd get the right Balanced feedback by following Life Of and MT, Yg Bhg Dr Mohd Puad

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gakjah DPH

  4. Dear Annie,

    I would anytime prefer Dr Razali than the above guy. This apple polisher is one of those guys trained in the US like the late JJ.

    After i heard tdm's speech this morning, i am convinced jho low conned PM vide Rosmah and her son in the US. Inspite of jho low's denial that he was involved in 1MDB, a UK court verbatim clearly stated that he was pretty much involved in 1MDB. No wonder tdm comes hard on najib.

  5. With the old man keeps on blitzkering towards the administration like there's no tomorrow, I fear for the worst. I feel sad and sorry for those BN MPs and state assemblymen across the country right now. Especially those who had won their seats with hair thin margin last time.
    If the current state of affairs remains the same, this term might be their last one. They have to look for other job. The future looks bleak. It doesn't look promising. BN gonna lose a lot of seats.

  6. "In politics as in philosophy, my tenets are few and simple. The leading one of which, and indeed that which embraces most others, is for ourselves to be honest and just and also to exact it from others, but meddling as little as possible in their affairs where our own are not involved. If this maxim was generally adopted, wars would cease and our swords would soon be converted into reap hooks and our harvests be more peaceful, abundant, and happy."
    - George Washington, 1st President of America

    1. " ..... wars would cease and our swords would soon be converted into reap hooks and our harvests be more peaceful, abundant, and happy."

      Dreams, so they say are for the fools, and they let em drift away ... peace like the silent dove should be flying but it's only just begun ....

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  8. Najib is waiting for Mamakutty, NGOs and all the Brutus within the party to reveal themselves who really are his enemies.

    He is just waiting for the kill as in Clint Eastwood style " Go Ahead, Make my Day"

    The Akta Hasutan is just waiting to be thrown soon. In politics, it's survival of the strongest. And PM has just inherited the most powerful post courtesy of Mamakutty's work over 23 years of dismantling the other arms of power in Malaysia.

    Mamakutty won't be alone anymore. He will have Anwar for company.

    Do you all really expect PM to go quietly like Abdullah Badawi? Never, never underestimate the brutalness and fierceness of a Bugis warrior or is it a Minangkabau warrior?

    Gone are the days of waving keris and getting support using the non-Malays as pawns. UMNO has become all too powerful and it is now an internal battle of wresting power between Melayu ori and penyangak Melayu like Mamakutty and his pengampu.

    Mahathirisma will be dead and will not see Wawasan 2020. It's Najibnomics and his new Minangkabau empire.

    1. You sound like an illegitimate child ... the ugliest of sounds is the braying of an ass!

    2. it is people like this that makes me hate UMNO....these malarkey donkeys only knows how to talk cock and then suck it all time happily.

      hey anon...bark all you can and it will never effect the facts that tun is still tun and dismantling people like you shall be the first priority for a better tomorrow.

      just go and type your Fcking resume (you and your kind will be needing it very soon)

      >james bond

    3. Sir,

      You sound so vengeful with smack of anger, lack of intelligent content, a prerequisite of blind loyalty and an individual under the payroll of his master.

      2. Tun Faisal wrote in his blog arguing that TDM indeed demanded najib to resign as opposed to merely criticising him. As a lawyer, he should read it realistically that after crucial questions (endorsed by the silent majority) were not responded reasons best known to najib, it would be quite normal for TDM to ask najib to call ita day. Nothing aboutfakta and auta.

      3. Salleh said keruak, sabah state assembly speaker conveniently put the blame on TDM should BN lose in As an east malaysian who have voted for BN ever since registered as a voter, it is s disgust to read salleh's statement. Let me tell you salleh, had it not for your father, you would not have been what and where you are now. Sabahans do not respect you, salleh.

      4. I do not idolise TDM, but i can discriminate truth from falsity, reality from fantasy. As a BN voter i would like to echo TDM's concern that if najib does nit step down, umno and bn will certainly fall come'uzubillah

  9. Well done Annie and a good write up but I need to spice it up a bit. Once upon a time in 1987, I was responsible to form the strategic team for my political mentor, the late atan Sri Mohamed Rahmat, who was the the Minister of Information cum Secretary General UMNO/BN. Among my team was the late Ikhwan Nasir, Datuk Baharom Ghani and a few advisers from outside the government and UMNO which I'll not name due to their identity and sensitivity. We formulated a nationwide political campaign...

    1. Mustafa Ong,

      Stop highlighting your peanut role in the government. Just look after your son Omar Ong cos his days are numbered, moron!!!

  10. When will Mahathir stop? Najib is the second sitting PM that he is trying to arm twist into resigning. Najib is an elected leader who has his own mandate. What Mahathir is doing now is very damaging for Parliamentary Democracy. If he is not happy with Najib, he can ask

    A) for a vote of no confidence in the Parliament if Mahathir thinks he is not "Alone".
    B) wait for UMNO BARU party election and then overthrow Najib if he has got enough backing.
    C) call for fresh election.


    D) call for Najib for be impeached. Well, this would be almost impossible as Mahathir has systematically made government machinery and the Judiciary subservient to the government during his tenure.

    Mahathir keeps harping on 1MDB but he suffers from a selective amenesia when it comes to F ups he did when he was in power. Selective Amenesia is very convenient when he is asked about Bumiputra Bank, Perwaja,PKFZ, MISC, MAS Airlines, Bank Negara Forex. In comparison, if Mahathir thinks 1MBD is a scam, it is very miniscule to what he has done in the past.

    If he has enough evidence, then he should lodge a report with the nescessary regulators and if he no confidence in Malaysian bodies, then he could always send the evidence if he has any (that is) to other watchdogs like FSA(UK) and American regulators where 1MDB or 1MDB Partners been operating.

    There is a clause in American law where their regulators can investigate a company or the company's associates which operate in America although the crime is commited abroad. Mahathir will not do so because either he has no proof or due to his self bloated ego OR he just has other sinister motives,plotting to make his Junior as the PM with Muhiyiddin just being a temporary seat warmer.

    When Tunku was asked what was his biggest mistake? His answer was letting Mahathir join UMNO. We can all see now what Tunku meant back then.

    1. Anon 6.45

      I do not have to look for a pin in the desert dune to prove that you are one of the guardians of najib galaxies.

      2. Its most unfortunate you referred back those days of perwaja, bbmb, mas etc etc. The most significant factor is money lost in business due to bad decisions and accounted for is different from many disappearing without trace And unaccoubted for. Compounding the issue is the fact that conflicting statements on what, where, when why and how are causing confusions.

      3. Let me sir repeat this famous words of wisdom:


      It is no good at all
      to conjure all sorts of reasons
      to explain away truth:

      One could subscribe to truth
      only when one has self-respect in the first place;

      When a man tells untruths,
      he has no respect for himself
      and little would he do better for others
      except for his own gain;

      And when a man tells lies,
      he has a tendency to forget:

      With one lie after the other,
      eventually he would be caught
      in his own tangled web

      4. The above is a true depiction and reflection of najib's predicament today.

      5. Oil does not mix with water
      Truth is never blinded by falsity
      Reality overrides fantasy
      .........on and on and on

    2. Anon 07:43

      The monies lost by the so called bad decisions has ended up in someone's pocket. The Bank Bumiputra collapse which also resulted in the death of auditor Jalil Ibrahim happened under Mahathir's watch. Do you seriously think Lorrain Osman could have pulled it off without the knowledge of the top man?

      Mahathir points his finger to Najib in regards to Altantuya, of which Najib has been vindicated by the courts. There are three fingers of your same hand that are pointing back to you in the Bumiputra Bank episode.

      Anon 06:45 should have used the word embezzlements instead of F ups.

    3. When the American president Ronald Reagen stepped down from his presidency, he was later confirmed to suffer Alzheimer's disease 5 years after leaving the presidency.The was a concern among some Americans about the decisions he made when he was the US President.I believe Tun Mahathir's mental health should be checked. I have great respect to the former PM but from the way he is attacking Najib he sounds like a grumpy old man

    4. It takes a grumpy grandfather to teach a truant pm the rudiments of statesmanship - nay the basics of schooling - and that is: "Honesty is the best policy and the right one."

    5. Is this guy excusing Najib and Jho Lows scam by blaming all the other stuff. Like that then no need to catch anybody for wrong doing because the other did it and got away with it. What nonsense, don't support Jho Low, how low can u go?

  11. Mahathirisma and all the Mahathirists will be the ones causing the demise of UMNO and BN. Not PAS or PKR or DAP or any of the East Malaysian party.

    All because of Mamakutty ego to see his debilitated son becomes the PM before he meets his Maker.

    It is either Mamakutty has his way or, if not, he is willing to destroy UMNO and BN.

    Fearing he may not have enough clout to topple UMNO, his last option is to use even PAS or PKR or even DAP just to spite UMNO.

    His philisophy of "If I don't have it my way, then nobody else shall have it" is clearly imbedded in his DNA.

    With the latest beating of war drums surrounded by hardcore Mahathirists and NGOs like RT, Ibrahim, Perkasa, Isma and some (Govt officials?), with some going incognito and some been kept hidden, it is as clear as day , Mamakutty is going all out brandishing his sabre like some Hindu or Pakistani tribal chieftain.

    Najib should finish off his self declared political enemies now or it will see a repeat of the "Storming of the Bastille" and the sad story of Marie Antoinnete being guilotined. In the Malaysian context, it may well be the Malay Islamic version of "Storming of PWTC" and pancung kepala or stoning to death.

    Another scenario would be "Julius Ceasar" being stabbed to death at the Forum and the eventual stabbing done by Brutus which Julius Ceasar asked "Even you, Brutus? Et Tu Brutus?" In the Malaysian contaxt, it would be at Parliament or PWTC?

    So, PM has no choice. He ain't no Abdullah or Anwar or Ku Li or Musa or Ghafar.

    He has his keris ready to brandish out with all the Akta-akta and C4 ready.

    Mamakutty and his 300 (only 300?) will die as as the story of "King Leonidas and his Spartan 300" at the plains of Bamboo River.

    And the Mamakutty King and his dynasty will disappear from Malaysian history books just like the Sri Vijaya, Majapahit, Pattani, Sulu kingdomss.

    1. sendiri syiok sendiri, simply accuse Tun that he is trying to put his son as pm and no prove nothing to back up his claim and i dont want to further read what this donkey got to say.

      looks like all the SUCK-UPs in umno is feeling the heat in their ass now

    2. Seems Annie's blog is now the lastest target for the Najibtoons. I thought Annie's blog was not wanted , now they come here and comment. Silly kan

  12. Enough excuses already been given for Najib. He must be simply clueless if people around him can totally fool him. Do we really want a PM that can easily be fooled by others? Hell no!!

    NAJIB MUST GO! 1MDB is the straw that broke the camel's back. No sane Malaysians support him now. MACC must do their job by investigating Najib and his family's excessive wealth. Just FOLLOW THE MONEY!!


  13. Really tough as DS Mohd Najibs 2015 agenda is quite full, adinda Ms Annie!

    ".. I want to highlight ASEAN as 'The third force', it means they cannot just focus on countries with large markets such as China and India alone.

    For example as ASEAN chairman, Malaysia has been invited to represent the organisation at the G20 Summit in Turkey this year. I was invited in the capacity as ASEAN chairman to the summit. This means when major powers gather, meet and deliberate at the conference, ASEAN is represented through Malaysia.

    When I speak at the United Nations soon God willing, it means I can espouse Malaysia's role as chairman of ASEAN, and if there are other forums as well, I can I drive home Asean's messages to the world. "

    -- Yg Bhg DS Mohd Najib on April 23rd 2015 about the 26th ASEAN Summit.

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

    1. Haji, with all due respect pls spare us your patronage of al-Bangang al-Jemuan. Haji, pls pity us poor rakyat who have been "driven to the ground" by ah jib gor's 1mdb and gst!


    2. OK observe Tun Dr Ms consti-pained face.. not invited to int'l forums, Sdr ANON 13:25

      He's sadly a nobody even in car makers shows.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Haji zin
      Tun Dr Mahathir is one of the world recognised Malay leaders. Even myself as a non Malay can respect what Tun did for the Malays. You want to defend Najib and Jho Low go ahead. But to insult Tun, you are being rude to a very well known Malay hero.


    4. Rude? You kindly explain the word to YAB Tun, boleh(?) Sdr ANON 16:09

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. Astaga! Macam Haji Labu dan yang sewaktu dengan nya.

    6. Haji M Zin,

      TDM adalah berpeluang jadi PM Malaysia selama 22 tahun!

      Haji M Zin berapa lama pula berpeluang jadi PM Malaysia?

  14. Not much of a rebellion when all you can get to stand along side you are Ibrahim Ali and Ridhuan Tee. I am afraid it is another storm in a teacup.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, flanked by a facist on one side and plagiarist on the other who thinks the Nazis were right. It kind of speak volumes about the "Elderly Stateman".

      Mahathir is doing a great job pissing the East Malaysians off. They have come out in support of DS Najib. If Mahathir ever manages to get his way, BN partners in East Malaysia will just call in a day being in BN.

    2. Anon 18.38,

      You were dead wrong about east malaysians

      1. We east malaysian were never pissed off by tdm

      2. Majority east malaysian supported tdm.....oh yeah...not salleh keruak, politician tak sedar diri

      3. No way we will call it a day. In fact we need him to oust najib

    3. Anon 18:38,
      Get lost! My Sarawak friends keep talking about the good old days of stability and harmony under the premiership of Tun Dr. Mahathir - these days the economy there is in shambles and the oppo Christians keep stirring up issues to get votes.

  15. Mungkin PM perlu tambah BR1M lagi dua kali ganda dan lepas tu apabila yang miskin dah lupa semua ni, cepat-cepat hapuskan semua Mahathirists dan penyangat Melayu dengan suruh IGP dan AG buat operasi Akta Hasutan dan operasi POTA.

    Untuk bayar ni, rampaskan duit Soros Malaysia dan Pak Arab yang hendak sangat buat jambatan bengkok ni. Kurangkan jugak elaun Sultan Johor dan bagi kat Sultan Pahang.


    1. "The IMF applauded the decisions to reduce fuel subsidies and implement a GST.
      .. frees up resources that can be redirected to better support the poor. To mitigate the impact of subsidy rationalization and GST, the 2015 budget calls for increased cash transfers to poorer households".
      (BR1M, for those earning less than RM4,000 per month).

      -- IMF Survey Magazine pada 3 Mac 2015.

      Subsidi petrol lebih menguntungkan kaum tertentu
      dan IMF bukan sentiasa salah kan(?) Sdr ANON 16:13

      Haji M Zin.
      Alor Gajah DPH.

  16. There is only one way for BN-UMNO to remain relevant post GE14 that is Najib must go. There is no 2-way about it. I have seen only all assholes around him primarily because he is a bigger asshole who know nuts.Want to know what is happening to NCT-they are having party all the time with their huge paycheck for doing nothing.People like Puad,Ahmad Maslan gives the impression that they are zookeepers.