Sunday 5 April 2015

A great loss

It was with great sadness that I received news of the passing of TS Jamaluddin Jarjis who perished with five others in a helicopter crash yesterday evening.

For me, JJ was a good man.

I know him as a self made-man, a dedicated member of parliament for Rompin, a great philanthropist and a sincerely loyal right hand man of PM DS Najib Razak.

I first dealt directly with him in 2004 over works and then got to know him as a man better than that was portrayed by the media.

He had many detractors who painted negative pictures of him, but JJ whom I know was a really good guy.

One aspect of him not known by many was his keen interest to help underprivileged and special needs children such as orphans as well as those with autism and other disabilities.

His charity works were mostly kept far from the media limelight.

I believe that his empathy for the less fortunate came from his humble background of growing up in a poor kampung family.

JJ was also much beloved by his constituents in Rompin who repeatedly returned him to Parliament with huge majority in appreciation for his tireless hands-on services as a wakil rakyat.

Since the first time I met him, I got to know that JJ's ultimate ambition in politics was merely to assist his good friend Najib as prime minister.

The last that I spoke to him was about two months ago when he asked a favor from me. The favor was not for himself but instead was for Najib. He wanted me to defend the PM over an attack which originated from the DAP.

If ever Najib had a true friend, I believe the person should be JJ.

My condolences to his family and those who love him.

I would also like to express my condolences to the families and loved ones of the others who died in the helicopter crash.


(Note: No negative comments allowed)


  1. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
    and rightdoing there is a field.
    I'll meet you there.

    When the soul lies down in that grass
    the world is too full to talk about.”
    ― Rumi

    1. Annie, wonder if u find jj's man , Mutalib as a really good guy too....

  2. Daripada Allah kita datang Kepada Allah kita kembali. Moga beliau dlm pengampunan dan mendapat rahmat dariNya..AlFatihah

  3. Semoga Allah mengampuni segala dosa Tan Sri JJ dan memasukkan dia ke dalam golongan orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Aamiin Ya Rabbal'alamin.

  4. Cik Annie
    Arwah JJ did not come from a poor kampong family.
    JJ's father was the former deputy Inspector General of Police.
    May Allah ampunkn dosa dosa JJ.


    1. Bapa keje gomen. Deputy pangkat je tinggi gaji pada zaman tkde tinggi pun. Not poor not rich. Al fatihah segala jasa akan dikenang.

  5. Ini gurindam Raja Ali Haji fasal yang pertama:

    Barang siapa tiada memegang agama,
    sekali-kali tiada boleh dibilangkan nama.

    Barang siapa mengenal yang empat [syariat, tarikat, hakikat, makrifat]
    maka ia itulah orang ma'rifat

    Barang siapa mengenal Allah,
    suruh dan tegahnya tiada ia menyalah.

    Barang siapa mengenal diri,
    maka telah mengenal akan Tuhan yang bahari.

    Barang siapa mengenal dunia,
    tahulah ia barang yang terpedaya.

    Barang siapa mengenal akhirat,
    tahulah ia dunia mudarat.

  6. Peringatan bagi yang masih hidup. Kita boleh di panggil dalam sekelip mata. Bersedialah.

    1. Tapi kami tak naik heli setiap hari macm orang kaya. Malah ramai rakyat marhein tak pernah naik heli seumur hidup pun.
      Bersedialah macam mana ya?
      Tak tahu bila, macam mana nak bersedia. Mengucap sepanjang masa?

    2. Dear RD,

      IMO what Anon 12:41 had meant was to 'bersedia' as much as possible via good deeds; as obedient as can be viz daily prayers etc.

      Memanglah 'tak tahu bila'.. Kalau tahu, sahih kita semua ada 'Halo-circle' above our heads. :-) .. That bit falls back squarely to IMAN yes..

      Then again as you had mentioned it, why are we not encouraged to 'mengucap sepanjang masa' whenever we can think of Allah swt? Kalau kita bole develop multitasking technically, what is arduous about 2-Arabic verses (ex-lips or dalam hati) yes.. :-)


    3. "Awwaluddin Makrifatullah": Yang terutama dalam bab Agama ialah sedia untuk mengenal dan mencinta Allah Maha Pencipta Maha Pengasih dan RasulNya Nur Muhammadiyah


  7. His father eventually was head of the SB. In his younger days, divorced the mother to marry another wife. JJ was still schooling and was neglected. So he had to fend for himself and did well at school. Vowed to show the father that he would make a good life for himself.

    1. Must b hard for him being neglected by his father who prefered to care for his new family. Wat a life


  8. Slam Takziah to the family of Allahyarham Tan Sri !

    Air crash investigation :
    Hard not to speculate the ugly nauzubi'Llah, but strange for a helicopter to plunge as as reported by a Cpt Lee who was also flying then. Most helicopters would otherwise have the option to land with Autorotation in the event of engine failure.

    Haji M Zin.
    Alor Gajah DPH.

  9. I know the existence of arwah jj since he was 3 yrs old in k lipis.i was than in std 1 Clifford school. the mother being a Chinese convert use 2 visit my late mother 4 general discussion (I think abt islam) since she also has Chinese blood in her.when the mother divorced jj was looked after my the step mother.our parents met again when both were serving in k trengganu. one thing I can tell is that being of mixed parentage jj was very intelligent n business savy. my condolence 2 the family.



  11. Annie & PMO Guys.I'm sure you have read this recent exposure on Atlantuya's murder mystery and finally the skeleton is now out of the closet. In case you have not read this latest reveal, you may visit this link;

    Even the IGP has been caught with his pants down for blatantly lying to public to cover-up this case. Najib,IGP,AG must go.


  12. Yup. Those who know TSJJ personally would tell you that he is such a kind person, pemurah, humble and down-to-earth person. I met him during GE12 in Rompin back then in 2008. May Allah shower him with His blessings. Rest in peace Tan Sri. Thank you so much for everything you have done to us.