Monday 6 April 2015

The right side

Reached home earlier this evening.

Received a note just now from a close friend inquiring whether I had switched side.

He was concerned after reading that I didn't feel obliged anymore to defend the administration of PM DS Najib Razak.

Nope, I haven't switched side.

I'm still as always : trying to be on the right side.

It's just that for now, I didn't feel like going out of my way to defend the PM as what I had previously done.

I believe that Najib's people can do that better than someone like me.

In fact, that's the message that I got from them before I went on my holidays.

Therefore, for now, I would prefer to be more focused on writing about what could be good for the ordinary people.

It's not that I haven't done that before.

It's just that previously I was more inclined towards the political side of things.

Now, as far as politics were concerned, I'm just a bystander....or the most, an observer.

I think I needed to cut down my interests in politics quite a bit.

Too much bullshit, that it's getting on my nerves.

Okay, I'm actually feeling very tired at the moment.

Probably jet lag.

Well, I better rest.

Will write a proper posting maybe later tomorrow.

As of now I'm missing my loved ones, especially my mother.

Sorry, I'm really sleepy now, okay.



  1. The reason I frequented this blog is that my comments get posted, unlike many others.

    Keep it up Annie.

  2. Welcome home Annie. I hope you did bring Ultraman back with you. Many believe that the PM days are numbered but i think otherwise as being power crazy both Mrs & Mr PM wants to cling on power until eternity. Malaysian politics under current PM is at despicable level with the PM himself is INCOMPETENT (definitely not impotent),CHARLATAN, does not command any respect from the majority, CLUELESS , TAKUT BINI, and worst still tainted with so many scandals and mysteries. If you do not write about politics, you may be missing the fun to stay relevant. No matter how much you or any other bloggers write to support the PM, it will not change the majority's perception towards him which now has been embedded in their minds and has become a fact.


    1. Ye zack. Good bloggers don't bother about their self interest. They need commentators to keep them alive and carry their own ranking. Since their article always refer to the subject to be discussed, it all depends on knowledge. The restrictions of course to the sarcastic commentators.

      Annie already determined her ground or else, force to be grounded and ready to be the previous article about Dap..he..he.. so much of dirty politics, indeed.

    2. Majority perception? Sheeesh...where did u get that from? Pelik bin ajaib syok sendiri, dah terok sgt, the moment u over estimated yourself, thats the point of self destructions. Najub is farrrr from perfect, but it was a nightmare and messy under tun....cukuplah.....

    3. Anon 12:46, like Annie says: "Too much bullshit, that it's getting on my nerves." Is that why you got messy nightmares? Enough is enough.

    4. what do you mean a nightmare and messy under tun,please elaborate.during his tenure there are no racists sentiment and people of all races respect each other.our economy is strong and when i was in oversea,people praises his leadership and eager to meet him.although he is not perfect,he is the best ever pm we had.

    5. Ridza, tak boleh tido ke?

  3. "I'm still as always : trying to be on the right side."

    Got you, sister ...

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      NB: Maybe you've heard about Ah Jib who lost the right side of his mind?

  4. Sudah La,,,,,

    Pi Mai Pi Mai Tantu Juga....
    UMNO is your religion Maaa

    1. Haaaah haah, don't syirik aah! UMNO is not religion and Ah Jib is not deity yah!

  5. Annie, politics is an addiction. Once it is in your bloodstream, it will never escape you.

  6. Annie, yang terbaik ialah mestilah berada di sebelah atau di sisi seseorang.
    Jika tidak, harus diam.

    Tanyalah pada mana-mana wanita, tindakan Rosmah setakat ini mereka kagumi dan sokong, Kalau anda lelaki dan tidak menyokong - wanita akan anggap anda ego kerana merendah rendahkan kaum wanita.

    Mungkin ini salah satu faktor Annie memilih bersetuju untuk tidak bersetuju.


  7. That's, the thinking of pro establishment supporters , the used their brain to analyse thing ,what is right ,the say is right . Unlike PR supporters they just say aye's anything that's their leader's say's .

    Yang hitam ,tetap hitam ,tak kan menjadi putih ,kerana pemimpin kita kata putih ,itu mengambarkan sokongan yang sehat .

    If Najib is wrong ,he should admit that he is wrong ,not tidak mengaku salah tapi mintak pengampunan ,isn't that wild ?.

    1. hg ni baru2 ni ja ka jdk bodoh or memang semulajadi bodoh??penyakit keturunan kot bodoh hg ni...kesian2...

    2. eri

      You are typical example of PR supporters , they like to call's others who are not with them .

      One good example !.

    3. Bunyinya semacam pengampu bodek Tuan Bangang dah tiba .....

    4. Tebing tinggi...
      Kahkahkah....confirm... kalau aku umno cmna???

  8. Welcome back Annie. As usual as long as there's a lot of baggage to carry, it is so also distract you from doing it best way is to throw the heavy baggage and get a new one that is clean or seem to be clean. Every change is always a good change until it expires. Example Dr M to Ahmad B, a good chnage but early expiry. So is the current just change.

  9. Annie, Rockybru has given credit for your posting. Bravo for the compliment from a senior blogger! As long as you report the truth nothing but the truth, you will have many loyal followers. The hell with the apple-polishers of current PM.


    1. Apple Polishing Demo


  10. Its easier to do nothing but fitnah without proof, than to do work adinda Ms Annie
    and nothing to suggest anything but full support by UMNOs Supreme Council and BNsBBC.

    Murderer Sirul is loving all the attention and will not sing who gave him orders other than Satan laknatu'Llah, and 1MDB management has to answer not DS Mohd Najib who is not on the BoD.

    Tun Haji Abdullah went because his VPs were conspiring with Tun Dr M.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. What the ho ha about Najib being bashed by TDM.We Malaysians mudah lupa.TDM was whacked by Almarhum Tunku to extend to Tunku supported openly Semangat 46,which was Opposition Party and yet TDM survived cos most of the UMNO grassroots members supported TDM .These bashing by TDM should be stopped as it is a doubleedged weapon as one by one surfaced weaknesses of TDM as PM esp from senior politicians from Sabah and Swk.In meantime from hatred,there existed elements of sympathy amongst nitizens towards Najib.My opinion is that Najib does not bother all these proffessional hap hazard as long as majority of UMNO members still support him,he will survive till next GE.For Zack you can name called Najib supporters whatever you like as per Pakatoons trademark but I guess you have to wait for Najib to be ousted democratically unless you can create Arab Spring here.Good luck