Tuesday 7 April 2015

Testing Dr Mahathir's prediction

In the run-up to the Umno election in 2013, I set-up a poll to check on who among the possible vice-president candidates most preferred by readers of this blog.

The outright favorite turned out to be Kedah Menteri Besar DS Mukhriz Mahathir.

Mukhriz won more votes in the poll than that of the other candidates combined.

I had actually expected the outcome even before I set up the poll.

The poll was however not an indicator of the party election outcome as I believe readers of this blog were mostly non-Umno members.

Despite that, I was heavily promoting Mukhriz in this blog with the hope of him winning the post.

At that time, I was worried that if Umno fails to offer someone fresh at the top echelon, the party and BN may lose the next general election.

It was just a few months after the less than satisfying results of the 13th general election (GE13).

My sentiment was that Umno and BN needed to offer something new to the electorate than that dished out during GE13, one of which was a clear willingness to improve such as getting some fresh faces with clean reputation as top leaders.

Mukhriz, for me, fits the bill.

His success in leading the recapture of Kedah from Pas was perhaps the brightest spark from the otherwise dismal BN's performance in GE13.

I had in fact met Mukhriz close to the Umno election and said these exact words,

"Datuk, kalau Datuk tak bertanding dan semuanya status quo, apa lah yang baru yang Umno dapat offer kepada pengundi lepas ni? What are there to inspire people like me who is not an Umno member but support its struggles?"

A few days later Mukhriz announced his candidacy for the Umno vice-presidency.

Unfortunately, he lost. Barely that was.

I believe Mukhriz lost due to the power of the Umno divisional warlords who wield considerable influence in determining the voting pattern of party members in their little fiefdom.

The key words which came from top party leaders at that time was "Maintain the status quo".

And maintain the status quo that Umno did.

I have to admit that I was very disappointed.

It was clear at that time that Umno and BN will be going into the next general election offering the same package.

I believed many others shared my feeling.

Nonetheless, I put the fear of BN losing the next general election at the back of my mind and continue to support the status quo that Umno wanted.

I got no other choice.

That was until Mukhriz's father, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a few days ago posted this,

UMNO dan PRU 14

and its follow up today,


Honestly, I am worried about Dr Mahathir's prediction that BN may actually lose the next general election.

He is after all the most successful Umno president and prime minister of this country.

Dr Mahathir must have some grounds to come up with that prediction.

Suddenly, my fear of a possible BN defeat in the next general election came to the fore again.

Still, I would like to test Dr Mahathir's assertions among you all dear readers of this blog.

I'm setting up a poll to check on your voting preference in the next general election in the event the status quo of BN and Pakatan remains till then.

You can cast your vote at the top right corner of this blog page (unless you are reading this using your smart phone).

Everyone has only one vote.

I think the outcome of the poll may give everyone a clue of whether Dr Mahathir's prediction of a possible BN defeat was correct or otherwise.

Semua orang tolong undi ya.

Terima kasih.


  1. no need to talk so much la.
    Just put Mahathir in jail and BN will win the next election.

    1. If Najib had not been stupid enough to listen to the opposition in abolishing the ISA, he could have put Dr.M in jail to silence him.

      "The Government that listen to the people". my foot.
      The next PM. Please listen to the people who voted for you.

    2. Ye ke?

      Bak kata Anwar penjarakan dia, ada ramai lagi Anwar di luar.

      Siapalah Anwar kalau hendak dibandingkan TDM?

      Penjarakan TDM, beribu ribu di luar akan bangkit mempertahankan TDM. Belum sempat Najib berpakaian kedudukan akan 'reversed'

      Najib di dalam penjara, TDM ketawa besar melihat Najib dari luar!

    3. Malaysia's problem is not the leaders but the people. Malaysia has very low quality people. The uttering like:

      "just put Mahathir in jail and BN will win the next election"

      shows how shallow minded and hollow their thinking.

    4. Don't be hasty guys...( Anom 08:31 & Anom 08.55)
      I think RD is just jesting about the stupidity of Najib...The emperor without clothes / brain cells.

  2. Annie you are spot on. We are all afraid that UMNO will loose the next election and that's why we are whacking Najib like hell because of his blunders, UMNO will suffer. I dread to imagine if PR takes over with DAP wanting an equal rights for all and PAS with its own ideology. Looking at those dungus like Ku Nan, Sharir Samad, Rosnah & Salled Keruak coming to defend Najib and none of them indeed address the issues raised and instead talking rubbish @ merepek,we all can now expect the fate of UMNO come GE14, unless Najib decides to bring his Queen to live in their luxury condos in US before GE14. As Tun clearly pointed out, it's not about UMNO but the one person causing destruction UMNO .The old timers in UMNO are resisting change and its all about the old farts continue to grip on power till their last breath. In 2013, i took the effort to visit the nearest UMNO office to sign up as a member together with a few others but until now, none of us ever received our membership. The old farts has built the great wall of fence around them to prevent the young to be seen in UMNO.

    1. To Mukhriz and the true ones:

      I'm Yours ... for the people's sake ... time and tide waits for no man


  3. from malay stand point, it would be better for umno and pas to join (this would exclude u and the like of outsyed the box) but like it or not i believe majority shares the same sentiment. if im wrong well ok. . i dont belief in coalition with mca anymore. mca is through and through dap supporters. as such i would only believe mic and the components of sabah and serawak.

    having said that, if pas separate itself from the PR, many malay votes would swing to them. and its all due to the moderation campaign ala mca/ dap and najib liberalism.

    so yes besides NOT gonna have chinese supports (only a fool would not see this), BN will also loose malay votes and therefore wil lose the coming election. weve been talking about malay tsunami for so long and believe me its coming.

    interesting to notes is tht a lot of points coming from tun in his recent two post actually share 1 similarity, they are all rumored to be connected to the u know who. and if tun starts asking, i fear theres a ground for investigations. tht person might not be clean after all, and if najib is allowing this tht means he is also responsible. lets not make excuse for him anymore. even from u its tiring.

    1. You're right, we shouldn't be making excuses for Najib anymore, but neither should we be letting Hadi Awang off the hook - the man who proclaimed his Takfir Amanat Awang that has torn apart the fabric of Malay religion and society for last 30 years, and we last heard the old fart still won't repent from his biadab behaviour. BN cannot ally itself to radical Wahhabism and Islamist ambitions of PAS. Malays must wake up to the hard fact that PAS today is not the vision of its founder Sheikh Burhanuddin Helmi - the Malay Sufi traditionalist. "Mursyidul Am" was a term coined by the Penang merchant Yusuf Rawa when he took over the presidency of PAS in 1982. Yusuf Rawa's religious education went only as far as a diploma from a Wahhabi institution in Saudi Arabia. It is said that he was a fierce orator full of fire and brimstone just like Hadi Awang. So much for the history of misguided political Islamism in this land of ours.

    2. Despite our difference in ideology, i think it is time for unity. I have my reservation towards pas but lets hope for the best. As long as we are all muslim.

      both of them can check and balance each other bringing them towards true moderation of islam and not the type promoted by dap and mca or najib and co.

      anyway we dont want the type of pasma leading pas either. otherwise pas will just be another safehouse for anwar.

    3. Anon 8:26,
      re: "I have my reservations towards PAS but let's hope for the best. As long as we are all Muslim."

      Hope in truth but do not hope in vain. These Takfir Islamists are "muslims" who brand us Muslims as kafir and infidels. Why don't you go find out how many of them have gone to ISIS middle-east to kill other muslims and non-muslims for their idiosyncratic brand of "Islamic unity"?

    4. anon 9.04,

      so wht should we do to them?

      Lets not forget tht their iman also worth something. they still believe in Allah and the prophet. ultimately who are to say whts wrong whts right? theres so many version of so many things out there while the majlis fatwa sit on their hands.

      just because they are branding us (i dont believe most of them are like tht) we should not fall to their standards as well.

      i think its going a bit too far to say tht the ISIS and pas are the same.

    5. Anon 11:11,

      Nothing remains the same with takfir Islamists - the problem is that they keep adjusting their "principles" to suit their current political objectives. If only they would leave us ordinary Muslims alone and stop judging our iman in Allah and Rasulullah. Where did I say that PAS is the same as ISIS? PAS members have not beheaded people and do not force women into sex slavery.
      Al-Qaedah is not the same as Al-Nusra which is not the same as ISIS - but they are all Takfiri Wahhabi Political Islamists in standard.

    6. Building Communities to Revive the Islamic Spirit Within -
      Habib Ali Jufri with Sheikh Yahya Rhodus.


  4. Kalau dilihat kepada sejarah Mahathir yang memiliki pelapis yang pada mulanya kita anggap kesinambungan terbaik ialah di era kemuncak Mahathir Musa dan Mahathir Anwar - akhirnya kedua sejarah membuktikan mereka tidak mempunyai kesabaran dan keikhlasan yang tinggi, cuma Musa cerdik sedikit dari Anwar.

    Walaupun kita tahu paklah dan Najib tidak akan sehebat Mahathir tetapi tidaklah pula kita jangkakan mereka menjadi PM terburuk dan paling lemah, cuma Paklah lebih cerdik sikit dari Najib.

    Pengalaman itu menyebabkan harapan kepada Mukhriz sangat tipis, kedudukannya sama level dengan Hishamuddin dan KJ, dia akan jadi lebih kurang Muhyiddin sekarang.

    Lebih baik kita cari figura yang lain, tetapi tentunya bukan Zahed.

    UMNO tak ada sesiapa, sebab itulah Najib masih di situ.

    1. Agree with you, at the moment my vote for Najib's leadarship

  5. Tun Mahathir complains like hell about BRIM. What is wrong with giving money to the people? Lower-wage people? Spur the economy and lighten their burden. Majority of the recipients are Malays but we don't say that because Malays make up most of the poorer people.What's wrong with giving money to lower-income Malays to spend, pay bills, save?

    Don't tell me Najib should give money only to the already privileged, like his sons and cronies' sons. Or Mahathir's sons, for that matter.

    Let's think. Stop being Mahathir's sheep.

    1. Tidak ada salahnya bagi BRIM seperti tidak ada salahnya ambil balik melalui GST. Tangan kanan memberi, tangan kiri merampas semula...

    2. u dont give the poor fish, u teach them how to fish. u create job opportunity. BRIM shows how short sighted the leader are and how he doesnt think long term.

      and seriously how much is 500 or 1000 worth nowdays in Malaysia anyway. even to the poor itll disappear soon after few spendings.

      tht is not the way to help the poor.

      indeed lets think but dont think like najib and his advisors.

    3. Is this not RASUAH?
      Are you trying to tell the Rakyat that Najib will come down in history as 'Bapak Rasuah'.
      No wonder he has a lot of ball-lickers.

    4. If we understand how the system works, we don't really mind paying GST and for the government to keep giving out BR1M (even though I am not entitled to recieve BR1M). I think many people are really concerned about the 'leakage' or ketirisan. This is a major problem.No matter how good the system is, at the end of the day the effectiveness of the system depends on whoever runs the system, If the person is corrupt, the system will not be effective. As which party I am going to vote in the next GE, I will definitely vote BN regardless who is the PM because I believe in the system , not based on individual

  6. I was sceptical about BRIM too until i got to know Pak Mat.. he is a cleaner at my hospital with monthly wage of RM1200. He does all kind of job to support his family of five. Pagi pi bawak budak2 sekolah in his very very run down toyota car.. lepas tu potong rumput part time.. dia masuk shift petang from 3pm to 11pm everyday (no rest day) so that in the morning he can do other part time job. To this group of people that kind of monetary help is god send from heaven.. say whatever you want but try living on a monthly wage of pak mat before you comment.

  7. Annie.
    Saya undi dulu, baru baca apa yang Annie tulis.
    Saya pilih 'Refrain from voting'.

    Walaubagaimanapun, saya berharap ramai calon BEBAS pada PRU14 dan saya akan pangkah mereka jika bertanding di kawasan saya. Kalau tak ada, baik saya main-sabun dirumah. Kalau Najib masih berkuasa sehingga hujung Tahun ini, Konsensus BEBAS, boleh lah mula memperkenalkan diri di kawasan mana yang mereka akan bertanding.

    Saya jangkakan, jika status quo BN dan PR masih tidak berubah, PRU14 akan menyaksikan BN kalah atau Hung Parliament. Calon BEBAS boleh main peranan yang besar untuk menentukan Kerajaan. Keistemewaan calon BEBAS, mereka tidak mampu memberi rasuah seperti mana PAS memberi tanah-balak kepada DAP untuk menubuh Kerajaan di Perak, 2008.

    Buat masa sekarang, Najib dan isteri adalah asset paling penting untuk PR menang PRU14. Jika Dr.M enggan berganding dengan DAP untuk menjatuhkan Najib, PR akan mula berhenti dari mengkritik kerajaan dan akan beralih menyokong sebagai PM.

  8. brim IS 'OPPOSITION' version that PM copy and paste. So like DR M said in his latest blig, if PM demolished ISA etc etc like what opposition wanted then PM is 'ooposition' ally , simple as that!. Read carefully DR M latest blog. Why demolished ISA, NEP etc when its proven and PM just need to 'improved' it. Now POTA for ISA? what difference it made beside confusing PEOPLE. GST is good but personal tax relif still status quo and personal tax rate is HIGH. many more to say but the worst is too mant perlancaran DANA etc etc the word is 'PERLANCARAN' and a bloated ADVISOR when tehy are manyUMNO elected representaive with BRAINS errrr on is it NO-BRAINS otherwise why they are elected? sorry ye.

  9. WOrst of all is , PKR without AI, PAS , DAP they can actually 'stand by themselves' and bring the disire changes to Malaysia but they opted a loose colition 'PR' when PKR is already multi racial and have many calibers young leaders that UMNO dont have, only thing is PKR to ANWAR essentric! (wrong spelling ada bunyi cukup)

  10. Create job opportunity instead. At the rate we are going soon our children will have to look for job outside Malaysia

  11. Ramai ahli UMNO dah tau perangai Mamakutty tu. Pasal nak anaknya express sikit naik jadi PM, semua yang jadi PM sebelum anaknya ditabalkan Akan disingkirkan dengan alasan bermacam-macam .

    Anwar yang paling ditakuti beliau menghancurkan dinastinya telan disenyapkan terus kat penjara Sg. Buloh.

    Kini usaha dibuat singkirkan Najib, kemudian Muhyideen kemudian sesiapa sahaja yang jadi PM sebelum anaknya ditaktakan PM. Kesian Abdullah Badawi yang jadi mangsa pertama beliau. Ramai yang terikut-ikut menyinkirkan Abdullah terperangkap dengan dakyah Mamakutty kononnya demi Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara.

    Yang paling bodoh rakyat yang bukan ahli UMNO tetapi cuma kuat bersorak untuk Mamakutty ni yang jelas mempermainkan sentimen AlifBaTa mereka.

    Blogger yang tak erti permainan Mamakutty ni, janganlah terus jadi bloggang.

    1. Nampaknya geng jemuan bangang telah tiba untuk mencaci mengumpat orang . . . itu dosa besar tahu tak pak?

    2. Omg...please la. Kalau dia nak naikkan anak dia, baik buat masa dia PM dulu. Lol sgt!

    3. Khas utk jemuan 8:47
      Setakat copy paste jawapan scripted korang ni kat memana...tak payah la..buat mengabiskan ruang je..Nampak sangat tak cukup akal - guna pulak ayat ayat yang dangkal dan biadap. Sekolah abis tak ni?Bayaran dapat baper satu komen?

      U/p: Blog Cik Annie kita ni pembaca pembaca dia semua taraf premium tau..bukan cap ayam yg macam kat blog blog korang tu yang boleh korang goreng.

    4. How to spot a PKR/PAS's macai:
      1. Use of vulgar words
      2. No facts presented, just full of twisting words
      3. No argument brought about but instead insult
      4. No value to matter being argued
      5. Blaming others on their own stupidity/wrong doing (Ie. Pandai membontot, pandai-pandai basuh barang sendiri... Kenapa nak nak suruh orang berdemo)

  12. Salam Annie,

    1. Mukhriz: When he offered himself as candidate for MP, UMNO slotted him for a parliamentary constituent that UMNO never won. When ‘UMNO wanted him to lead taking back Kedah from PR,’ it slotted him at a DUN than UMNO also never won. On both occasions, he prevailed, as the People of Kedah wants him to win. However, when he offered himself as one of the VP candidates during last UMNO Election, he lost by a mere 40 votes or so. That too was because delegates were order to retain status quo (as you had pointed out). You would thing that Najib wants Mukhriz (read: Dr M) in his Administration?

    2. PRU14: Is not rocket science that UMNO/BN would lose in PR14. In PR13, they lost all urban and suburban seats (if not all, almost all), and were retain in power due to rural seats, Sabah and Sarawak seats. This was so because rural Malays, Sabahans and Sarawakians do not want DAP to administer them (after witnessing the mess that it had created in Penang, Perak (shortly), and Kedah and of course in Kelantan; by proxies).

    3. Vote: From the above scenario, your voting exercise would be an exercise in futility, as the outcome would be so obvious. For all the supports that Najib are receiving (now from desperados, mostly) would not be enough to return him as PM after PRU14. The urbanites and suburbanites would continue to vote the Opposition (whoever they may be, as a protest votes!). Some rural voters, Sabahans and Sarawakians whom have been voting UMNO/BN would vote the Opposition or abstain from voting (like what my families and friends would do) all together in protest of Najib and all his baggage (read: Rosmah, Jho Low, Riza Aziz, nepotism and cronyism, government and politicians excesses, GST, weak ringgits, con-setans, 1MDB, BR1M, GLCs, etc.) that is diminishing our wealth and that of this beloved country’s wealth! Those pro-Mahathir non-Malays would vote for the Opposition too, as they have lost faith with UMNO/BN (read: MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, etc).

    4. Prophecy: Unless Mukhriz and Azmin combine forces in a new party for us to choose from especially for Malay voters, the future of Malaysia is bleak; be that politically, economically, and religiously. PAS and PKR are irrelevant to most Malaysians already; hence, they would not count except to split UMNO/BN votes further. Thereafter, total chaos would reign everywhere akin to ‘a group that has lost its leader’, as everyone wants to become a leader then.


    1. Yep, I Agree 100% with this view

  13. The problem with Najib is his silence. A good leader will reply to all allegations. This will put at ease the on-lookers. Paying the 'bangang bloggers' to hit at his critic instead of replying is not a good strategy because Najib has still not answered the people's concerns.

    To my mind Najib has not made any good move so far and his 'people' are not doing a good job for him. A good leader must be able to communicate and convince everyone that he is truthful and reliable.

  14. Please put in 'Not Voting' as an option. Heck, its going to get a lot more worse before it gets better, ain't it......


  15. Is there still a Pakatan next year or just PKR(?) adinda Ms Helen
    when DAP joins BNaUG (unity government?) which is the only realistic UG for Lim KS voice Chinese interests.

    Good old PAS will alhamduli'Llah remain the honest and istiqomah for afterlife opposition !

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  16. Anon 08:47
    Don't tell lies to defend your boss. It will only make him look more stupid.

    Mukriz entered the political arena only after his father resigned as PM.

    Anwar Ibrahim was Dr.M's protege since 1982. Dr.M brought Anwar into UMNO from ABIM, a muslim activist allied to PAS. Dr.M practically groomed him to be his successor, rising through the ranks, swiftly. Since Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu accused him of Sodomy in Parliament, 1997, Anwar became extremely impatient and his yearning to become PM intensified. If he had not tried to oust Dr.M hastily, today nobody would have known that he likes buggering young man's behind. If he had become PM then, Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu would surely be ISA-ed in Kemunting today.(Mat Sabu had nick-named Anwar as Al-Juburi too). Pak Lah or Najib would definitely not be PM either.
    Therefore when Dr.M stepped down after shockingly found out that his 'darling' was a sodomite, he had no other choice but to pick whoever most suitable in-line to succeed him.

    Had Dr.M, brought his sons into politics, like what Lee Kuan Yew did, Malaysia would not be in such a dire political mess, today. Who give a damn about Nepotism when DAP & PKR practiced it themselves, to the hilt, that is.

    Anwar was once sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for abusing his authority as DPM by ordering the Police SWAT team to arrest and threaten Ummi Hafida Ali into retracting her letter to Dr.M, accusing him of sodomy. After serving about 5 years, he was released by Pak Lah to disgrace Dr.M who was then calling for the latter to resign as PM.

  17. most probably, i will not vote in the next coming election as i did not bother voting all my life but, but i did vote in the last election for the first time and i voted for BN.

    and not only did i vote for bn in my first vote but successfully i have convince my brothers and sister to vote for bn despite 2 of them voted for the opposition all their life.(a total of 5 vote for bn just from us and we are not even a member or have anything with bn and i dont even know who is that bn guy that i am voting or what is his damn name)

    i was happy then that i have voted for bn but now i just feels like i have trouble myself to wake up, queue up and vote.(these people will never change and they are just the same...whoever who are surrounding with them will get everything and people like me will never even be given a chance...aku pergi tanya kerja kuli pun tak mau bagi)

    haiz...see lah how...i will stand with my decision not to vote for anybody anymore and if PR wins...then let them run the country and if BN lose...if they lose...then it is good in a way for me because at least all those arrogant irritating people surrounding the bn leaders will lose too and gets nothing....(just tak boleh tahan with these people behavior...they keeps on acting like they are something special)

    >james bond

  18. Annie,
    saya mula mengundi kali pertama pada PRU11 tahun 2004. PRU tahun 1999 saya dapat sampul undi pos tetapi tidak saya kembalikan ke kedutaan. Sentimen Anwar Ibrahim masih menebal waktu itu.

    Bermula PRU11, kami adik beradik tak kira jauh dekat akan balik ke kampung untuk mengundi. Sambil menyelam minum air, sebab dapat menjenguk emak di kampung dan bertemu adik beradik lain yang biasanya jarang dapat berkumpul serentak.

    PRU14 rasanya tak perlu saya buang duit minyak travel 600km pergi dan balik semata-mata untuk Najib & Co. Elok duit tu saya tambahkan kepada elaun bulanan mak saya. Membazir je buang duit untuk mereka yang bodoh sombong!

  19. Annie,21/2 tahun lama masa lagi.Tak payah nak buat poll la,TDM cakap berdentum suruh Najib undur tapi tak berani nak namakan penganti takut tak ada respon dari akar umbi UMNO kantoi nanti malu.Lagi banyak dia buat komen lagi banyak kebrukkan dan kelemahan beliau akan dilondehkan.Kita tengok sekarang satu persatu perlakuan TDM yang tidak baik telah di kemukakan olih Orang kuat politik di Sabah dan Swk .Elok hentikan saja kritikan terbuka ini kerana bukan senang hendak memenangi hati lebih kurang 3 juta orang ahli UMNO.Setakat langaux yang membuat bising dan menyalak dalam blog ini dan bukan pun ahli UMNO,tunggu saja lah PRU 14 nanti,itu pun kalau Penbangkang dapat menawan Putrajaya,barulah saya rasa Najib diperundurkan.

    1. Sekarang bukan pasal pembangkang mahu merampas Putrajaya tempoh 2 1/2 tahun untuk langkah pembaikan dan pengukuhan parti teras dan kerajaan. Memang sakit dan berbisa namun perlu ditelan kerana mungkin boleh menjadi ubat paling mujarab untuk penyembuhan

  20. Buletin Utama today interviewed Salleh Keruak and some unknown guy from BNBC Melaka on Dr.M questions to Najib. These 2 jokers went on saying it is a personal attack against Najib and its Dr.M's opinion and all the nonsense@merepek. Dr.M had asked many valid questions pertaining to the mystery surrounding the country. It is not his opinion or personal attack. No wonder UMNO has gone deep in the longkang with these kind of "exceptional quality" leaders. Btw, Naijb seems to be having the longest "period pain"that any woman had experienced to answer Dr.M's questions. And i guess his expensive mat salleh consultant Paul Stalden is still experiencing hang over from last week's boozing session or perhaps he maybe still be drunk now.


  21. Aduiiiii...
    kenapa sultan johor tak nak bersalam dengan Ahmad Maslan... ?