Sunday 12 April 2015

Dr Mahathir's latest videos

These are the latest videos of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as recorded on Friday by blogger dinturtle,

1. On the crooked bridge

2. On BR1M

3. On 1MDB - Who is Jho Low?

4. On Sirul's case

5. On PM DS Najib Razak

Summary of the videos as written by The Star Online's RAHMAH GHAZALI

PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has unleashed a scathing attack against Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, saying that the Prime Minister broke his promise to build a crooked bridge between Johor Baru and Singapore.  
In a four-part interview uploaded on a blog, Din Turtle, two days after Najib's television interview, Dr Mahathir responded that the Prime Minister had supported the project when he took over office from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. 
"He was my hope after Pak Lah (Abdullah) resigned. He said he would build the bridge when he became the prime minister even if Singapore opposes to it. But he didn't do," claimed the former premier. 
Dr Mahathir said he was unhappy when Najib broke his promise and appeared to "kowtow" to Singapore for not proceeding with the project. 
"If Singapore does not agree to this, it is not my fault. It is our sovereign right, it is in our own territorial area, territorial waters. Half of that Causeway belongs to us. I'm not touching Singapore's side. 
"He (Najib) said he made an agreement with Singapore, where is our independence? Are we part of Singapore?" questioned Dr Mahathir. 
In a special interview with TV3 on Thursday, Najib said Dr Mahathir's attacks against him could have been triggered due to their disagreement on the crooked bridge and the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) cash handouts. 
On BR1M, Dr Mahathir insisted that "feeding people with free money" was not an answer, but creating jobs and providing education to the people was what the country needs. 
"We should create jobs for the people, give them education, train them so that they can live and make money for themselves. You can give welfare, but only to the people who are in need of welfare," he said. 
On the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) controversy, Dr Mahathir said it was better for Najib to resign now to prevent Barisan Nasional from losing in the next general election as the investigations to the company could take years to complete. 
"It has to be now because we still have two years to recover. If he doesn't go now, the Public Accounts Committee and others will be investigating the matter for the next two or three years and come GE, if he is still around, we will lose. 
"I think there will be a lot of trouble for everyone. And those who cover up, they will have to pay the price," he said, adding that there should be ‘two or three’ independent commissions to look into the matter. 
"We need ‘neutral’ people to do a thorough investigation as to where the money went. Who was handling the money? Who is this Jho Low? Suddenly he became very important. He is not a civil servant, suddenly he has such power," said Dr Mahathir.
On former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar, who was convicted of the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, Dr Mahathir said that every person who was sentenced to death has the privilege to appeal to the King or to the Sultan. 
"I was formerly a prime minister, you know. My duty is to advise the King (on whether the appeal should be granted or not)," he said.  
Dr Mahathir, who met Sirul's mother recently, insisted that the issue was not about politics.
He said that Sirul as a policeman would not kill unless he was attacked or instructed by someone.  


  1. Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) adalah nama yang amat popular di merata pelusuk dunia disebabkan kebijaksaan luar biasa beliau di dalam memimpin Malaysia. Nama ini amat dihormati disemua negara Islam dan negara yang membangun. Malahan nama ini juga amat disegani oleh hampir semua negara maju termasuk Amerika dan Jepun. Ada antara kebanyakan penduduk dunia ini mengenali Mahathir terlebih dahulu sebelum mereka mengenali Malaysia. Kepada kebanyakan penduduk dunia ini, mereka hingga kini berharap dianugerahkan pemimpin seumpama dalam negara mereka. Kepada penduduk Malaysia (Melayu khususnya), TDM ini sepatutnya dijadikan satu khazanah negara yang paling bernilai dan segala nasihat, idea beliau merupakan butiran emas yang perlu digilap untuk mendapat kilauannya. Malangnya peringatan Melayu Mudah Lupa di suatu masa dulu oleh TDM kini sedang menjadi kenyataan. Bapa Pemodenan Negara telah diperlekehkan bangsa sendiri, oleh mereka yang jasa kepada bangsa, agama dan negara masih belum terbukti atau tampak dimana-mana berhampiran dengan TDM.

    TDM yang mempunyai reputasi tersendiri dimata dunia, kebelakangan ini hanya memberi NASIHAT dan PANDANGAN untuk kebaikan bersama bangsa MELAYU dan kepentingan negara MALAYSIA tercinta. Adakah salah atau satu kerugian untuk kita generasi baru mempertimbangkan dengan sehabis serius segala nasihat dan pandangan yang diberi oleh salah seorang manusia yang terbukti dan diiktiraf kebijaksanaanya oleh dunia? Adakah barisan kerajaan hari ini amat bimbang dengan anugerah kebijaksanaan yang telah diberikan oleh Allah SWT kepada insan yang bernama TDM ini? Jika tidak, rasanya tidak salah untuk barisan kerajaan hari ini dan sebelumnya dari awal menerimapakai 1-2 idea TDM yang terbukti kerap memberi rangsangan(revenue) jangka panjang kepada ekonomi negara. Rasanya tidak ada salahnya pemimpin kerajaan hari ini dengan rasa hormat memberi pencerahan yang tulus dan ikhlas kepada setiap butiran persoalan isu yang dibangkit oleh TDM demi kebaikan parti dan negara. UNLESS....

    Adalah menjadi harapan hampir semua masyarakat kita yang mempunyai akal fikiran waras lagi rasional agar Tun Dr Mahathir, Bapa Pemodenan Malaysia ini dihormati serta dijaga dengan penuh etika dan rasa tanggungjawab oleh barisan kerajaan dan rakyat keseluruhannya. Sebagai manusia biasa TDM sememangnya tidak lari dari kesilapan dan kelemahan masa lampau. Walaubagaimanapun, JASA beliau adalah teramat besar berbanding perkara lain dan hasilnya, generasi hari ini tidak akan dapat menikmati kestabilan negara serta segala apa yang ada dikelilingnya tanpa kebijaksanaan pimpinan insan yang bernama Tun Dr Mahathir. Tempoh 22 tahun, beliau mengabdikan diri memimpin Malaysia belajar erti PEMODENAN daripada merangkak, bertatih, berjalan dan kini telah mampu berlari mengejar WAWASAN 2020.


    1. Dedikasi kepada
      Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad: Perdana Menteri mirip Pujangga Negara

      PERWIRA: Konsert Perdana 1973

  2. At 90, this old man is still very sharp.
    Tun Dr.M likes to use asian products, especially Japanese made. His wrist-watch is Casio, worth only RM1000. Compare with Najib and our 1st. Lady, the combine cost of their master-piece wrist-watch, could buy 3 units of my house, which I bought in 1998.
    Unlike Najib, Dr.M doesn't even play golf. I hope Dr.M did not know that Najib is a fan-club ot MU.

    Anyway, I think Dr.M is also angry that Najib had turned Anglophile but he just kept it to himself to avoid being labelled a racist by the west.

  3. dr mahathir saja mainkan najib. ini game dia. klau ada fakta, tentu dia dah saman najib.

    1. Ikut fakta sejarah....tabiat saman menyaman ni bukan cara TDM....maaf kalau saya tersilap.

    2. tak habis2 nak tunjuk bodoh ek kiasfansuri???

  4. how much is your house ? probably approximately 70k and 70k x 3 = 210k

    any pm that is gonna wear a 210k watch is so what??? but not so what if a 70k malay living in a 70k worth of house is gonna wear a 210k worth of a watch.(its better for him to use the monies and invest than wearing a stupid expensive watch)

    but the thing is so what if any pm in the world would to wear a 210k watch?? these people their watch, clothes, and even their handphone are all free(people buys it and give it as a gift to them)

    and i am not gonna believe that najib have gone and curi duit rakyat and buys a watch and now he is wearing it and he feels so syiok about no i am not believing it..

    1. "how much is your house?"

      Are you pointing your dick to me Anon 20:32?

      If yes, where did I said, anybody can't wear anything worth RM210k?

      As head of state cum Finance Minister, if you're imprudent with public funds, people are bound to be suspicious. With the country in debt of RM42+3 billion, the rakyat have the right to ask questions. For that we thanked Dr.M.
      If Najib had practiced frugality in managing the counrty's coffer, nobody would care what he wore. If Rosmah had carried herself like those wife of former Premiers, the opposition would not have much ammunition to spare on her husband. People like me, who voluntarily support BN and UMNO, would not be in a fix.
      Do you know that I was a strong defender of Najib when he took over from Pak Lah?

      "......these people their watch, clothes, and even their handphone are all free(people buys it and give it as a gift to them)".

      So you condone all these act of Leaders receiving gifts by foreign businessmen or wealthy people? Do you know that all countries in the world, officially forbade their Head of Government from accepting gifts? These kind acts are perceived as bribes by many, accept you.
      The Melayu proverb; berhutang-budi, mengenang-jasa, orang memberi kita merasa, etc. are main attribute of RASUAH.

      Dr. M had built a museum in Langkawi for all the gifts he collected when he was PM, and he didn't wore them to make people jealous of his wealth. Go see them.


  5. Quote , ' Sairul as a policeman would not killed unless he was attacked or instructed .

    Ini cekap manyak betut lea aa ,mesti itu macam punya maa aa , sikalang siapa kasi oder itu keleja , mesti manyk kuat punya olang lor rr .

  6. Go Annie Go!Continue exposing the wrong doings of PM and shut the mouth of the arrogant bastards in PMO. Their latest low class tactic was to ask some unknown "Pasar Malam Trader" in Kedah to attack Mukhriz and asking him to resign. Those idiots failed to realize that Mukhriz was not involved in 1MDB that causes the country's wealth "disappears" overnight neither did Mukhriz involved in the murder of Atlantuya.


    1. Mukhriz harus letak jawatan jika tidak nyatakan sokongan terhadap Najib - Adun Kedah.
      (Astro Awani | Kemas kini: April 12, 2015)

      KUALA LUMPUR: Menteri Besar Kedah, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir harus meletakkan jawatannya sekiranya tidak dapat menyatakan pendiriannya tentang sokongannya terhadap kepimpinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

      Ini adalah pendapat Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Bukit Lada, Datuk Ahmad Lebai Sudin yang memberitahu SuaraTV bahawa Menteri Besar adalah jawatan yang dilantik oleh Perdana Menteri dengan sokongan Ahli Dewan Undangan Barisan Nasional dan sekiranya beliau tidak lagi menyokong Perdana Menteri, lebih baik beliau meletakkan jawatannya.

      Ahmad Lebai ditemuramah oleh Suara TV selepas perjumpaan tergempar pemimpin UMNO Kedah hari ini, di mana Mukhriz dikatakan berbeza pendapat dengan mereka yang hadir.

      Mukhriz dilaporkan berkata akan menunggu siasatan terhadap 1MDB selesai sebelum menyatakan sokongan terhadap kepimpinan Perdana Menteri.

      Ahmad Lebai berkata 1MDB adalah isu pengurusan yang sedang disiasat oleh Jabatan Audit Negara ia tidak harus menjadi “benchmark” kepada kepimpinan Najib.

      Beliau turut berkata kenyataan Mukhriz itu dibidas oleh mereka yang hadir di perjumpaan tersebut, termasuk Ketua Umno Bahagian Kubang Pasu, Datuk Mohd Johari Baharom.

      “Saya dimaklumkan perjumpaan yang diadakan bertujuan untuk menyokong YAB Perdana Menteri, namun ketika perjumpaan tersebut Menteri Besar berkata beliau berpihak kepada rakyat. Saya pun hairan rakyat mana? Ramai juga rakyat yang menyokong Najib sekarang.”

      “Hari ini kita sepatutnya membuat kenyataan menyokong kepimpinan PM jadi tidak perlu membincangkan isu-isu lain yang tidak berkaitan,” katanya kepada SuaraTV.

  7. "Who is this Jho Low? Suddenly he became very important. He is not a civil servant, suddenly he has such power," said Dr Mahathir.

    Jho Low, whom some people nicknamed Pancake Face (because he's not handsome and terribly flabby) was photographed dancing with Paris Hilton a few years ago and front-paged by Malaysia's most popular newspaper, The Star.

    Incidentally, three months ago, the "that's-hot" Ms Hilton dropped by Kuala Lumpur to "sing a couple of songs" at Empire City's private party. Oh, what a coincidence she came for a brief visit when there is so much debate about IMDB.

    Did anyone also notice that last week, the world's biggest asset manager BlackRock Inc sold off the 540-room DoubleTree by Hilton along Jalan Tun Razak, in KL, for RM388 million to Singapore's Royal Group?

  8. PM Najib is not answering the questions. He beating around the bush.

    Mantan PM Tun Dr M is still as sharp as ever. I am impressed. You combine the whole BN and Opposition, you still can't get a brain like Dr M, regardless they attended Ivy League or not.

    Also I noticed there are less of FLOM Rosmah in the newspaper? Correct me if I am wrong. That is so not like her...

    Mamat Tak layak BR1M

    1. Even if Rosmah is out of the limelight, its already too late. Her spendthrift attitude would surface again, come GE14. Najib has to go if BN were to win.

  9. They should put the old man in jail instead. Malaysia failed as a nation because we are too stupid to be led by the nose by a cunning old fox.


  10. Manusia sesungguhnya mudah lupa

  11. Tq for sharing videos of interview with Tun M. Greatly appreciated.

  12. PM Najib, jangan letak jawatan sebelum projek yg aku minta belum diluluskan. Tun M nak kondem itu hak dia. Tunggu PRU14 nanti. Menang atau kalah dah adat. Skrip Tuhan dah tertulis, biar langit runtuh dan biar bumi hancur, tempuh saja...