Thursday 18 September 2014

Where Umno welcomes Pas

This is a short post.

Don't really have time to write much.

Tired due to my hectic schedule and need to sleep in a short while.

Okay, it's a teka-teki (riddle) time before I go to bed.

I am now somewhere in a kampung.

Staying in a house which owner I met for the first time just hours earlier.

The place where I am now is located in a BN-controled state.

I don't really like the BN government of the state.

Its menteri besar is pathetic and got no spine.

A lot of looters, robbers and conmen are hanging out along the State's corridor of power, waiting for freebies in the form of direct nego contracts, free hold land to be sold to foreigners, etc.

Because of all that, I think BN will suffer a disastrous outing in this state which is an Umno bastion come the next general election.

The kampung where I am staying and the surrounding areas are Umno strongholds.

However, over the past few days, hundreds of Pas flags were seen in these areas.

The locals who are mostly staunch Umno supporters had over the past few days been welcoming thousands of Pas people as their guests.

Many are actually happy with the presence of the Pas people.

The Pas people bring good business for them.

Well, where do you think I am?

As you are thinking of an answer, here is a bit of a nice song,

Okay, that's all.

Good night.


  1. None of the parties will get my vote, not Umno, pas, dap, pkr or any other scam merchants. If any of them pledge to decriminalise and legalise ganja and concentrate on cracking down synthetic drugs will get my vote. Years of strict laws, the country is still awash with drugs, so existing laws are not working. Hard drugs wreck lifes. Alright time for a spliff......Peace.

    1. Be fair, bruder. All countries in the world are facing the drugs problem. US with all he sophisticated equipment and high-tech detection gadgetry also has endless drugs problem.

      Legalize ganja? The fact that it's illegal in most countries of the world shows that it's no good, innit? And you no say why it's good?

    2. Its a herb, innit. It has many medicinal properties i.e. reduces stress which in turn cuts the cortisols in the body, clears the mind and not as addictive as tobacco. Its illegal in many countries because politicians have small dicks which are useless in the bedroom so they take their frustration on the general public by supporting archaic laws. Tobacco is dangerous but its legal because it brings in the dosh. Its all about show me the money.

    3. Hahaha, where got medicinal properties? Give some reference to authoritative medical websites larr, like the Institutes of Health, USA, or Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Not Anonymous 9:11 website or anything like that.

      Ganja has been known to make people go "high" and many adverse situations under that condition, bruder. At least become forgetful of what they should be doing - studies, parental duties, etc. They don't ban it for nothing, you know.

    4. Joking you say "Its illegal in many countries because politicians have small dicks". What got banning ganja with small dicks - you associate it like that coz you conscious and fedap of your small dick, issit?

      Where got can trust or believe what you say, man?

      And where got small dick related with archaic laws? You really are complex-stricken of your small dick issit? Kesian.

    5. A recent study found associations between cannabis use and later poor educational achievement and suicide attempts.

      A recent study published in Lancet Psychiatry found evidence of associations between adolescent cannabis use and a variety of negative outcomes in early adulthood.

      The study combined data from three cohort studies based in Australia and New Zealand to assess cannabis use by age 17 and its possible association with low educational achievement, later substance use and dependence, welfare dependence and poor mental health outcomes, including depression and suicide attempts. Across the cohorts, cannabis use was associated with all of these outcomes, apart from depression and welfare dependence.

  2. This time I have serious doubts in what you say, Annie. I'm a BN supporter (though not a member of any party), am prepared to accept criticisms if substantiated and justified. At time of writing you may be tired but perhaps you may substantiate and justify what you said later.

    For example, on the MB you alleged pathetic and no spine, those around him being suckers. You may be referring to Johor that was talked about a lot recently. Still, I'd like to see the justification before I believe what you say.

  3. Also difficult to believe that you are staying in a house which owner you met for the first time just hours earlier. A girl I imagine about 30 years old, of mixed parentage ("Chinese mother, auntie living in Singapore?), met some kampung folk at night and followed him home a few hours later? Or it's a kampung lady you met.

    Still, unusual for the trust to build within a short span of time. If true, it's proof of peace and harmony in this country. Proof that kampong values still remain intact.

    How I wish that is pervasive in the whole country. Instead of seditious talks and enmity in so many places such that even Pak Lah started a blog yesterday and had to remind people of the race riots of 13 May 1969.

    If that is true, there's some relief that there are still nooks and corners apparently not touched by crime of all sorts and folks assume everybody to be good. Well done, Annie, your acceptance of that kind and sincere gesture of goodwill helps build the trust. I'm sure you would be returning the goodwill in one form or other in due course. There should be more like this among Malaysians.

    1. You in a kampung Home Stay, arr?

    2. Anon 6:50

      re, Still unusual for the trust to build within short span of time.

      That's !,Malays all right ,it's within their culture to be acceptance and sincere of goodwill helps when needed ,unlike those who claim to be Malaysian first but refuse to stand up, when the National anthem was played .
      The same people who shout and demonstrate ,"kembalikan negaraku" , tak tahu malu .

    3. This fella may not be a Malay or he us an " urbanised Malay".
      He failed to understand a blue blooded Malay psyhe.

      What Annie wrote about accepting strangers into their homes is something very normal.

      Why they even give citizenship to the Cinese and Indians without hesitation.

    4. Change has begun, kawan. If got many kampung home stay places already, you think those around would want to ajak tidur rumah FOC like before, ah?

      I see so many kampung home stay places from Johor to Perlis. Don't say Melayu tak cuba berniaga. Although they don't have a budaya berniaga like the Chinese have - the Chinese have been doing business for thousands of years, invented the dacing or weighing scale even, put prices, timbang, ambik untung, accumulate wealth.

      Malays had only budaya berdagang - barter trade, exchange goods, ased on "patut", no timbang, no taruh harga, no ambik untung, no accumulation of wealth. Read the books, "The Malay Civilization" and "Tamadun Alam Melayu" published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at the Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

    5. As late as in 1860s, there were still Malays in Perak mudek ke mulut sungai dengan perahu, bawa bags of "pasir hitam" (the British told them it's tin ore only later) to the mulut sungai and exchage them for bales of cloth. Read the History of Perak by Professor M.A Fauzi Basri, published by the Yayasan Perak.

      So, the Malays have started to be business-minded and even become kiasu in time to come. Good effects and influence of the NEP. Good for the Malays and good for the country, better distribution of the wealth of the country.

      PAS also wants that - they have never opposed the NEP and have protected the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Only PKR want to sell the Malay rights and privileges, anything for Anwar Al Juburi to reach Putrajaya. But he'll only reach Sg Buluh or Kajang - the prison.

    6. You are wrong, Jabalnur. They didn't "give citizenship to the Chinese and Indians without hesitation". The British had been working on the Malay Rulers to give citizenship out for a long time. Right after the Americans been sending the Chinese Trans-America railway and the California Gold Rush coolies back to China by the ship loads. The Americans even enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act, prohibiting the Chinese from permanently staying there.

      The British didn't want to spend the money to send them back. They found rubber good to grow in this country and wanted as much grown, tapped, collected to depots and exported to UK as possible, for all kinds of factories growing out of the Industrial Revolution there. Still the Malay Rulers refused to give carte blance citizenship to the Chinese and the Indians.

      Then the British twisted the arms of the Malay leaders who wanted independence and to taste ruling their own country fast. Made them agree to citizenship for those whose forefathers have been Stateless here since 150 years before.

      The problem is the ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukits and the likes of them. Not only not thankful, but also flogged the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, wanting equality without simultaneously acknowledging and respecting the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      They have been called anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969. Google "13 May 1969: A Tragedy, by the National Operations Council, October 1969" and you can get the proofs and evidences there.

  4. You said, "over the past few days, hundreds of Pas flags were seen in these areas." You went to see the PAS Youth muktamar in Johore, did you? Of course lah, many PAS flags at such a time. For once just now I thought suddenly one kampung somewhere turned PAS, hahaha.

    But your statement "the locals who are mostly staunch Umno supporters had over the past few days been welcoming thousands of Pas people as their guests" does not mean anything more than the traditional attitude of welcoming visitors. I'm sure it's not any indication of a change of their party affiliation.

    The kampung folks would have read about PAS quarreling among themselves so much. Walk out on Mat Sabu as he was beginning his speech at the muktamar, etc. Mat Sabu who supports Anwar showing no respect to Sultan Selangor. Adamantly stuck to his wife as the sole MB candidate when the Sultan asked for more than 2 names. Kampung folks generally hold dear the institution of Malay Rulers and respect them a lot.

    Of course many in the kampung are happy with the presence of the Pas people - good business for them, food business etc.

    You not saying why PAS holding their Muktamar outstation? Refused a booking for it at the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL? Non-payment of (advance) rental amount? And a lot of talk of PAS leaders squandering PAS funds. Including Mat Sabu being accused of "misplacing" tens of thousand Ringgit donations received for the families of those who died during the Memali incident many years ago.

    1. PAS was started to promote Islam in his country. Fellows left UMNO to form PAS.

      But look what happens now. Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad and gang want PAS to promote Anwar.

      Apa macam?

    2. How can PAS have Mat Sabu? He said communist terrorist Mat Indera who attacked and burnt Bukit Kepong (Muar) Police Station during the communist emergency period as a national hero.

      How can that kind lead PAS? He got Deputy President post simply because he jokes a lot. Those who voted him want to be entertained by the Clown. Yes, he has been called a Clown in many blogs.

  5. Whatever it is, it's good that UMNO has a big heart for PAS. Maybe they can work together at PRU14. Now the Ulama faction wants PAS to review its position in Pakatan.

  6. Here are news headlines on the PAS Muktamar so far - in just one newspaper:

    Don’t go too far or we will fight back, PAS Youth warns allies

    PAS muktamar: Time to review Pakatan ties, says Haron Din (Deputy Spiritual Adviser)

    PAS will leave coalition if collaboration tainted, says spiritual adviser (former Kelantan MB, Nik Aziz)

  7. Waaah, interesting write up in to day -

    Table-thumping, tears, a protest walkout and a shouting match were part of the high drama at the PAS Youth muktamar but something more serious is going on that may lead to the ouster of Youth chief Suhaizan Kayat.

    SUHAIZAN Kayat was like an island in the middle of a stormy sea at the PAS Youth muktamar. There was an impatient and emotional mood among the Youth delegates and quite a bit of that was directed at him.

    The overwhelming sentiment at the Youth gathering this year has been to rise to the defence of their beloved president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang.

    The Youth wing, which is dominated by the pro-ulama group, is furious about the way Pakatan Rakyat leaders have attacked Hadi over the Selangor crisis. They felt Suhaizan did not come out strongly enough to defend Hadi.

  8. I like this observation and please let me share it with readers here:

    It looks like Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was not the only victim of the Kajang Move. Even ­figures in PAS are feeling the rip tide.

    Mat Sabu, on his part, may also be in a tight spot when the main muktamar starts today in Batu Pahat. He gave a controversial interview to a pro-Pakatan news portal last week during which he asked the ulama to adapt to the new landscape, telling them that emphasising religion alone will not win elections.

    He is quite right but it was the stupidest thing to tell the powerful ulama on the eve of a tense muktamar and he shot himself in the foot.

    He was taken aback by the walkout during his speech at the Youth muktamar. He had hardly finished his first sentence, “Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan ...” when a group of about 50 delegates stood up and left the hall. He later claimed that it was asar prayer time but the rebels stood outside chatting quietly until he ­finished his speech. It was the PAS style of civil dis­obedience.

    All the pent-up emotions and anger at PKR’s political games surrounding the Selangor mentri besar post boiled over at the muktamar.

    One delegate rightly declared that this was the “hottest muktamar” he had ever been to and the other ­delegates agreed by thumping their tables.

    1. Why they never walkout on Mat Sabu for so many years? Why Mat Sabo a penzina can climb to vice-president with help of al-juburi? What parti Islam is this?

  9. Nik Aziz, commenting that UMNO's promise of 'Pembangunan' is a form of 'Rasuah', said these during the pencalonan for Pengkalan Kubor:

    "Bila mula musim pilihan raya mulalah orang sebut pasal pembangunan, (pujukan) seperti kalau undi saya, kita beri belaka, kalau undi parti (itu) kamu dapat apa. Kita tanya dia balik kenapa Allah kirim Nabi Muhammad ini orang miskin, kenapa tak lantik Nabi Muhammad orang kaya? Sengaja Allah lantik nabi akhir zaman ini miskin, para hadirin kena ingat dan jangan kita telan kempen orang yang tujuannya untuk dapat duit, pembangunan atau apa-apa, atas dunia ini Nabi Muhammad hanya bina Masjid Quba' dan Masjid Madinah."

    While Mat Sabu said during his ucapan at Muktamar Tahunan Pemuda PAS, that PAS and DAP are family while "matlamat untuk menjatuhkan UMNO kekal sebagai keutamaan, and he said,

    "Jangan cuba kenyit mata, kalau mereka (UMNO) hulurkan tangan untuk bersalam kita akan menampar tangan itu."

    Human beings, especially women, like to jump to conclusion.

    From 1957 to 2014, if UMNO or BN is like what Ambiga or Lim Guan Eng and sekutu-sekutu mereka said, then today Malaysia could not be like what she is today.

    If the respective government remains the same, let the people of Malaysia exchanged with people of, say, Germany. Immediately there won't be corruption in Malaysia but corruption will start to spread like ebola in Germany. Why?

    That is because the people of Malaysia is pariah. They want proof when being accused of not patriotic, but they refuse to stand up when Negara-ku is sung in the movie theater. They said they are born in Malaysia yet they laugh at Kanang anak Langkau when the short film about the sacrifice of the Perajurit is shown before the movie starts, saying that the army of Malaysia is good at suppressing the 'rakyat' of Malaysia but will flee when facing a foreign troop.

    Many of them are lazy, like Tun M said, and dishonest. But for telling the truth they called him mamakutty, senile, forgot he's no longer PM, etc. etc.. Yet being lazy and dishonest they also want to stay in big bungalows, seaside condominium. How?

    So they want rumah mampu milik. Rumah mampu milik are houses below RM300K. There are plenty of houses below RM300k, before and after PRU13. If you have no job you can't even afford a RM10K house.

    Today all eyes are on Pengerang, Johor. Malaysia's economy is going to crash and we are all doomed, the Pariah people said. The focus is not Penang, Selangor or Negeri Kelantan Serambi Mekah (where being miskin is Islam like Nik Aziz said).

    But Pengerang will fail.

    Singapore started later than Pengerang, but it has completed most of its facilities and ready to do business. Whereas right now we have representatives of the Pariah people accusing conflict of interest and requesting transparency, a moral self-righteousness borders upon hypocrisy. And they always make accusations based on assumption alone.

    With the join force of sabotage from DAP, PAS, PKR, MCA, and even UMNO pariahs, Pengerang is doomed to fail, just like the Asia Petroleum Hub during Ghani Othman's time.

    And I have no relationship whatsoever with BN and/or Khaled Nordin.

  10. Just curious on exactly what is your day job Annie.

    I mean you even have to cover the Pas Muktamar in Pulai now

    You work for a think tank or something?Poll research company?

  11. And where do you stand, 9:39?

    With Nik Aziz, hantamming UMNO? With Mat Sabu saying "Jangan cuba kenyit mata, kalau mereka (UMNO) hulurkan tangan untuk bersalam kita akan menampar tangan itu"?

    With Ambiga or Lim Guan Eng and sekutu-sekutu mereka, then today Malaysia could not be like what she is today?

    Singapore, Pegerang, Tun Mahathir, Ghani, Khalid Nordin, DAP, PAS, PKR, MCA, and even UMNO - you are all over the places.

    Me no unerstand you. Wat you trying to say, man?

    Human beings, especially women, like to jump to conclusion.

  12. Tak lama lagi adalah tu doa, KOkan UMNO. Allah s.w.t Maha Kuasa, siapa yg KO sekarang

  13. Hmmmm. Tough riddle .... let's see - people hate the government, lots of PAS people arriving - got it!! Raqqa, Syria.

    Too easy, next riddle please.

  14. 09,39.
    Good write up,totally agreed with you.These pariahs are mostly the arrogant urbanites who likened the rural voters as stupid.Whatever the govt do,they opposed and yet they strived on all the luxuries provided the govt,sheer hypocrasy.

    1. Yeah, the PKR and DAP pariahs.

      The DAP pariahs have always been urbanites, many of them members of secret societies, thugs and gangsters, sneer at the kampong folks.

      The PKR pariahs were themselves kampong simpletons not too long ago, got some eduction, pretend they are educated, liberal konon, wanna chuck away Ketuanan Melayu, Malay Special Position, main bontot, support LBGT and all the nonsense.

    2. If they did not believe in the government's pragramme, they should not embrace it. In actual fact, they are the ones who grabbed every possible opportunity under deb, special privillage. Even, the richer ones, would compete with the poor to grab the gomen's provision for the poor. There is this pkr supporter I knew, who use all his cable to get hold of the biasiswa for his kids...same like that nizar the mantan.

  15. Thanks for Gary Moore's "Still Got the Blues"....took me down memory lane!