Saturday 27 September 2014

A week's wrap-up, and two interesting blogs

Got my laptop back from the shop yesterday evening.

The Chinese boy who tried to fix it only managed to partially do it.

Several features were still not working, but at least I can write again.

Woke up just now, with my body aching all over.

Badly needed a massage.

Been working for about two weeks without proper break.

Totally exhausted.

I am off for today and tomorrow.

So, can rest a bit, clean up the place, do my laundry etc.

I missed writing lots of things these past few days because of my laptop problem.

Okay, let me see, the important ones;

1. Azmin Ali is now Selangor MB.

I think he is the most handsome MB now. He looks a bit like that Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz.

Not my taste though.

I also think that Azmin is very smart.

He deftly maneuvered himself throughout the Selangor crisis.

Unlike his mentor DS Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin never behaves like a superman and tries to fuck everyone.

Azmin knows when to apply the brakes when necessary.

If he plays his cards right, he will soon take over from Anwar as the boss of PKR.

Anwar was definitely angry and bitter because he failed to have his wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as MB.

Azmin knows this and has been playing the good boy these past few days.

Errr....but he may kick aside Anwar even as early as next month when the guy goes to jail for liwat.

2. Pas lost badly in Pengkalan Kubor by-election.

I had expected a BN victory from the beginning.

But I didn't expect BN's majority to increase from over 1,700 to over 2,600.

That's a lot.

Pas fought BN, or to be more exact, Umno, on its own and lost.

PKR and DAP didn't help them at all during the campaigning period.

They were pissed with Pas' independent stance over the Selangor leadership crisis.

I think with this defeat, Pas is in serious decline.

People see them as divided, weak and unprincipled.

They can't even seem to stand on their own without their coalition partners trying to screw them from time to time.

Well. what do you expect when you have someone like Mat Sabu as deputy president.

3. Pas also lost big time in the Selangor power tussle.

Despite all the saber rattling at their muktamar in Johor last weekend, Pas meekly accepted the reduction of its number of Selangor exco members from four to three.

It's so lame and spineless.

The way Pas president DS Abdul Hadi Awang was raving and ranting at the muktamar, I though his party was going to get the MB post.

But it turned out to be just hot air.

Not only they didn't get the MB post, but they also lost that one exco seat which will ensure that they can't pull another stunt of defying PKR and DAP like what happened in the ouster of TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim case.

Pas had been castrated. Plain and simple.

The only good they are to PKR and DAP is to break the Umno's Malay vote bank. That's all.

4. DAP don't give a shit.

They have the solid support of the Chinese community and triad gangsters.

The rest doesn't really matter to them.

It's business as usual for the party.

Handsome boy Guan Eng even had his weekly sue a newspaper exercise a few days ago.

Offending article on page 14, correction and apology done by the newspaper on page 8, he demanded it on page one. Newspaper thinks that too much. So, he sues lah.

Like that also can sue....tsk tsk tsk....

Petty boy la you Guan Eng. I don't know how Betty can tahan you.

Okay, thats about it as far as politics were concerned these past few days.

I am adding two more on my blog roll.

1. Economics Malaysia

This one was recommended by my mother who thinks that I need to be more knowledgeable in economic issues.

2. Here and There | A travel blog: tales and thoughts on the road

I have always wanted to put this one on my blog roll but it had been dormant for more than a year. This very good travel blog however became active again this month. The writer, former journalist Lam Li used to be based in JB. She however writes this blog mostly in Chinese.


  1. Glad there's a Pakatan guy that Annie likes. Some info about Azmin:

    Early years and education

    Azmin Ali was born in Singapore (then a state of Malaysia) to Ali and Che Tom Yahaya. Although born in Singapore, he grew up and was educated in Kuala Lumpur Gurney Road School (2), High School Setapak and Technical Institute, Jalan Cheras. His father worked for the British Army.

    He received his BSc in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. He later completed his master's degree in Education from the same institute where he met Shamsidar Taharin, his future wife. While studying, Azmin taught modern and additional mathematics. One of his notable students was Razali Ibrahim, a former deputy minister, when they were in MARA Junior Science College, MRSM in Terendak. He also attended an executive training programme at the University of Oxford.

    How does he compare to UMNO ministers and regular top civil servants?

    1. If that is his profile I would say he is a good candidate for future PM.

    2. These stories have been perplexing me and friends, wonder if you can shed some light on them -

      A. His sister Umi Hafilda saying, especially during PTU13 election campaign -

      1. Anwar places many assets he accumulated during his Finance Minister days under his then Personal Assistant Azmin's name

      2. Anwar has been so loyal to Anwar but Anwar had a relationship with Azmin's wife Shamsidar who he arranged to be given a cushy but no real responsibility job plus car and driver in a bank operated by his crony

      3. Azmin quarreled with her mother and did not visit her for years (reported to have visited her mother last Hari Raya)

      B. Allegation about the "fellatio in the toilet"

      C. Murad M Noor, one of former top executives of Bank Negara (directly under Anwar as Finance Minister) produced a Statutory Declaration confirming Azmin's wife getting the job etc at Anwar's crony's bank. (I have read excerpts of Murad's SD)

      It will be good if you can disprove the above. Or convince me and friends that there is absolutely no truth to the above.

    3. You want to compare what you wrote about Azmin above with UMNO ministers and regular top civil servants?

      Do you know the qualifications and experience they have? The experience as administrators the top civil servants have not comparable to Azmin just working for Anwar lah.

      Even his qualification - if Master's in Mathematics, lain lah. Master's in Education and such berlambak in the Education Ministry etc, man. Even teachers - many have Master's.

      Executive training at Oxford? What executive training? Business, administrative or what? Got sitifiket or not? Just sitifiket or Diploma or just "Certificate of Attendance"? I doubt if it's a Diploma. Otherwise you'd mention it 5 times.

      But if you think those make him great, up to you lah. Mat Sabu's supporters think he is great because he said communist terrorist Mat Indera who killed Policemen and burnt a Police Station in Muar was national hero. Hehe

    4. Smart and real smart are two diff. things. Menyemat is another. What are we afraid of is menyemak.

      If he could manage by himself, not a puppet, then we know exactly his leaderdhip capabilities soon.

    5. And the compliments keep coming day in day out until one day they realize...hey, same person ,different body!

    6. Looks like PKR people are hit and run type. Come in to puji Azmin, kena hantam bertalu talu, cabut lari kuat kuat.

      Amacam ini macam, Anwar Al Juburi?

    7. I heard he barely graduated from Univ Minnesota. This one coming from a friend who studied at the same university, one year junior than him.


  2. Re. YAB Azmin looks yes, very important in politics adinda Ms Annie.
    Pity not much he can do about his loud Wanita sidekick.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Wow, I like that one, Annie -

    "Unlike his mentor DS Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin never behaves like a superman and tries to fuck everyone."

    More, please.

    Nothing like an interesting reading on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

    1. Anwar does it backside and frontside, comes at you from all sides with his dirty politics

    2. And dirty dick.

  4. "DAP .. have the solid support of the Chinese community and triad gangsters." -

    Don't they have triad and gangsters as members as well?

    But they sure behave as gangsters to PAS - the Penang guy who criticized DAP at the last PAS Muktamar in Batu Pahat was sacked from all his posts in the Penang Municipal council or something like that.

    And they spitted at PAS Hukum Hudud, yet PAS sekongkol with them. And DAP no help at Pengkalan Kubor. Wonder why PAS has not kuborkan their link with DAP.

    1. Anon 14: 25,

      DAP memang itu macam loo rr , manyak babut, tatak buat salah maa aa ,itu olang yang critic lia yang salah ,so kasi pecat loo oo.

      Wa manyak ingat kalau UMNO buat itu macam ,manyak babut baru atak standard maa aa.
      ISA sutak kasi haput ,sikalang lia mau itu Najib kasi buang itu Akta Hasutan , tapi Wa ingat DAP manyak sukak ini Undang-Undang kalau lia atak kuasa loo rr .

      Wa manyak ingat ea aa ,itu Najib manyak takut maa aa .

    2. lubang,

      DAP buat itu macam nampak dia orang tarak timbang rasa, bo patut, bo reasonable. DAP tarak word reasonable dalam lu orang punya vocabulary ka? Padan lah DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz kata Guan Eng biadap masa dia keluar dari DAP.

      Kalau orang PAS itu salah sebab kritk DAP di Muktamar PAS, DAP tak salah besar ke membantah dan membangkang Hukum Hudud PAS? Itu di namakan DAP ultra kiasu.

      Najib tak takut, Dia maukan taraf negara maju dengan cepat, mau pelaburan Amerika dll masuk dengan banyak - baca apa dia cakap masa di Amerika. Tapi kalau dia buang Akta Hasutan, UMNO mungkin akan buang dia.

      Najib di buang pun, DAP tarak dapat kuasa, UMNO masih kuasa. Anwar mau masuk penjara, mana lu orang boleh dapat kuasa.

    3. Anon 19:47,

      Ini salah punya hat mana bolih timbang lasa maa aa . Itu DAP tatak selupa sama UMNO lea aa ,manyak strict loo oo kasi pancung itu olang lawan sama lia .
      UMNO manyak lembek maa aa ,MCA ,Gelekan punya olang klitik sama lia ,UMNO liam-liam titut lea , lain olang klitik sama lia kasi angkat jali komite Gomen punya hat , macam Malina ,atak juga angkat jadi menteli loo rr .
      Wa ingat satu hali itu Ambiga pon bulih lajdi menteli lea aa !.

    4. Aiyyo lubang, lu gila ka mau banding UMNO Ministers dengan DAP punya orang?

      DAP Cheap Minister is an ex-convict lorr. Masuk prison one. Biasa nya, ex-convicts are not allowed to hold government posts, you know.

      Real Cheap Minister, ex-convict Lim Guan Eng. Banyak hamsat and haprak lorr.

  5. Azmin the future PM of Malaysia?

    Dijauhkan Allah swt daripada menjadi kenyataan!

    1. Why not? But, of course first he must show he is capable of his current position as Chief Minister (CM) of Selangor. A CM is just like a PM only in a slightly smaller scale. As we all know none of the other ministers in Cabinet has ever been a CM before except the PM and his Deputy. I don't fancy any of the current UMNO Vice President to be the next PM. So with that in mind KJ has also to wait a little longer. I only look at the positive aspect of Azmin Ali not the story about him. I don't know him. I'm much older than him.

    2. The country will go to the dogs if people just look at the "positive aspect" and not the negative aspects as well when giving support to politicians.

      God save Malaysia if like that.

    3. Older people also don't assess properly ha? How man?

      CM is just like a PM only in a slightly smaller scale? You no think state don't have to look after Police, Armed Forces, foreign policy, etc, ha? How, old man? Got Home Affairs portfolio, Defence portfolio, foreign affairs portfolio lorr. Huge headaches one, not comparable to PM mah.

      And you go just by what you "fancy" ha? Think only his good points, not bad points, issit? Aiyoyo unker, ini macam rosak lah the country.

    4. How can he be Prime Minister. His wife got sexual affair with Anwar al-juburi his sister Umi Hafilda say one!

  6. Pandai wonder billionare without success.

    1. Billionaire ke dia, brader. That's news.

      Possible, because Anwar was said to have amassed RM3 billion as Finance Minister. And Azmin's sister Hafilda said a lot of it was put in Azmin and wife Shamsidar's names.

  7. Betty tahan Guan Eng in more ways than one. Including over the Rainbow affair. No doubt the ash tray flew and landed on Guan Eng's forehead. He wore a plaster to office the next day.

    Somehow Guan Eng's face never pleasant looking to me. Like in the photo above, he looks like a thug or gangster. His father also.

    And that's a fair comment, innit? Stating my opinion, my likes and dislikes. Nothing untrue about it as far as I'm concerned.

  8. Orang PKR yang deep throat tu ke?

  9. Annie,
    1. Azmn....I had the feeling that he will not last long.He carried lots of dirty garbages with him.His enemies are not from Oppo[UMNO] but within PR itself.He has to prove himself not to be a puppet and be careful with the demands of some tamak and arrogant PR ADUNs.
    2..PAS ...Losers...sore losers,haywire,indecisive,without bearings and indisplince lots.Difficult to assess their future and action,may spring surprises during state legislative essembly.
    3...My advice quit being arrogant and over confidence.The Chinese tsunami in GE 13 was because they were really duped by KETUM,but nowadays some of them had realised that it is futile to depend on him esp Sg Buloh Jail is awaiting him.The Tk Intan debacle should served as a good lesson of the declining of support.To lose nearly 7000 votes is no joke.
    4.For you Annie keep on writing your piece and has branded yourself to be an open minded personality and hell with what others disparaging remarks.Afterall this is what free speech and democracy about as long as you do not break the law such as sedition acts or OSA.

    1. One VIP "tamak and arrogant PR ADUN" is Wan Azizah. Anwar Al Juburi said she bought cake for Azmin on being appointed MB.

      Not made in her house cake, but bought at the shop one. The next cake might not be guaranteed safe to eat one or not.

    2. thestar says PAS slams DAP over Penang councillor’s dismissal.

      The party criticised DAP over the dismissal of Penang PAS treasurer Iszuree Ibrahim from his municipal council posts, stating that it goes against the concept of freedom of speech.

      Penang PAS communications secretary Fadhil Kemi issued a statement saying that the manner of Iszuree’s dismissal by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was no different from the Sedition Act which Pakatan Rakyat is fighting to repeal.

      Sure PAS is fuming at DAP. Like last time, PKR Penang Chief, Mansor, blasted Lim Guan Eng as "Tokong", dictatorial, cannot discuss one. Yet they call themselves DEMOCRATIC Action Party.

      Cakap tak serupa bikin right from the party's name. Crazy fellows.

    3. Tough sounding that statement issued by PAS -

      “First off the chief minister failed to present a show cause letter to the exco members of PAS, then, he refused to meet with PAS on Sept 24 to resolve the issue relating to the ‘spicy’ statement by Iszuree during the PAS muktamar in Johor.

      “The statement made by our representative during the muktamar was based on facts and a memorandum that was endorsed by our branch,” it said.

      It had been reported that during his speech at the PAS muktamar last week, Iszuree had said that the Penang state government was more focused on the interest of developers than the people.

      Fadhil further alleged that there was never room for discussion with the state government and anything brought up during the initial stages of any agenda usually came in the form of a directive.

      Penang PAS treasurer Iszuree Ibrahim was removed from all committee posts in the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP). His allocations have also been suspended.

      Iszuree was informed of his removal via a letter on Friday signed by MPPP secretary Ang Aing Thye who stated that the decision was made at the state executive council meeting on Thursday.

      Question: What happened to PAS Exco? Not invited to the meeting to sack the PAS man?

      Sounding like North Korea lorr. Aiyyo Dear Leader Lim. North Korean Dear Leader Kim even gave his uncle a hearing before he sent him to the gallows lorr.

    4. Where got Wan Azizah not "tamak and arrogant"? She tamak kuasa, one. Okay lah, maybe not her. But sure the Anugerah tapi kena marah Tuhan. Kena marah because he does Al Juburi, and got title Mat Sabu beri.

      Arrogant? Sure one. PKR sent only her name to Istana. No response. Submitted 30 ADUN SDs showing support. No response. Requested audience with Sultan. No jawab.

      PKR told to submit more than 2 names. Not submitted. Again asked for audience, together with Al Juburi. Kena snubbed. Where got not snubbed - said by the Sultan's Private Secretary biadap and derhaka, not respecting Sultan's decree. Much, much more than arrogant lah.

      This was Al Juburi's, not her fault? But she is PKR President, man. Anwar only KTUM, what. No official position, comprende?

    5. This PAKATAN al-juburi al-khianati is one bloody Whole Lotta Love

  10. The gangster looking, dictatorial, Tokong Lim - what are IDEALS? His VALUES? His CORE BELIEFS?


    IDEAL - Cina Bukit pendatang DAP ruling this country. Majority Malays only sengeh

    VALUES - Secret societies, thugs and gangster values. Don't like, shoot. Or kick out, like the poor PAS fellow in MBPP who criticized DAP

    CORE BELIEFS - Autocracy, pretence of democracy, Tokong-ism, Dear Leader-ism, not racist, only that DAP has been anti-Malay and anti-Islam since party formation, so he just follows it.

    Yeah, as Annie says, he doesn't give shit. But he sure kena a lot of shit. Every day. Until he has to say I'll sue you, I'll sue you, I'll sue you.

  11. Boys and Girls, What Do You Think Of What Uncle Said?

    (Free Malaysia Today) – Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz today made a stinging attack against Malays who get offended by proposals for a review of the constitutional rules on the appointment and removal of a menteri besar.

    “Some people must be really stupid,” he writes in his latest blog posting.

    “They are more interested in defending that which does not exist, such as the institution of absolute monarchy.

    “The majority of Malays do not want a return to the old days. We Malays have made that choice a long time ago.”

    Ariff questions the reasoning of those who cite “Malay supremacy” for their opposition to constitutional reform.

    “What supremacy?” he asks. “Malays are lagging behind in almost everything and this is the direct result of the governance, the leadership, the policies of the current government.”

    He blames politicians in power for the Malays’ lack of progress.

    “We must never accept the explanations given by the Umno politicians,” he says.

    “The Malay is poorer, he is behind in education, training and skills, he has less capital, he stays in cheaper houses because of policies carried out by the politicians in power.”

    1. Me a boy think what the bloody fcuking hell is that blasted mustard blaming "politicians in power" when he was part of them as ADUN Pahang last time. Damn hypocrite no principle no moral katak lompat two-timer (abandoned his wife for his gufreng) who shits his own race to please his present masters.

      Excuse me, Annie, for the mis-spelt words. I can't stand the son of a butch every time I see his name. I have been shitting this no-good mistakenly created bugger at every possible opportunity.

      He should be dragged to the sea side, shoved on the sand face down and his anus shoved with a sharpened bamboo - sula - Malacca kingdom style.

      Trying to show he is clever, even publicly criticized the Government officials when as ADUN Pahang, so his term was not renewed, got vengeful, tried o get Najib's attention but was ignored, got angry sommore, jumped at the opportunity to join DAP where he has become biadap and kurang ajar, derhaka kapada bangsa and negara.

    2. Jangan lah hendak nya si Arif Sabri itu mengarut. Kalau aku Nujum Pak Belalang akan aku siat siatkan dia. Kalau aku ada kuasa ghaib akan aku menjelma di hadapan nya dan kentutkan dia sebasar besar kentut, sebusuk busuk bau. Itu saja ubat nya syaitan yang mengkhianat bangsa nya sendiri. Bedebah dia.

      Mengapa dia tak pasal pasal mengata “... that which does not exist, such as the institution of absolute monarchy"? Kepala hotak dia. Mengapa dia guna kata kata tersebut? Cuba mengelirukan rakyat, supaya membencikan sistem Raja negara kita? Memainkan perkataan perkataan "absolute monarchy" tapi boleh memberi bayangan kapada pembaca sepintas lalu bahawa dia mengata "monarchy" yang "does not exist".

      Kenapa pulak tak di terangkan nya apa itu "absolute monarchy"? Apa kaitan nya dengan cara cara pemilihan Menteri Besar.

      Sudah jadi biadap dan kurang ajar macam boss nya Lim Guan Eng ke? Mahukan bekas Naib Presiden DAP Tengku Aziz kata dia begitu ke?

    3. This coconut leader jenis raub doesn't even know that ours is a "CONSTITUTIONAL" monarchy in Malaysia. Mana ABSOLUTEnya kepala otak?

    4. This bloke studied economics overseas, not even at Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. But talks in his blog as if he is the only one who knows economics.

      Damn arrogant SOG does not even acknowledge that there are so many differing views that economists the world over are still not agreed even on the causes of the Great World Economic Depression of the 1930s.

      He closes his eyes to the fact that the Chinese, having a culture of doing business for thousands of years, the largest country and the biggest population on earth, were for a long time economically backward and treated by the Western countries as pariahs until only 1-2 decades ago.

      Just not comparable to the Malays who do not have a culture of doing business, of fixing prices, of weights and measures, of taking profit and accumulating wealth. But a culture of "berdagang" or exchange of goods (barter) for daily necessities based on what was deemed "patut". And that this was still practiced even in the 2nd half of the 19th century.

      But the bloke must be told or spitted on his face the fact that, despite all those, the Malays now have over 20% of corporate wealth. Those criticising the NEP achievement rate must be shoved the fact that no one could tell the rate when NEP was formulated in 1970. Because nobody, not even the Chinese with their business culture, had been there, experienced it or observed it before.

      Now we want more than what we have achieved and in all aspects of the economy. But don't give this bloke one bit.

    5. The one who is really stupid is Arif Sabri Aziz. Period.

    6. "The Malay is poorer, he is behind in education, training and skills, he has less capital, he stays in cheaper houses"

      Is the above generally true or not?

  12. Apa itu PAS bisingx,cakap saja tapi tak berani ambil action maa...halix dikeldakan olih PKR dan dikudakan olig DAP.Siapa yang tidak ada telor sekarang.Najib Ah Ngor atau itu Hj Hadi maa.....Hancus itu parti Lalat Hijau.

  13. Annie pls elaborate more on kg selut in pp that dap wants to turn into chinese property. Dap's lust with prooperty in tanah melayu is scary.