Thursday 18 September 2014

Eight Malay villages worth one golf course in Johor

People in Johor must surely know by now about the massive Forest City project being developed by the Chinese company Country Garden.

The project which involves the largest reclamation works ever undertook in this country is located along the coastal stretch near the Second Link of Tebrau Straits in an area called Pendas.

The project is jointly developed with Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ)., a state government development arm which was originally set up by former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman to expedite the building of rural infrastructures such as village roads, community halls etc.

The Forest City project, expected to be several thousand hectares wide is primarily  involve the building of luxury homes for the Singapore market.

Now, the latest that I was made to understand is that those luxury homes for the rich Singaporeans need to be equipped with suitable recreational facilities such as a golf course and other nice stuff.

And for that more land is needed.

Country Garden apparently had made moves to acquire the needed land.

The land earmarked for the extension of the project covers an area where eight traditional Malay villages in Gelang Patah are located.

They are;

1. Kampung Pendas Laut
2. Kampung Ladang
3. Kampung Bukit Kuching
4. Kampung Tanjong Kupang
5. Kampung Pok
6. Kampung Paya Mengkuang
7. Kampung Pekajang
9. Kampung Tiram Duku

People living in those villages are mostly BN supporters.

Well, who cares about that isn't it.

MB Khaled Nordin cares about it?

Nah, I don't think so. His political secretary is the Umno division chief of Gelang Patah. Therefore Khalid surely must know about the whole thing yet till now seems okay with it.

Early stages of the land acquisition process at the eight villages had already started.

Of course Country Garden didn't send its own people to coax the kampung folks into selling their land.

The melayu kampung folks wouldn't care too much if some Chinese guys offer to buy their land where they have been living on for generations.

So, the company sent a Malay elite to kow tim with the poor Melayu villagers who mostly work as fishermen.

And of course the Melayu fishermen were flattered upon being offered a relatively huge sum by the Malay elite.

"Ini untuk pembangunan saudara saudari sekelian. Untuk masa depan anak cucu kita," I imagine the Malay elite as saying.

So, there goes eight Malay villages in the constituency of Lim Kit Siang, the DAP supremo who is the Gelang Patah MP.

Eight Malay villages being wiped out and the land turned into a private golf course for some rich Singaporeans....hmmmm....

Well, never mind.

After all, the Melayu kampung folks can use the money they will get from selling their land to buy a new home somewhere on the fringe of a jungle like what was said by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir  Mohamad.

Or maybe they can use the money to enjoy themselves in Batam or buy a Mercedes Benz or marry a new young wife.


  1. Macam plot selalu, untuk memaksa nelayan supaya menjual tanah dan berpindah maka akan disusahkanlah nelayan-nelayan di situ untuk mencari rezeki. Dengan kerja penambakan yang menghapuskan lubuk-lubuk ikan sekaligus mengurangkan kehadiran ikan di kawasan nelayan mencari rezeki, ditambah lagi dengan kehadiran ponton-ponton membawa pasir yang boleh menghalang nelayan mencari ikan sehinggalah bahaya kapal tunda dan ponton yang boleh melanggar bot-bot nelayan secara 'sengaja'. Begitu juga dengan kemusnahan jaring dan pukat nelayan yang juga boleh disengajakan.

    Bila nelayan protes dan mengadu, akan dipujuk dan digula-gulakan oleh wakil rakyat mereka sendiri. Tanpa tindakan dan pembelaan, nelayan akan merasa teraniaya dan bosan dipermainkan. Akibatnya mereka akan merasa tidak ada guna tinggal di kampung kerana tidak boleh mencari rezeki lantas terpaksalah mereka bersetuju menjual tanah dengan berat hati.

    Kita lihat jika ada nelayan yang 'berdegil' mahu mempertahankan kampung daripada terhapus, plot sebegini akan dipaksakan ke atas mereka.

    1. Ini semua p......k !!! Memang mendidih darah bila annie paparkan berita ini.

      Melayu pentadbir yang sudah menjual negara! Harap pihak-pihak berkewajipan menghalang 'projek cina' yang d restui ini. PM Najib apa cerita ?

    2. PM Najib perlu di tukar. Dia yang gelojoh, berkejar, berteraburan nakkan taraf negara maju. Lembut lutut kpd Cina nakkan undi di PRU13, dapat tsunami Cina pun tak serik serik.

      Berkeliaran ke China, sambut Presiden China di Malaysia, hebohkan nak pelaburan Cina, tapi tak di bidang yang Malaysia perlukan. Saperti bidang industri berat, high-tech dsbnya.

      Pastu nak hapuskan Sedition Act pulak. UMNO perlu hapuskan dia. Mengkhianati bangsa Melayu - Sedition Act melindungi Perkara Perkara sensitif di Perlembagaan yang semua nya berkaitan dengan hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Termasuk Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Tiada ma'af bagi nya jika dia hapuskan Akta Hasutan itu.

    3. orang kecil cina sama juga dengan orang melayu kecil - semua puas dan tertekan oleh tindakan crony dan korupsi orang besar yang digelar pemimpin. jaga hati sendirilah dari tamak dan sombong.

  2. DAP-PAP is extending their reach into MAlaysian soil, but it will not benefit the ordinary Singaporean, who is suffering like 3rd world citizens serving their 1st world masters. There are at least 2 divided social realities in Singapore. The common man are worse off than the Malaysian guy working in Singapore and going home at night to Johor with his paycheck converted to ringgit.

    1. Shiok sendiri mentality.

      All Singaporeans are educated to be international in outlook. The common refrain is:'anywhere in the world is only as far as Changi'. Malaysia is where a large number of them have roots, and that's why they have this special affinity. The ordinary Singaporeans think nothing of going Bali, Koh Samui, Bangkok etc. The more affluent ones go on London, Paris, Alaska, African Safari, Maharaja Train Tour of India, etc. Why with their high income and strong currency, everything is cheap!

    2. In the Singapore GE of 2011, PAP got only 60.1% of total votes. Presumably, opposition parties got 39.9%.

      It is worrying for PAP because in the GEs of 2001 and 2006, they got 75.3% and 66.6% of total votes respectively.

      Especially since the GE of 2011, there has been significant policy changes to address the issues highlighted by the opposition.

      Rather treating voters who caste their votes for the opposition as 'the enemy', PAP listened and acted.

      “There will come a time when eventually the public will say, look, let’s try the other side, either because the PAP has declined in quality or the opposition has put up a team which is equal to the PAP and they say, let’s try the other side,” wrote Mr Lee in his new book.

      “That day will come,” he said.

      “No system lasts forever, that’s for sure. In the next 10 years to 20 years, I don’t think it will happen. Beyond that, I cannot tell. Will we always be able to get the most dedicated and most capable, with integrity to devote their lives to this? I hope so, but forever, I don’t know,” he said.

      He gave the example of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, which held power from 1955 to 2009, with an 11-month interruption from 1993 to1994, as an example. He said its downfall was in part because it “carried on with old ideas”.

    3. Why criticise Singapore, when BN situation is exactly the same? Popularity keeps going down.

  3. Butut la. Ini maciam punya kelija, apa maciam? Mau bikin Johor jadi wilayah China ka?

    Singaporeans coming to play golf is no problem. But buying homes and living in Johor in huge numbers is a no no. Worse still if Chinese from China are also allowed to buy the luxury homes and reside there.

    Will there be enough buyers from Malaysia for the high-priced homes in Iskandar, in Geylang Patah, in Pendas and in the "largest reclamation works ever" in the country? Any one knows the total number of units being planned now?

    They are meant for Singaporeans - if they buy for rental, who would rent? Won't they be wanting to settle down in large homes, bungalows in Johore rather than condos in Singapore? Won't they be asking for the right to permanent stay after that? And, in ordinary cases, after 10-12 years, permanent residents become eligible to, and can apply for citizenship?

    Singapore is now 72% Chinese, brought in since Lee Kuan Yew's time as PM. Will there be 72% Chinese in Johore if they are allowed permanent stay there?

    In any case, are there enough Singaporeans to buy what appears to be a huge number of high-priced units there? Are the planners not thinking of "investors from China" to also buy the homes? If so, will they be allowed? Will Najib, in his rush to get developed nation status, allow them to come in droves and give them permanent resident status?

    Has UMNO thought about all these, investigated them and made a stand? UMNO must ensure no upsetting the racial balance in the state and, indeed, in the country. Such imbalance will cause upsetting the political situation, Cina Bukit DAP benefitting hugely and very unwelcome consequences will ensue.

  4. I have a lot of unhappiness with Najib. Wanting developed nation status by 2020 at all cost. In many cases, he might not have calculated the cost.

    Or what to us is cost, is not to him. So called liberal. To me no Malay is liberal if he does not protect and promote the aims and objectives of UMNO that was formed over 60 years ago, that his father led, fought so hard to preserve and promote, that he now leads but wants to discard the Sedition Act - that which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, most if not all of which pertain to Malay rights and interests.

    He may think in terms of the USA. Everybody goes in, becomes citizen, now the strongest in the world. But he forgot that the original settlers there, the Red Indians have been pushed into Reservations. And the Blacks, Hispanics and Asiatics are marginalized. Tun Dr Mahathir said only 1% of the population controls the entire economy of the US.

    And Najib thinks that he is Bugis, not an original settler, like the DAP Red Beans Cina Bukit claim - that the original settlers are the Orang Aslis. They have not read or heard about Langkasuka, the Malay Kingdom existing in Peninsular Malaysia nearly 2,000 years ago in the 2nd Century. They don't like History, those DAP blokes, because hey have nothing to be proud of in their history - the Han Chinese may have, but the DAP Cina Bukits don't.

    And Najib and them DAP blokes should read the books that give out the findings of researchers and professors of Archaeology that the Orang Aslis are a part of the Large Family of Malays (Keluarga Besar Melayu) - the proto Malays, the deutero Malays, the Malayo-Polynesians and the Austronesians, who originated in the Malay Archipelago (Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu) some 6,000 years ago (not from Yunan or Taiwan).

    The books are "The Malay Civilization" and "Tamadun Alam Melayu" published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL. That Society had existed since British colonial times. Present membership includes Emeritus Professor of Malay Studies Mohd Taib Othman, Emeritus Professor of History Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, Professor of Archaeology Ariffin Shuhaimi, etc .

    UMNO must make sure that Najib protects and promotes the interest of the Malays as conceived by the founders over 60 years ago. Must not allow Najib and the MB Johor to let the state become a wilayah China. Consciously or unwittingly. Replace them if they do that.

    1. Is the 2nd home in Malaysia policy still on now? If so, does it allow foreigners permanent stay in this country? If so, koyak lah.

    2. Well, maybe, but when push comes to shove, who does Malaysia rely on? The very same USA or hope for the best that an expansionist China plays nice nice?

      Theoretical posturings are well and good for those who have the luxury of ignoring geopolitical realities.

      Tell me this - if China turns ultra-nationalistic and decides to play nasty in the region, who is going to be called upon to right the balance?

      The crusader USA or some unspecified Islamic alliance?

    3. We got new Tebing Tinggi hear .

  5. Melayu tikam Melayu. Salah satu faktor UMNO semakin dibenci.

    1. Oh yeah? Melayu mana, tikam Melayu mana? Kau Melayu ka? Bunyi mcm DAP Red Bean saja.

    2. Anon 8:44

      Betul lah. Lim Kit Siang tak payah buat apa2 pun tanah kena jual kat COMMUNIST Party of China. Kalau dah ada hartanah kita offer kat PAPig (bak kata orang Singapura sendiri, depa pun marah kat gomen depa, tak sabar nak hentam PAP masa PRU tahun 2016 nanti) siapa tak nak?

      Last2 nelayan Melayu semua melanguk.

    3. Wa atak ingat haa ,itu Bulayu siklang tatak bolih halap itu UMNO mau lindung dia olang lagi lea aa .

      Dia olang selalu cekap itu DAP kasi halau Bulayu dari Pulau Pinang ,pegi itu Sebelang Pelai , sekalang ini UMNO kasi halau itu Bulayu , tak tau pegi mana ma aa !, lagi manyak jahat loo oo. Banyak kesian lea aa .

      DAP tatak tolong ,MCA, Gelakan lagi tatak tolong ,PAS manyak sebok itu seleban punya hat ,PKR manyak sebok itu Anuar punya hat , Hai yaa Wa betut-betut manyak kesian maa aa ,tapi apa macam mau buat loo oo , Wa mau cali makan maa aa.

      Bulayu sendili mau tolong sendili ha aa , UMNO manyak syok sendili , lagi satu Wa manyak ingat haa , ini UMNO sekalang sutak jadi itu , " United Malaysian National Organization" ,tatak Bulayu lagi lea aa .

    4. Lu ciakap buntut la, lufang. Lubang buntut lah.

      DAP buntut kasi halau Mulayu dali Pulau Pinang lah. Tapi Mulayu Johor kita kasi buang itu Najib lor. Lu olang DAP manyiak suka sama lia arr? Lanti Melayu kasi buang lia, ok?

  6. Najib bent backwards to get Chinese votes. Gave financial grants to Chinese schools, gave some kind of recognition to the Chinese school certificate, UEC, gave scholarships to Chinese students whose community has been the richest in the country for so long and who have a system of helping the unfortunate through their clan and sub-clan associations, business guilds etc that are exclusive and not open to members of other communities.

    There are so many Chinese millionaires making donations that UTAR refused a RM30 million donation for scholarships etc from a Chinese engineer millionaire 1-2 years ago.

    So the average Chinese don't really care after getting Najib's financial grante etc. They gave him the tsunami at PRU13.

    Now he wants to rush to developed nation status. He went to China and received visiting Chinese leaders, praised and glorified China, inviting Chinese investments in this country.

    Heck, no problem about that if he calls for investment of the right kind - in heavy industries, precision tools industries and all those high tech industries kind. These are what the country needs. Not investment in housing projects that bring in more Chinese.

    Funny kind of economics he studied at uni or gotten to adopt these days, isn't it?

  7. Sometimes I really wish this greedy, Dammmmed stupid Malay leaders to be 'burned in hell'!

    If we looked at the situation now, the history of the fall of Malacca in 1511 will be repeated soon.

    Now it will be worsed. Instead of being colonized by the western we, Melayu Islam will be colonized by the PENDATANG Cinabeng biaDAP dan Cinabeng ciPAP ( sorry bad word )

    I always feel very desperate about it!

    'Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu bangsa kalau bangsa itu tidak berusaha mengubanya'

    When we looked anywhere there are no more capable leaders insight either in UMNO, PAS or PKR. All of them are greedy, power hungered, unpatriotic! They will sell their grandmother for power and wealth!

    So prayed hard to Allah swt, so that all the bad dreams will not happened. Some where and some how there are still a capable leaders waiting to lead us.

    1. Tak setuju.

      Ada capable Malays. Try Timbalan Presiden Muhyiddin lah. Atau Naib Presiden yang paling kanan (paling tinggi undi di pemilihan pemimpin UMNO) - Ahmad Zahid.

      Kata kata dan tindakan dia orang nyata mempertahankan hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Kita gesa UMNO tukarkan Najib lah.

    2. "All of them are greedy, power hungered, unpatriotic!" -

      Najib, Anwar Al Juburi, Mat Sabu yang beri pangkat Al Juburi kpd Anwar tapi sekarang jilat ludah dia, Khalid Samad, Husam Musa, dsb nya.

      Muhyiddin tak gitu sangat nampak nya.

    3. No need to wish "this greedy, Dammmmed stupid Malay leaders to be 'burned in hell'!

      Anwar will very like burn in Hell. Main belakang bertalu talu, divides the Malays so bad that so many pray he goes to hell.

    4. Anon 8:48,

      Setuju dengan pendapat anda mengenai Muhyiddin tetapi TIDAK dengan Zahid Hamidi.

      Peturunkan komentar dari blog Helen Ang,

      Sejak dia menimbulkan isu kronisme semasa satu Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, memang saya amat tidak meminati tokoh ini.

      Kalau dia menimbulkannya atas keyakinan dirinya sendiri terhadap isu itu saya boleh terima. Kemudian terbuktikan dia hanyalah BUDAK SURUHAN!.

      Kemudian bila dia berdegar degar memperjuangkan isu isu panas ketika hampir menjelang Pemilihan Kepimpinan UMNO, saya mula terpersona dengan ‘kehebatan’ nya!

      Mungkin dia telah berubah dan menjadi lebih matang. Manusia boleh berubah ke arah yang lebih baik kan!

      Kemudian saya mula sedar bahawa gimik dia ‘berdegar degar’ hanya untuk memikat perwakilan UMNO khususnya!

      Dia berjaya menjadi Naib Presiden UMNO dengan jumlah undi tertinggi dan cantiknya menjadi orang ketiga dalam hairaki UMNO untuk menjadi PM ( he,he,he, ialah kalau UMNO masih menang PRU lah! ).

      Bagaimana dengan prestasi Zahid selepas menang Naib Presiden UMNO . Menjawat pula jawatan menteri dalam kementerian yang amat penting itu?

      Berilah penilain anda sendiri! Bagi saya dia diam seribu bahasa dan mati terus suaranya yang berdegar degar!

      Sebagai menteri KDN dia sepatutnya dia lebih versetail dalam menangani isu isu provokasi melampau Cinabeg biaDAP.

      Kini dia mula bersuara berdegar degar lagi? Kenapa?

      Dewasa ini, ramai percayai hayat Najib sebagai PM hampir ke penghujungnya. Muhyiddin pula macam tidak berminat hendak jadi PM. ( saya merayu Muhyiddin agar ubah fikiran demi agama bangsa dan negara )

      Harap semua nampak apa motif Zahid mula bercakap berdegar degar selapas diam membisu seperti tikus jatuh ke beras !

      Yalah buat apa berdegar degar lagi, bukankah sudah menang jawatan Naib Presiden!

      Zahid Hamidi adalah klon Anwar Ibrahim, sepupu sepapat dengan KJ. Andai kata Zahid ditakdirkan menjadi PM, maka watak watak inilah yang akan berkuasa dan bermaharajalela!

      Saya bukan mempertikaikan kebolehan nya tapi lebih cemburu dengan sikapnya!

    5. 10:15,

      Semua politikus main politic, bradrer. Zahid menimbulkan isu kronisme di PAU masa Anwar DPM dan dia geng itu dulu. Tapi nyata Anwar dah di tinggal nya. Dan ramai politikus yang bertukar group depa dari masa ke masa. Tak gitu tak di panggil politik. Khairi pun melulu bawakkan paspot Anwar masa dia keluar jel dulu, sekarang dia sokong Najib.

      Betul, Ahmad Zahid telah berubah dan menjadi lebih matang. Betul, manusia boleh berubah ke arah yang lebih baik.

      Memang lah ada jenis politikus yang ‘berdegar degar’ hanya untuk memikat perwakilan UMNO. Selalu nya, menghunus keris, cium keris, tak kira angin keluar di lubang belakang ke tidak. Terakhir ia lah Khairy? Apa dia ada buat untuk kebaikan dan kepentingan Melayu?

      Aiseh, brader, Ahmad Zahid keras dengan penjenayah, dengan yang seditious, Polis yang di bawah Kementerian nya sekarang no nonsense dengan yang seditious tu, beb. Tak sedor ke?

      Polis berkeras dengan Cinabeg biaDAP Lim Guan Eng dengan PPS apekebendenye itu, kan?.

      Bagus lah "Dewasa ini, ramai percayai hayat Najib sebagai PM hampir ke penghujungnya." Tapi bukan Muhyiddin pula "macam tidak berminat hendak jadi PM." Dia mesti lah kena tunjuk dia tak minat sangat, supaya jangan orang tuduh dia nak lawan tokeh.

      Bagus lah Sdr tak mempertikaikan kebolehan Ahmad Zahid. Saya yakin dia kuat semangat Melayu nya.

  8. Que Sera Sera

    Malaysia is prepared to lose its talent through its race-based policies in order to maintain the dominance of one race, said Lee Kuan Yew in his new book which was launched recently in Singapore.

    And although Malaysia has acknowledged the fact that they are losing these talents and is making an attempt to lure Malaysians back from overseas, such efforts may be too little too late, he said.

    "This is putting the country at a disadvantage. It is voluntarily shrinking the talent pool needed to build the kind of society that makes use of talent from all races.

    "They are prepared to lose that talent in order to maintain the dominance of one race," he said in the 400-page book called "One Man's View of the World".

    Lee said in his book the separation of Singapore and Malaysia in 1965 marked "the end of a different vision in Malaysia on the race issue".

    He added, "Much of what has been achieved in Singapore could have been replicated throughout Malaysia. Both countries would have been better off."

    1. For now, only one word to Lee Kuan Yew - BALLS.

    2. Fcuk bloody Lee Kuan Yew, fcuk him, fcuk him, fcuk him.

      He is the greatest Racist and Maha Chauvinist in this region. When Singapore was in Malaysia, he coined the fcuking racist slogan Malaysian Malaysia, wanting equality without simultaneously acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      He was subversive, tried to subvert Article 153 of the Constitution that spelt out that Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. The pendatang having got ciizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, he tried to get the pendatang not to show respect for the quid pro quo - the Malay Special Position enshrined in the Constitution, which was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

      Damn him. Fcuk him. Again and again, endlessly.

    3. Shit and fcuk Lee Kuan Yew for saying Malaysia' carried out "race-based policies in order to maintain the dominance of one race."

      After being "kicked out" of Malaysia with Singapore in 1965, the bastak sidelined the Malays and Indians in Singapore, then carried out a deliberate policy of drowning the Malays and Indians in a sea of fellow racist Chinese.

      He imported Chinese from mainland China. Until the population of the Red Dot became 72% Chinese. How bloody fcuking racist and chauvinist is that. Yet he accuses Malaysia of being racist. Damn and fcuk the bastak.

    4. Tengku A Rhamn made the greatest mistake of giving away Singapore to bloody bastak and racist Lee Kuan Yew FOC. Not done anywhere in the world and throughout the modern history of mankind.

      Nations go to war to protect and defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Yet damn stupid TA Rahman gave it away because of anger and at the flick of a pen. History must record him as a traitor to this country, giving away a valuable and strategic piece of territory FOC. It must be done so, so that no other leader in this country would ever do that sort of thing again without being shot by a firing squad.

      Now we are suffering insults, abuses and bullying by the leader of a tiny Red Dot who gets away with his shitty and bastardly remarks because we refuse to react like Cina Bukit, like he and his kind are.

    5. What has he achieved in Singapore? Despite no freedom, stiff laws and suing the Opposition to bankruptcy until at one time only 2 Opposition MPs in the Singapore Parliament, what really has he achieved?

      Relative to Malaysia which is a much larger country, a much bigger population and not practising Iron Hand, dictatorial rule, with thousands of miles of roads etc to build - the longest road the bugger LKY has to build is 25 miles - what has he achieved?

      Yet the blokes he brought from mainland China started to complain, demonstrate, demand this and that, prodding Singapore leaders to grumble and maki those buggers who didn't even know what freedom is when in China, they said.

      Damn nasty bastak, the fcuk LKY.

    6. That's true. But so what?

      It's only in Malaysia that a people can proudly proclaim its dominance over others, as enshrined in the Constitution!

    7. Bullshit Lee Kuan Yew saying Malaysia losing talent because of race-based policies.

      Singaporeans have been leaving Singapore in steady numbers for so long. Cannot stand Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorial policies.

    8. Trouble with Singapore is that it has managed to 'buy' the loyalty of most Malays there.

      Surely we can't just watch and do NOTHING?

      The Malays there must be made to understand that all things considered, Malaysia is a better place for them. And if a good portion of them emigrate to Malaysia, it will hit the Singapore economy HARD.

    9. Tributes To A Great Leader.

      ‘When Lee Kuan Yew speaks, who listens? Presidents, prime ministers, chief executives, and all who care about global strategy. Below are quotes about Lee Kuan Yew as told by some of the world’s most notable leaders.’

      Barack Obama, president of the United States
      Lee “is one of the legendary figures of Asia in the 20th and 21st centuries. He is somebody who helped to trigger the Asian economic miracle.” (October 29, 2009)

      Bill Clinton, 42nd president of the United States
      “MM Lee’s life of public service is both unique and remarkable… His work as prime minister and now as minister mentor has helped literally millions of people in Singapore and all across Southeast Asia to live better, more prosperous lives. I hope the leaders of ASEAN [the Association of Southeast Asian Nations] will continue to build upon Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s outstanding legacy… I thank you [the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council] for honoring a man I admire so very much.” (October 27, 2009)

      George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the United States
      “In my long life in public service, I have encountered many bright, able people. None is more impressive than Lee Kuan Yew.” (endorsement of Lee’s My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore’s Bilingual Journey, 2011)

      Jacques Chirac, president of France (1995–2007)
      “Lee Kuan Yew has gathered around himself the most brilliant minds, transforming the most exacting standards into a system of government. Under his leadership, the primacy of the general interest, the cult of education, work and saving, the capacity to foresee the needs of the city have enabled Singapore to take what I call ‘shortcuts to progress.’ (endorsement of Lee’s From Third World to First: The Singapore Story: 1965–2000, 2000)

      Xi Jinping, President of China
      Lee is “our senior who has our respect”: “To this day, you are still working tirelessly to advance our bilateral relationship, and you have my full admiration. We will never forget the important contribution you have made to our bilateral relationship.” (May 23, 2011)

      Tony Blair, prime minister of the United Kingdom (1997–2007)
      Lee is “the smartest leader I think I ever met.” (Blair, A Journey: My Political Life, 2010)

      John Major, prime minister of the United Kingdom (1990–97)
      “Lee Kuan Yew can justifably be called the father of modern Singapore. He has steered through policies that have been copied across Asia, and have greatly lifted the profile and representation of Singapore. It is a legacy that will endure.” (comment in Tom Plate’s Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew: Citizen Singapore: How to Build a Nation, 2010)

      Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of the United Kingdom (1979–90)
      “In office, I read and analyzed every speech of Lee’s. He had a way of penetrating the fog of propaganda and expressing with unique clarity the issues of our times and the way to tackle them. He was never wrong.” (endorsement of Lee’s From Third World to First:The Singapore Story: 1965–2000, 2000)

      Helmut Schmidt, chancellor of Germany (1974–82)
      “Ever since I met my friend Lee Kuan Yew, I was highly impressed by his brilliant intellect and his straight overview. His lifetime achievements as a political leader and statesman are outstanding. The economic and social advancement of modern Singapore is deeply rooted in his capability to establish an adequate political framework for Singapore’s ethnical heterogeneity. This book is yet another proof of his perspicacity and competence.” (endorsement of Lee’s My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore’s Bilingual Journey, 2011)

    10. Those tributes to Lee Kuan Yew were written by people who did not observe him at close quarters, had not lived in Singapore or this region. They have not seen his machinations, wily schemes and plain dictatorial habits and policies.

      Aiseh, it's a matter of record that he threatened foreign correspondents of sending them to the detention centre island off Singapore and articles had been written of his lackey Alex Josey doing his bidding for him for a certain period when he wielded power.

      Tun Dr Mhathir even noted that LKY introduced laws against public assembly in Singapore that allowed his Police to accost any two persons walking n the park.

      Indonesian President Habibie did not call Singapore the Little Red Dot for nothing. LKY controlled the small population in the tiny island with an iron hand and spoke as if he was trying to teach leaders of over a hundred million people like Indonesia at that time how to rule. Also like he tried to tell Malaysia in his book stated above.

      But many other international leaders knew his dictatorial tendencies. Articles have been written about him interested in the post of Secretary General of the UN at one time. But nobody was willing to sponsor him. Everybody knew that even if nominated, so many nation members of UN would oppose. They knew he was a dictator and UN was certainly not for him.

    11. Daim Zainuddin, former finance minister and special functions minister: "Lee's vision, astute political judgment and strategy turned Singapore from a trading post into the successful thriving nation that it is today, respected by others," Daim writes. "For those interested in politics and economic development, his memoirs should be required reading."

    12. Hee, hee...... that's why 1Singapore Dollar is worth 2.5+ Ringgit!

      Maybe that's why so many Malaysian Malays, Indians and Chinese work in Singapore.

      Just today I met a Malaysian Malay who works as a barista in a Starbucks cafe in Singapore and who commutes to work daily by motorbike from JB.

      Let's see.....I also saw 2 riders on Malaysian-registered motorbikes working as McDonald's delivery guys in the eastern part of Singapore.

      And just a while back, I saw a Malaysian-registered Toyota with heavily tinted windows, licence plate JATXX, being escorted by a Malaysian-registered police car (heavily tinted windows, a familiar logo on the front doors) on Stevens Road in Singapore heading towards the PIE.

      A Malaysian VVIP doing a spot of shopping and R&R in the little red dot?

    13. Not bad, anon 17:33. That's a pretty pithy riposte.

      What say you, Annie?

      Isn't it rank hypocrisy to rail at Singapore, but quietly go to cari makan there? If these commuting Johoreans and other Malaysians have the courage of their convictions (or a smidgen of nationalism or patriotism), they will stay put in Malaysia and work here, no matter how humble the job or how miniscule their remuneration.

      But....sigh, I guess the need to put bread on your family's table trumps such mundane considerations as nationalism or patriotism.

      And good old-fashioned economic logic an exchange rate of S$1.00 to 2.54 Ringgit, it doesn't take rocket science to understand comparative advantages.

      Lee Kuan Yew took Singapore out of Malaysia, pulled up the island city-state by the scruff of it's neck and made it into what it is today.

      In the process, he comfortably saw off Dr Mahathir who had a dream of "sidelining" Singapore and the assorted racists who thought that Singapore would fail abjectly and dismally after being ejected from Malaysia.

      I guess that Daim Z is more pragmatic and perspicacious about Singapore than the learned Dr M!

    14. Compared to other foreigners, Singapore is most comfortable with Malaysians, whatever their race. Working in Singapore generally provides more income for the worker's family - so why not? It's win-win.

      Out of envy, some Malaysians may prefer Singapore to be poor and weak. But that's certainly not the thinking of Malaysians who work there.

      Many even send their children over for education, starting at an early age.

    15. Good comment, anon 16:54.

      Of course, when confronted with the fact that many,many Malaysians (of all races) cari makan in Singapore, there is a disgruntled and embarrassed silence.

      Because the facts on the ground can't be refuted or rebutted.

  9. Not likely we will be "colonized by the PENDATANG Cinabeng biaDAP dan Cinabeng ciPAP."

    The British colonialists allowed the pendatang to become the majority in Fiji. They won the general elections but could not taste power. The Army grabbed power.

    Only now, about 10 years later, the Army is allowing general elections in Fiji again. And the pendatang no longer the majority because many migrated after the Army took power.

    I won't say if it'll happen in Malaysia. It's seditious to do so.

  10. Macam didedahkan dalam Zamkata, lee kuan yew tak suka dengan Allahyarham Tun Razak tapi dia suka sangat dengan Najib Razak. Ada la sebabnya yang menguntungkan cina yahudi di sana. Bayangkan ketegasan Tun Razak dengan dasar DEB berbanding najib yang kalau boleh semua nak diliberalkan. Kenapalah anak yang ni tak ikut perangai bapanya yang tegas?

    1. Subab dah di buntutkan (guna perkataan yang si lufang di atas tu suka) dek Bretes - dia diam dengan Bretes di England sejak sekolah lagi sampai unibasiti. Bretes asyik cakap buntut kpd apa dia kata. Liberal itu ini, konon.

      Tak sedor orang Bretes pun ada berbagai bangsa - Inggeris lah, Scot lah, Welsh lah, Irish lah. Dan masih tak liberal - orang Scot nakkan Scotland keluar dari United Kingdom. Kena belasah di referendum yang baru berlalu.

      Ada saudara dia cakap bahawa emak dia pernah berkata dahulu pendapat nya bahawa Najib tak bagus kalau jadi PM. Ini sebab nya, agak nya.

  11. a johorean told me recently...melayu johor dah digula-gulakan dengan pasukan bolasepak, tak sedar tanah bangsa dah banyak tergadai

    1. sedarlah melayu johor..jangan jadi menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai..penaja utama team bolasepak johor adalah country homes..developer dari tanah besar cina..mana maruah kamu wahai melayu johor..tanah diambil orang tapi anda semua diberi candu supaya khayal dan leka..sedarlah dan jadilah manusia yang bijak..mana satu kaca mana satu intan?

  12. Malaysians are a romantic lot. They used to worship Botak Chin and Bentong Kali because of some rumour that these two helped the poor.

    When you mentioned Malay fishermen, fishing village etc., you would probably imagine the tanned wrinkled smiling face with broken teeth, and you too, want to be Robin Hood to help them.

    Then you start to let your imagination go wild, and you make accusations just based on assumption and assumption alone.

    No wonder that we were told fitnah is worse than murder.

    Fishermen are land owners huh ?! I see. And they are illiterate, easily manipulated huh ?!

    As a matter of fact most of the land in that area are owned by Chinese. Some already sold their land and most still keep them, waiting for the prices to go up further.

    Big companies from kl who had bought the lands from Chinese got stuck now because bloody MB blocked further consent especially the malay holdings.

    MB Khaled, not Ghani.

    The fishermen's kids are staying in shah alam, bangi, uda etc., doing anything other than fishing. And because they have no love for anything other than $, some are trying to get MB's signature to consent to their land sale to the Chinese companies.

    As it's human nature not to blame themselves, these people if they get consent to sell they will later blame the government, and all those accusation of tak jaga melayu will come out.

    Pariah people.

    1. Pariah 11:33,

      What Malaysians "used to worship Botak Chin and Bentong Kali because of some rumour that these two helped the poor."?

      Those were the ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukit pendatangs, man. You can't even differentiate them because you are one of them innit?

      Botak Chin was a thug and gangster. And who has thugs and gangsters as members and supporters? The ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP lorr.

    2. Pariah 11:33,

      You try to project Khalid doing good. Can you give some proof or provide details and information that will justify your claims?

      And what else is he doing to avoid Johore becoming a territory of mainland China in the future?

  13. Over the years, Mahathir IMPORTED loads of Indonesians and gave them blue IC so that they can vote for UMNO. In the future, Johor will be flooded with Mainland Chinese. Maybe they will get blue IC for every house/apartment that they buy.

    The irony is glaring. I can't say I am too upset. Fair what?

    1. Balls for saying "Mahathir IMPORTED loads of Indonesians and gave them blue IC". Talking nonsense out of Anwar's rear hole. So smelly as usual.

      Also showing your stupidity. Not an iota of evidence in the Sabah Commission of Inquiry on the giving of ICs. God so great that the Mutalib bloke who campaigned on the subject lengthily died just before the Inquiry hearing.

      Careful for talking nonsense. God may take you also. And don't say over my dead body. Because you might go dead like Karpal Singh.

    2. The Indonesians are Malays so I have no complaints, However, we have too many Chinkies here in our homeland masquerading as Malaysian citizens so why should we import more pigs from your ancestors' homeland? We should get rid of you and your species first before we can think of importing future pigs

  14. Anon 12:13,

    Anda jenis species yang tidak pergi sekolah dan belajar Sejarah.

    Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina dan selatan Thailand temasuk dalam gugusan Kepulauan Melayu!

    Penduduk di sini berpindah dari satu pulau ke satu pulau di kawasan ini. Ini tidak menjadikan mereka pendatang di kawasan yang baru diduduki!

    Akibat perbuatan penjajah, terjadi dua negara yang berbeza sekarang iaitu Malaysia dan Indonesia.

    Hakikatnya mereka tetap satu bangsa, satu keturunan dan telah tinggal di satu kawasan tanah air mereka, KEPULAUAN MELAYU!.

    Ini berbeza dengan kedatangan Cinabeng ke Malaysia. Siapa itu Cinabeng, dari mana mereka datang? Adakah mereka seketurunan dengan peribumi yang beribu tahun mendiami Kepulauan Melayu atau Nusantara ini?

    '.... I can't say I am too upset. Fair what?....' Fair kepala otak kamu!

    1. Sokong bebenor apa kamu kata, Yeop.

      Syabas, berdesing telinga dia.

    2. You are barking up the wrong tree. Who sold the land, Melayu or China?

      Kepala otak kau tadak!

    3. My education cost more than your entire kampong. You ignorant fucking pig.

  15. But Annie, you answer is in your question - these "poor Melayu" fishermen are on a subsistence level existence - what future for them or their kids? So they will be pushed out of their villages, no longer people of the land or people of the sea, but forced into urban jobs. Such a bid development will need labourers, house-keepers, rubbish collectors, etc. Their children may grow up to be hairdressers and shop staff. Its urbanization and its happening everywhere. None of us will be people of the land in the future, all just people of the apartment.

    1. Wat you talk just people of the apartment?

      If you meaning as labourers, house-keepers, rubbish collectors, etc, speak for yourself.

      This has been Tanah Melayu and now Malaysia with a Constitution spelling out Malays and Islam, YDP Agong, Malay Rulers etc. Those who don't respect the Constitution are being shooed to migrate. Many pendatangs in Fiji migrated after the Army grabbed power there.

      The Malays cannot be just labourers etc. Despite not having a culture of doing business like the Chinese have, the Malays now own over 20% of corporate wealth of the country. Now wanting more. And also want wealth in other aspects of the economy, like property ownership. If Najib not promoting the NEP, we ask UMNO to replace him.

    2. Well known personalities have also said those who don't like this country should migrate.

      Home Affairs Minister DS Ahmad Zahid said those who don't like the system used in this country as reflected in the Constitution should migrate. He was referring to Anwar and followers who went road demos not accepting defeat in PRU13, talking of winning the popular votes when the system we have been using for 57 years was win by the electoral college system.

      Emeritus Professor of History TS Khoo Kay Kim said those who don't like this country should migrate. He was referring to those who didn't show respect for the national flag etc at the Dataran Merdeka one Merdeka eve 1-2 years ago.

      But those who don't respect and abide by the Constitution of the country surely should be told to migrate. The Constitution is the highest set of laws in the country, other laws emanate from it, cannot contradict it. It is the measure for loyalty and love for this country.

      Those who are not loyal and don't love this country must scram. Can't imagine in times of war there may be blokes shooting sideways, instead of in front, where the enemy is.

  16. Perkasa and ISMA (sorry, I'm losing faith in UMNO) should team up with a top world class Islamic business university to develop short but effective (best not more than three months) courses based on Islamic principles for Malays who at least have a degree from a government university, then provide them with soft loan of up to 50k (based on actual need) from banks to start businesses.

    Not only will it lessen Malay graduates unemployment, it will increase Malay participation in business.

    It will also prove Tun wrong that Malays are lazy, dishonest, etc. Some might even start better kedai rotis to challenge him!

  17. Melayu yg jual melayu..cina yang disalahkan..senang saja..ini semua pasal duit..bila mata dah gelap dgn duit..yg lain boleh mampus..laungan hidup melayu hanya di mulut..dalam hati melayu mati takpa bukan kelaurga aku pun yg kena.

  18. Comments from most are pointing towards the greedy Chinese be it Malaysian or Mainland China.

    I think most are playing dumb to the obvious person behind this massive project and the political masters who are equally playing dumb to avoid antagosing he who his named shall not be mentioned.

    Bangunlah orang melayu, yang tikam korang bukan orang yang kau tak kenal.