Saturday 13 September 2014

Singaporeans are smart people

I really admire the way the Singapore government take advantage of its own people.

They do it so blatantly and most of the time got away with it by blaming others.

The latest is when they wanted to increase their Causeway toll charges by up to about 500 per cent, effective Oct 1.

You can read how they blame it on the Malaysian government for this latest kiasu move at this BigCat's posting,


The new Singapore toll charges:

Cars - S$6.50, previously S$1.20
Vans/light good vehicles - S$9.80, previously S$1.90
Heavy goods vehicles - S$13, previously S$2.60
Taxis - S$3.30, previously S$0.60
Buses -S$5.30, previously S$1

I had previously argued that this will affect the Singaporeans more than Malaysians.

You can read about it here, A fight Singapore cannot win

Singaporeans simply cross over the Causeway more than Malaysians.

They need the space over here, particularly during the weekends.

They are the ones who mostly have to pay that additional toll charges.

Similarly, as for vehicles transporting goods, such as vegetables, fruits, fish and such, the additional costs will be off loaded on the Singaporean consumers.

Malaysians working in Singapore mostly travel on motorcycles and buses. They don't really have to suffer by much or nothing at all from the toll increase.

Those who drive daily to work in Singapore are rich enough, I guess, that they shouldn't be complaining anyway.

Anyway, do Singaporeans really care about this toll increase? Will they stop coming to Malaysia?

I don't think so.

I think they will grumble a bit. But that's about it. They are rich people anyway. It's not cheap to own a car in Singapore, okay.

And of course, they will blame it on the Malaysian government as that's what their government wants.

The Singapore government is really smart. Or they think they are smart. They see an opportunity to make money and did so.

They even think they look good by living up to the Singapore's kiasu ideal of not to be beaten in anything by their neighbor.

And on top of all that, they managed to do it by blaming the Malaysian government.

But I don't think the Singaporeans are that stupid not to see what their government are doing.

They may not want to or dare to voice it out, but I believe this is what they are saying between themselves :

"The Malaysians increase their toll charges claiming they need the money to pay for their new EDL highway. How come then our government wants to make it doubly hard for us by increasing toll on our side too? Anyway, since when does our government have this "matching policy"? If the Malaysians want to make life difficult for us, why do our government want to match them in doing that? "

Yea, I don't think Singaporeans were that stupid not to ask those questions.

Oh, by the way, my mother drove down grandma back to aunt's house in Singapore today.

I hope she comes back before Oct 1.

Otherwise she will have to pay the additional toll charges.

It's such a nuisance if I have to listen to her grumbling about such things after that.

After this, she better just send my grandma on a plane down to Singapore instead.

That way tak kena toll.


  1. Both nations benefit from their economic ties with each other. Anything that slows down, increases the costs of or impedes these ties is detrimental to both countries. Therefore safe to say both governments are being stupid. But will it change anything in either country - no. So also fair to say both governments still a lot smarter than their citizens.

  2. Historical fact. The then Johor government contributed the most towards the construction of the causeway by 1924.

    Kos Pembinaan

    Dari segi kos perbelanjaan telah timbul berbagai-bagai masalah pembayaran sehingga terpaksa dibawa ke England untuk memutuskan tanggungan kos pembayaran itu. Kerajaan Johor membayar sebanyak RM 12,346,233.84 dan kos bagi jalan juga dibahagikan seperti di bawah:

    Kerajaan Johor RM 3,178,945.53
    Kerajaan Singapura RM 1,362,404.92
    Municipal Singapura RM 214,371.43
    Jumlah RM 4,755,721.83

    Pembayaran yang dibuat oleh pihak Bandaran Singapura adalah kerana menampung saluran paip air dari Gunung Pulai ke Singapura yang menggunakan jalan tambak.

    Arkib Negara
    Cawangan Negeri Johor

    Yet, Malaysia cannot do anything to the causeway on her side, let alone Johor. Singapore with less contribution back in 1924 up to now has always been the party taking full advantage from the causeway. Whatever we try to do in our side will be countered back on their side. No guts on the Malaysia government!

    1. Dr. Mahathir had laid down all the necessary foundations for the "scenic bridge" to replace the causeway. Then that guy who suffered from sleep apnea became PM and chickened out and cancelled the whole thing coz the kiasu singaporeans made empty threats. Itu PM paling bodoh dalam sejarah Malaysia.

    2. I wish the causeway would be eventually demolished and a new 8 lanes true bridge are built across the selat tebrau.

    3. Historical fact: the late HRH Sultan Ibrahim was the Sultan of Johor in 1924.

      Historical fact: He had a British Advisor.

      So, did the late HRH Sultan Ibrahim consent to the building of the Causeway during his reign?

      It's also a historical fact that none of his successors as Sultans of Johor have questioned the legal bonafides of the Causeway. At least not that I am aware of.

      As for Tun Dr Mahathir's idea of building a "crooked bridge" to replace the Johor side of the Causeway, was he advised by the A-G at the time that it may not be tenable under international law?

      I seem to remember that the Singapore Government was making comments about international law when the Causeway issue surfaced during Tun Dr Mahathir's premiership. Was this what the Malaysian A-G was referring to?

  3. our country did not consider the impact it will bring to jb businesses such as car wash, restaurants, massage centers, budget hotels and it will have domino effects to other businesses. anyway, our politicians best excuse will be "why worry, all these businesses are owned by the rich chinese pendatang, so never mind la".


  4. Betul lah tu, semuanya dipunyai Cinabeng kafir. Mereka buat banyak duit dari business ini.

    Cuba lihat pula siapa yang ramai melanggani tempat ini? Melayu kan!. Mereka buang duit di sini .

    Melayu Islam kan yang ramai pergi massage centre, gunakan hotel budget dan mungkin buat DOSA. Rasa rasanya dosa besar.

    Mungkin politician ini akan cakap, berani buat beranilah tanggung dosa, kubur masing masing!

    Tapi jangan lupa, anda dan kita semua menerima tempias dosa. Kamu politician membiarkan tempat tempat ini berkembang tanpa dipantau dan kita semua kerna berdiam diri dengan kemungkaran yang berlaku!

  5. Yes, Singaporeans are smart people.

    They always look at the BIG PICTURE.

    They are not into EMPTY SLOGANISING.

    They build up their country until it's amongst the richest in the world. And protect it with a military which is second to none in their neighbourhood.

    They cultivate rich and powerful friends, be them individuals, organiations, corporations or nations.

    While never calling itself a well fare state, their policies take care of their lowest income group (which is not low at all by Asean standard), so that none (the small % of ideologues excluded) feel left out. To buy a 100k flat (which is already heavily subsidised), qualified buyers are subsidised to the tune of 60k. See For them, 40k may buy them a flat worth 140k. So that all will have a stake in a united nation.

    Non-Singaporeans react in 2 ways to them: Engage them or Ignore them out of Envy.

  6. Iskandar is the prime example of engagement between Malaysia and Singapore for common good.

    It is just the beginning. In time, its benefits will spread far beyond Johor.

    But Malaysians can only benefit if they are prepared to engage.


  7. Saya juga ingin meminta Marina mengkaji semula sejarah. Tidak perlu pergi jauh jauh ke zaman terlalu silam.

    Jawab secara jujur bilakah Isma dan Perkasa ditubuhkan dan bilakah mereka menjadi begitu vocal?

    “Take that, all you racists!” . Siapakah golongan yang dimaksudkannya sebagai racist?

    Bagaimana pula dengan sikap golongan rakan rakan karib yang amat dia cintai?

    Kalau Marina jujur, ISMA dan Perkasa adalah jawapan kepada semua provokasi yang sering dilalak lalakan oleh golongan sahabat handainya!

    Saya gunakan perkataan terlalak lalak bukan terjerit jerit, kerana saya ingin anda kaitkan sikap golongan Marina seperti ‘anjing’ menyalak bukit!

    Bagi diri saya, tidak menjadi kudis kalau saya dilebel racist. Malah berbangga dengannya seperti yang telah saya huraikan sebelumnya

    Ingin saya beritahu Marina, Melayu Islam bukan DAYUS. Mungkin mereka lambat panas tapi bukan dayus!

    Apakah kita biarkan sahaja mereka terus terusan memijak mijak kepala kita. ‘No ways baby’! Tidak akan berlaku kepada golongan yang ada maruah dan harga diri!

    Saya akui golongan sahabat sahabat Marina pintar ( pintar di sini saya maksudkan cunning not cleaver ). Mereka ‘cunning’ menimbulkan isu isu, kemudian memutar belitkan fakta untuk memperlihatkan seolah olah kita yang bersalah!

    Jangan lupa Marina ayahanda anda, TDM juga termasuk dalam golongan ‘racist’ kerana sayangkan bangsanya ( baca artikel beliau ‘Menegur’ )

    Sungguhpun begitu beliau telah bersikap adil kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum semasa menjadi PM!

    6. NORLIN BINTI ARSHAD | September 14, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    ‘………M’sia a better place if all Malays are like Marina……’

    That is what you say Evegelistas!. To me and to the most rasional Malaysians, Malaysia is a HEAVEN’ if all the citizens are rational, very understanding and well informed about the history of the country . Most important respects all the understanding that had been agreed by our ( eg Perlembagaan 153) datuk moyang dulu!

    Yes Malaysia is a Heaven, if all the citizen liked Helen Ang and other rasional citizens!

    7. NORLIN BINTI ARSHAD | September 14, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Memo tambahan untuk Marina,

    Janganlah mabuk KETUM sekiranya anda disanjung dan disokong oleh ‘kawan kawan karib’ mu!

    Sanjungan dan sokongan mereka ada undang di sebalik batu!

    Anda tentu sedar siapa anda. Anda Orang Melayu yang beragama Islam pula. Anda yang merupakan anak TDM merupakan BONUS kepada mereka!.

    Apakah senjata yang paling ampuh untuk ‘menentang ‘the so called racist ISMA dan Perkasa’ ? Jawapannya adalah golongan sebangsa dan seagama dengan kedua duannya yang boleh diperalatkan!.

    Masa telah membuktikan betapa banyak yang telah Melayu Islam korbankan supaya mereka boleh sama sama berkongsi negara dan mengumpul sebanyak banyak harta di negara ini.

    Apa balasan mereka terhadap semua BUDI ini. Lihatlah dan hayati apa yang sering dilalak lalakkan oleh sahabat sahabat anda.

    Do you think they will treat differently when your usefulness expired ?

    Masa akan membuktikannya! Itulah sebabnya dalam AlQuran ada surah, ‘Demi Masa’ Ini peringatan dari Allah Yang Mah Kuasa!

  8. Next election, habis lah UMNO Dan BN kat Johor.

    Rakyat Johor makin tertekan Dan bangang dengan kerajaan.

    Hanya kerana nak naik kan tol.

    Air Asia semakin untung ramai pilih naik kapalterbang. Lepas tu yang buat ERL Dan MRT.