Sunday 21 September 2014

Lazy Sunday and a bit of Bob Marley

Totally exhausted from my outstation trip.

Reached home at 2am.

I am still in bed now, having woken up a bit late than usual.

Too lazy to get up yet.

It's after all a Sunday.

Been staring at the ceiling thinking what to do today.

Maybe a bit of shopping, doing my laundry and if there's any good one, a movie.

A massage will be nice too.

See lah how.

There is also an invitation for dinner from this one guy...but I am not really counting much on him.

He's the busy type. I think he will cancel it as always at the last minute.

By the way, the guy is Chinese.

Yup, Chinese were really not good with promises.

My mother is also like that...promised to pay for my trip to UK this year, but cancelled it the other day....hmnph....

Hahahaha...I know I am generalizing again...but I got stood up so many times by that Chinese guy la...

Well, never mind. Spending time on my own is not so bad. I'm quite used to it already.

Sorry, I'm just writing fluff today.

Too tired to write about politics or anything heavy.

I know, there are a lot of things to write about the just concluded Pas Muktamar, Pengkalan Kubor by-election and Selangor crisis....but I'm simply not in the mood today.

Just want to relax and recharge for another hectic week starting tomorrow.

I think all hell will break lose when Sultan of Selangor appoints a Pas guy on Tuesday.

An indication it will be a mess is that, PM DS Najib Razak is not in the country.

Somehow, bad things tend to happen on the political front when the PM is not around.

Well, I think I'm just going to wait. No point in getting all worried now.

Lots of that later when it actually happened.

For the moment, I just want to relax and listen to a nice song,

That 1973 recording is the first time Bob Marley appeared on TV.

He went on to become the greatest blacks nationalist singer of all time until his untimely death in 1981.

He had never been considered a racist despite singing songs to promote the betterment of the black people and occasionally whacking the whites for suppressing them.

Marley's mother was a black while his father, a white.

Lucky for him that his mother was not a Chinese and father, a Malay....and he sang Malay nationalist songs.

Surely he would be labeled a racist then.

Okay, I need to get up now.

Take shower, find something to eat, go out and do something out there....

Have a good Sunday guys. Cheers.


  1. Not a PAS MB Tuesday(?) adinda Ms Annie
    but insya-Allah YB Azmin 'Arly !

    Also no more puppet show by the Puppet Master .. you can only get people to buy the shows so many time.

    Next? With this powerful position MB Azmin can take on the Puppet Master who has back down on stand after stand, and win PKR.

    ( maybe cukup handsome to lead PR?? )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Really prayed hard it's not WAWA or AZMIN ALI!

    2. Yes, anything but PKR.

    3. Then who else?

  2. Reggae annie ? No good for ur brain. Now, deviate a bit, ease your qualms, listen to this real old blues - bb king and albert collins- stormy monday...

    Wash up with - tina turner and eros ramazotti in this duet romantic collections


    1. Youn know it's better to go out to the nearest park, adinda Ms Annie
      with your a nephew/ niece or neighbours children. Better on weekdays, return from work exactly on time one or two days.

      It's good for the brain and chasing the kids will keep you physically and emotionally young.

      Just a suggestion/ reminder(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  3. Why do you keep getting involved in a dead-end relationship with a Chinese guy ?
    There are so many good available Malay men around.

    1. Can any one of us here fit in?


    2. Not just Many available (MA) Sdr Anon Minit-12:37
      but many many more .. counting also MBAs kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  4. Itu gambar betut-betut you ka ?, Annie , foo yoo !, manyak sweet loo oo , lagi cantik itu Leanbow lea aa .
    Wa ingat satu hali nanti, lu jumpa betut-betut baik punya Bulayu maa a !.

    1. lubang,

      Lu cakap "Bulayu", lu Cina Bukit ka?

      Lu ungrateful ingrate pendatang DAP ka?

  5. No, nobody would be labelled a racist.

    Only Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng would.

  6. So jah say...not one of my seed shall sit on the sidewalk and beg your bread.

  7. ..when Sultan of Selangor appoints a Pas guy on Tuesday -

    Yeah, I also think it'll be PAS guy. Tuanku Sultan will be justified in doing so because Anwar Al Juburi/ PKR have been "biadap .. derhaka" in not complying with his wishes for additional names.

    Under the recent circumstances, Tuanku Sultan has the discretion and the Palace has said he may even appoint other than those whose names have been submitted.

    "All hell will break loose"? Only Anwar will. And Guan Eng. But the Police will be on the alert.

  8. .. it will be a mess when PM DS Najib Razak is not in the country? I don't think so. The Police are very capable people, the IGP and the Home Minister are the no-nonsense kind.

    Note that prior to Bersih demo last time, to re-assure the public that there will be continued peace and order, the Military said they were willing to help maintain peace and order if asked to - like they did during the race riots of 13 May 1969.