Saturday 6 September 2014


Another Saturday and I am resting.

Need to take a break from everything serious.

That includes writing about depressing things such as the Pakatan comedy in Selangor and activities of crooks in Johor.

Those were never ending stories anyway.

Okay, what I am longing now is to go abroad.

But I am broke.

Can't even afford the cheap tickets currently offered by the troubled Malaysia Airlines.

I would love to fly with the national carrier again.

As I had written in this blog sometimes ago, I had flown with Malaysia Airlines in all my overseas travels except for two, London and Bali. I flew there with AirAsia because someone bought the tickets for me.

Those two are my favorite overseas destinations.

Well, London, especially so.

I know. It's predictable and a bit common, but, I really like it there.

I have fond memories of the city.

If I have RM7k to burn, I will make a trip there.

I think that's enough for airfare and cheap lodging for a few days.

What I want to do in London?

Three things,

1. Spend some time at Hyde Park.

My favorite spot at Hyde Park
2. Buy the cheapest stuff available at Portobello Street market in Notting Hill.

Unfortunately, only T-shirts are cheap here

3. And just walk and walk and walk....I simply love walking around in London.

Well, it's been almost four years since I was last there. Hopefully I can afford another trip soon.

Just a nice wish, okay.

Hmmm...anyone out there who can spare me a flight ticket to London?

Haha....just kidding.

Anyway, as for now I need to sort out my finances. It's quite bad.

So many things to pay and everything were more expensive these days.

Well, you all have a nice weekend, okay.

Here is a bit of London song,



    Have you seen the old man
    In the closed-down market
    Kicking up the paper,
    with his worn out shoes?
    In his eyes you see no pride
    Hand held loosely at his side
    Yesterday's paper telling yesterday's news

    So how can you tell me you're lonely,
    And say for you that the sun don't shine?
    Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London
    I'll show you something to make you change your mind

    Have you seen the old girl
    Who walks the streets of London
    Dirt in her hair and her clothes in rags?
    She's no time for talking,
    She just keeps right on walking
    Carrying her home in two carrier bags.


    In the all night cafe
    At a quarter past eleven,
    Same old man is sitting there on his own
    Looking at the world
    Over the rim of his tea-cup,
    Each tea last an hour
    Then he wanders home alone


    And have you seen the old man
    Outside the seaman's mission
    Memory fading with
    The medal ribbons that he wears.
    In our winter city,
    The rain cries a little pity
    For one more forgotten hero
    And a world that doesn't care


  2. Oh !, yeah , Landon ,I can't even afford local destination .

  3. "Anyway, as for now I need to sort out my finances. It's quite bad. So many things to pay and everything were more expensive these days."

    Never mind, never mind. sabar tu separuh daripada iman. don't like hard up case jual cow for condo sudah.

    1. Politik bro..2×5...
      Belah sini..jual lembu beli kondo
      Belah sana..jual bini beli negeri..ha..ha..i miss sunderland..

    2. Belah situ push bini to be his puppet MB.

  4. Are you interested into enjoying Harvest festival which is on 28th September 2014 in London?

    1. I would love to, but I don't have the money now to buy even the cheapest air fare to London.Maybe next time....

  5. If Annie were to be working in Singapore or Hong Kong, she'll be able to go London easily because she'll be making much more.

    Thus the importance of Economic Management Ability in government.

    There may be very capable people in BN; but due to the organisation layers of incompetence, envy, resistance to changing the status quo, etc, it is almost impossible for good ideas to be effectively implemented. Penang and Selangor too have similar problem.

    As for their hopes for Selangor,I feel PAS should be realistic about their capablities.

    1. Oh yeah, Singapore and Hong Kong?

      Have you taken into account the downsides in those places?

      But don't use Lim the failed accountant to do the account. He'd calculate only Penang being the place to visit. Before the PPS get wanked by the IGP.

  6. Usually, people who are stupid/obstinate are too stupid/obstinate to know that they are stupid/obstinate.

  7. Wow, Annie, I have the same likes that you have. Wish I was there when you are in London. I think you are good to have long chats with. What you wrote in your posts interest me.

    But I too don't have the luxury of air tickets to and from London as often as I wish. But who knows, our paths might cross one day. Only not knowing each other as bloggers often are.

    Wonder if the take-away curries in Bayswater are still there. But if you happen to be in the London Taj Mahal restaurant enjoying the northern Indian special dishes, think of us when you savour the intricate curry blends, will you.

  8. Annie, Need to take a break from everything serious?

    If so, don't get out of the house. In many places, the moment you leave your gate, there is a bump on the road. That seriously affects your mood.

    So many bumps around. And bums, too. Including those who decide placing the bumps.

  9. Hi Annie,

    Long time no speak, or rather no write is probably more appropriate.

    So you need RM7,000 to go to London, eh?

    Start a campaign to get your readers to donate to your London trip :)

    Promise them articles from London, e.g. interviews with Malaysian students there, scoping out all those buildings owned by Malaysians, eat at Malaysian restaurants there, eat at non-Malaysian restaturants there, etc etc :)

    But to be honest, if I was going to go for a break, I'd go back to my kampung and go work at my dad's little kebun - yes, I am that boring.

    Big city girls find me really boring because I don't go to pubs a lot, I don't do lots of fine dining, I don't wear a lot of designer clothes, etc.

    Strangely, kampung girls find me equally boring for the exact same reasons!!

    And here I am thinking my "supercool" lifestyle and my "cool" job would get me somewhere with the opposite sex. Well, it hasn't :)

    And no, I refuse to use money as a method to entice pretty girls.

    Anyway, this is not about me, but you :)

    Getting your finances into order is a BIG help.

    Set yourself a budget.

    Be disciplined.

    Don't feel sorry for yourself when you have to walk pass that "must-have" item. Just shrug your shoulders and walk away.

    Learn new skills.

    Be a new person.

    See? Lots of things you can do and those suggestions are just the obvious ones. There is an infinite array of possibilities :)

    Good luck :)


    1. Yes, I like spending time at the kebun, too. It's very soothing and refreshing. Potter around, do this and that, sweat out for 1 hour or so.

      If after all those you still can't get rid of the geram against the politicians, whack the durian trees. It'd be beneficial in more ways than one. Venting your frustration out and stressing the durian trees. One retired Professor of Agriculture told me sufficient stress (weather, fertilizer, pruning etc) triggers the durian tree's natural survival instinct and makes it flower and produce seeds for survival.

      Then you get a fighter jet, fly it with the right gas and spray it on the rain- bearing clouds to make rain on your area - too much heat may make pollinating agents like bees and bats die out or disappear to cooler places.

      But can't beat the stay-in-the-house routine. Ensure half to three quarters hour on the treadmill most days of the week - face the TV while you do it, hahaha.